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Formula Drift Long Beach Practice/Qualifying [GALLERY]



Formula Drift Long Beach kicks off this weekend. Check out the rest of the gallery:

Tony Brakohiapa Heading to Pikes Peak 2014

Tony Brakohiapa has been absent from Formula Drift with his Ford Mustang recently but his 1000hp Ford is heading to Pikes Peak this year. He will join the ranks of Danny George as a competitor at Pikes Peak.  Tony who is fresh off a Hollywood stunt work on the film Need for Speed (look for him in the silver Saleen S7 and briefly in the red Koniegsegg.

His 1000hp comes from a Vortech V7 supercharger and Ignite racing’s ethanol-based race gas. “This is now a machine capable of conquering the hill!” Brakohiapa enthused. Find out how he does this summer. 

Is 2013 Formula Drift Round 6 Happening September 14th? [RUMORMILL]

Recently Tony Brakohiapa set Texas on fire with his drifting at an IRL race back in 2011 which you can see more photos of here. Well by checking out some Formula Drift partner sites both Global Time Attack and Fatlace Car Show have registration pages open and available for the Texas Motor Speedway event with a day labeled September 14th. If we had to take a guess this seems like far more than a coincidence. So go ahead and tentatively mark your calendars (in pencil for now) that September 14th might be the magic day Formula Drift returns to Texas since 2006.

Global Time Attack:
Fatlace Car Show:

Tony Brakohiapa Crashes his eBay Motors Mustang at Irwindale [VIDEO]

Here is a birds eye view look of the tandem battle between Tyler McQuarrie vs. Tony Brakohiapa in a Mustang vs. Camaro battle that is old as time. Tony B. was unable to hold the same speed as Tyler McQuarrie in the GoPro x Mobil 1 Camaro and crashed into the inner bank ripping off his suspension and smashing his passenger side wheels to pieces. The car goes sliding along the wall until finally coming to a stop. What a tough finish to the 2012 season for this team.

2012 Formula Drift Round 7 – The Main Event [GALLERY]


One of the best drift events in history was put in the books this weekend as a huge turn of events put Daigo Saito in the books for a victory at Irwindale Speedway and a championship during his “rookie season.” The biggest story of the weekend was Matt Field who defeated Ken Gushi in the Greddy Scion FRS and took Daigo Saito to a judges call of OMT almost rewriting drift history in 2012. Justin Kaehler caught all the action as Vaughn Gittin Jr. missed a chance for his second championship and Rhys Millen crashed his way out of one against Daigo Saito.

Check out the Gallery:

Top 32 Tandem Battles for 2012 Formula Drift Irwindale [MATCHUPS]

Here are the Top 32 tandem battles for this weekend. In theory we have a huge potential lineup of Rhys Millen and Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the Top 8 which would end up being a battle for the championship realistically. If Vaughn goes out early we have a chance to see JTP, Fredric Aasbo, Daigo Saito, and Rhys Millen all in the final four fighting it out for a championship.

1 Rhys millen vs 32 Kenny Moen
16 Kyle Mohan vs 17 Dai Yoshihara
8 Chelsea DeNofa vs 25 Patrick Mordaunt
9 Vaughn Gittin Jr. vs 24 Nick D’alessio
4 Chris Forsberg vs 29 Conrad Grunewald
13 Daigo Saito vs 20 Taka Aono
5 Ken Gushi vs 28 Toshiki Yoshioka
12 Matt Field vs 21 Jeremy Lowe

2 Justin Pawlak vs 31 Walker Wilkerson
15 Alex Lee vs 18 Tony Angelo
7 Tyler Mcquarrie vs 26 Joon Maeng
10 Tony Brakiohapa vs 23 Michael Essa
3 Fredric Aasbo vs 30 Darren McNamara
14 Dave Briggs vs 19 Robbie ishida
6 Ryan Tuerck vs 27 Ryan Kado
11 Matt Powers vs 22 Luke Lonberger

2012 Formula Drift Irwindale Qualifying [RESULTS]

Rhys Mad Skills Millen Formula Drift Irwindale Top Qualifier

Rhys Millen takes the home the Top Qualifier position in the Final round of Formula Drift. The qualifying order is below.

1. R. Millen
2. J. Pawlak
3. F. Aasbo
4. C. Forsberg
5. K. Gushi
6. R. Tuerck
7. T. McQuarrie
8. C. DeNofa
9. V. Gittin
10. T. Brakohiapa
12. M. Field
11. M. Powers
13. D. Saito
14. D. Briggs
15. A. Lee
16. K. Mohan
17. D. Yoshihara
18. T. Angelo
19. R. Nishida
20. T. Aono
21. J. Lowe
22. L. Lonberger
23. M. Essa
24. N. D’Alessio
25. P. Mordaunt
26. J. Maeng
27. R. Kado
28. T. Yoshioka
29. C. Gruenwald
30. D. McNamara
31. W. Wilkerson
32. Kenny Moen

Project 2013 Mustang RTR Visits the Mustangs at Queen Mary

Our Project Mustang has been under the knife since we picked it up in July with visits to Paxton supercharger, Energy Suspension, ACT Clutch, and many others getting R&D parts for her big debut at the 2012 SEMA Show. We will be revisiting some of the installations on the car coming up but we put her together for a the Mustangs at Queen Mary Show in Long Beach, California. Tony Brakohiapa had his Formula Drift car in the K&N booth along with Vaughn Gittin Jr. who was doing autograph signings all day in the RTR Mustang booth.


Above is some product previews of our front Wilwood brake kit, Steeda suspension, and Paxton supercharger on the car. Here are some other pictures from the show. Vaughn Gittin Jr. even stopped by to check out our Mustang and we staged some photographs:


Tony Brakohiapa Blames Judges for not Qualifying in Las Vegas

Formula Drift Las Vegas as far as controversy goes was pretty light if you compare it against other rounds this season like Wall Speedway. Tony Brakohiapa doesn’t agree with this lack luster of controversy if you read his eBay motors blog post on the weekend. Most of my personal memories of this car/the team this weekend is the engine laying all over the pits and I couldn’t even recall a single run the car actually made through the race weekend. Apparently he did attempt to qualify and failed to make the Top 32. Below in the block quote is what Tony reported on the race and his results. Read his review of the race and let us know what you think!

My last practice run would prove be near fatal (for the car, not me). As I’m finishing my run I notice an immediate loss in power. I look at all my gauges. Everything reads normal. I fear it’s the supercharger cog belt, yet again. I limp the eBay Motors Mustang back to our pit. The cog belt is intact and still attached! It’s in fact the cog pulley at the bottom of the engine that’s bolted to the crank pulley that has broken all six studs off! We were all scratching our heads on this one! No one had ever seen a break like this before! Certainly a result of pushing 1,000 HP and eventually finding a weakness on the engine. The good thing was the internals of the engine were fine. With some time and hardware, a short-term fix could get me through qualifying.

My crew finds new bolts for the crank pulley. Though we can only use three bolts instead of the six due to some broken studs being difficult to extract. The guys feel it’s just strong enough to get me one, maybe two qualifying runs. We were already making preparations for a more permanent fix once qualifying was over.

I line up for my first run. I enter in 4th gear, come in with good speed and angle, hit my clipping points, and put off some good smoke on the infield. Just as I’m about to finish my run, I notice something let go on the engine. My power is reduced, but enough to let me finish off the last corner. I score a surprisingly low 68.

The short-term fix was extremely short-term. I don’t think anyone even noticed I broke on my run because it was near the very end. I jump on my radio and tell the guys we have a problem and meet at the pit! I pull in the pit, the crew has “that look” on their face as they see the temporary bolts did not hold. The question now was, will it get fixed in time for a second qualifying run. The short answer…no! The damage was too great this time around, but we did have time to fix it through the night and next morning…if I qualified.

Nonetheless, The crew pushes to fix the car to try and get me a second qualifying run. I would undoubtedly score better with a second qual run helping secure my place for Top 32. While they are doing that, I am watching the other drivers qualify. I’m keeping tabs on scores and how good the runs are to see where I will end up. My second run is about to come up but I’m still standing in the spotters stand. I gesture to Jarod the M.C. that my crew is working on my car, that it’s still broken and I won’t make a second run.

Qualifying was over and I’d been bumped from Top 32 After seeing a fair amount of drivers struggle to put in good qualifying runs, I’m confused as to their scores being noticeable higher then mine given all their corrections. Now, I’m not saying my run was perfect. I could have been a bit closer to the last outer clipping point and my line was a little shallow entering the infield portion. It felt (as other people watching remarked and after looking at the video replay) like a mid-to high 70’s run. More than enough to qualify for Top 32.

The team and myself approach the judges as to their justification of my score relative to other drivers. We ask to compare my run with other drivers via video playback. The judges said they would be happy to review my score with us, but they couldn’t change my score since it was already locked in.

We select a particular drivers’ run that we felt was similar to my run, but actually made more corrections, but still scored 12 points higher. After looking at both runs over and over and getting some commentary from one judge as to my line being a bit off, there was no discernable difference that warranted a 12 point advantage to the other driver. There was a remark from another judge about a “major correction” during my run. After video playback, no judge could point out said major correction.

After the “review” was over we thanked the judges for their time and walked back to our pit. There wasn’t anything else we could do, but our point had been made. We felt the score was low given other drivers very similar yet higher scored runs.

We hope the professional and diplomatic process in which we approached the judges and reviewed the qualifying runs will somehow improve their “in the moment” judging. Although time intensive, one suggestion could be using the instant replay resources they have to warrant a more comprehensive review of qualifying runs before final scores are given.


2012 Formula Drift Round 6 Main Event [GALLERY]

Round 6 of Formula Drift had a lot of action and a alot of carnage. Our photographer, Ricky Cervantes caught all of the action and the carnage that came along with it .

Check out the full gallery :