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Charles Ng Set to Drive V8 Powered S15 Silvia at Formula Drift Japan This Weekend


The particular V8 powered S15 Silvia is a build from Team Orange. The event is Formula Drift Okayama this weekend for a second version of Formula Drift Japan. This particular loan/car swap for the weekend has caught my eye since Kumakubo has been rumored to be heading stateside for 2015 Formula Drift already. Compound that with the fact that Charles Ng, with a car in Japan, is most likely guaranteed to compete in the Formula Drift World Series next year. Charles has his Infiniti G37 for the USA and has a Silvia already in China he uses for CDC. Does this mean Kumakubo is not coming to Formula Drift or has he given up on the V8 swapped Silvia for practical use? It definitely has us scratching our head over here at the office. 

Is Team Orange Also Coming to Formula Drift in 2015?


In other big news circling around the 2014 SEMA Show we find many people in talks of a Team Orange duo leaving Japan to run in Formula Drift and most likely make a run at the World Championship. The two drivers from Team Orange we hear about coming to America are Nobushige Kumakubo and Naoto Suenaga. Kumakubo already built a LS3 powered S15 Silvia this season which you can check out here with many people implying it had a Formula Drift rulebook in the glovebox. It sounds like on top of Mad Mike heading into Formula Drift we will see a big growth in the international drivers at this rate.



*EDIT 11/7/14 @ 12:50pm- Several people such as Tyler Kelly have reached out to us to let us know it is actually Masao Suenaga’s brother coming to Formula Drift (Naoto Suenaga)

Kumakubo Shows off his LS3 Powered S15 Silvia [VIDEO]

Global warming might come to an abrupt end because this swap has made hell freeze over. Kumakubo walks through and shows off his LS3 powered S15 Silvia. This video from Option shows off a decent bit of track time in the car. Kumakubo seems to like his big V8 swapped Silvia but it sure looks like it could use some more horsepower or perhaps he is just slowly getting it all together. What do you think of his new build? Could it be coming to America for the international series in 2015?

Formula Drift Japan at Fuji Speedway International Driver Preview

While we don’t have any word just yet on an official Formula Drift Japan list we did get a hold of this great list of international flavor coming to Fuji Speedway July 4th weekend. The judges are Andy Yen, Ryan Lanteigne, and a Formula Drift driver Dai Yoshihara. Below is the list of international talent that will be on display:

Daigo Saito – Japan
Kunny Takahashi – Japan
Michihiro Takatori – Japan
Masao Suenaga – Japan
Katsuhiro Ueo – Japan
Robbie Nishida – Japan
Fredric Aasbo – Norway
Daynom Templeman – New Zealand
Mike Whiddett – New Zealand
Oat Krerpradab – Thailand
SaraNon Pronpatanarak – Thailand
Rob Whyte – Australia
Zaiham Handam – Malaysia
Emmanuel Amandio – Indonesia
James Tang – Hong Kong
Ng Sheng Nian – Singapore

Nobushige Kumakubo Bringing Out V8 powered S15 to D1GP

Kumakubo.D1GP Kumakubo.V8S15

Kumakubo and the other Team Orange drivers have shown off the new D1GP car build that has been tested recently around Ebisu. The biggest shocker of the build is that it features a big N/A V8 engine to power it up. Kumakubo talks about how driving the V8 is a different experience on his Facebook page! Sounds like he is enjoying it so far. Below is a link to some test video footage posted of the car running at Ebisu.


Watch it:

Naoto Suenaga is Building a 1000hp Silvia for 2013 D1GP Season

Naoto Suenga took to Facebook so he could share his new 2013 D1GP build with all his fans. The Team Orange driver is set to run an orange S15 Silvia in D1 with a RB26 engine. They are estimating 1000hp with the car with great partners such as Koyo and Garrett Turbo. What do you think about his swap into this Silvia for the new drift season?

Jake “Driftsquid” Jones Taking on Ebisu Circut [VIDEO]

The 22 year old Australian has been thrust into the media since Team Orange offered him a ride in the orange Subaru WRX for 2012 D1 Grand Prix Round 1 coming up in April. What started as a visit to the Yokohama Tire offices turned into a fun time at Ebisu Circuit. Advan from Australia captured the whole thing on video which you can follow after the jump below.


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How Jake “Driftsquid” Jones Turned a Vacation in Tokyo to a D1GP Ride with Team Orange

The Australian driver Jake Jones tells a story on his blog about how he was vacationing in Tokyo and while sitting at Yokohama got invited up to the Team Orange drift school which takes place at the famous Ebisu Drift Circuit.

Here are some highlights from the story,

“Soon after he returned to Australia he was offered a drive in the Team Orange Subaru WRX at Round 1 of the 2012 D1GP Japan event known as Tokyo Drift in Odaiba, Japan. So how the hell did this 22 year old from Adelaide score the drive?

So there I was, sitting in a meeting at the Design Centre in the headquarters of Yokohama Tyres Japan next to Kumakubo-San, the owner of Team Orange. I had no idea what they were all talking about. Then Kumakubo turns to me and says “You should come to Ebisu tomorrow.”

As the story goes on he talks about how at Ebisu Circuit it was the first time he had ever seen snow and drove this Team Orange S14 above all over the circuit in it. The 22 year old Australian cannot put together the funding to drive this ride himself at Round 1 in Odaiba but the local Yokohama FB page is offering a $1 donation to his program for a like. Follow the link below, read the full story, and maybe go Like the page at the bottom to help fund Jake Jones to live his dream.

Read the full story:

GRID 2 is Set for 2012 – Formula Drift Cars Inside [VIDEO GAME WEEK]

The original GRID game released by Codemasters (who makes the DiRT series as well) featured a great arcade drifting mode and featured some D1 Grand Prix cars. The game featured Team Orange cars, Toshiki Yoshioka’s AE86, and even Rhys Millen’s Pontiac GTO. The fun arcade style will keep you drifting for hours. The original game even included drift races where you ripped up a track while drifting with seven other cars.

GRID 2 is set for a 2012 release date and we have some leaked information about some Formula Drift cars that will be included in the game. As far as we know the the Mobil 1 x Redbull Energy Drink Chevrolet Camaro driven by Ryan Tuerck will be included in the game along with the NOS Energy Drink Nissan 370 driven by Chris Forsberg. Hopefully more Formula Drift cars will be added to the game making this a must purchase package of 2012.

Team Orange WRX Rescued from Fallen Garages at Ebisu Circuit [SNAPSHOTS]

Some images were found of the D1GP Team Orange Subaru WRX being pulled from one of the fallen garages at the famous Ebisu Circuit. It looks like quite a recovery but we have heard no serious damage took place to the cars including the Subaru WRX. It looks like it took some serious work to get the cars back on a road as Japan slowly looks over the damage from these earthquakes.

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