Team Drift

2013 Formula Drift Long Beach Grand Prix SuperDrift Updated Drivers List

Formula D has posted a new roster of drivers that will be competing this weekend at the SuperDrift challenge in conjunction with Long Beach Grand Prix. Here’s the list:

– Fredric Aasbo
– Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis
– Jhonnattan Castro
– Chelsea Denofa
– Mike Essa
– Patrick Goodin
– Jeff Jones
– Ryan Kado
– Kyle Mohan
– Patrick Mordaunt
– Robbie Nishida
– Matt Powers
– Daigo Saito
– Forrest Wang
– Walker Wilkerson
– Toshiki Yoshioka

Compared to this previous list, there are several major names missing including Chris Forsberg, Conrad Grunewald, Tyler McQuarrie, Ryan Tuerck, Dai Yoshihara, and Tony Angelo. New names on the list include Jhonnattan Castro, Pat Goodin, Jeff Jones, Pat Mordaunt, Forrest Wang, and Walker Wilkerson. How do you feel about this new roster?

Tony Brakiohapa Has eBay Motors for 2012 Formula Drift

Here are some photos of Tony Brakiohapa’s new Formula Drift Ford Mustang. The car missed Streets of Long Beach and Long Beach Grand Prix events but hopefully the team can get things together for an east coast Formula Drift tour. It is also very cool to see eBay motor stepping into the sport for 2012. What does everyone think of the car and does this Mustang have what it takes to battle the two factory Ford machines running with ASD x Falken?


2012 Formula Drift Team Drift [RESULTS]

The 2012 Team Drift weekend went off with a huge bang during the LBGP event and team drift kept all the fans on their feet this weekend! The guest judges Dai Yoshihara and Tanner Foust kept a watchful eye of the festivities and awarded Kyle Mohan and Odi Bakchis the winners of the Team Drift weekend. We kept the IRL fans entertained all Grand Prix weekend as they cheered and stood on their feet while several teams drifted it up throughout the weekend.

Team Mazda Wins 2011 Team Drift Streets of Long Beach

Team Mazda consisted of Charles Ng, Kyle Mohan, and Joon Maeng took home first place at the 2011 Streets of Long Beach Team drift event this weekend. They defeated Megan Racing and Smokin Aces to take home the win. This event involves the whole Streets of Long Beach circuit which really elevates the difficulty level from the drifting weekend. Congrats to the guys at Team Mazda who all took home their first victory in Team Drift history.

2010 Formula Drift – Long Beach Grand Prix Team Drift – 101

If your heading out to Team Drift this weekend at Streets of Long Beach you will be happy to know you can enjoy Formula Drift Team Drift on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Below is a schedule of events for drifting and a list of who represents all three Team Drift teams.

Schedule of Events

Art of Formula D: A 2009 Season Retrospective Photo Gallery
Will be open to the public during the Grand Prix Weekend.
150 The Promenade N. – corner of Broadway and Promenade
10 AM – 6 PM – April 16 – 18

Friday, April 16
9:35 AM – 10:00 AM – Team Drift Practice

Saturday, April 17

8:55 AM – 9:20 AM – Team Drift Practice

Sunday, April 18
3:40 PM – 3:55 PM – Team Drift Competition

Team Drift Participants

Team 1 | Drift Alliance
Chris Forsberg
Justin Pawlak
Joon Maeng

Team 2 | Team Awesome
Kyle Mohan
Patrick Mordaunt
Cyrus Martinez

Team 3 | The Rollaz
Yasu Kondo
John Russakoff
Taka Aono

Team 4 | Wild Side
Matt Powers
Cody Parkhouse
Tommy Roberts

Team 5 | Team America
Samuel Hubinette
Andrew Picard
Alex Pfeiffer

Team 6 | Team Canul / Essa / Pina
Casper Canul
Michael Essa
Dan Pina

Drift Alliance Wins Team Drift @ Streets of Long Beach

The Drift Alliance team of John Russakoff, Chris Forsberg, and Justin Pawlak took home victory at the first Team Drift event of the season. John Russakoff was a late sub for Tony Angelo who was unable to drive this weekend at the event.

Formula D Long Beach Team Drift [GALLERY]

Check out all of our on track footage from the 2009 Formula D Long Beach Team Drift event. These photos were taken on day two (Saturday) showing all the teams sliding around the Streets of Long Beach course. In Team Drift the drifters utilize the whole 11 turn racetrack unlike Formula D which just uses turn 9,10,11. All the teams are still in the running for a victory except the Patrick Mordaunt/Matt Powers combo who crashed into each other at turn 5 yesterday.

Check out the gallery:

Formula D Team Drift Long Beach Roster

Team 1 | Drift Alliance
Chris Forsberg
Justin Pawlak
Tony Angelo

Team 2 | Team Underdogs

Dan Pina
Mike Essa
Carl Rydquist

Team 3 | TBA
Conrad Grunewald
Samuel Hubinette
Kyle Mohan

Team 4 | The HEAT!
Matt Powers
Cody Parkhouse
Pat Mordaunt

Team 5 | Drift Pro
Taka Aono
Hiro Sumida
Yoshie Shuyama

Team 5 | Corolla M.O.B

Yasu Kondo
Tommy Suell
John Russakoff

2007 Formula D DVD Trailer is here!

How can you forget about all of the great action from the 2007 Formula D season? Well in case you didn’t make it to all 7 stops or you cannot quite remember all the amazement that happened like Sonoma 2007 then check out the trailer that Livesocket x Formula D just released and you might want to consider picking up the DVD that comes out next week on Tuesday.

Watch the Trailer:

Team Drift Portland: Team Drifting Performance Wins!

Team Drifting Performance

Team Drifting Performance took home first place in Portland this weekend at Team Drift. The team which is comprised of Dan Pina, Calvin Wan, and Tony Brakohiapa took home a victory! The Drift Alliance managed a second place finish and Team Mazda scored third. The Portland event completes Team Drift events for the 2008 season.

1st. Team Drifting Performance
2nd. Drift Alliance
3rd. Team Mazda