Tanner Foust

2010 Formula Drift Tandem Battle of the Year – Seattle with Darren McNamara / Tanner Foust

These two guys actually met three times in the 2010 Formula Drift season and each time was quite an amazing battle. The voting was done before Irwindale Speedway for this category or I am pretty sure the battle they had on Saturday night would of been the tandem battle of the year. The award was given to them for this insane performance they had at Evergreen Speedway that was unmatched by all tandem pairs. The guys had some fun on the podium as Darren McNamara poked fun at Tanner Foust before walking away with his award.

Tanner Foust Wins the Tires.com Triple Crown [RESULTS]

Tanner Foust took home first place in the Tires.com Triple Crown only because he won Irwindale Speedway this weekend. That is how close the Triple Crown ended this year. Congrats to Tanner Foust and his well earned victory. The Triple Crown only collects points from Road Atlanta, Seattle, and Irwindale Speedway.

1- Tanner Foust (273 points)
2- Vaughn Gittin Jr. (249 points)
3- Darren McNamara (228 points)

2010 Formula Drift Irwindale– Round 7 [RESULTS]

1st. Tanner Foust
2nd. Vaughn Gittin
3rd. Michihiro Takatori

2010 Formula Drift Round 7 – Irwindale Speedway Qualifying [RESULTS]

Falken took home another top qualifying spot this year with Darren McNamara. He looked pretty solid in the Saturn Sky this weekend taking home maximum points from the qualifying session. Here are the results:

1 D. McNamara
2 C. Forsberg 
3 D. Yoshihara 
4 R. Tuerck 
5 T. Foust 
6 V. Gittin 
7 S. Hubinette 
8 R. Millen 
9 M. Whiddett 
10 J. Maeng 
11 F. Aasbo 
12 C. Grunewald 
13 J. Pawlak 
14 K. Mohan 
15 M. Waldin 
16 T. McQuarrie 
17 R. Nishida 
18 M. Takatori 
19 M. Powers 
20 K. Gushi 
21 S. Verdier 
22 T. Aono 
23 J. Deane 
24 Y. Kondo 
25 E. O’Sullivan 
26 I. Fornier 
27 N. Konstantinov 
28 J. LeJeune
29 R. Miki 
30 M. Field 
31 B. Sherman
32. A. Pfeiffer

Tanner Foust Wins RallyCross Round 2 [RESULTS]

It looks like Tanner Foust took home another victory in Rallycross at NJ Motorsports Park over the weekend. This makes him the only winner in American Rallycross history to date. Bel0w are the top ten results from the weekend which included Rhys Millen in fifth place and Andrew Comrie-Picard in ninth. Tanner looks untouchable in the Rockstar Ford Fiesta this season.

Results A Main:
1. Tanner Foust
2. Dave Mirra
3. Liam Doran
4. Jussi Pinomaki
5. Rhys Millen
6. Christopher Duplessis
7. Paul Tingaud
8. Travis Pastrana
9. Andrew Comrie-Picard
10. Joseph Burke



Tanner Foust Not Listed for Race of Champions 2010

I know Tanner Foust is busy filming for Top Gear USA, Formula Drift, Rallycross, and who knows what else but the Americans were listed today for Race of Champions and I noticed Tanner Foust was missing off the list. I know in 2008 he was a substitute in for Travis Pastrana but I am bummed we cannot watch him do battle against F1 stars (and win) again this winter. The American team is currently going to be Carl Edwards and Travis Pastrana. The event will take place November 27th-28th which is just after Thanksgiving.

Driven to Drift with Scion Racing at LVMS [VIDEO]

Driven to Drift: S2 Ep 5 – Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Tanner Foust and Ken Gushi rolled into Las Vegas Motor Speedway ready to rock and the Scion Racing Film crew caught some great activity with the team. This six minute video highlights and profiles both drivers and their competition for the weekend. Some of the best footage comes from the tandem round with Tanner Foust and Sam Hubinette that you won’t want to miss.

Watch the video: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/watchvideo/driven-to-drift-s2-ep-5—las-vegas-motor-spe

Tanner Foust and Tyler McQuarrie Playing Playstation 3 [VIDEO]

Tanner Foust & Tyler McQuarrie: PS3 Spotlight with ModNation

Watch as Tyler McQuarrie and Tanner Foust dual it out on Playstation 3′s Modnation. Watch them do battle for bragging rights in a best of three video game battle. The video also includes some great footage on the sport of drifting and some unique interviews form both drivers.


Watch the video: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/watchvideo/tanner-foust-&-tyler-mcquarrie-ps3-spotlight-

2010 Formula Drift Round 6 – Main Event [GALLERY]

Fredric Aasbo in a red Toyota Supra

Ryan Tuerck and Tanner Foust at Formula Drift Sonoma

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Wins at Formula Drift Sonoma
Here is our coverage from Formula Drift Round 6 at Infineon Raceway. Our photographer Ricky Cervantes produced a great gallery from the early morning practice until the early evening podium ceremony. Don’t miss out on over 350 photos from the Formula Drift weekend.

Check out the Gallery: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=194

2010 Formula Drift Sonoma – Round 6 [RESULTS]

Check out the results from Formula Drift Round 6 – Sonoma. Vaughn Gittin Jr takes 1st place and another step toward winning the championship.

1st Vaughn Gittin Jr.
2nd Ryan Tuerck
3rd Tanner Foust