Tanner Foust

Formula D Championship Standings after Round 6

1. Tanner Foust (Rockstar/AEM Nissan 350z) – 504 points (+1)
2. Sam Hubinette (Mopar Dodge Viper SRT10) – 478 points (-1)
3. Rhys Millen (Red Bull Pontiac Solstice) – 448 points (+1)
4. Daijiro Yoshihara (Bridgestone Tires Pontiac GTO) – 423 points (-1)
5. Chris Forsberg (NOS Energy Drink Nissan 350z) – 403 points (0)
6. Ryan Tureck (Mobil 1 Pontaic Solstice) – 389 points (+1)
7. Michihiro Takatori (Super Autobacs Nissan Skyline) – 363 points (-1)
8. Conrad Gruenwald (Nitto Tires Chevrolet Corvette) – 255 points (+1)
9. Robbie Nashida (Hankook Nissan 350z) – 255 points (+1)
10. Ryuji Miki (Apexi Mazda Rx-7) – 238 points (+1)

Formula D Round 6 Results

1st – Tanner Foust (Rockstar Energy Drink/AEM Nissan 350z)
2nd – Rhys Millen (Redbull Energy Drink Pontiac Solstice)
3rd – Bill Sherman (Retaks Nissan 240sx)

Top 4 in points update

Daijiro Yoshihara was  eliminated in the first round and Sam Hubinette went out in the Top 8. Tanner Foust and Rhys Millen moved into top 4.

10 Things to Consider for the Championship – Sonoma Edition

We made a list of 10 things you should know when looking at the championship race. We compared the top four drivers in points and came up with these interesting facts. The top four drivers are Sam Hubinette, Tanner Foust, Daijiro Yoshihara, and Rhys Millen.

1. Rhys Millen and Sam Hubinette are the two drivers that have a win at Sonoma out of the four championship prospects.

2. Tanner Foust has the highest qualifying score of all between the four drivers. He scored a 100.0 (only perfect score in Formula D history) at this very track.

3.Daijiro Yoshihara has typically been a second half season driver with 2 of his 3 wins coming during the last two events of the year.

4.Sonoma is one of the most balanced tracks on the circuit for victories. 2 domestics and 2 imports have both taken home victory in years past here not weighting in any advantage to either side for this weekend.

5.However the only two imports to take home victory here have been Chris Forsberg’s Z and Calvin Wan’s G35 so it does appear that Tanner Foust’s chassis has some favor at the track.

6. The Pontiac GTO currently driven by Daijiro Yoshihara is the only car in competition this weekend that has won the event out of the top four in points. Although when the car took home first place it was piloted by Rhys Millen who is currently in the points chase in 4th.

7. On paper Rhys Millen has the biggest advantage for the 2008 Championship. He is the only driver who has won at Sonoma and Irwindale out of these four drivers. On a side note the fifth place driver Chris Forsberg has also won Sonoma in 2007 and Irwindale in 2005. (Thanks Tony Angelo)

8.To secure the championship you MUST not DNF at either of these events and finish high in the points. Rhys Millen currently is the only driver out of the four who has DNF’d an event in 2007 which happened at Formula D Long Beach.

9.If you wanted to compare victories at the beginning of this season Sam Hubinette’s total (9) would beat Tanner Foust, Rhys Millen, and Daijiro’s combined total of 8.

10. Every event ever held in September in Formula D has been won by one of these four drivers.

With all that being said, this weekend should be VERY INTERESTING! See you guys at Sonoma.

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Labor Day Report: Tanner Foust is having more fun than you!

Tanner Foust isn’t just having more fun than you on Labor Day….he is having more fun than all of us. He has been casually ripping a Lamborghini Reventon through Italy and enjoying the car quite a bit. His review on Autofiends boasts about better braking and one enjoyable tour of Italy. Lucky guy…..hopefully he continues to keep us posted on his European adventure.

Tanner Foust heading to the Ring!

Our cover story and Top Gear USA’s Tanner Foust is bombing around Italy right now in a Lamborghini Reventón, on his way to tackling the Nürburgring in a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. It seems that Lamborghini cannot get enough of Drifting drivers to show off it’s Italian supercars. Remember we featured a story not to long ago with Sam Hubinette piloting one in a commercial as seen here. Autofiends will continue to stalk Tanner Foust around Europe and we’ll keep you posted if anything happens.

Source: Autofiends.com

Wrecked Magazine – Issue 6! (The Real Deal)

Ok no more teaser posts or taunts…..here she is in all her perfection. Thanks to the WHOLE Wrecked Staff/Team to help get this thing out over the virtual universe.

Here comes Issue 6 of Wrecked Magazine onto our e-newsstand.

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-General Motors: An American Icon
-Formula D Recap- The points race and the chase to win
-Industry Insider- with sports agent Jacob Agajanian
-Great new ads from S-MAX and Disc Brakes Australia
-Redbull World Challenge: Explained
-Much more inside!

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2008 Formula D Seattle Recap Video

Even with the rain in Seattle last weekend the event kept going through the top 16. Check out our 2 minute recap video from Evergreen Speedway. Congrats to Rhys Millen for taking home another win in his Redbull/Bridgestone Pontiac Solstice.

2008 Formula D Seattle Review

Formula D Point Standings After Round 5

Sam Hubinette

A new king is back on top after Tanner Foust failed to rank higher than Sam Hubinette who only trailed by 6 points going into the Seattle weekend.
1.Sam Hubinette (Mopar Dodge Viper SRT10) – 409 points (+1)
2. Tanner Foust (Rockstar/AEM Nissan 350z) – 397 points (-1)
3.Daijiro Yoshihara (Bridgestone Tires Pontiac GTO) – 366 points (0)
4.Rhys Millen (Red Bull Pontiac Solstice) – 355 points (+2)
5.Chris Forsberg (NOS Energy Drink Nissan 350z) – 338 points (-1)
6.Michihiro Takatori (Super Autobacs Nissan Skyline) – 326 points (-1)
7.Ryan Tureck (Mobil 1 Pontaic Solstice) – 317 points (-1)
8.Darren McNamara (Sears Auto Center Saturn Sky) – 237 points (+2)
9.Conrad Gruenwald (Nitto Tires Chevrolet Corvette) – 229.25 points (0)
10. Robbie Nashida (Hankook Nissan 350z) – 200.25 points (+3)

After failing to qualify this weekend Vaughn Gittin Jr. remained at the same point range allowing him to fall the most out of any ranked driver over the weekend from 8th position to 12th.

**12th.Vaughn Gittin Jr. (Falken Tires Ford Mustang) – 182.50 points (-4)