Street Drifting

Fredric Aasbo Drifts Around Downtown Los Angeles


Fredric Aasbo is set to drop an attack on Downtown Los Angeles with his Scion tC! The video was shot a while back and we hear it will be released next week to the public. We cannot wait to see Aasbo drifting around Los Angeles in what we imagine will be a well put together video. We were lucky enough to score this leaked image from production of the film. We hear Aasbo takes on the LA River and the 6th Street Bridge.

MIssile Stirke – Street Drifting in Spain [VIDEO]

Here comes Missile Strike with Steve Baggsy Biagioni and Buttsy Butler  ripping through some awesome streets of the Spanish countryside. Both drivers are sponsored by Monster Energy and compete around Europe in various drift competitions. These guys put together some tandem runs up this mountain with some cool angles and shots to boot. Check it out!




Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 3 – The Driftpocalypse is Here [VIDEO]

Office Dan Brockett (a member of Danny George’s Formula Drift team) stars in the Motorcycle vs. Car Drift battle third version. Monster Energy brings us this video filmed on public streets, closed streets, or who even really knows? We have cars drifting, police dune buggies, and 240sx police cars. The motorcycles since the last video have added some serious horsepower with the help of Garrett turbochargers which you can see in the introduction of the video as well.

Not the Best 240sx Drifter We Have Seen to Date – Spring Goes Flying at Cameraman [VIDEO]

Street drifting is a horrible idea for almsot anyone looking to have some fun in this day and age. What makes street drifting even worse is when you are prone to understeer like this Nissan 240sx in the video above. Keep it on the track or at least practice in a big parking lot before getting crazy with some daytime street drifting.

Chelsea DeNofa Delivers Pizza with Team Doorbangers [VIDEO]

Some off-season hype has been building about the Team Doorbangers / Chelsea DeNofa off-season pizza delivery video has finally arrived. Chelsea failed to deliver his pizza in less than 45 minutes whit his E46 BMW so luckily his backup job as a Formula Drift driver is still in place. The video even has a guest appearance from a pizza t-shirt wearing FC Rx-7 drifting BG who is attempting to steal the pizza from Chelsea in delivery. Sit back and enjoy some great off-season humor.

Japanese Street Drifting Life [VIDEO]

Here is a three and a half minute video from Maiham-Media taking you around the Japanese street drift scene. This is quite a different street night scene from the BMW M5 street attack video we saw earlier this week. On top of it all this is some of the best shot night street drifting we have seen in some time. Sit back and enjoy a few minutes from the underworld of the Japanese industrial streets.

One Insanely Unsafe BMW M5 Street Drifting Adventure [VIDEO]

We have all watched tons of street drifting videos on the Internet but this BMW M5 might take the cake for crazy street drifting endeavors. Whipping his M5 into traffic, against traffic, and with people walking down the street just seems quite insane. You certainly aren’t getting away with this in Los Angeles, California in 2012. The whole video seems to be prompting some Needfordrive website/social network.

Chelsea DeNofa in The Delivery [TRAILER]

This quick teaser gives quite a bit left up to the imagination and we cannot wait for the full release to come out. What we do know is Chelsea DeNofa is delivering pizza in his E46 BMW drift machine. The project is done with Team Doorbangers and we cannot wait until the release later this month.

Watch the video:

Sam Hubinette is drifting again in Sweden [VIDEO]

Sam Hubinette has been out of the FD circuit for a year now, but apparently his drifting skills never went dry. He posted a quick teaser video drifting an R35 GTR with a snow camo wrap and some DC symbols on it… perhaps he’ll make a return to FD in a similar car and sponsorship? He should have some extra money after selling his Challenger to Daigo Saito last month.

Ryan Tuerck Takes on the City of Brotherly Love [VIDEO]

Another episode of Tuerck’d is hot off the YouTube presses showing him playing pool, exploring bars, and drifting inside a skate park. This four minute lifestyle reel has quite the day in the life feel to it highlighting what Tuerck has been up to in the off season. The video even spends some time showing off his love of BMX with a quick visit to an indoor park that he doesn’t drift at.