2016 Street Driven Tour is Here [SCHEDULE]


The Street Driven Tour just released a solid 2016 schedule found above and below. The series attracted some of the best drifters in America over 2015 including Vaughn Gittin Jr., Ryan Tuerck, Chris Forsberg, Matt Powers, Forrest Wang, Odi Bakchis, Geoff Stoneback and many more! The four venues are VIRginia International Raceway, Gateway Motorsports Park, Atlanta Motor Speedway, and Las Vegas Motor Speedway to round out the new season. Below is a video of Street Driven Las Vegas!


Formula Drift Goes to 8 Round Championship for 2016? [RUMORMILL]


A rumormill/whisper we are hearing around Formula Drift circles is that the professional series is going to eight rounds for 2016. This might give you a good reason to attend the 2015 Formula Drift press conference at the 2015 SEMA Show. An expansion of the series will result in teams needing bigger budget to make it through the 2016 season. Moving to an eight event format will drastically change the championship format and importance of gaining maximum points at each round for a championship. Once the SEMA announcement goes public and this rumormill is confirmed we will work out some details on how this can change the series dynamic. Where do you think Round 8 could be next season?

Formula Drift Releases Driver List for SEMA Ignited Demo


In case you haven’t got a Formula Drift fix in for the 2015 season you can see some pro FD drivers in the Las Veags Convention Center Gold Lot on Friday after SEMA. From what I understand, with a SEMA badge you can walk in free to the show. Military + Student ID is free but you must present at entry. If you cannot get in free with any of these options the promo code FORMULAD50  will give you 50% off and make the ticket $10. Here are the drivers in attendance –
Dai Yoshihara
Odi Bakchis
Mike Whiddett
Mike Essa
Alex Heilbrunn
Robbie Nishida
Daigo Saito
Dean Kearney

Formula Drift Press Conference Set for SEMA 2015


We got a hold of the 2015 SEMA Show Conference schedule and Formula Drift has a Tuesday press conference set. The press conference normally unveils next years schedule along with other major announcements. The conference is in the Media Room and will run from 3:30pm PST to 3:50pm PST. Here are four things that we hope to discover-

1. Is Irwindale Speedway Coming Back for Another Last Season?
2. Will the series move to 8 events?
3. Can the World Championship Get Improvements to help be relevant or at least visit Europe?
4. Will 2016 finally bring us a live Television package?

Robbie Nishida Shows Off 1000hp Nissan GT-R at Tokyo Auto Salon for Formula Drift Asia

Tokyo Auto Salon this year might have more drift car debuts than the SEMA Show at this rate of unveilings. Thanks to Mad Mike Whiddett’s social media savvy we found Robbie Nishida’s new Formula Drift Asia build. A 1000hp Nissan GT-R featuring a flat olive look and a Liberty Walk wide body kit. We don’t quite have all the specs on this car but it can serve I would imagine as a testing/learning vehicle for Daigo Saito’s GT-R coming to Formula Drift USA for 2015. No word yet if Robbie Nishida will also be running the most insane tire sizes for 2015 along with Daigo but we can assume, yes indeed.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his Drift + Jump Ecoboost F-150


Vaughn Gittin Jr. at the 2014 SEMA Show unveiled a new project that involves 5 Recaro seats, an Ecoboost F-150, and the ability to make it drift and jump all in one package. The car was on display at the 2014 SEMA Show and also served some time in the Ford Out Front section of the show. AmericanMuscle caught some of the action and did a walk around of the F-150 that sadly is illegal per the Formula Drift rulebook. Don’t expect to see this thing in action outside of a drift demo capacity anytime soon.

Chelsea DeNofa Set for Global Time Attack with Nissan GT-R in 2015



Chelsea DeNofa announced at the 2014 SEMA Show he will be making some appearances in Global Time Attack with this insanely built Nissan GT-R. The GT-R won a Gran Turismo Award at SEMA and was displayed in the Garrett Turbo booth all week. The team is bringing on some cool partners such as Greddy and Fujita Brakes to help them compete in time attack. I cannot wait to see Chelsea stretch his legs in other markets next season. What do you think of the build?

Justin Pawlak and WELD Racing Announce Partnership for 2015


Justin Pawlak sealed a deal with WELD Racing wheels for the 2015 season. His Sideway S197 that he brought to the 2014 SEMA Show also had WELD wheels on it. With Falken Tire stepping back in 2015 Justin is busy signing new deals to build his program.

“I have a lot of respect for the WELD brand because of their quality-first attitude and long history of manufacturing high quality race wheels in the U.S.,” said Pawlak. “By working with WELD, I can be a brand ambassador for WELD in the drifting community. This is a great opportunity for me, because I feel that lightweight high quality race wheels are a significant performance advantage that is often overlooked in drifting.”

Nate Hamilton Shows Off 2015 Formula Drift Look

NateHamilton.EnkeiWheels NateHamilton2015

Nate Hamilton also unveiled his 2015 Formula Drift look at the 2014 SEMA Show last week. His unveil/new car look was overshadowed by the likes of Robbie Nishida and Daigo Saito putting out their 2015 builds. Nate is sticking with the S13 chassis and bringing over a ton of the same partners from 2014 including Holley, Hoonigan, BC Racing and Enjuku Racing. Nate Hamilton finished 6th in Pro 2 for the 2014 season allowing him to return to the pro series for 2015.

Rockstar Energy Drink With A Possible Return to Formula Drift in 2015?


News and big whispers of a return from the energy drink giant Rockstar have been floating around the 2014 SEMA Show about the return of this drink brand with a big driver for 2015 Formula Drift. Rockstar lacks a large international market so the sponsorship carrying into a world championship program is probably unlikely. However, the driver we have heard receiving this partnership is Fredric Aasbo with people even claiming to see renders/mock ups of the car already placed and being pitched to sponsors this weekend as a 2015 program.