Ryan Tuerck Coverts to E85 Gasoline

Ryan Tuerck with the help of his tuning house Portland Speed Industries are taking the 2JZ powered Scion FR-S and converting it to a E85 race gas blend to finish off the 2013 drifting season. Not many drivers are running alternative fuels yet in Formula Drift but this might be the start of a new movement with no fuel regulations listed in the technical or sporting rulebook.

2013 Drift Mania Round 4 at Victoriaville [GALLERY]

Drift Mania Round 4 at Victoriaville brings out some of the closest tandem battles in the DMCC circuit. Pat Cyr continued the development on his Scion FR-S while Maxim Lemoine still performing well in his Chevrolet S10. Enjoy all our images from this past weekend of Drift Mania by following the link below.


Check out the Gallery:

Tony Angelo Points to Battle Versus Odi Bakchis As A Bad Judging Call

The former judge now returned drifter Tony Angelo isn’t very pleased about how the judges called his battle versus Odi Bakchis in the Top 32 of Formula Drift at Evergreen Speedway over the weekend. Tony has taken to social media with these two images posted above showing that the “correct line” would be considered the wall per the guidelines set in play for the weekend. As you can see in the second frame Tony maintained that line on the wall and Odi went super shallow putting his trunk past Tony Angelo’s Scion. What do you think of the call?

Pikes Peak Guide to Spotting the Drifters

While the automotive world has descended on Colorado Springs, Colorado this weekend we are trying to not pass out back home at the office from this insane heat wave consuming California. Pikes Peak this year has quite the thumbprint of drifting DNA all around the mountain this weekend. While we aren’t attending we figured we could make a quick guide to spot everyone in the drift world flying up the mountain.

1. Rhys Millen – Insane Tube Chassis Hyundai
Here is Rhys Millen trying once again to set the fastest record up the hill. This car looks crazier than ever and he is running in the unlimited class to set an all time record to the top.

2. Paul Dallenbach – RMR Hyundai Genesis Coupe
While Paul is not a Formula Drift driver he is piloting the old Formula Drift chassis of Rhys Millen’s up to the summit of Pikes Peak tomorrow which has now been modified for some climb attack. A quick Google search will show you Paul is mostly famous for that insane start line crash into the trees at Pikes Peak more than anything else we could note. According to his website he was a stunt driver in Fast and the Furious 4 along with over 250 car commercials. He held the hill climb record in 1993 and is a six time winner of the mountain.

3. Ken Gushi – 14k Lexus CCS-R
Ken Gushi is piloting this Lexus ISF-CCSR up the mountain tomorrow. Lexus added 14,000 names of fans to the car in a special promotion to help Ken get up the hill. Ken unveiled this car last year and we did a mini feature on the Lexus CCS-R here on the blog.

4. Toshiki Yoshioka – Formula Drift Subaru BRZ
A tough Formula Drift season so far for Yoshioka who is privateering a program with a nice new Subaru BRZ. With the help of Tomei and some other sponsors he is running a Formula Drift / Pikes Peak program for 2013 with a very small crew.

5. Rod Millen – Electric Toyota
Rod Millen is taking to an electric race Toyota to run the mountain this weekend. His 1994 record stood for sometime as the record of fastest up the hill. Rod also holds the oldest Formula Drift driver to enter an event well into his late 50’s campaigning a Mazda Rx-8 (which was sold to Tony Angelo after his retirement).

6. Andrew Comrie-Picard – Scion Racing Scion XA
ACP didn’t have the best performance in Formula Drift history with his Dodge Viper. The 2010 season wasn’t super kind to him where he only managed to rack up 24.25 points across the whole year. ACP moved on to Rally America with this Scion Racing XA above and is now competing at Pikes Peak.

7. James Robinson – HDP Acura NSX
James Robinson competed for a while in drifting with a HDP Honda Element that was just awesome to watch drift around. The car was mostly seen in the NOPI Drift series and was colored bright orange. Now he is taking this Acura NSX with the help of Honda Performance Development.

2013 Formula Drift Round 4 – New Jersey – Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]

When Daigo Saito and Vaughn Gittin Jr paired up in the top 16 of Wall NJ, the matchup had huge implications not just for the FD Championship but also for the OEM Manufacturers championship. Saito earned the victory in NJ, but also earned valuable points towards the OEM Championship, catapulting Lexus into a tie with Ford for first place. All other manufacturers stayed the course in the rankings, with the lone exception of Dodge jumping over Subaru and Hyundai behind Dean Kearney’s Viper.

Here’s the current standings after 4 rounds:

1. (tie) Ford – 582.5 points
1. (tie) Lexus – 582.5 points
3. Nissan – 524.5 points
4. Scion – 502.5 points
5. BMW – 482.5 points
6. Chevy – 318 points
7. Toyota – 177.25 points
8. Mazda – 160.5 points
9. Dodge – 49.25 points
10. Subaru – 49 points
11. Hyundai – 24.25 points

Tony Angelo Edition Enkei RPF1 for your Scion FR-S

The Tony Angelo edition RPF1 comes in black with perfect Scion FR-S and Subaru BR-Z. The wheel size and color are available exclusively at Turn 14 distribution. Each wheel comes with a florescent yellow die cut Enkei sticker that replicates the RPF1’s Tony uses on his Formula D car,a personalized thank you letter from Tony Angelo as well as a special signage on the wheel box that denotes sizing, offset, model and Tony Angelo’s signature!

Specs: 18×9.5 /38mm Offset/ 5×100 Bolt Pattern
Part #: 379-895-8038BK
MSRP: $405

2013 Formula Drift Round 3 – Palm Beach – OEM Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]

Ford continues to lead the OEM Manufacturers championship with strong performances from Vaughn Gittin Jr and Justin Pawlak, but the lead has narrowed behind a strong performance from Lexus. Scion dropped from second in the standings to fourth behind Aasbo’s Top 8 exit and Angelo’s top 16 finish, while Nissan moved into third with points coming from Chris Forsberg’s top 8 finish and both Briggs and Moen (both scored 64 points, both have chassis configurations that count towards the championship). Also of note, Dodge scored the first points in the championship behind Dean Kearney.

Here’s the current standings:

1. Ford – 426.5 points
2. Lexus – 414.5 points
3. Nissan – 386 points
4. Scion – 379 points
5. BMW – 371.5 points
6. Chevy – 189 points
7. Toyota – 153 points
8. Mazda – 134.5 points
9. Subaru – 49 points
10. Hyundai – 24.25 points
10. Dodge – 24.25

Max Orido Goes LS7 in his Toyota FT-86 for 2013 D1GP

The LS movement just might be catching on everywhere around the world when it comes to drift car swaps. Max Orido after suffering the whole 2012 season with engine troubles and cutting out power with his Toyota V8 swap. Well now he has jumped into a nitrous powered LS7 to power him through the new year and was blown away at the torque on a test day we were reported. The LS7 is smaller and over 110 pounds lighter than its Lexus counterpart. With great companies throwing support to drifting like Scoggin Dickey and Canton Racing Products the growth of the LS community will only keep going!

Watch the  Test Video:

2013 Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach Videos [OPEN MEDIA THREAD]

We know tons of videos are going to be released over the next few days so this is an open media thread. Feel free to use our contact form to submit a video or drop one in the comments and we will keep this thread ongoing. The feature video above is a piece put together by Mark Lenardon and is one awesome compilation video highlighting all of the events from Round 1.

2013 Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach Media Day
Ryan Tuerck Testing his 2JZ Retaks Scion FR-S:
Jhonnathan Castro – Nissan 350z Hood Flies Up Mid Drift
Justin Pawlak’s First Run of 2013- LoreninHD
Wrecked Magazine YouTube Playlist from Media Day

2013 Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach Practice/Qualifying Day
Keep Drifting Fun – Will Roegge RAW Footage
Justin Pawlak’s Big Crash on First Qualifying Run (BeardLife)
Justin Pawlak and Matt Field Qualifying Crash (AWfilms)
Ryan Tuerck Crash from GoPro – NetworkA
Conrad Grunewald Talks About Long Beach and New Sponsors – Lifeblasters
Matt Powers Sit Down with My Life at Speed – Not Great Audio
Brandon Wicknick Practice Runs (In Car)
Brandon Wicknick Slow Motion by LoreninHD

2013 Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach Main Event
DSTROYR Clothing at Round 1
Driven to Drift by Scion Racing
GoPro at Streets of Long Beach with Tyler McQuarrie and J.R. Hildebrand
Hoonigan Team at Round 1
Joon Maeng Recap by Nexus Visuals
Monster Drift with Vaughn Gittin Jr.
State of Stance Rolly Dee – Preview

2013 Formula Drift Round 1 – Streets of Long Beach – OEM Manufacturers Championship

The first weekend of the Manufacturers Championship kicked off at Long Beach which is one of the two new championships replacing the Triple Crown. To qualify as a manufacture your car must have an engine that matches manufactures with your chassis. This means someone like Dai Yoshihara doesn’t accumulate points but a motor swapped driver like Ryan Tuerck  with his Scion FR-S will. Here is how the Top 5 look after Long Beach. Special thanks to Jacob Leveton for helping us with the calculation.

1. Ford- 146.5 points
2. Nissan- 137 points
2. BMW- 137 points
3. Scion- 126 points
4. Lexus- 111 points