Party with the Drift Alliance this Wednesday in Long Beach

If you ever dreamed of partying with the Drift Alliance this Wednesday night is your chance at The Pike in Long Beach. The date is this Wed. on April 10th from 7pm until you pass out. All four DA stars will have their Formula Drift competition cars on site at The Pike as well giving you an early up close and personal look before Round 1! This will be one night to remember we can almost guarantee it!


Ryan Tuerck Testing his 2013 Scion FR-S at Pat’s Acres Racing Complex [VIDEO]

Ryan Tuerck has taken out his 2JZ Scion FR-S for a test day at Pat’s Acres Racing Complex in Oregon. The 2JZ built by Portland Speed Industries (same company who built the 2012 championship motor) set out to give Ryan Tuerck what he calls “his best drift car yet.” With the help and support of new sponsors such as Enjuku Racing and Air Force his program looks like it has some serious potential. Can Ryan Tuerck finally make a serious championship run for the 2013 season? He has come close previously but a new attitude he seems to have along with this new build could put him over the top.


Aasbo’s new changes – 2014 headlights, rear-mount radiator, direct port nitrous

Papadakis Racing is one of those teams that is constantly looking to improve their car. While some believed that Aasbo would be moving to an FR-S this year, the team looks to be re-using the Scion tC2 that they have campaigned for the last two years for at least one more season, with a few major upgrades. The car will be the first Scion tC that the public sees outside of an autoshow with the new 2014 tC headlights, and will also feature a rear-mount radiator setup as well as a direct port Nitrous setup that will boost the already 700 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque under the hood. Aasbo really looked great all of last season, earning two podium finishes and four top-three qualifying efforts. In the flood of FR-S’s on the grid, this Scion may be the one to watch closest!

Ken Gushi’s 2013 Scion FR-S is Looking Very 80’s [SNEAK PREVIEW]

We got emailed this image showing off Ken Gushi’s Scion FR-S wrap coming together for the 2013 season. We pointed out that the car was sitting at Greddy all in black from the 2012 white it had. Hankook seems to have a bigger presence or moved placement for the 2013 season. Ken Gushi did an AMA on Reddit today and said he read Wrecked Magazine and loved me so we wish him the best of luck for the 2013 Formula Drift season. Greddy and Scion Racing had a full season to R&D the FR-S program and made some off-season changes to his chassis. What do you think about the new look of Ken’s Scion FR-S?

Tony Angelo Does a Hoonigan Friday Burnout with his Missile [VIDEO]

Tony Angelo went to R/T Tuning to hoon around in his Lexus missile for Hoonigan burnout Friday and we just caught wind to this video he released a few weeks earlier. Can anyone really top this burnout thrown down by Tony Angelo? In other Tony news his Scion FR-S is coming along just fine, here is where it stands now below.

Ken Gushi’s Competition Scion FR-S Goes Black [SPYSHOT]

The guys over at Greddy posted both of Ken Gushi’s Scion FRS vehicles sitting at Greddy HQ in Southern California. The red FRS is Ken Gushi’s street car now featuring a Greddy turbo kit! The black car is his 2012 Formula Drift car (that was white/blue) and has now been painted black for 2013. It looks like they have a new look cooking up for the new season.

Tony Angelo Adds Nitrous and R/T Tuning to his 2013 Season

The guys at R/T Tuning shot out a release about their partnership with Tony Angelo for the new Formula Drift season. Tony’s FRS will be powered by a turbocharged 2AZ-FE engine with nitrous to be competitive in the new season. The guys over at R/T Tuning will be offering Tony Angelo vehicle setup, tuning, and track support for the new year. How do you think Tony will do with this setup in 2013?



Ryan Tuerck’s 2013 Scion FR-S Render Came to Us via FedEx this AM [SPYSHOTS]

A kind an anonymous east coast Wrecked spy sent us this FedEx package with this render of Ryan Tuerck and his 2013 Scion FR-S render and program. The program continues to be on Maxxis Tires and Retaks backpacks running as a title sponsor. Enjuku Racing has stepped up in support of the car along with Garrett Turbo, ACT Clutch, and KW Suspension. Our rumormill post about Ryan Tuerck in 2013 was a little off as we guessed he would be powering the FRS with a Chevrolet LS engine. Instead they are building a 2JZ-GTE engine that will be making over 700whp we have heard from some others. What do you think about the revamped program for Ryan Tuerck in 2013?!

The 1,000hp Scion FRS driven by Otto Graven – 2013 Formula Drift [BUILD THREAD]

The Otto Graven build thread has come to life over at tracking his wild 1,000hp build as received some updates. They even have a sneak preview of the insane widebody going on this car. They have some products being sourced for the build listed at the top of the thread and a look at some of the crazy stuff on the car such as the dry sump system.


Follow the build:

Pat Cyr’s 2013 Drift Mania Scion FRS in Green [PREVIEW]


The team over at Scion Canada in collaboration with Cyrious Productions unveiled Pat Cyr’s 2013 Scion FRS that will be taking on Drift Mania in 2013. This green/black combination with banana fenders and white wheels will be ready to hit the DMCC circuit. We think Pat Cyr is going to take a run at the 2013 championship. We cannot wait to see this widebody in action as the Scion FRS takes over the drift world in 2013.