Ron Ewerth’s 2014 Formula Drift Build Thread – Scion FR-S with 2JZ



Ron Ewerth from the SWD Pro Am series is building a brand new Scion FR-S with a LS9 engine. His build thread on FT-86 is quite detailed and nice on how the Formula Drift rookie’s car build is coming along. It looks like him and Jeff Wolfson will have similar builds as 2014 rookies (Ron isn’t a rookie from running 7 events in 2009. I only looked at his 2010 season where he ran 3 events which would allow him to still be one, sorry for the mix up) . Who will perform better is the final questions?


Follow the Build:

Tony Angelo Turns His Car Over to Jalopnik Journalist at Englishtown

Tony Angelo handed the keys of his 700+ whp Scion FR-S to  Raphael Orlove of Jalopnik fame to try and drift his Scion at Englishtown. What was reenforced in this story is that drifters shouldn’t let auto journalists try and drift their competition Formula D cars. Raphael did write an interesting piece on the high horsepower of the Formula Drift cars which is growing year to year from an outsiders perspective. He really puts a focus on how the series has secretly come to build the highest horsepower road cars in the world.


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Tony Angelo Cracks 700whp in his Scion FR-S

Tony Angelo showed off his Scion FR-S engine bay which is now making 705whp thanks to a Garrett Turbo GTX 3576. Tony is keeping the 4 cylinder for 2014 Formula Drift and we are told going to upgrade shortly to a Garrett GTX 3582 for more possible power. The car is right at 2,700 lbs. with Tony sitting in the car.



*UPDATE at 8:45pm –
Tony actually sent us his dyno graph of his 704.1 whp from R/T Tuning. After texting with Tony for a bit he mentioned his goal with the new turbo is going to be around 775-800whp.

Ryan Tuerck on the Oregon Trail Part 1 [VIDEO]

Ryan Tuerck visits PSI in Portland, Oregon for his new 2JZ tune which we covered in a detailed post here. Here is Ryan Tuerck with his new Garrett turbo on the dyno and a sneak peak at next week’s big run up a mountain with Formula Drift driver Rob Primo. It looks like this will be a fun one.

Jeff Wolfson Set for Scion FR-S with 2JZ Swap for Formula Drift

I had the pleasure of sitting down with some of these 2014 rookies and I’m already convinced we are going to have a stronger class than 2013 on conversation alone. If anything, the 14 class seems to be much more funded than rookie seasons of the past. Jeff Wolfson, a newly licensed Formula Drift driver, unveiled on his Facebook this month that he picked up a Scion FR-S for the 14 Formula Drift season. He now took to his blog to announce the engine it will be running is a 2JZ-GTE engine!

2014 Formula Drift – Ken Gushi’s 10 Series Scion FR-S

Scion Racing released some images of the new Scion FR-S for Ken Gushi in 2014. The FR-S features the Series 10 illuminated badges and a new Rocket Bunny v2 kit. The 2JZ is riddled with Greddy powered goodies and a clean/simple looking interior. The car is set to debut in the Scion booth at the SEMA show next week. What do you think of his new car? Will the switch to a 2JZ engine platform help Ken be competitive in 2013?

Tony Angelo Replica Scion tC Available in Texas [FOR SALE]

Someone built a tribute/replica Scion tC in Texas based on Tony Angelo’s Scion tC. The car only has 84,000 miles on the clock, is a salvage title, and is for $6,500 OBO. Folow the link below for more details on this smoking deal.


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Gorgeous World Racing Formula Drift Prepped Scion FR-S [FOR SALE]



One of the best opportunities to own a turn key Formula Drift car has arrived this afternoon from Torrance, California.  This Scion FR-S built by World Racing has been followed by Wrecked Magazine and was slated with a 2013 Formula Drift debut but due to the customer being unable to finish the project the guys at World Racing are looking to liquidate it for pennies on the dollar! The car is being sold as a rolling chassis and drivetrain/suspension is complete. Engine plate, bell housing, and adapter plate are all designed to mate the Quaife QBE69G 6-speed sequential transmission to a Toyota Tundra 3UR-F3 V8 which can be purchased separately. World Racing is offering the car without the engine as it is most likely not the “go-to package” some are looking at in a Formula Drift build. There is a body kit available for this car that has been mounted but for visual stimulation we decided not to include it in the shots and showcase the chassis. Included are three spare body kits that are all unpainted and a slew of OEM parts. The price would be discussed in person with serious potential clients only!



Here are the STATS of this Formula Drift legal/ready Scion FR-S:
Acid Dipped and seam welded chassis by WORLD Racing.
Every single hole on the body has been filled for strength and appearance.
100% powder-coated body, chassis and rollcage
Custom rear sub-frame mated with Winters rear end (FD legal)
Custom tin-work
Air-Jacks with plumbing and nitrogen wand

Custom carbon fiber hood and rear deck lid.
Lexan MR10 windows with NACA ducts
NACA ducting in roof for driver cooling and ventilation

Winters “Quick-Change” 10″ rear end 4:12 ring/pinion – ask for ratios
Quaife QBE69G (6-speed sequential) gearbox
Ray Bates 300m (“OEM” FRS spline) axle stubs for 930 CV’s
Mark Williams Axles
“No-Lift” shift cut mechanism from Angerole

OMP Eco Life – Fire Suppression system
Recaro Profi SPG Racing seats x2
Crow Enterprizes 5 point harness’

12 Gallon ATL Fuel Cell
Misc. A/N lines and fittings from Earls have been plumbed for the tank

Rear-Mount Mishimoto Custom dual-pass Radiator
Earls hoses, fittings and plumbing are completed

KW Suspension Competition 3-way adjustable coil over
Solid Toyota MR-2 power steering pump has been fitted to work with this steering rack.
Right hand drive conversion w/ Nissan 240 steering rack fitted for MR2 pump
Toyota MR-2 power steering pump (p/n 1960-17017)
Vorshlag GD High Caster aluminum front caster plates (60mm)
Cortex Competition lower arms (front)
Cortex Toe Link Assembly (pair)
Cortex Bump Steer Kit
KW Suspension Competition 3-way adjustable coil over
Cusco rear pillowball lateral link

Dry Sump Tank (3Gal) Mounted
Dry Sump Pulley (for use with ATI damper)
Dry Sump hoses, fittings and plumbing are completed.

Wilwood Rotors, Hats, Calipers and pads… (custom)
Tilton Pedal assembly w/ reservoir
Tilton proportioning valve
ASD Hydraulic E-Brake (Pull-Up style)

Motegi Racing Traklite 1.0 (Drift)
17×8 Front
18×10 Rear
(Also includes 1 spare set of 4 wheels)

Falken Azenis RT615R – 255/40R17
Falken Azenis RT615R – 295/40R18

Ryan Tuerck Recap of Formula Drift Round 5 in Seattle [VIDEO]

Year Productions puts together another event recap for Maxxis Tire showing Ryan Tuerck’s long Evergreen Speedway weekend. A crash in his first qualifying run resulted in a scramble for repairs and a second qualifying run just putting him in the show at the cost of his qualifying points. What looked like a potential tragic weekend got turned around pretty quickly with a decent finish under his belt on Saturday for the main event.

Tuerck’d – Live Free or Die with Michael Essa and Matt Powers [VIDEO]

While we don’t think the tourism board of New Hampshire will be promoting this video it shows off the wild time you can have in the northern state of New Hampshire. With Michael Essa and Matt Powers following along they go explore the great outdoors and then hit the NASCAR track New Hampshire Motor Speedway for some good times at the top of 4th gear drifting around the roads of the course. You can even see a cameo from the Takata Harness Scion FR-S as a camera car in the video.