Ryuji Miki

Ryuji Miki to test drive the APEX’I Lexus SC430 in Texas soon [RUMORMILL]


When the Apex’i Lexus SC430 was first rumored to be built after the 2009 season, it was with Ryuji Miki behind the wheel. The car debuted in New Jersey the following season and Miki piloted the car to a top-8 finish in Sonoma, but did not return in 2011. After the car sat for a season, Patrick Mordaunt brought the car back out and has been driving the car ever since.

We just got word from a very good source that Ryuji Miki will be returning to the US to test drive the same SC430 he drove back in 2010 sometime in the next two weeks in Texas. We haven’t confirmed whether the test will be at Texas Motor Speedway or another location. There’s a possibility that Miki could be shaking down the course for Formula D officials to determine the layout ahead of the FD event, or it could just be a shakedown of the car in preparation for Mordaunt. An even more exciting possible outcome is that Miki could be testing in anticipation of a return, possibly in the same SC430 or a clone of the car as a two-car team for 2014.

Whatever the result, we know that this test is not expected to change the driver of the seat for the final two events of the 2013 season.

Patrick Mordaunt Set to Drive APEX’i Lexus SC430 for Formula Drift 2012 [RUMORMILL]

The rumormill in the drift industry is buzzing about Patrick Mordaunt stepping into the APEX’i Lexus SC430 for the 2012 season. Earlier this year some people mentioned hearing about Walker Wilkerson stepping into this ride for the season but nothing has surfaced recently about him hopping into the car.

Now in recent weeks several people have mentioned Patrick hopping into this car although he has a prepped S14 and 350z in his possession that could run the series. This build would bring the first opportunity to Patrick Mordaunt to drive a V8 in the Formula Drift series. How do you think he can handle his first go around with a V8 assuming the rumors are true?

Ryuji Miki Not Coming to USA for Competition in 2011

Ryuji Miki spoke out about his 2011 plans today. While he said that Formula Drift won’t be out of the question right now it appears he will just be doing the Southeast Asia (International) series with Formula Drift. As for a stateside ride in the big show it doesn’t look like he has one and his hopes don’t seem high for performing on the big stage next year. The former D1GP champion and one amazing tandem driver is no longer on the drivers list for 2011.

Cody Parkhouse Driving for APEXi in the Lexus SC430 [RUMORMILL]

I know that Cody Parkhouse was given the seat to the Lexus SC430 because Ryuji Miki wasn’t worth a trip from Japan for Gymkhana Grid. It was just very interesting to us to see the young Formula Drift star given the keys to the Hankook Tire/Lexus SC430 for Gymkhana. Cody did lose his S13 earlier this year after a Just Drift event when some thieves stole his trailer in front of his house. With all that being said it’s easy to see why Cody was in this car for the weekend but I wonder if it was a test of relationships for the future and possibly 2011 Formula Drift? What are your thoughts on this everyone because I think it is very possible and a good match.

SEMA 2010 – Day 3 – Thursday, November 4th [GALLERY]

Our Thursday SEMA Gallery tours you around the Racing/Performance Hall and finishes up some coverage in the Wheel/Tire section. We also go see the Ford Out Front section to finish off the day where Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Justin Pawlak are preforming drift demos for all the fans in the front parking lot.

Check out the Gallery: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=203

2010 Formula Drift Round 7 – Irwindale Speedway Qualifying [RESULTS]

Falken took home another top qualifying spot this year with Darren McNamara. He looked pretty solid in the Saturn Sky this weekend taking home maximum points from the qualifying session. Here are the results:

1 D. McNamara
2 C. Forsberg 
3 D. Yoshihara 
4 R. Tuerck 
5 T. Foust 
6 V. Gittin 
7 S. Hubinette 
8 R. Millen 
9 M. Whiddett 
10 J. Maeng 
11 F. Aasbo 
12 C. Grunewald 
13 J. Pawlak 
14 K. Mohan 
15 M. Waldin 
16 T. McQuarrie 
17 R. Nishida 
18 M. Takatori 
19 M. Powers 
20 K. Gushi 
21 S. Verdier 
22 T. Aono 
23 J. Deane 
24 Y. Kondo 
25 E. O’Sullivan 
26 I. Fornier 
27 N. Konstantinov 
28 J. LeJeune
29 R. Miki 
30 M. Field 
31 B. Sherman
32. A. Pfeiffer

2010 Formula Drift Sonoma Round 6 – Qualifying [Results]

Here is the qualifying results for Formula D Sonoma.
1. Tyler McQuarrie
2. Chris Forsberg
3. Kyle Mohan
4. Ryan Tuerck
5. Daijiro Yoshihara
6. Fredric Aasbo
7. Alex Pfeiffer
8. Ross Petty
9. Samuel Hubinette
10. Stephan Verdier
11. Conrad Grunewald
12. Michihiro Takatori
13. Justin Pawlak
14. Vaughn Gittin
15. Joon Maeng
16. Patrick Mordaunt
17. Tanner Foust
18. Taka Aono
19. Ken Gushi
20. Darren McNamara
21. Bill Sherman
22. Ryuji Miki
23. James Dean
24. Tony Brakohiapa
25. Rhys Millen
26. Matt Powers
27. Nikolay Konstantinov
28. “Mad” Mike Whiddet
29. Jeff Jones
30. Dean Kearney
31. Matt Field
32. Dennis Mertzanis

The Story of a Lexus SC430 in Formula Drift [VIDEO]

The Story of a Lexus SC430 in Drifting with Ryuji Miki

Check out this amazing video covering the debut of the Lexus SC430 at Formula Drift Wall Speedway.  A great piece featuring APEX’i and Ryuji Miki along with how this whole project came about. Watch Miki start shaking down the V8 powered Lexus at Formula D Round 3.

Watch the video: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/watchvideo/the-story-of-a-lexus-sc430-in-drifting-with-r

2010 Formula Drift Championship Standings After Round 4 [RESULTS]

The championship race this year has been one to keep an eye on. Even though Vaughn Gittin Jr. holds the first place we witnessed that he won’t coast his way to a championship this year. Tanner Foust soared in the points with his win and Daijiro Yoshihara’s early elimination in the round. Note that we announced the 2010 Redbull World Championship is happening this year in Atlanta, Georgia which means if your out of championship contention you still want to fight to finish in the Top 16 so you can receive an invite. That is assuming Formula Drift runs the same format as they did in 2008.

1. Vaughn Gittin Jr. (357 points)
2. Tanner Foust (331 points)
3. Daijiro Yoshihara (326 points)
4. Ryan Tuerck (305 points)
5. Darren McNamara (286 points)
6. Chris Forsberg (266 points)
7. Rhys Millen (237.50 points)
8. Sam Hubinette (231 points)
9. Michihiro Takatori (212.50 points)
10. Justin Pawlak (211.50 points)
11. Ken Gushi (203.50 points)
12. Tyler McQuarrie (171.50 points)
13. Charles Ng (166.50 points)
14. Ross Petty (161.50 points)
15. Stephan Verdier (160 points)
16. Forrest Wang (157.50 points)
17. Conrad Grunewald (144 points)
18. Patrick Mordaunt (141.50 points)
19. Joon Maeng (135.25 points)
20. Fredric Aasbo (134 points)
21. Dean Kearney (128 points)
22. Michael Essa (121.75 points)
23. Ryuji Miki (105.25 points)
24. Robbie Nishida (104.75 points)
25. Kyle Mohan (98.75 points)

Ryuji Miki’s 2010 Lexus SC430 In Forza Motorsport 3!



Get ready to add another 2010 Formula Drift car to your Forza garages! Usually you’d see my cars on here but this time Dr. Westies got to work getting Ryuji Miki’s new car replicated for us just after the cars debut. The car has very accurate detailing which fills up 994 layers on each side of the car. You can pick this amazing replica up on his Storefront for 25,000 in game credits. Just search “DRW, or miki 2010” in the Forza Motorsport 3 storefront.