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WiseFab in Development of Scion FR-S/Toyota 86 Kit



The guys at WiseFab previewed these front and rear knuckles that are currently in development for the Scion FR-S / Toyota GT86. These full aluminum and light knuckles will be ready for Formula Drift Long Beach and street legal. WiseFab tells us that Ryan Tuerck will be running these in his Retaks/Maxxis Tire Scion.  It also seems Fredric Aasbo will be doing some product development testing with what we assume is one of his overseas Toyota 86 builds.

Drift Garage Episode 3 – Hitting The Track [VIDEO]

Check out Episode 3 of Drift Garage where they wrap up the missile 240sx build with a Takata Harness, Recaro Seat, and a KSport coilovers. After Forsberg buttons up the car he hits the track over at Summit Point to shake down his freshly built missile project car.

Drift Garage Episode 2 – ISIS Turbo Kit and Engine Prep [VIDEO]

Drift Garage Episode 2 takes Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg to another level with its missile car build by adding an ISIS turbo kit and getting the new KA motor installed. They also threw on a Mishimoto radiator and ISIS intercooler to fight off temperature issues.

Drift Garage Episode 1 with Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck [VIDEO]

Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg set to walk you through the building of a $5,000 drift car. The platform is a S13 Nissan 240sx and the build sets off with an introduction from Professor M. Issile. The episode starts with a 240sx hatchback being bought from Formula Drift driver Tony Angelo and a new KA engine from Elite JDM. The broken parts are off the car and next week seems all ready for the ISIS turbocharger being installed which was leaked by Chris in our last weeks Wrecked Weekly interview with him which you can see here.


Ryan Tuerck at Irwindale Speedway [VIDEO]

Check out the Maxxis Tire video showing Ryan Tuerck take on the famous House of Drift in Los Angeles at Irwindale Speedway. This six minute video has Ryan talking about the 2013 season with his Scion FR-S and the time with his new team. Ryan had a fairly good season for the new car/team experience and will be looking to get back in the Top 5 for the 2014 season.

Ryan Tuerck and Rob Primo Take on the Oregon Trail [VIDEO]

Ryan Tuerck hits the road for a Part 2 of the Oregon Trail showing all of the runs around the mountain road. The weather stayed clear and Ryan Tuerck gets to test his new Garrett Turbo GTX 4088r getting prepped for the 2014 season. He runs tandem with Formula Drift driver Rob Primo and takes some solo runs up the hill as well.

Ryan Tuerck on the Oregon Trail Part 1 [VIDEO]

Ryan Tuerck visits PSI in Portland, Oregon for his new 2JZ tune which we covered in a detailed post here. Here is Ryan Tuerck with his new Garrett turbo on the dyno and a sneak peak at next week’s big run up a mountain with Formula Drift driver Rob Primo. It looks like this will be a fun one.

Ryan Tuerck On The Dyno with new Garrett Turbo – 825/682

Ryan Tuerck is already deep into off-season with putting together a new 2JZ engine package for 2014. The guys at Portland Speed Industries went with a Garrett Turbo GTX 4088r for the new season. Here is what the Scion FR-S sounds like with the new turbo on the dyno:

Ryan compares the old setup (GTX 4294r) to the new setup (GTX 4088r) in the dyno graph below. We finished off the day with 800 RPM’S quicker spool. Only 50 less overall horsepower (825.) And 80 overall less torque at 682 running the same boost pressure on both turbos, 30PSI.

Ryan Tuerck Takes on the 2013 SEMA Show [VIDEO]

Ryan Tuerck made a SEMA video that involved off-road trucks, a Gymkhana 6 teaser, a visit to GRC, and some show cars of the SEMA show. Ryan Tuerck threw his own event at The Griffin bar in old Las Vegas and he wrapped up the week at Get Nutz Lab’s private race track in Las Vegas. The longest episode of Tuerck’d by far to date and it is a good one.

Ryan Tuerck on Google+ Tomorrow [HANGOUT]

Tomorrow morning on NetworkA.com at 1:00pm EST /10:00am PST you can go see Ryan Tuerck and the whole entire Tuerck’d / Off-Track crew for a Google+ Hangout. The interview will also feature Jarod DeAnda, Danger Andy, Jensen Argyle III, and Corey Hosford. Tune in if you are looking for a good laugh.


Source: http://www.networka.com