Tyler McQuarrie Has No Signed Contract for 2012 [CONFIRMED]

Today a magazine has been reporting that Tyler McQuarrie has a deal signed for 2012 and we have confirmed that is not the case at this current time. To catch you up back in the beginning of October he was left go from Falken Tire at the end of the 2011 season. Then we found out he was in New Jersey visiting Gardella Racing which he has continued to be linked with during this off-season. I have confirmed the two teams are still in talks so the deal is not dead but Tyler McQuarrie’s manager confirmed that nothing has been signed either. That about sums up the report but just wanted to confirm that other media outlets are reporting incorrect information this morning. Good luck to Tyler landing a deal for this new season!


Tony Angelo Stepping into the old Scion Racing tC for 2012 [RUMORMILL]

The Scion Racing tC that ran with Ken Gushi and Hankook Tires for 2011 might not be retired from the sport after all. The rumormill is abuzz this weekend that Drift Alliance member Tony Angelo will be given the tC to run his 2012 season. Not really sure of the Scion tC will have 100% factory support like it did in 2011 with Ken Gushi but we can imagine some of the vehicle sponsors are coming along with the former Formula Drift judge for 2012. This sounds like a great start to the new season for a driver who hasn’t been behind the wheel in Formula Drift for several years. What do you think about Tony Angelo driving this Scion tC?

Robbie Nishida Has a Lexus SC300 for Formula Drift 2012

Robbie Nishida is currently working on this Lexus SC300 for the 2012 Formula Drift season! His new teammate Daigo Saito will also be in a Lexus next season making them the Lexus brothers in the new season. Both cars we can only imagine will come with 2JZ engine power plants and be presented at Streets of Long Beach. Former Urbanracer editor Bob Hernandez is working on a story for some other website and we will make sure the data/news comes to our readers as soon as its made public or we figure it out.

The big rumor and question still remains about the newfound funding/sponsor this team has received in 2012. We keep hearing about a tire company who has stepped on board for them but the 2012 Formula Drift rulebook shows no new approved tires to date for the series.

Greddy Set to Build Scion FR-S for Ken Gushi in 2012

We have more information on this Scion FR-S build happening with Ken Gushi next season! It sounds like RS*R is taking a backseat like we posted a rumormill of earlier and they have a new company taking over building of the Scion. The Toyota GT-86 has been everywhere this weekend and we documented some production photos of what the car looks like as a production model. With a relationship already in place between Scion Racing and Greddy (see the Scion tC above) it sounds like they are going to call on them to complete the 2012 Scion FR-S build for Ken Gushi. We cannot wait to see what they will cook up for the new drifting season.


Walker Wilkerson Driving for Team Falken Tire in 2012?

Its the off season and rumors are starting to pop up left and right.  Walker Wilkerson just posted through his Facebook, and Twitter page that he’ll be driving a teal and blue Falken Tire silvia during drift demos at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Since Tyler McQuarrie left Team Falken Tire there’s a seat to fill. Could Walker be hinting at whats to  from this 2012 Formula Drift season?

Tyler McQuarrie Visits Gardella Racing in New Jersey

In case you don’t follow the former Falken Tire driver Tyler McQuarrie on Facebook he threw up some mentions about being in New Jersey. Following his firing and telling Bill Wood he had some offers form other teams (and Ryan Tuerck being looked at by RMR) our eyes perked up at these posts. Well it turns out that after a few phone calls I made that Tyler McQuarrie did pay a visit to Gardella Racing on the trip. Not sure that was the only purpose of his trip but it sure seems to be that way. He did quite a bit of hanging out with Gary Gardella and around Gardella Racing HQ in New Jersey in general. What would everyone think about Tyler McQuarrie driving the Gardella Racing Chevrolet Camaro in Formula Drift for 2012?

Who Should the Third Man Be for 2012 in the Formula D Judges Tower?

Tony Angelo announced his retirement from the judges stand and a return to driving in 2012 last night at the 2011 Formula Drift banquet. The blog post has turned into a hot buzz of talk who people think should be his replacement in the hot seat. Who do you think should take the judges stand next year and why!? If we can get a few names said over and over again we will launch a poll later in the week.

Mad Mike Coming Back in 2012 to Formula Drift [RUMORMILL]

Another buzz around the paddock this weekend is the return of Mad Mike in his Redbull Mazda Rx-8 next year. Rumor has it a company currently in Formula Drift as a title sponsor has been courting him to make a return next season. We are going to work on getting more details tomorrow but it sounds like this could very well bring back Mad Mike Whiddett next season. Would you like to see him return to the series next year?

Rhys Millen Stepping Down After This Weekend – Taking Team Owner Position [RUMORMILL]

A big news buzz floating around this week which was confirmed Rhys Millen is stepping down from driving in Formula Drift after this season. Rhys Millen and the Hyundai Genesis won’t be going anywhere for 2012 since RMR will continue to run the program and Rhys Millen will take over the team owner position.

To make this rumor even better we have heard he is trying to bring another Redbull athlete to fill the seat in the car for next season. Some sources have told us this is currently Drift Alliance star Ryan Tuerck! They are trying to get a deal together by the 2011 SEMA Show but nothing has been signed as they are still in talks. How do you feel about Ryan Tuerck driving the Hyundai Genesis in 2012?

RS*R Not Coming Back in 2012 with A Formula Drift Program [RUMORMILL]

Ken Gushi has been documenting all the issues his RS*R Scion tC has had this year on more than one occasion through his blog. Long Beach I feel like he vented the most which you can see here in this,”Ken Gushi Blogs About Lack of Top 32 Competition and Long Beach.” I have heard from several other FD teams over the past week (unconfirmed with RS*R) that they have heard a buzz about the RS*R program not being together next season. The off season is all quiet right now with Irwindale coming up but we think some big driver changes are going to be happening this off season and we of course will be the only ones reporting on the rumors of the industry.

RS*R has been running a Scion program since inception of the car in Formula Drift but this year they have suffered many vehicle malfunctions. Even if RS*R stays on board in 2012 I find it hard to believe Ken Gushi would stick around given the opportunity to find another ride in the sport. Ken Gushi is one of the 16 elite drivers since the sports creation in 2004 to win a round of the series. This was back in Houston 2005 when he was with Ford Racing and it more recent time I feel like people have forgotten about his great achievements in this sport.