RS*R Not Coming Back in 2012 with A Formula Drift Program [RUMORMILL]

Ken Gushi has been documenting all the issues his RS*R Scion tC has had this year on more than one occasion through his blog. Long Beach I feel like he vented the most which you can see here in this,”Ken Gushi Blogs About Lack of Top 32 Competition and Long Beach.” I have heard from several other FD teams over the past week (unconfirmed with RS*R) that they have heard a buzz about the RS*R program not being together next season. The off season is all quiet right now with Irwindale coming up but we think some big driver changes are going to be happening this off season and we of course will be the only ones reporting on the rumors of the industry.

RS*R has been running a Scion program since inception of the car in Formula Drift but this year they have suffered many vehicle malfunctions. Even if RS*R stays on board in 2012 I find it hard to believe Ken Gushi would stick around given the opportunity to find another ride in the sport. Ken Gushi is one of the 16 elite drivers since the sports creation in 2004 to win a round of the series. This was back in Houston 2005 when he was with Ford Racing and it more recent time I feel like people have forgotten about his great achievements in this sport.

APEXi Formula Drift Lexus SC430 Might Return in 2012 [RUMORMILL]

The guys over at APEXi have been on the buzz lately about a possible return to Formula Drift. With the loss of Full Tilt Poker and Mazda (since the Rx-8 is going out of production) I wonder if it is possible they are teaming back up with the Bergenholtz Racing guys to campaign for next year? Just a thought I am throwing out in the universe but I imagine the V8 will stay in it’s place for the future.

Ross Petty Calls Foul with Formula Drift Judging

The new Formula Drift Insider Episode 6 highlights Ross Petty complaining about judges being in an “alliance” along with the announcer. Apparently he didn’t check out our report we made earlier this year on bullshit judging conspiracies in Formula Drift. You can start listening to Ross Petty around the 4:30 mark where he vents about his Formula Drift complaints. Is it possible other drivers feel the same way on this issue?

Watch the video:

Titan Motorsport Rumors Back Strong for 2012 Formula Drift Campaign [RUMORMILL]

Funny story is that last year on September 13, 1010 I made a post called “Titan Motorsport Has Eye on Formula Drift for 2011 [RUMORMILL]” and nothing really came to pass. Just 72 hours before the anniversary of that post the rumors are back again and strong! So either Titan Motorsports just loves getting rumormill posts made about them on our website or they are working hard to get a team together with some former NHRA cars we are told (see above for what kind of Toyota we think it will be). More information is coming around the rumormill this year that they might even be hunting for some young drivers to pilot these Toyota Supra beasts next season.

Daigo Saito Hanging Out with Team Owner Gary Gardella

Former D1GP champion Daigo Saito was seen all around LVMS this past weekend. In fact, he was even spotting for Robbie Nishida who performed amazing this weekend in his Silvia. This photo with team owner Gary Gardella gives us hope that he can provide a ride for the D1GP champion a ride in 2012. He has been rumored and rumored to come stateside time and time again. We do know he has some spare chassis sitting around the shop back home in New Jersey so maybe he could field a ride for both of these guys in 2012?


Tyler McQuarrie Was Screwed Out of A Championship Chance – By the Numbers

I was working on championship opportunities today of who can win and how it would all happen for a post later in the week and found some shocking information about the opportunity Tyler McQuarrie had wide open to him and was stripped away by his own team.

Let’s go over the assumptions I made to get to this conclusion: 
1. Justin Pawlak scores a 0 from his Ford Mustang not working. (You could assume he got a few points from driving the S15 but judging by how Tyler looked in it the car was far from competition ready.)
2. Tyler McQuarrie did amazing here last year and scored 104 points in the process. I used his performance data from last year and plugged that into his score for this event (subtracting the poor performance points in the S15.)
3. Everyone else for Round 6 I gave the performance they put on (everyone ahead of Tyler McQuarrie except Darren McNamara did pretty bad).

2011 Formula D Championship Standings*
1. Daijiro Yoshihara – 470 points
2. Darren McNamara – 435.50 points
3. Chris Forsberg – 429 points
4. Tyler McQuarrie – 420.50 points
5. Matt Powers – 418.50 points
6. Justin Pawlak – 399.75

Of course this is complete speculation and this is more of an ideal world for Tyler McQuarrie scenario I have painted out here on display but nobody has a way of disputing this claim anymore. Quite a few of the top tandem drivers he would of faced were eliminated early at the event making it even more of a feasible action I feel like. 50 points is a realistic hurdle to tackle for a championship win as well and shouldn’t be discredited. Tyler McQuarrie has performed very well at Irwindale Speedway before and anything can happen with the two drivers above him.

Achilles Tires Is Now a Formula Drift Tire Supplier [RUMORMILL]

Two pretty good sources have confirmed with us this evening that paperwork has begun the process to put Achilles Tires as a new tire supplier in the sport of Formula Drift. They are already currently the title sponsor of Formula Drift Asia and sponsor the American newcomer Adwitya Amandio “Dio.” So the rumor about him running Hankook Tires was a backup assuming Achilles didn’t make the deal to be a supplier in time and we are now told it is near complete. This means that Dio will be running his home tire Achilles for Las Vegas Motor Speedway Round 6. Will other people make a step into this new tire in the sport?

Adwitya Amandio “Dio” Going to Hankook Tires for Formula Drift 2011 [RUMORMILL]

While we have heard back in Asia that Dio runs Achilles Tires (the title sponsor of FD Asia) he is rumored to be running Hankook Tires here in the United States. The brand Achilles is available here in the United States (we confirmed this) and we have been told that some possible negotiations have been going on between them and Formula D to become an official tire supplier of the series. We don’t have much more information on that but it would be interesting if they would pick up some other drivers once coming on board with the Formula Drift program. Time will tell next week if these rumors are true but that is the last thing we have heard to date about the team/driver/car.

Do Black Wheels Give You A Competitive Advantage in Drifting?

One of the biggest talking points I have heard mentioned since the beginning of the season is dark wheels give you a competitive advantage in the sport. The idea is that with black (or extremely dark wheels) the judges cannot actually tell how much angle you are dialing in around the course.

Something that I never got was all the people crying “foul” neglect to realize most of the top teams are not running this setup on the car. Looking down the top 10 in the championship race here is how the wheels they are running:

1. Daijiro Yoshihara (silver)
2. Justin Pawlak (white)
3. Chris Forsberg (white)
4. Darren McNamara (white)
5. Matt Powers (yellow/pink)
6. Tyler McQuarrie (white)
7. Ryan Tuerck (red)
8. Conrad Grunewald (black)
9. Vaughn Gittin Jr. (green)
10. Kyle Mohan (black)

After you look over this list you have to wonder if it really is that big of an advantage or are these top tier drivers just skilled enough they don’t need to exercise the advantage against the other teams? One thing I noticed was the performance put on by Fredric Aasbo. Before the Seattle weekend (when on white wheels) he barely made it out of Top 16 with one Top 8 performance for the year.

Then we come to Evergreen Speedway where Fredric Aasbo had black wheels and drive his way to a third place finish. While I have no doubt in Fredric’s raw talent and ability behind the wheel… it does make you wonder why more teams are not running these wheels for a small advantage? In fact, the local grassroots organization in the New Jersey area (Clubloose) has banned black wheels for sometime in the rule book.

Just some food for thought on a Tuesday afternoon but many people have brought this up as a way to get away with “not producing angle.” Should more teams pick up this motto or should we move towards eliminating dark wheels from the sport all together? In my personal opinion Fredric Aasbo’s car looks way better with the black wheels on his Team Need for Speed ride so I say nice work! How do you feel about this?

Tyler McQuarrie Vs. Fredric Aasbo – Was the Right Call Made?

These two guys put on a clinic last weekend at Formula Drift and brought their respective tandem battle to a 2 xOMT at Evergreen Speedway. Per the Formula Drift rulebook the OMT call by the judges is only allowed to be used twice and then a winner must be declared. I really think Tyler had the win after the first OMT battle but the judges didn’t agree.

Here is a summary of the commentary from the three judges after the first two tandem battles:
Tony Angelo – OMT
Andy Yen – OMT
Ryan L. – OMT

All three judges went OMT for both the first battle and the second battle which threw them into a third tandem run. No commentary was given to the fans after the first OMT call but after the second OMT we got some audio from Tony Angelo and Ryan L:

“To hard to call.” – Tony Angelo
“Tyler’s lead run he hit the wall and straightened out a bit and when Aasbo made a mistake as well he put a wheel off. So they both made a mistake and I really couldn’t pick a winner out of the two.” – Ryan L.

After this second OMT all three judges picked Fredric Aasbo to take home the win. In case you haven’t seen the runs we compiled them below if you follow the bump. Tell us what you think!

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