Ryuji Miki to test drive the APEX’I Lexus SC430 in Texas soon [RUMORMILL]


When the Apex’i Lexus SC430 was first rumored to be built after the 2009 season, it was with Ryuji Miki behind the wheel. The car debuted in New Jersey the following season and Miki piloted the car to a top-8 finish in Sonoma, but did not return in 2011. After the car sat for a season, Patrick Mordaunt brought the car back out and has been driving the car ever since.

We just got word from a very good source that Ryuji Miki will be returning to the US to test drive the same SC430 he drove back in 2010 sometime in the next two weeks in Texas. We haven’t confirmed whether the test will be at Texas Motor Speedway or another location. There’s a possibility that Miki could be shaking down the course for Formula D officials to determine the layout ahead of the FD event, or it could just be a shakedown of the car in preparation for Mordaunt. An even more exciting possible outcome is that Miki could be testing in anticipation of a return, possibly in the same SC430 or a clone of the car as a two-car team for 2014.

Whatever the result, we know that this test is not expected to change the driver of the seat for the final two events of the 2013 season.

Walker Wilkerson’s new 2013 livery – Falken is out, Achilles is in [SNAPSHOT]

For 2013, Walker Wilkerson is starting a whole new chapter in more ways than one. After his S13 was stolen on Christmas Eve and recovered in a striped state, he built this twin-turbo LS7 S14 chassis with Fueled Performance in Arizona.  Today, Walker revealed his new wrap for 2013 that is “more corporate” to Walker’s admittance, and has a huge change on the rear 1/4. Falken Tire has been a huge supporter of Walker over the past two seasons, but it appears that Wilkerson will be joining the growing ranks on Achilles tire. Is it sheer coincidence that Falken won championships in 2010 and 2011, while Achilles won in 2012, meaning that Walker will be on the grid at Long Beach sitting on the championship-winning tire from the year before? or does this reflect a larger changing of the guard as the most competitive tire isn’t the same that it was just a few years back?

Matt Powers Partnering with Fatlace for the 2013 [RUMORMILL]

According to some teasers on Instagram it looks like a potential partnership is in the works between Matt Powers and the Fatlace/Illest brand. They both posted some teasers of each other talking about how things are coming as a preview. Another word is that EA/Need for Speed has left Matt Powers program in 2013 so he clearly would be interested in bringing in a new partner.


Dean Kearney Headed Back to America with a Dodge Viper [RUMORMILL]

A rumor has been circling about the return of an Irishman to the 2013 Formula Drift circuit. The talk has been revolving around Dean Kearney and in the wee hours of the morning in America he posted up a photo of his Dodge Viper going back under the knife. Dean at one time drove this Dodge Viper with a V-LEDS partnership but no word on who his 2013 partners will be for the program. What do you think of Dean Kearney returning?


Is 2013 Formula Drift Round 6 Happening September 14th? [RUMORMILL]

Recently Tony Brakohiapa set Texas on fire with his drifting at an IRL race back in 2011 which you can see more photos of here. Well by checking out some Formula Drift partner sites both Global Time Attack and Fatlace Car Show have registration pages open and available for the Texas Motor Speedway event with a day labeled September 14th. If we had to take a guess this seems like far more than a coincidence. So go ahead and tentatively mark your calendars (in pencil for now) that September 14th might be the magic day Formula Drift returns to Texas since 2006.

Global Time Attack:
Fatlace Car Show:

Ryan Tuerck in a Scion FRS with Retaks and Air Force [RUMORMILL]

So this is complete speculation/guessing at this point but we have a good feeling that Ryan Tuerck will also be in a Scion FRS for the 2013 season. He is following after Otto Graven, Toshiki Yoshioka, and Tony Angelo who are all bringing BRZ/FRS to the track for new cars in 2013 but his comes with a big twist! The Scion FRS driven by Ryan Tuerck will be Chevrolet LS powered.

The second half of this rumor is that Retaks is being teamed up with Air Force to run Tuerck’s sponsorship for the 2013 season. A pretty large pickup for Ryan Tuerck who has lacked major corporate backing for 2012  while continuing to be a top performer. Ryan Tuerck wouldn’t confirm any of this so we could be all wrong but only time will tell!

No Bergenholtz Racing for Formula Drift 2013 [RUMORMILL]

We have some solid confirmations from several sources that the Bergenholtz Racing program will not continue into the 2013 season. The program as of now hasn’t been green lite with sponsors for the season and it seems like they will be gone at this point in time for 2013. Our sources tell us that Chelsea DeNofa will be making his team announcement this week! This is chalking up to be one crazy off-season out of no where.

Tyler McQuarrie Headed to Hankook Tires for 2013 [RUMORMILL]

Tyler McQuarrie is rumored to be leaving Yokohama Tire after the 2012 season relationship he had. Tyler McQuarrie has a long standing relationship with Hankook Tires which is our prediction of where he will wind up for 2013. This is all just rumors/speculation at this point but a buzz has been generated around the paddock that Tyler is set to make this move. What do you think about Tyler McQuarrie making the move back to Hankook Tires?

Corey Hosford Second Driver for Chris Forsberg Racing in 2013 [RUMORMILL]

The KSport Nissan 350z driven by Corey Hosford will be managed, transported, and maintained by Chris Forsberg Racing for the 2013 season. Professional stunt driver Corey Hosford plans to gain a competitive edge in the new season by teaming up with the most successful Z driver and team owner in drifting history. This two team program should be pretty interesting with an orange 370z and orange 350z teamed up on the grid with each other who both will be running Hankook Tires to complete the new upcoming season. We here the car is on its way to MA Motorsports/CFR right now for some 2013 preparations. We hear more information will be coming out later this week!

A New Nissan 240sx Returning to Market [RUMORMILL]

The guys over at GTchannel and the buzz over in Japan is Nissan is working away at a new Silvia (240sx). The speculation is they want the car to compete with the Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ but Nissan will have quite a task pegging a good price point and not cannibalizing some 370z sales in my opinion. It seems a safe assumption is the car will be a 4-cylinder 1.6L turbo motor either from a Nissan Juke or perhaps the Mercedes C180 1.8L since these brands now have an engine partnership. What do you think of this initial rendering of the Nissan 240sx?