Tyler McQuarrie Headed to Hankook Tires for 2013 [RUMORMILL]

Tyler McQuarrie is rumored to be leaving Yokohama Tire after the 2012 season relationship he had. Tyler McQuarrie has a long standing relationship with Hankook Tires which is our prediction of where he will wind up for 2013. This is all just rumors/speculation at this point but a buzz has been generated around the paddock that Tyler is set to make this move. What do you think about Tyler McQuarrie making the move back to Hankook Tires?

Corey Hosford Second Driver for Chris Forsberg Racing in 2013 [RUMORMILL]

The KSport Nissan 350z driven by Corey Hosford will be managed, transported, and maintained by Chris Forsberg Racing for the 2013 season. Professional stunt driver Corey Hosford plans to gain a competitive edge in the new season by teaming up with the most successful Z driver and team owner in drifting history. This two team program should be pretty interesting with an orange 370z and orange 350z teamed up on the grid with each other who both will be running Hankook Tires to complete the new upcoming season. We here the car is on its way to MA Motorsports/CFR right now for some 2013 preparations. We hear more information will be coming out later this week!

A New Nissan 240sx Returning to Market [RUMORMILL]

The guys over at GTchannel and the buzz over in Japan is Nissan is working away at a new Silvia (240sx). The speculation is they want the car to compete with the Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ but Nissan will have quite a task pegging a good price point and not cannibalizing some 370z sales in my opinion. It seems a safe assumption is the car will be a 4-cylinder 1.6L turbo motor either from a Nissan Juke or perhaps the Mercedes C180 1.8L since these brands now have an engine partnership. What do you think of this initial rendering of the Nissan 240sx?




Vaughn Gittin Jr. Testing Nitto Tires [RUMORMILL]

The rumors around this Vaughn Gittin Jr. program come to us in the time span of about three day. The first big announcement came when the Falken Tire Motorsport PR lacked the name of Vaughn Gittin Jr. on the first day of the 2012 SEMA Show. Coming off the SEMA show we heard several rumors that a deal had been resigned with Falken Tire but now at best that seems to be up in the air.

Recently the guys at ASD and Vaughn Gittin Jr. have been testing Nitto Tires with his 2013 Ford Mustang. We did hear this from several reliable sources but it is unclear if a deal has been struck with Nitto and Vaughn Gittin Jr. yet. It sounds like the new program has quite a few things to work out but who knows what tire company we will see Vaughn on in 2013 at this point.

Will the Daigo Saito Championship Open the D1GP Flood Gates for 2013?

We all watched Round 7 of Formula Drift which turned the world on its head and allowed Daigo Saito to drive his way into a championship after Rhys Millen crashed out of competition (see above) and Vaughn Gittin Jr. took an early defeat to regin Daigo in the 2012 Formula Drift champion. Will this open the floodgates of D1GP drivers and other internationals looking to arrive in America to make a championship run and cash in on larger opportunities for sponsorship and endorsements? Some rumors have already been floating around at SEMA about some internationals petitioning for a license in 2013.

Justin Pawlak’s 2013 Formula Drift Team Managed by Former ASD Employees [RUMORMILL]

Justin Pawlak

While we lack quite a ton of details we heard over and over again at SEMA that two former ASD employees are settung up a shop to maintain, build, and run the 2013 Ford Mustang RTR program. It appears the guys at SPD Metal Works (who run the Dai Yoshihara and now Darren McNamara program) did not wind up with the third team to manage for 2013. Not 100% confirmation on what employees are coming together for the build but that should help put JTP in good hands for the new season. Can he take a great third run at a championship in 2013 after learning from his mistakes over the last two seasons? Only time will tell with his new old crew/team.

Falken Announces 2013 Formula Drift Team – No Vaughn Gittin Jr. Present

Falken’s motorsport PR released information about the 2013 campaign and mentioned a team of three drivers which didn’t include 2010 champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. at all. The list noted Justin Pawlak in a 2013 Ford Mustang, Darren McNamara in his V8 S14, and Dai Yoshihara developing a BRZ for 2014. We will work right away to find out what is going on with the Vaughn Gittin Jr. camp but sources have mentioned to me no plan is signed for 2013. We heard since being at the 2012 SEMA Show he has been in talks with other tire companies. Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Falken Tire seperating would and should leave me scratching heads as he truly is in my opinion the driving force behind the brand marketing wise.

2013 Formula Drift with Otto Graven Update- Scion FRS and 1000hp+

Just before Irwindale we made a 2013 Otto Graven returning post and quickly since then details about his program and links to his new team Facebook page have been sent to us through our contact form. The program from Otto Graven involves a Scion FRS and a partnership at some level with World Racing (Chris Rado) for 2013. The World Racing team is taking the knowledge they have of making big power with Toyota engines and plugging that into a Tundra 6.2L that has been rumored to be running wel over 1,000hp. The horsepower wars seem to be officially here thanks to our weight/tire rulebook in place. What does everyone think of this upcoming build?


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Chris Forsberg Planning for a Two Car Team for 2013 Formula Drift [RUMORMILL]

There was a buzz around the parts of the grid this weekend at Irwindale Speedway that Chris Forsberg Racing is looking to field a second car for the 2013 season. When I asked Chris about the rumor, he was very vague but from what I can gather, there has been no decision on who will drive the second car but that the team is in fact hoping to field a second 370Z that would be built identically to Chris’ competition 370z.  This sounds like this could be the best opportunity on the grid for a title sponsor or for some privateer driver looking to drive for a team in 2013.

Otto Graven Set for 2013 Formula Drift Return [RUMORMILL]

The South African Otto Graven is rumored to be planning a huge comeback to Formula Drift in 2013. Otto missed the complete 2012 season after his debut season in 2011 with this ALMS engine equipped Nissan 350z. The last we really talked about him was in December 2011 when we caught wind of his court case in South Africa about abandonment and some unpaid contracts here in the United States. Now the rumor is Formula Drift is heading to South Africa for an international demo in early 2013. We should have more news on Otto Graven as Long Beach gets closer but it sounds like he will have a whole new build for 2013 that isn’t a Nissan.