Two Cars Make Deubt at Formula Drift Round 3 – Wall Speedway

Ryuji Miki - Lexus SC430

Patrick Mordaunt - Nissan 350z

Normally the East Coat leg of Formula Drift rarely gets to see the debut of a new drift car due to it’s distance from Los Angeles, California. The way the series has been ordered with Atlanta then New Jersey it’s practically unthinkable you would see a car switch within the east coast leg of Formula Drift.

This year according to the GruppeS twitter account Ryuji Miki will be debuting the Lexus SC430 which we unveiled a few days ago on the blog. I also spoke to Patrick Mordaunt quickly last night who is in route to New Jersey with his Nissan 350z picture above. It will be interesting to see if he can maintain his Top 10 rank after switching chassis mid season. Wall Speedway will be in for a treat with the premiere of these two new Formula D cars.

Patrick Mordaunt with no 350z Yet [ROAD ATLANTA UPDATE]

Patrick’s Nissan 350z is still not with us in the Formula Drift series. He brought back his S14 for this weekend I just had confirmed by some people at the track. This is most likely a good thing for everyone who has him on their Fantasy Drift team. He always seems to do well in that car so keep an eye out for him over the weekend.

Forrest Wang Set to Run Drift Emporium Orange G35 for Streets of Long Beach

Forrest Wang

We got word that Drift Emporium will be putting Forrest Wang in the Orange Infiniti G35 that use to be run by Ron Ewerth. He drove this car after Thanksgiving at a local event in Atlanta, Georgia taking home first place. His Lexus SC430 is not ready yet so this will be his car for round 1 Streets of Long Beach.

Charles Ng Driving Mazda Rx-7 with LS6 as a Privateer for 2010 Formula Drift

It looks like Charles Ng has made some last minute changes for his 2010 Formula Drift season. He took to his Facebook to announce he would be running Michael Essa’s old FC Mazda Rx-7 with a Chevrolet LS6 engine as privateer and no sponsors. Previously he was known to be driving for BMI Racing in a four rotor Mazda Rx-8 but it looks like things have changed. This could be an interesting campaign for 2010 Formula Drift especially since this car is dialed in for competition.

Ryan Tuerck is on Redbull Energy Drink for 2010 [SPYSHOTS/RUMORMILL]

Ryan Tuerck on Redbull Energy Drink

Ryan Tuerck on Redbull Energy Drink

We just found the gold mine on Facebook today. We found Ryan Tuerck at the new Redbull Stadium with his own custom Redbull jersey and hat. After doing some digging we are pretty sure Ryan Tuerck is on Redbull for the new 2010 Formula Drift season. This comes as great news and we are glad to see Redbull Energy Drink with some proper involvement in drifting. More details on this soon since Long Beach is right around the corner.

Matt Powers is Second EA Game Driver for 2010

The second driver running Formula Drift under EA Games this season we are told will be Matt Powers. Like we said earlier they are a publicly traded entity on the NASDAQ: ERTS which own the Need for Speed game series and the website Speedhunters. Last month we also reported he picked up tire sponsorship with Nitto Tires. Looks like a great season is ahead for this privateer.

Mad Mike Coming to Formula Drift 2010 – EA Games and Falken Tire are Sponsors

Mad Mike

Well this week just seems to be packed with bombshells and finally we have uncovered the myth about “Mad Mike” Whiddett’s 2010 Formula Drift season. A great and reliable source close to us informed me that Mad Mike will carry two major sponsors that he was aware of into the 2010 Formula D season.

Electronic Arts which is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ: ERTS and has really suffered over the past year compared to the last decade. Enough about financial talk as you are more familiar with them in our industry due to the Need for Speed racing series and the website Speedhunters.

His tire sponsor is going to be Falken Tire  for the new season. It was pretty safe to assume that Goodyear Tire was not coming on board with his program so we are glad to see he has tire support.

We will be announcing another driver sponsored by Electronic Arts tomorrow.

James Deane Brings S15 to Tech Day – Calvin Wan’s Old Falken Ride [RUMORMILL]

James Deane

Calvin Wan’s Nissan S15 had quite a season filled with crashes and controversial runs in 2009. Looking to wipe the slate clean for 2010 Falken has apparently hired Irishman James Deane to fill the shoes of Mr. Wan in the car. Calvin was relieved of duties sometime late last year and we didn’t think much was going to come of the car but recent rumors and hints from some people have told us this is going to happen.

The car will be at tech day and our source for this information wouldn’t tell us what was changing about the car but confirmed this S15 pictured above will be at Tech Day Saturday, just not sure in what paint scheme or sponsors. We are almost 100% sure the car is running under the Falken Tire banner.

Kyle Mohan and Spider Energy Drink? [RUMORMILL]

Check out what we found on the Spider Energy Drink website. Someone sent this in to us and the main page hosts an image of Kyle Mohan’s Mazda Rx-8. Sounds like a new potential sponsor might be in the mix for Kyle Mohan Racing in the 2010 season. He already has a new tire company Nexen that was announced a few weeks back which really gives KMR a fresh face and start for a new season. If he brings that aggression we saw at Irwindale Speedway he probably has a great chance at making something happen.


Andrew Comrie Picard to Drift Dodge Viper for 2010 Formula Drift

Some other interesting stuff we found poking around the Dodge Motorsports website is  a driver profile for Andrew Comrie Picard. The details inform us that he will be drifting a Doge Viper for the 2010 season. It looks like Dodge is back and better than ever with a two car team. From the sound of it he will be in “select” drifting events so that might imply he won’t be around for the whole season which seems kind of a dumb move especially when he could be going for Rookie of the Year. Andrew is noted from X-Games 14 for flipping over his Mitsubishi Evo IV pictured above.