Federico Sceriffo Set to Debut Ferrari 599 in Formula Drift






Rumor on the street is Italian Federico Sceriffo is headed to Formula Drift this season with this yellow Ferrari 599 in tow. A possible Orlando Speed World or Road Atlanta debut is just around the corner for this professional drifter. Here are some videos of him in action in case you have never seen him drift before.

More info on him and car:

Is Kyle Mohan Retiring the Mazda RX-8? [RUMORMILL]


Another rumor that is spicing up the 2016 Formula Drift season is that Kyle Mohan is hanging up and retiring the Mazda RX-8! If this is true, his loyalty to Mazda limits what cars I can imagine he will step into for the new Formula Drift season. Kyle has spent his whole Formula Drift career in a Mazda RX platform vehicle but the Mazda factory stopped producing the RX line in 2012 so it is a bit of an older model in the eyes of Mazda. My prediction is that Kyle Mohan will debut a new Mazda MX-5 Miata for the 2016 Formula Drift campaign. Hopefully this is true, but it is possible he is leaving the Mazda brand for something completely new. I will always remember his Mazda RX-8 for the insane 2014 accident in his battle with Robbie Nishida (seen below). What do you think of the possibility of Kyle Mohan in a new MX-5? Do you like it or would you rather see him stay in the RX-8 platform?

Jhonnattan Castro Shows off Toyota FR-S for 2016 Formula Drift Season


Earlier this year we broke the story that Jhonnattan Castro was no longer going to be a driver for Chris Forsberg Racing.I always felt like the Dominican Republic driver would have something up his sleeve for 2016 and here it is! Jhonnattan took to social media to post a Toyota FR-S clearly in progress just 43 days before Long Beach. The car does have a long way to go but we have even more juicy rumors to share about this project! From what we hear, Jhonnattan Castro will be on Nexen Tire for the 2016 season. The engine will be a 2JZ turbo setup to help push the car along the 2016 season and keep the car eligible for manufacturers championship. The rumor that got me the most was that the car/team/crew chief was falling under the likes of 2015 champion Stephan Papadakis. WOW, if all that is true it will be interesting to see how Castro performs in this upcoming season.

Yokohama Tire Set to Leave Formula Drift Again


Various people are confirming with us that the rumor of Yokohama Tire not returning to Formula Drift in 2016 are true. The brand always seems to be one foot in and one foot out even when they are active in the series. The big performing sponsorship of 2015 they had was Yokoi who came over from Japan and really brought some Japanese style into his drifting. After a slow start in Long Beach he found his own and put on some great battles including Road Atlanta versus Odi Bakchis. No word on if Yokoi will continue with a new sponsor or what the plan for other Yokohama drivers are in 2016 just yet.

Michael Essa Goes Back to E46 BMW for 2016 Formula Drift


Just two years after winning a championship we watched Michael Essa debut a Chevrolet Camaro and finish the season in 27th. The Camaro project didn’t quite go as planned for him with its debut. Good news for Michael Essa fans is that he is back in the E46 BMW M3 for the 2016 Formula Drift season. The brand Loud Mouth Exhaust has brought him back into his BMW for the upcoming drift season. Where do you think he will finish in 2016?

Formula Drift Goes to 8 Round Championship for 2016? [RUMORMILL]


A rumormill/whisper we are hearing around Formula Drift circles is that the professional series is going to eight rounds for 2016. This might give you a good reason to attend the 2015 Formula Drift press conference at the 2015 SEMA Show. An expansion of the series will result in teams needing bigger budget to make it through the 2016 season. Moving to an eight event format will drastically change the championship format and importance of gaining maximum points at each round for a championship. Once the SEMA announcement goes public and this rumormill is confirmed we will work out some details on how this can change the series dynamic. Where do you think Round 8 could be next season?

Nikolett Szanto Set for Formula Drift Texas Debut


So finally after 5 rounds of no drifting we are set to see the debut of Nikolett Szanto in Formula Drift. The European has been doing intense testing at Willow Springs recently to shake down and get use to her new ride (above). The car might not look familiar to you, but it is the Retaks S13 with an exterior refresh. The car has been in Formula Drift for 10 years and has been driven by a star studded cast of characters including Geoff Stoneback, Pat Mordaunt, Ryan Tuerck, Bill Sherman, etc… and has podium credentials. The Texas track is a new layout so this might help Nikolett not be far behind the driving curve with everyone learning a new course?

Charles Ng Borrows Team Orange Evo X for Formula Drift Japan


When you see this Team Orange Evo X this weekend at Formula Drift Japan you should know that it is loaned out to Charles Ng from Team Orange. Charles has been performing decent since his Formula Drift return. He is one of the few Formula Drift drivers attempting to win the World Championship.

Tanner Foust’s Volkswagen Passat Will Be American Under the Hood


Tanner Foust’s Volkswagen Passat drift project has many secrets and mysteries behind it. Other than a quick announcement and YouTube video we haven’t heard much word from anyone about the build or detailed information with all of his sponsors. Well, we got a leak from a very trusted source of ours that this Volkswagen will be powered by a Chevy Performance V8 engine for 2015. It is possible the motor will also come with a turbo setup on it!

This tends to give me way more faith in the performance of Tanner Foust in 2015. I felt like developing and building a VW engine program with little to no previous information in the market it seemed like a very tough challenge. A drop in Chevrolet V8 crate engine (photo is just for reference, not sure what he is running) is a well known and strong entity within the drifting community.

Joon Maeng Set with 2JZ Powered BMW Z4 for 2015 Formula Drift Season


I finally caught up with Joon Maeng tonight and learned some cool facts about his new 2015 Formula Drift program. That street driven BMW Z4 you have seen him post photos of is still in tact as a daly driver/practice drift car. He has a new chassis that Design Craft is doing the fabrication on and Duttweiler Racing has taken the task of building an insane 2JZ engine for the official Formula Drift build. Lucas Oil, MAV TV, and Protect the Harvest are his three title sponsors for the 2015 season. His last surprise of the new season is he is moving to Achilles Radial.


Joon Maeng has even revamped his 240sx for the new 2015 season which will be used for demos, charity events, LS Fest, and perhaps some drag racing. You probably know we are huge fans and drifting sponsors of LS Fest which happens every September in Kentucky. The car has kept its huge V8 power plant and got a bump in horsepower up to 1125! It sounds like Joon has a new and strong 2015 season planned with two purpose built drift cars.