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Otto Graven lands Hasbro Transformers as a co-title sponsor with Rogue Status [BREAKING NEWS]



In a huge deal, Otto Graven has announced a co-title sponsorship of his “Ultimate 86” as being split between longtime Scion partner Rogue Status and Hasbro’s “Transformers” brand. This is a great new brand coming to Formula D, one that I’m sure many fans have grown up admiring. Rogue Status is upping their sponsorship from a partner level to a co-title sponsorship as well. For a driver who wasn’t in the series last season, this is a HUGE announcement coming through in a season where many drivers are struggling to find sponsorship dollars. Will this help Otto earn his first FD Podium in 2013?

Rogue Status Brings You Formula Drift Road Atlanta [VIDEO]

Rogue Status Visits Road Atlanta

The boys at Rogue Status are back in 2011 making new videos from the 2011 Formula Drift season. They follow around the Scion Racing drivers Fredric Aasbo and Ken Gushi as they took on the second round of the series. They bring a great flair to drifting videos and they are always filled with burnouts.

Watch the video:

Drifting the 2JZ Powered Rogue Status Scion XB [VIDEO]

Patrick Mordaunt Drifts the Rogue Status 2JZ Scion XB

Earlier this year we showed you the RWD Scion XB from Papadakis Racing and Rougue Status. Now they’ve taken it out to the track and handed Patrick Mordaunt the keys to this drift machine to slide around the Horse Thief Mile and destroy some tires. Now the 2JZ powered rear wheel drive Scion gets flogged around the track by Patrick Morduant. Joey spoke with Pat at Spocom today about driving the car and said it was  a blast but was missing some sway bars which would make it fantastic.

Watch the video:

Rogue Status Giveaway [FUN FRIDAY]

Well we are a little late for Fun Friday this week so we are going to extend the entries over the whole weekend. We have to give away our huge lot of Rogue Status t-shirts and hoodies sitting around the office. We have dozens of items for the giveaway. The contest will be open until 2:59AM EST/11:59PM PST tomorrow when we will select a limited numbers of winners from the pool of people who complete the task.

The task/goal you must complete is place two links of Ken Gushi’s Scion Racing tC drifting from our gallery into the comments of your store order. Two image links is the minimum but adding more links will help your chance of victory!

Limit ONE entry per person. The winners will be notified after it’s closed by e-mailed pending their task was accomplished.

Go Here in the store to complete your task and win:

Rogue Status Rides with Tanner Foust [VIDEO]

Rogue Status Rides with Tanner Foust

At the Scion Test Day Jasper Watts from Rogue Status hopped in Tanner Foust’s Scion tC and the fun really began. Tanner Foust walks everyone on video through properly starting his V8 Scion and how to get his Hankook Tires ready for battle. I was shocked at how well he held on to the camera while doing a burnout, very impressive! Then they go for a lap around Irwindale to finish off this clip.

Watch the video:

Targa Trophy Rally Triple Crown Round 3 – Los Angeles, CA

Scion Racing tC

Joey Redmond

Another weekend and another great experience for the Wrecked Magazine staff on the road. After getting a call earlier in the month we planned to attend the Targa Trophy Rally. A former Gumballer Steve had hyped me up on the rally so we had to go. The Rogue Status guys had around 7 cars on the rally including Ken Gushi’s show car Scion tC Formula Drift machine. We loaded up a ton of content to our sister website Luxuryvice so you can check out all the photos taken by Ricky Cervantes.

Check out the gallery:

Rogue Status Makes a Movie About Formula D Seattle [VIDEO]

Rogue Status Invades Formula Drift Seattle

Well it’s not exactly a movie but it is a 10 minute video highlighting the adventures of Formula Drift Seattle from the Rogue Status crew. They take a rental Navigator off roading around traffic at an exit ramp, film a Hyundai Genesis doing a HUGE burnout, and then your typical track hi-jinks with the team. You don’t wanna mess these disaster and their production from Formula D Round 5.

Watch the video:

Gumball Rally Day 2: Las Vegas to Sedona, AZ [GALLERY]

Day 2 really was some fun on the 2009 Gumball Rally. After leaving Las Vegas we grabbed a quick lunch at the Hoover Damn before free falling down to Sedona, Arizona. The whole Rogue Status crew is still on the rally and making the mood for everyone much more enjoyable this week. Check them out and all the supercars on the trip over at LuxuryVice.

Check out the gallery:

Gumball Rally Day 1 – Santa Monica to Las Vegas [GALLERY]

The Gumball 3000 went off with a bang as we rolled out of Santa Monica Pier yesterday and wound up eventually in Las Vegas, Nevada. Above you can see Buttsy from Pro Drift fame invading the D1GP event in his four door Skyline with mishagoss until he blew his two rear tires. The swine flu contamination team even came out to hose him down. The show car version of the RSR Scion tC made it out to Vegas as well piloted by Jasper at Rogue Status. Stay tuned for more coverage during the 2009 Gumball Rally.

Check out the gallery:

Gumball 3000 Car Profile: S13 Silvia Driven by Rogue Status Yo

Gumball 3000 Car Profile: Rogue Status Silvia S13

Yo from Rogue Status walked us around his Silvia S13 while it was getting wrapped today at the Sheraton in Santa Monica, California. The car is an amazing rarity on the Gumball and he is fired up to tackle the event in his Nissan. The other Rogue Status x Gumball car is the show car clone of Ken Gushi’s Formula D Scion tC which we will highlight to you later.

Watch the video: