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Brian Casse takes on Formula Drift Irwindale [VIDEO]

One of the first montage videos from Irwindale Speedway has been released by Brian Casse today showing a ton of the excitement from the seventh round of the 2012 Formula Drift series. The video shows a ton of Dai Yoshihara footage along with two minutes of the grid, tandem battles, and finishing off with some great Top 16 excitement and action. The Rhys Millen crash is caught at the end of the video which declared Daigo Saito the 2012 Formula Drift champion.

2012 Formula Drift Comeback of the Year – Rhys Millen

This award took who had the worst qualifying performance in a weekend and then finished the best at an event. Not only is it a great comeback but the driver would rack up a ton of underdog fantasy drift points. Rhys Millen qualified 28th at Evergreen Speedway and then drove his way to first place at the same event weekend.

2012 Formula Drift Round 7 – The Main Event [GALLERY]


One of the best drift events in history was put in the books this weekend as a huge turn of events put Daigo Saito in the books for a victory at Irwindale Speedway and a championship during his “rookie season.” The biggest story of the weekend was Matt Field who defeated Ken Gushi in the Greddy Scion FRS and took Daigo Saito to a judges call of OMT almost rewriting drift history in 2012. Justin Kaehler caught all the action as Vaughn Gittin Jr. missed a chance for his second championship and Rhys Millen crashed his way out of one against Daigo Saito.

Check out the Gallery: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=319

Daigo Saito Wins Formula Drift Irwindale 2012 [RESULTS]

In addition to taking home 1st in the championship, Daigo Saito takes home 1st place at Round 7 at Irwindale. The rest of the podium is below:

1st Daigo Saito
2nd Justin Pawlak
3rd Ryan Tuerck

Top 32 Tandem Battles for 2012 Formula Drift Irwindale [MATCHUPS]

Here are the Top 32 tandem battles for this weekend. In theory we have a huge potential lineup of Rhys Millen and Vaughn Gittin Jr. in the Top 8 which would end up being a battle for the championship realistically. If Vaughn goes out early we have a chance to see JTP, Fredric Aasbo, Daigo Saito, and Rhys Millen all in the final four fighting it out for a championship.

1 Rhys millen vs 32 Kenny Moen
16 Kyle Mohan vs 17 Dai Yoshihara
8 Chelsea DeNofa vs 25 Patrick Mordaunt
9 Vaughn Gittin Jr. vs 24 Nick D’alessio
4 Chris Forsberg vs 29 Conrad Grunewald
13 Daigo Saito vs 20 Taka Aono
5 Ken Gushi vs 28 Toshiki Yoshioka
12 Matt Field vs 21 Jeremy Lowe

2 Justin Pawlak vs 31 Walker Wilkerson
15 Alex Lee vs 18 Tony Angelo
7 Tyler Mcquarrie vs 26 Joon Maeng
10 Tony Brakiohapa vs 23 Michael Essa
3 Fredric Aasbo vs 30 Darren McNamara
14 Dave Briggs vs 19 Robbie ishida
6 Ryan Tuerck vs 27 Ryan Kado
11 Matt Powers vs 22 Luke Lonberger

What it takes to win: Top 32 edition

As we highlighted in our post last night, there are now 6 drivers left in the chase for the 2012 Formula D championship. FD stats guru Jacob Leveton did the math for us and gave us the details on the likely scenarios for the championship.

For Pawlak and Aasbo, their fate may be decided before their top 32 matchup today. JR will battle Nick D’Alessio in the 4th battle of the top 32, and a win would eliminate Aasbo and Pawlak from the chase. Dai’s battle with Mohan is the 2nd battle of top 32, so he will have a chance to move into the top 16 before JR runs, but he is also eliminated if JR moves into the top 16.

Assuming the top 3 drivers move into top 32, here will be their points totals as well as the points potential for top 16 and beyond:

1. Vaughn Gittin Jr. 529 Points
2. Daigo Saito 502.5 Points -26.5 points
3. Rhys Millen 494.25 Points -34.75 points


Potential points increases (from top 16):

Event Win +46 points
2nd Place +34 Points
3rd place +24 Points
4th place +15 Points
Top 8 +7 Points

All 3 drivers will (nearly) control their own destiny.

For JR, the task is simple: Finish ahead of Rhys and Daigo. Fortunately for him, he has full control over this option. Pending how the battles go, JR will have the opportunity to face Rhys Millen in the top 8 and Daigo in the top 4. Beating both drivers, or either driver losing before those respective rounds will affirm JR as the 2012 champion. A loss in the top 16 (or even worse, top 32) would leave JR to wait in the pits and see where the other championship contenders finish before he would be crowned the champion. This is the position that Dai was in last year, and would be absolutely crazy to see happen for a second straight year.

For Daigo, he needs Rhys to lose in top 16 or top 8 (vs potentially Millen), and then he will need to make the final round. If JR makes the top 4 (and meets Daigo), Daigo will need to beat JR and go on to win the entire event while JR would have to finish 4th. Daigo will potentially need to beat Taka in top 32, Forsberg or Grunewald in top 16, Gushi / Yoshioka / Field / Lowe in top 8, potentially Millen or JR in the top 4, and potentially JTP / Aasbo / Tuerck in the final round. Daigo has already affirmed his “Rookie of the Year” title, but a second event win or even a 4th podium in his rookie season could crown him FD US champion.

For Rhys, he must beat JR potentially in the top 8 AND place 1st overall. Even if JR loses in top 16, Rhys still must win in order to overtake JR’s point total. In doing so, Rhys could potentially face Dai in top 16, JR in top 8, Forsberg (2009 champion) or Daigo in top 4 (2012 rookie of the year), and JTP or Aasbo in the final. This would mean Rhys could potentially beat 4 of the 6 remaining championship contenders on his way to the event win and 2012 championship, a run that would be absolutely monumental if it were to happen. Then again, there are 26 other drivers who would love for the opportunity to spoil this run…

If JR loses in top 32, then Daigo would jump him with a top 16 finish and Rhys would jump him with a top 8 finish. In that scenario, JTP / Aasbo / Dai are back in contention, but would need an event win to have a chance. With a loss by JR before the Top 16 ceremonies, the championship will likely come down to the higher finisher between Rhys and Daigo.

Are you confused yet? So are we. That’s why we let Jacob Leveton do all the math. Be sure to tune in to him on the livestream later today!!

2012 Formula Drift Irwindale Speedway Practice and Qualifying [GALLERY]

Formula Drift Irwindale qualifying was quite crazy today with Odi Bakchis missing qualifying in his new chassis, Dennis Mertzanis totaling our Project V8240sx, and Zoltan destroyed his S14. A possum even ran out from under Patrick Mordaunt’s Lexus SC430 dash this weekend. With all that said Rhys Millen drove his way to one insane number one qualifying spot this weekend putting him in closer to a potential championship victory this weekend! Our coverage ended a little early yesterday once our project car bite the dust so apologies about that.

Check out the Gallery: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=318



2012 Formula Drift Irwindale Qualifying [RESULTS]

Rhys Mad Skills Millen Formula Drift Irwindale Top Qualifier

Rhys Millen takes the home the Top Qualifier position in the Final round of Formula Drift. The qualifying order is below.

1. R. Millen
2. J. Pawlak
3. F. Aasbo
4. C. Forsberg
5. K. Gushi
6. R. Tuerck
7. T. McQuarrie
8. C. DeNofa
9. V. Gittin
10. T. Brakohiapa
12. M. Field
11. M. Powers
13. D. Saito
14. D. Briggs
15. A. Lee
16. K. Mohan
17. D. Yoshihara
18. T. Angelo
19. R. Nishida
20. T. Aono
21. J. Lowe
22. L. Lonberger
23. M. Essa
24. N. D’Alessio
25. P. Mordaunt
26. J. Maeng
27. R. Kado
28. T. Yoshioka
29. C. Gruenwald
30. D. McNamara
31. W. Wilkerson
32. Kenny Moen

Formula D Insider episode 12: Rhys Millen talks about the Championship

This week’s Formula D Insider includes a chat with Rhys Millen, where he discusses his chances at winning the Formula D Championship. We recapped his chances of winning earlier this week, but his pick of who will raise the championship trophy at the end of the season may surprise you. There’s also a rookie profile on Danny George, who was interviewed from the most luxurious seat in the house.

What it takes to win: Rhys Millen

Sitting in 3rd place overall entering the final event just 44.75 points behind JR, Rhys Millen is close enough to still take the championship should the top drivers slip-up. Earning 188.25 points in the past two rounds with two consecutive podiums, Millen will be aiming to prove himself after the recent announcement that Hyundai will be leaving his program at the end of the season. Last time a driver was told his sponsor wouldn’t be returning for the following season prior to the final event, that driver went on to win.

Once again, Jacob Leveton supplied us with all calculations for this post.

Current standings:

1. Vaughn Gittin Jr. 473 Points
2. Daigo Saito 447.50 Points
3. Rhys Millen 428.25 Points
4. Justin Pawlak 403 Points
5. Dai Yoshihara 401.50 Points
6. Freddy Aasbo 395.50 Points
7. Ryan Tuerck 383.50 Points

As previously discussed, a top 32 finish gives JR a point total of 497, while a top 16 gives JR 527 points before qualifying points are added. A top 4 finish for Millen would guarantee him a point total above JR’s top-32 number (497.25 / 506.25 / 516.25 / 528.25 points for a 4th / 3rd / 2nd / 1st finish + qualifying points), with a 1st place finish being the lone result that can eclipse JR’s point total for a top 16 finish without qualifying points. Even with a win and a top 16 exit from Vaughn Gittin Jr, if JR can out-qualify Millen, he may still stay ahead in the championship chase.

In either scenario, Saito can still pass Millen with his results. A top 16 finish gives Saito 501.5 points + qualifying, and a podium finish gives him 525.5 points before qualifying. If JR loses in top 16 and both Millen and Saito are on the podium, several scenarios could have any of the 3 drivers winning the championship. Even if Millen and Saito face off in the finals, a high qualifying effort from Millen could give him a chance to win or lose the championship in the battle (second place would give Saito 535.5 points before qualifying, a top-3 qualifying effort from Millen would give him a potential of 536.25 / 538.25 / 540.25 points with the event win.) However, in the same scenario, if Millen qualifies 4th or lower, he will only have a potential to earn 534.25 points with the event win and he would be unable to overtake Saito.4

If JR qualifies number 1 and makes the top 16, Millen will be statistically eliminated. If JR qualifies number 2 and Millen qualifies anywhere but 1st, Millen will also be eliminated with a top 16 appearance by JR. Additionally, if JR qualifies with 2 or more qualifying points ahead of Millen, this situation would also guarantee a 2-horse race with a top 16 appearance from JR.

An even more complicated scenario involves a top 32 finish from JR (497 points) and a top 8 or 4th place finish from Millen (489.25 / 495.25 points) would come down to qualifying points. Qualifying higher than 12th for Millen gives him 2 or more points and moves him ahead of JR before tabulating JR’s qualifying points (and would tie them should JR qualify 25th or worse and Millen qualify 9th thru 12th).

For those wondering, a tiebreaker would go to wins (JR has the advantage) followed by overall qualifying points (also advantage to JR).

Summary: Millen Top 4  + top 32 exit from JR + equal or better qualifying points + Saito losing in top 16 or top 8 depending on qualifying…. or Millen podium + JR Top 16 + a whole lot of other variables not going for Saito or JR…. or Millen top 8 or 4th place + JR top 32 + qualifying points