Rhys Millen

World Cup Starting XI if Drifting was a Nation

Barney Ronay World Cup predictions

So this post is clearly a parody to have some fun with the World Cup in Brazil going on right now. I picked the closest 11 drifting related doppelgängers that are playing in the World Cup. I ended up being able to build a team in a 4-4-2 formation which happens to be my favorite of them all! Here is our doppleganger World Cup XI with some past and present stars of Formula Drift. The team starts from goalie and goes forward to our strikers:
Stephan Papadakis – Formula Drift Team Owner (Pepe Reina / Spain) Club Team: Napoli
Odi Bakchis – Formula Drift Driver as (Per Mertesacker / Germany) Club Team: Arsenal FC 
Dean Kearney – Formula Drift Driver as (Gary Cahill / England) Club Team: Chelsea FC 
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How The Drifters Finished up at the 2013 Pikes Peak Hillclimb

Pikes Peak came and went with the promises of insane weather and even faster driving. Sebastien Loeb has been the talk of the town with his warp speed 8:13.878. Well a former Formula Drift champion was behind him in second place and everyone that attended the event weekend seems convinced that the times will continue to get shaved down. In case you want to glance at the rides they brought out for the race to the clouds you can check out our spotters guide we made in this post. Here is how the drifters finished in order of fast to slow:

1. Rhys Millen – 9:02.192
2. Paul Dallenbach – 9:46.634
3. Rod Millen – 10:24.301
4. James Robinson – 11:45.518
5. Ken Gushi – 12:03.085
6. Toshiki Yoshioka – 12:13.753
7. Andrew Comrie-Picard – 12.39.891

Pikes Peak Guide to Spotting the Drifters

While the automotive world has descended on Colorado Springs, Colorado this weekend we are trying to not pass out back home at the office from this insane heat wave consuming California. Pikes Peak this year has quite the thumbprint of drifting DNA all around the mountain this weekend. While we aren’t attending we figured we could make a quick guide to spot everyone in the drift world flying up the mountain.

1. Rhys Millen – Insane Tube Chassis Hyundai
Here is Rhys Millen trying once again to set the fastest record up the hill. This car looks crazier than ever and he is running in the unlimited class to set an all time record to the top.

2. Paul Dallenbach – RMR Hyundai Genesis Coupe
While Paul is not a Formula Drift driver he is piloting the old Formula Drift chassis of Rhys Millen’s up to the summit of Pikes Peak tomorrow which has now been modified for some climb attack. A quick Google search will show you Paul is mostly famous for that insane start line crash into the trees at Pikes Peak more than anything else we could note. According to his website he was a stunt driver in Fast and the Furious 4 along with over 250 car commercials. He held the hill climb record in 1993 and is a six time winner of the mountain.

3. Ken Gushi – 14k Lexus CCS-R
Ken Gushi is piloting this Lexus ISF-CCSR up the mountain tomorrow. Lexus added 14,000 names of fans to the car in a special promotion to help Ken get up the hill. Ken unveiled this car last year and we did a mini feature on the Lexus CCS-R here on the blog.

4. Toshiki Yoshioka – Formula Drift Subaru BRZ
A tough Formula Drift season so far for Yoshioka who is privateering a program with a nice new Subaru BRZ. With the help of Tomei and some other sponsors he is running a Formula Drift / Pikes Peak program for 2013 with a very small crew.

5. Rod Millen – Electric Toyota
Rod Millen is taking to an electric race Toyota to run the mountain this weekend. His 1994 record stood for sometime as the record of fastest up the hill. Rod also holds the oldest Formula Drift driver to enter an event well into his late 50’s campaigning a Mazda Rx-8 (which was sold to Tony Angelo after his retirement).

6. Andrew Comrie-Picard – Scion Racing Scion XA
ACP didn’t have the best performance in Formula Drift history with his Dodge Viper. The 2010 season wasn’t super kind to him where he only managed to rack up 24.25 points across the whole year. ACP moved on to Rally America with this Scion Racing XA above and is now competing at Pikes Peak.

7. James Robinson – HDP Acura NSX
James Robinson competed for a while in drifting with a HDP Honda Element that was just awesome to watch drift around. The car was mostly seen in the NOPI Drift series and was colored bright orange. Now he is taking this Acura NSX with the help of Honda Performance Development.

Danny George Announces Plan to Run Pikes Peak in 2014

Danny George announced today that his team has the intentions of running Pikes Peak in 2014 to increase exposure for his sponsors and fans. The mountain just outside Colorado Springs reaches 14,115 feet at the summit and takes 156 turns to arrive at the top. The course requires less prep to run nowadays with a completely paved surface all the way to the top. Danny will be joining the likes of Toshiki Yoshioka, Ken Gushi, and former Formula Drift driver Rhys Millen who all did double duty between Pikes Peak and Formula Drift.

Throwback Thursday: All 9 podiums from Atlanta

Although Wrecked Magazine has only been around since 2007, we’ve dug into the archives to put together all 9 previous podiums from Atlanta. Dai Yoshihara and Chris Forsberg both have two wins at the track, but Darren McNamara and Ryan Tuerck both have two career podium finishes at the track. Who’s your pick to take home the win this weekend?

1st – Justin Pawlak – Falken Tire Ford Mustang
2nd – Freddy Aasbo – Need for Speed Scion tC2
3rd – Daigo Saito – Achilles Radial Lexus SC430

1st – Dai Yoshihara – Discount Tire Nissan S13
2nd – Darren McNamara – Falken Tire Saturn Sky
3rd – Toshiki Yoshioka – Retaks Nissan S13

1st – Dai Yoshihara – Discount Tire Nissan S13
2nd – Vaughn Gittin Jr – Monster Energy Falken Ford Mustang
3rd – Chris Forsberg – NOS Energy Maxxis Tire Nissan 350Z

1st – Chris Forsberg – NOS Energy Drink Maxxis Nissan 350z
2nd – Darren McNamara – Sears Saturn Sky
3rd – Ryan Tuerck – Gardella Racing Mobil 1 Pontiac Solstice

1st – Rhys Millen – Red Bull Pontiac Solstice
2nd – Michihiro Takatori – Superautobacs  Skyline R34
3rd – Ryan Tuerck – Gardella Racing Mobil 1 Pontiac Solstice

1st – Chris Forsberg – Maxxis Nissan 350Z
2nd – Darren McNamara – Falken Tire McnSport SR86
3rd – Tanner Foust – AEM Memphis Audio 3350Z

1st – Tanner Foust – AEM Nissan 350Z
2nd – Sam Hubinette – Mopar Dodge Viper
3rd – Dai Yoshihara – Rockstar Energy Drink S13

1st – Sam Hubinette – Mopar Dodge Viper
2nd – Dai Yoshihara – Pacific Rim S13
3rd – Rhys Millen – Pontiac GTO

1st – Sam Hubinette – Mopar Dodge Viper
2nd – Chris Forsberg – Motorex Nissan 350Z
3rd – Hiro Sumida – DriftDay Corolla AE86

Hankook Tires 2013 announcement – Millen is out, McQuarrie is in

Rhys Mad Skills Millen Formula Drift Irwindale Top Qualifier

We initially broke the news that Tyler McQuarrie may be running on Hankook tires for 2013, but Hankook Tire’s recent press release now confirms this news. In addition, Hankook announced that their 2013 driver lineup would include Fredric Aasbo, Ken Gushi, Conrad Grunewald, Chris Forsberg, and McQuarrie. Notably missing from their roster is the only driver who earned a Formula D win for Hankook in 2012, Rhys Millen. We have to think this has to be related to his breakup with Hyundai and possibly not running the 2013 season at all. If Millen leaves, he will join former champions Sam Hubinette and Tanner Foust on the sidelines.

What are your thoughts on Millen possibly leaving the series, or McQuarrie back on Hankook tires?

Formula Drift Partners with GoPro for the 2013 Season

The 2013 season brings in a huge new partner to the Formula Drift series with GoPro. We have a reason to believe they will be added to the Major Sponsors page of the FD website soon and appear with all the major sponsors on the front of the Long Beach flyer. We anticipate the GoPro craze to get even crazier with the official sponsorship.

A little flashback to Issue 16 of Wrecked Magazine when we had Patrick from GoPro tag along with us to film our Virtual vs. Reality piece with Vaughn Gittin Jr. at Willow Springs. We had a blast filming with the Shelby GT500 and you can watch how it all went down in this video: Virtual vs. Reality: Shelby GT500 with Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Rhys Millen Returns to the Peak with two Hyundai’s

After a few days of being pestered by various people to get this up on the website we have Rhys Millen and his 2013 Pikes Peak unlimited car. It looks like Garrett Turbo and AEM are going along for the ride this year up the hill with him along with a ton of other sponsors I couldn’t quite make out. According to Hyundai Newsroom they are bringing out this car to take on the Unlimited Class along with a Genesis coupe to defend the RWD record. The car above will be making some serious HP, “This powertrain is expected to produce over 900 h.p. and 800 ft. lbs. of torque, while still making significant use of production components including the block, cylinder heads, bearings and engine accessories.”

Shreeve Films Presents Formula Drift 2012 [VIDEO]

Justin Shreeve visited every event in 2012 so he could pack this season review highlight reel together from all seven events. From Long Beach all the way back to Irwindale he followed the crazy championship run of Daigo Saito which we didn’t see coming when we first started up. I love the music, love the fact you can hear engine sounds/tires burning, and he just nailed the filmography of the whole thing.

Watch the video: http://vimeo.com/56577831

Will the Daigo Saito Championship Open the D1GP Flood Gates for 2013?

We all watched Round 7 of Formula Drift which turned the world on its head and allowed Daigo Saito to drive his way into a championship after Rhys Millen crashed out of competition (see above) and Vaughn Gittin Jr. took an early defeat to regin Daigo in the 2012 Formula Drift champion. Will this open the floodgates of D1GP drivers and other internationals looking to arrive in America to make a championship run and cash in on larger opportunities for sponsorship and endorsements? Some rumors have already been floating around at SEMA about some internationals petitioning for a license in 2013.