British Drift Championship Round 2 – Knockhill [RESULTS]


The British Drift Championship Round 2 weekend took place with some great battles in all the various classes the series has setup. The most popular class Super Pro put on some great battles with the big name of drifting in Britain. Here is how the Super Pro Class finished up:

1st. Martin Battye
2nd. Stephen Biagioni
3rd. David Waterworth

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2014 Formula Drift Canada Qualifier [RESULTS]


The Formula Drift Canada qualifier finished up this weekend which selected local Canadian drivers to come run with the Formula Drift drivers attending the Canada event in September. The event happened in front of a sellout crowd in St. Eustache, Montreal. Here is how the results finished up:

1st. Tomy Boisvert-bellemare
2nd. Jonathan Guitard
3rd. Brad Carlton

2014 US Drift Round 1 at Hyperfest [RESULTS]


US Drift Round 1 just blasted off this weekend with a wild kick off at Hyperfest. The event dubbed the Automotive Amusement Park lived up to the fun as Dan Jenkins and I attended it over the weekend. Drifting over on the main course was super fast with some great tandem battles. Here is how the results came in:
1st – Troy Manners
2nd – James Evans
3rd – Jim Bissey

2014 Vegas Drift Pro Am Round 4 [RESULTS]


Vegas Drift Round 4 finished off this weekend with some great driving at LVMS! Justin Banner was there to report on all the events happening and send us a write up soon for Wrecked Magazine. He also fired us this podium list of how they finished up:


1st Brandon Patterson
2nd Travis Avery
3rd Kasey King

2014 Formula Drift Round 3 at Miami Homestead [RESULTS]


What an insane event at Miami Homestead today! Matt Field gave the tandem follow battle of the year but it wasn’t enough to get the win!  Chris Forsberg had oil pressure issues in the final which put him down on power and he couldn’t keep up with Vaughn. So here is how they finished, top three qualifiers are top three finishers:

1. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
2. Chris Forsberg
3. Kenneth Moen
4. Matt Field

2014 Formula Drift Round 3 at Miami Homestead Qualifying [RESULTS]


Chris Forsberg won top qualifying circumstances in such odd conditions due to tiebreakers. The reason he won top qualifier today was due to him being first in the championship. Dai Yoshihara never turned a wheel in qualifying due to mechanical issues just like Round 2 in Road Atlanta. The other big name who failed to make Top 32 was Daigo Saito who continues to struggle through the 2014 season. Here is how the Top 32 finished:

1. Chris Forsberg- 89
2. Vaughn Gittin Jr.- 89
3. Kenneth Moen- 86
4. Conrad Grunewald- 86
5. Forrest Wang- 85
6. Tyler McQuarrie- 85
7. Fredric Aasbo- 84
8. Justin Pawlak- 83
9. Ken Gushi- 81
10. Alec Hohnadell- 81
11. Chelsea DeNofa- 81
12. Odi Bakchis- 80
13. Matt Field- 80
14. Charles Ng- 79
15. Jhonnathan Castro- 77
16. Ryan Tuerck- 77
17. Dan Savage- 77
18. Mats Baribeau- 76
19. Dave Briggs- 76
20. Michael Essa- 76
21. Geoff Stoneback- 75
22. Pat Goodin- 74
23. Carl Ryquist- 74
24. Robbie Nishida- 74
25. Jeff Jones- 73
26. Matt Coffman- 72
27. Kyle Mohan- 71
28. Dennis Mertzanis- 71
29. Dean Kearney- 70
30. Darren McNamara- 69
31. Danny George- 69
32. Tony Angelo- 68

Top 32 Tandem Battles (Edit: Bold names won the top 32 matchup)
Chris Forsberg vs. Tony Angelo
Ryan Tuerck vs. Rapper Dan Savage
Justin Pawlak vs. Jeff Jones
Ken Gushi vs. Robbie Nishida
Conrad Grunewald vs. Dean Kearney
Matt Field vs. Michael Essa
Forrest Wang vs. Dennis Mertzanis
Odi Bakchis vs. Geoff Stoneback

Vaughn Gittin Jr. vs. Danny George
Jhonnathan Castro vs. Mats Baribeau
Fredric Aasbo vs. Matt Coffman
Alec Hohnadell vs. Carl Rydquist
Kenneth Moen vs. Darren McNamara
Charles Ng vs. Dave Briggs
Tyler McQuarrie vs. Kyle Mohan
Chelsea DeNofa vs. Pat Goodin

2014 Formula Drift Pro 2 Round 1 @ Miami [RESULTS]


Carl Ryquist locked in 3rd place once he made the final four due to his number 1 qualifying position. The first ever Pro 2 event was super fun as the drivers drifted into the sunset at Homestead. We really loved some of the battles and car attrition was limited down to two cars. Here is how they finished:

1. Geoff Stoneback
2. Nate Hamilton
3. Carl Ryquist
4. Jeremy Lowe

2014 Formula Drift Pro 2 from Miami Qualifying [RESULTS]


Formula Drift Pro 2 qualifying at the Homestead Miami track this Thursday was a blast! The track has some very tricky elements but some drivers really were up for the occasion than I had imagined. Many drivers who are close or at risk to losing their Formula Drift pro license did not attend which was shocking. Here is how the drivers qualified:

1st. Carl Rydquist – 75
2nd. Geoff Stoneback – 74
3rd. Rob Primozich – 68
4th. Nate Hamilton – 67
5th. Dan Savage – 64
6th. Brad Heyl – 63
7th. Matt Coffman – 63
8th. Will Parsons – 61
9th. Jeff Wolfson – 60
10th. Dave Briggs – 60
11th. James Evans – 46
12th. Doug Van Den Brink – 46
13th. Andy Hateley – 45
14th. Jeremey Lowe – 45
15th. Ron Ewerth – 38
16th. Tony Cisneros – 35

Tandem Battles
Carl Rydquist vs. Tony Cisneros
Geoff Stoneback vs. Ron Ewerth
Rob Primozich vs. Jeremy Lowe
Nate Hamilton vs. Andy Hateley
Dan Savage vs. Doug Van Den Brink
Brad Heyl vs. James Evans
Matt Coffman vs. Dave Brigs
Will Parsons vs. Jeff Wolfson

2014 Just Drift Round 2 at Horse Thief Mile [RESULTS]


Spike Chen has been on fire in Pro Am drifting during the 2014 season. He backed up his good form finishing up in first place at Just Drift Round 2. This weekends event took place at Horse Thief Mile on the Willow Springs course. We will have more coverage coming soon from Just Drift Round 2. This is how the event finished up:

1. Spike Chen
2. Donovan Brockway
3. Dan Burkett

2014 D1NZ Round 6 at Mt. Smart Stadium with Season Championship [RESULTS]


The D1NZ 2014 championship came to an end in Auckland at Mt. Smart. over the weekend. Mad Mike Whiddett was just edged out of another championship by Gaz Whiter! Our Issue 30 cover feature managed to finish up the podium in 3rd! Here is how the championship finished:

1. Gaz Whitier
2. Mad Mike Whiddett
3. Curt Whittaker


The final round came to an end under the lights at Mt. Smart! Daynom Templeman took home the victory in his Mazda RX-7! The series champion also landed on the podium for Mount Smart as well. Stay tuned as we have David Atkinson putting together some awesome D1NZ coverage from the weekend. Here is how the podium finished:

1. Daynom Templeman
2. Darren Kelly
3. Gaz Whitier