2014 Lone Star Drift Round 1 [RESULTS]


The first round of the Pro 2 licensing series, Lone Star Drift, took place at Gulf Greyhound Park in La Marque, TX. With some bad  weather during the day the event continued on regardless of water on the ground. Congratulations to the drivers who were able to take a spot on the podium:

1st Place – Josh McGuire
2nd Place – Mario Gomez
3rd Place – William Little


Photo: Jason Scott | Results: Stephen Bayles

2014 Vegas Drift Round 2 [Results]


The second round of the Vegas Drift Pro Am series took place in Phoenix at the Wild Horse Pass West Road Course today. Check out who took the top three spots on the podium -

1st Place – Brandon Patterson
2nd Place – Mauricio Ornales
3rd Place – Spike Chen

Photo Taken by: Jarod Deanda

2014 GoldenGate Drift Round 1 [RESULTS]

The first round of GoldenGate Drift took place at Stockton 99 Speedway in Northern California today. Updates given by Christina Gri. Take a look at the top three drivers who are off to a good start in this Formula D Pro 2 licensing series.

1st Place – Ty Milner
2nd Place – Matt Coffman
3rd Place – Cameron Moore

2014 D1NZ Round 4 at Taupo Motorsport Park [RESULTS]


D1NZ Round 4 is in the books at the Taupo Motorsport Park. We will have a gallery and event recap coming soon but for right now here are the results. Gaz Whiter took home a first place finish but Mad Mike keeps on top of the championship with a 55 point gap over Gaz. Here is how all the results for the Pro and Pro Am championship:

Pro Results:
1. Gaz Whiter
2. Curt Whittaker
3. Mike Whiddett
4. Cole Armstrong

Championship Points:
Mike Whiddett 385
Gaz Whiter 330.5
Curt Whittaker 292
Nico Reid 271.5
Andrew Redward 266.5
Daniel Woolhouse 254
Cole Armstrong 228
Darren Kelly 227

Pro Am Round results:
1. Vincent Langhorn
2. Adam Davies
3. Joel Hedges
4. Sam Smith

Championship Points:
Tom Marshall 305
Joel Hedges 299
Troy Jenkins 296
Joe Marshall 290

2014 Australian Drift GP Round 3 at Sydney Motorsport Park [RESULTS]

The results of the ADGP Round 3 are in and the final four was quite a wild one according to reports. Simon Michelmore and Rob Whyte made some serious contact in the final four battle and saw Rob Whyte advance to the finals since the judges deemed Simon was at fault for the incident. Some reports thought that for a minute the third place battle and first place battle weren’t going to happen at all but they all got cars back to the line to finish up the show! Credit to Ben Purtell who lent Simon a full front right suspension setup so he could run the 3rd place battle. In the end Simon still was defeated by Andy Gray in his red JZX100 and a big mistake from Rob Whyte in the final handed the win over to Levi Clarke. 


Here is How Round 3 Finished:
1st – Levi Clarke
2nd – Rob Whyte
3rd – Andy Gray
4th – Simon Michelmore

Championship Standings After Round 3:
1st – Rob Whyte (214)
2nd – Dale Campaign (207)
3rd – Nick Coulson (194)
4th – Michael Roseenblatt (193)
4th – Levi Clarke (193)
6th – Andreas Paraskevas (190)
7th – Michael Prosenik (185)
8th – Matt Harvey (182)
9th – Ben Purtell (166)
10th – Matt Russell (161)
11th – Simon Michelmore (159)
12th – Andy Gray (157)
13th – Jack Widdas (153)
14th – Josh Boettcher (149)
15th – James Abbott (145)

2014 ADGP Round 3 at Sydney Motorsports Park Qualifying [RESULTS]


ADGP Round 3 qualifying is almost finished (one driver has to make his second pass tomorrow due to track curfew time being violated) at Sydney Motorsports Park. Formula Drift star Matt Powers is a guest judge at the event for the weekend. Here is where the Top 16 finished up in qualifying for the big Round 3 event:

1. Andreas Paraskevas (69)
2. Levi Clarke (67.5)
3. Jack Widdas (67)
4. Michael Prosenik (66)
5. Anthony Cece (63)
6. Michael Roseblatt (63)
7. Matt Harvey (62)
8. Simon Michelmore (61.5)
9. Ben Purtell (61)
10. Andy Gray (57)
11. Josh Boettcher (56.5)
12. Rob Whyte (56)
13. Nick Coulson (55)
14. Harry Hopes (53)
15. Scott Schembri (50.5)
16. Justin Codr (50)

2014 Drift UAE Round 1 at Emirates Motorplex [RESULTS]


This was actually a reboot of the Drift UAE Round 1 since weather postponed it at the end of 2013. Yes, even the United Arab Emirates gets hit with some bad weather every now and again. This first round reboot took place at the Emirates Motorplex and saw an expat take home first place running for FA Racing. Here is how the podium landed:

1. Fredrik Aasland
2. Ahmed Alameri
3. Refat Al Yehyai
4. Mohammed Alasmi

2014 D1NZ Round 3 Recap at ASB Baypark Mount Maunganui


It’s summertime down here in New Zealand – which means sweltering temperatures, clear blue skies and on this particular weekend, a whole lot of tires going up in smoke for round three of the Cody’s D1NZ National Drifting Championship held at Baypark, Tauranga.


Big concrete walls littered the edges of this custom made circuit, with clipping points dotted around the edges to encourage wall rubbing. Panels would end up broken, lights smashed – but the drivers didn’t care. They love the tight and technical circuits like this and with the crowd surrounding the track, it made for a good show!


The action really kicked off in qualifying with Mad Mike Whiddett laying down the equal highest score ever recorded in D1NZ – a 95 point run taking out first place. I’m sure you’re familiar with the naturally aspirated quad-rotor 26B engine buzzing at the heart of this car. It truly is a sight and sound to behold out on track.


Mike’s 95 point score was actually matched by Andrew Redward in the Achilles Radial RX7. Known as the ‘king of angle’ , he skillfully hit all the outer clipping points in the LS2 powered FC and went into battle claiming the second qualifying spot after his second run was judged slightly lower than Mikes.


Taking third spot in qualifying was Nico Reid in his RB powered Luxury Sports S15. Despite being fairly new to D1NZ, Nico certainly has a lot of skill behind the wheel and always excels on these smaller tracks. He went on to beat Fanga Dan Woolhouse to claim third place overall in the round.


One of the best battles of the weekend was between ex-champion Curt Whittaker and Bruce Tannock. Most would predict Tannock to hold back and protect the expensive Rocket Bunny kit from damage but he proved everyone wrong by delivering his best driving to date. An excellent chase run was enough to take down Whittaker and move through to the top eight.


A regular competitor in the Australian ADGP series, Michael Prosenik shipped his LS1 powered S13 here for round three to beat as many Kiwis as he could! The combination of a big V8 and Driftworks components proved to be very successful – taking out Brad Smith and Joe Kukutai before going out against Redward in the top eight.


The final battle came down to top qualifiers Mad Mike Whiddett and Andrew Redward. With both drivers displaying excellent speed and angle, the battle would no doubt go on until a mistake was made and that is exactly what happened. A mis-shifted gear from Whiddett allowed Redward to gain a big lead over the RX7 and walk away with the round title.


Tauranga played host to a superb weekend of drifting with the top qualifiers also dominating the podium. Andrew Redward first, Mad Mike Whiddett second and Nico Reid third. With another podium in the bag Whiddett has gained a big lead in the championship points and will be very difficult to beat in the coming rounds. With another three rounds left the title race isn’t over just yet and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds!

-Thanks to guest poster David Atkinson

2014 D1NZ Round 3 at ASB Baypark Mount Maunganui [RESULTS]


D1NZ Round 3 has wrapped up from Baypark with great results from Round 3. Our photographer on site will have some great coverage coming to us later on in the week. Mad Mike Whiddett made it all the way to the finals but couldn’t quite defeat Andrew Redward to take home a victory at this round. Here is how everything finished up through the big weekend in New Zealand:

1. ‘Mad Mike’ Whiddett (Red Bull/Speedhunters Mazda RX7) 95
2. Andrew Redward (Achilles Tyre Mazda RX7 V8) 95
3. Nico Reid (Luxury Sports Nissan S15) 94
4. Daniel ‘Fanga Dan’ Woolhouse (Castrol Edge Holden Commodore V8) 92.5
5. Matt Lauder (The Bling Company Nissan 180SX) 92
5. Curt Whittaker (Autosure Warranties 2JZ Nissan Skyline R34) 91
6. Michael Prosenik (Viva Garage Nissan S13 V8) 86.5
7. Aden Omnet (Adens Tyres Toyota Altezza 2JZ) 82
8. Shane Van Gisbergen (BOC Gases/Racestuff Ford Falcon V8) 82
9. Joe Kukutai (Gull Force Pro Nissan Skyline R32) 80
10. Troy Forsythe (Drift Direct/Rapid Performance Nissan S13) 80


Main Event Finish
1. Andrew Redward
2. Mad Mike Whiddett
3. Nico Reid
4. Fanga Dan Woolhouse


Championship Points After Round 3
1. ‘Mad Mike’ Whiddett 304
2. Gary ‘Gaz’ Whiter 226.5
3. Nico Reid 198.5
4. Curt Whittaker 198
5. Andrew Redward 197.5
6. Daniel ‘Fanga Dan’ Woolhouse 196
7. Darren Kelly 171
8. Shane Van Gisbergen 171
9. Chris Jackson 166
10. Troy Forsythe 156

2014 Formula Drift Asia Round 3 in Thailand [RESULTS]


What a great event streamed live across the world from Thailand this morning! The biggest news to come out of the FD Asia Round 3 event was that Fredric Aasbo defeated Daigo Saito and advanced into the finals. Daigo Saito was suffering from an illness so bad he did not attend the Top 16 driver introductions. However, he did still manage to beat some great drivers like Tengku Djan Ley but couldn’t defeat Fredric Aasbo in his V8 powered Toyota 86.

Our Twitter feed, which you can follow or look at from the link above, covers a minute by minute recap of what happened at Formula Drift Thailand. Otherwise, here is how the podium finished up:

1. Fredric Aasbo (RSR Toyota 86)
2. Oat Nattawood (MStar Mazda Rx-7)
3. Davide Dorigo (Rasta Silvia)
4. Daigo Saito (Achilles Radial Lexus IS250C)