2014 Lone Star Drift Round 2+3 [RESULTS]


Lone Star Drift Round 2 was rained out in the Top 4 with a monsoon so it was redone this weekend along with all of Round 3. The event took place at Gulf Greyhound Park just outside Houston, Texas. Here is how Round 3 finished up:

1. Mario Gomez
2. Josh McGuire
3. Ignacio Mendoza
4. Fielding Shredder

This is the Round 2 Final Four:
1. Josh McGuire
2. Shaun St Pierre
3. Dewayne Ramsey
4. Randell Waters

2013 Midwest Drift Union Round 2 at Mid America [RESULTS]


Round 2 of the Midwest Drift Union series took the drivers to Iowa. The battle at Mid America Motorplex went off with very similar faces rising to the top from Round 1. The full recap of Round 1 in St. Louis can be found here. In fact, the final battle was a rematch from Round 1′s final bout with a different winner taking home first place! Here is how they finished:


1. Rolando Alfaro
2. Brian Peter
3. Steve Topping

2014 Drift All-Stars Round 1 from the Streets of London [RESULTS]


Round 1 of the Drift All-Stars series just came to an end in London. The guys were driving with the Olympic Stadium as a backdrop all weekend and some crazy fans! The final four ended up with one blown motor, two crashed cars, and one car in good shape. Kenneth Moen was a guest judge for the weekend as well who also did some laps during practice to check out the track. This is how they finished up:

1. Piotr Więcek
2. Janis Eglite
3. Dan Chapman

King of Europe Takes on Italy – Adam Kerenyi Goes Back to Back


Qualifying was dominated in Italy by Benjamin Boulbes in his GT Radial E36 BMW. The awards for Best Line and Best Show went to Benjamin Boulbes for the weekend as well. Coming off a third place finish in Austria just recently he looked focused to try and grab a victory throughout the weekend. Tons of local Italian drivers also came out to try and advance far in the event taking place at the Castelletto di Branduzzo race track.


The 2013 champion Francesco Conti who we put together a blog post for from Round 1 in Austria suffered more problems over the weekend! During his battle with Adam Frank in the Top 8 his differential gave out forcing him to take a defeat. Throughout the weekend he had the best entry speed at 99km/h (61.5 MPH) and with an average angle during his runs of 42 degrees. 

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2014 Streetwise Drift Round 1 in Georgia [RESULTS]


Streetwise Drift kicked off the day after Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta just down the street at Gresham Motorsports Park! A bunch of nice battles and some cars into the bank wall wrapped up a big Pro Am weekend kicking off the SWD series. Here is how the podium wrapped up:

1. Claude Poirier
2. Zoltan Hajdu
3. Tommy Van Cleef

2014 Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta [RESULTS]


An insane weekend saw Michael Essa dismissed in Top 32 and Daigo saito bail out in Top 16 due to mechanical failures! We will have more in depth updates and analysis in the next few days. With all of that being said here is how the podium finished up for the night:

1. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
2. Fredric Aasbo
3. Chris Forsberg
4. Robbie Nishida

2014 Formula Drift Road Atlanta – Through the Rain – Qualifying [RESULTS]


During a southern downpour qualifying continued and ran 4 hours in time. Drivers were given a tester/feel lap then had to go and make a judged run right after. The track started to dry up about halfway through the second passes which is the result of the big points gap in the scores.

1. Forrest Wang
2. Tyler McQuarrie
3. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
4. Ryan Tuerck
5. Chris Forsberg
6. Chelsea DeNofa
7. Ken Gushi
8. Fredric Aasbo
9. Conrad Grunewald
10. Jhonnattan Castro
11. Kenneth Moen
12. Kuniaki Takahashi*
13. Odi Bakchis
14. Justin Pawlak
15. Kyle Mohan
16. Daigo Saito
17. Danny George
18. Darren McNamara
19. Pat Goodin
20. Michael Essa
21. Charles Ng
22. Dai Yoshihara
23. Dean Kearney
24. Marc Landerville
25. Matt Field
26. Ryan Kado
27. Alec Hohnadell*
28. Rapper Dan Savage*
29. Patrick Mordaunt
30. Geoff Stoneback*
31. Robbie Nishida
32. Jeff Jones


Top 32 Tandem Battles
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EEDC Round 1 in Riga at Bikernieki [RESULTS]


The European drift season has come alive and Eastern Europe was given a treat with the kick off of EEDC! The event in Riga, Latvia took place at the legendary Bikernieki race track which is known around Europe as one of the fastest and most technical circuits on the continent. Over 5,000 fans were in attendance Pawel Trela take home first place in qualifying in his Opel. The 2013 series champion Gvido Elksnis looked focused and determined with his driving all weekend and managed to take home the win in Round 1. Kristaps Bluss who finished in second place recorded the fastest entry speed of the weekend at 162km/h which is right at 100mph. Round 2 is coming up already in just under one month in Minsk. Here is how the podium finished:

1. Gvido Elksnis (Latvia)
2. Kristaps Bluss (Latvia)
3. Juha Rintanen (Finland)
4. Ivo Cirulis

King of Europe Kicks Off Pro Series Round 1 in Austria [RESULTS]


King of Europe kicked off in Greinbach, Austria with more than 10,000 spectators in attendance! Qualifying at the Greinbach PS Racing Center was wild with Adam Kerenyi taking home first place followed by Francesco Conti and Benjamin Boulbes in third. Shockingly Dmitry Illyuk qualified outside the Top 10 which is unlike him! His Monster Energy teammate Steve Biagioni managed to lock in 7th at his first ever event on this Austria circuit. 


Moving into the main event Francesco Conti, 2013 KOE champion, was eliminated in Top 16 when he made a big mistake in this battle. On the way to a big victory Adam Kereyni managed to eliminate big name drivers in Europe such as Calin Ciortan and took Dmitriy Illyuk to an OMT when Illyuk blew his engine! Benjamin Boulbes, who was still trying to get used to his new LS engine, made it all the way up to the semifinals,where he was defeated by Monster driver Steve Biagioni! 


Dmitriy Illyuk inspected his engine after the issue in his Final Four battle and discovered a rod bearing went out. This prevented him from running in the third place battle with Benjamin Boulbes so he went on to take 3rd place at Round 1. The final offered the audience an all-out battle, between Adam Kerenyi and Steve Biagioni. Both drivers displayed an excellent set of skills while out on the track, but Adam managed to just stay above Steve, and took the win in both runs, thus winning the event itself. 

1. Adam Kerenyi
2. Steve Biagioni
3. Benjamin Boulbes
4. Dmitriy Illyuk

Vegas Drift Round 3 Formula Drift Pro Am [RESULTS]


Round 3 of Vegas Drift is in the books with some familiar faces on podium! Here is how the results came in from Las Vegas Motor Speedway:

1. Spike Chen
2. Cameron Moore
3. Riley Fremont