2015 Formula Drift Canada Round 1 [RESULTS]


The 2015 Formula Drift Canada season is underway and the first round is completed. The series is separate from Formula Drift as you know it but it does host a round of the world championship later this year. Complicated I know but it didn’t stop the series from kicking off and some solid door banging in tandem drifting. Here is how they finished Round 1-

1. Pat Cyr
2. Francis Tasse
3. Jeff LaFlamme

2015 Midwest Drift Union Round 1 [RESULTS]


The Midwest Drift Union series kicked off with a wild airport event! In the end Jonathan Nerren continued his domination of Pro Am in 2015 and won the event. He already won US Drift Round 1 at VIR last month. Here is how the podium wound up:

1. Jonathan Nerren
2. Charlie Quatmann
3. David Mesker
4. Stu Kelly

2015 Drift All-Stars Round 1 in London [RESULTS]


The Drift All-Stars kicked off its 2015 season with an awesome event. The new blood from Australia smacked everyone into shape with the Low Brain Drifters S13 and won the event. Here is a video of him following James Deane which was INSANE. Here is how the boys finished as the series heads to Sweden for Round 2-

1. Luke Fink
2. Janis Eglite
3. James Deane

2015 Formula Drift Pro 2 at Orlando Speed World [GALLERY]

FormulaDriftPro2 FormulaDriftPro2.AndyGray

Brad Hodgin took on the rain and terrible parking at Orlando Speed World to capture images from the wild Pro 2 event. This was the debut of the 2015 Pro 2 season which will continue with three more rounds at Seattle, Texas, and Irwindale Speedway.


Check out the Gallery:

2015 Irish Drift Championship Round 2 – Millstreet [RESULTS]


Round 2 of the Irish Drift Championship took place inside Green Glens Arena, a rare occurrence where a competitive drifting event took place entirely indoors. Initially, James Deane was set to debut a new title sponsor in his FD Rx7, but some last minute delays in parts led him to return to the track in his tried and true Falken Tire Nissan S14. In the final, it took three “One More Time” battles with 16 year old Jack Shanahan before Deane would emerge the victor.

Here are the final results from Round 2:
1st – James Deane – Falken Tire Nissan S14
2nd – Jack Shanahan – Shanahan Car Sales Nissan S14
3rd – John Paul McCarthy – E36 BMW
4th – Duane McKeever – 6Boost Nissan S13

2015 Formula Drift Round 3 Orlando Speed World [RESULTS]


I am 100% embarrassed that people out their in the world watched Formula Drift for the first time today. I will try and save my ranting and raving for the 10 Things post Monday but Tuerck won the event having actually won one tandem battle (others won by mechanical failure/rule violation/driver spinning). The rain, the inability for everyone to tandem, ick. Please let’s never go back to Orlando Speed World. Here is how they finished:

1. Ryan Tuerck
2. Chris Forsberg
3. Ken Gushi
4. Matt Field

2015 Formula Drift Round 3 Orlando Speedworld Qualifying [RESULTS]


Ken Gushi continued his stellar run from Atlanta with a top qualifying spot, his first top qualifying effort since New Jersey 2009. Although qualifying has slightly reduced importance this season compared to last season, the top spot is still very valuable for the season championship points chase.

Here’s how the full qualifying bracket shook out in Orlando:

1. Ken Gushi
2. Matt Field
3. Ryan Tuerck
4. Justin Pawlak
5. Tyler McQuarrie
6. Odi Bakchis
7. Patrick Mordaunt
8. Dai Yoshihara
9. “Mad” Mike Whiddett
10. Robbie Nishida
11. Fredric Aasbo
12. Chris Forsberg
13. Vaughn Gittin Jr
14. Brandon Wicknick
15. James Evans
16. Kenny Moen
17. Michael Essa
18. Forrest Wang
19. Dean Kearney
20. Conrad Grunewald
21. Geoff Stoneback
22. Masashi Yokoi
23. Chelsea Denofa
24. Dan Savage
25. Alec Hohnadell
26. Marc Landreville
27. Daigo Saito
28. Jeff Jones
29. Jhonnattan Castro
30. Kristaps Bluss
31. Matt Coffman
32. Kyle Mohan

Here’s how the tandem bracket shapes up –

Left Side:

Ken Gushi vs. Kyle Mohan
Kenny Moen vs. Michael Essa
Dai Yoshihara vs. Alec Hohnadell
Mike Whiddet vs. Dan Savage

Justin Pawlak vs. Jhonnattan Castro
Vaughn Gittin Jr vs. Conrad Grunewald
Tyler McQuarrie vs. Jeff Jones
Chris Forsberg vs. Geoff Stoneback

Right Side:

Matt Field vs. Matt Coffman
James Evans vs. Forrest Wang
Pat Mordaunt vs. Marc Landreville
Robbie Nishida vs. Chelsea Denofa

Ryan Tuerck vs. Kristaps Bluss
Brandon Wicknick vs. Dean Kearney
Odi Bakchis vs. Daigo Saito
Fredric Aasbo vs. Masashi Yokoi

2015 Formula Drift Pro2 Orlando Speedway [RESULTS]


Alex Heilbrunn finished off a perfect event, qualifying first and winning all his tandem battles, to kick off the 2015 Formula Drift Pro 2 season in Orlando. Any Gray looked like the only driver capable of stopping him, but Gray took a shortcut through the infield of the second turn, earning himself a 0 on his chase run.

Here’s a look at the podium:

1st – Alex Heilbrunn – Inca Madness Racing E46 BMW

2nd – Andy Gray – PowerVehicles Toyota JZx100

3rd – Jeff Jones – Hankook Tire DNA Motoring S14

2015 Formula Drift Pro 2 Round 1 Orlando Speed World Qualifying [RESULTS]


Pro 2 is in the books at Formula Drift Orlando Speed World and the 2015 season is kicked off! Here is the Top 16 for tomorrow’s Pro 2 event which will be Live Streamed.

1. Alex Heilbrunn
2. James Evans
3. Jeff Wolfson
4. Kevin Lawrence
5. Tommy Van Cleef
6. Brody Goble
7. Taylor Hull
8. Brandon Wicknick
9. Faruk Kugay
10. Jeff Jones
11. Andrey Gray
12. Brandon Patterson
13. Dave Briggs
14. Ryan Litteral
15. Juha Rintanen
16. Kelsey Rowlings
17. Chris Jeanneret

Top 16 Battles
Alex Heilbrunn vs. Kelsey Rowlings
Brandon Wicknick vs. Faruk Kugay
Kevin Lawerence vs. Dave Briggs
Tommy Van Cleef vs. Brandon Patterson

James Evans vs. Juha Rintanen
Taylor Hull vs. Jeff Jones
Jeff Wolfson vs. Ryan Litteral
Brody Goble vs. Andrew Gray

2015 Drift Mania Round 2 at Riverside Speedway [RESULTS]


The second round of DMCC is in the books with a great event in St. Croix, Quebec at the Riverside Speedway. Here is how the event podium finished up –

1. Jeff Laflamme
2. Jonathan Guitard
3. Tommy Boiverts-Bellemare