2016 Formula Drift Round 2 [RESULTS]


An exhausting long day put Vaughn Gittin Jr. back in the record books with a victory in his new S550 Mustang. This photograph from amazing local photographer Andrew Mesa shows you just how crazy his new setup is. The last time a driver qualified first and won the event was back in 2014 in Seattle. Darren McNamara did the double in his S14 while beating Irish compatriot Dean Kearney in the finals. Another interesting fact is this the exact same podium as Wall Speedway back in 2012. What a throwback? Alec Hohnadell just missed his first podium with a fourth place finish. With the added eight round and the top three in championship points going home in Top 32 – the championship is looking the most wide open in Formula Drift history! Here is how they finished –

1. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
2. Dai Yoshihara
3. Chris Forsberg
4. Alec Hohnadell

2016 Formula Drift – Round 2 Atlanta – QUALIFYING [RESULTS]


Vaughn Gittin Jr. laid down a fantastic qualifying run, earning the top spot on Friday in Atlanta. Due to only 31 drivers earning a score in qualifying, Gittin Jr. will have a bye in the first round of tandem. Andy Gray and Tanner Foust made their season debuts in Atlanta, while Robbie Nishida and ShengJun Zhang missed the round. Charles Ng drove in practice, but had electrical issues on both qualifying runs and did not earn a score.

Here’s a look at how qualifying finished up at Road Atlanta:

1. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
2. Fredric Aasbo
3. Matt Field
4. Chris Forsberg
5. Odi Backhis
6. Dai Yoshihara
7. Tanner Foust
8. Justin Pawlak
9. Tyler McQuarrie
10. Chelsea DeNofa
11. Mad Mike Whiddett
12. Forrest Wang
13. Dean Kearney
14. Michael Essa
15. Ryan Tuerck
16. Geoff Stoneback
17. Matt Coffman
18.  Alec Hohnadell
19. Ken Gushi
20. Pat Mordaunt
21. Jhonnattan Castro
22. Alex Heilbrunn
23. Kenneth Moen
24. Kristaps Bluss
25. Juha Rintanen
26. Kyle Mohan
27. Pat Goodin
28. Cameron Moore
29. Andy Gray
30. Faruk Kugay
31. Jeff Jones

Here’s the tandem ladder, for those following at home:

Vaughn Gittin Jr (bye)
Geoff Stoneback vs Matt Coffman
Justin Pawlak vs Juha Rintanen
Tyler McQuarrie vs Kristaps Bluss

Chris Forsberg vs Andy Gray
Dean Kearney vs Pat Mordaunt
Odi Bakchis vs Cameron Moore
Forrest Wang vs Jhonnattan Castro

Fredric Aasbo vs Jeff Jones
Ryan Tuerck vs Alec Hohnadell
Tanner Foust vs Kyle Mohan
Chelsea Denofa vs Kenneth Moen

Matt Field vs Faruk Kugay
Michael Essa vs Ken Gushi
Dai Yoshihara vs Pat Goodin
Mad Mike Whiddett vs Alex Heilbrunn

2016 Formula Drift Pro 2 Round 1 at Road Atlanta [RESULTS]


Pro 2 was a mix of really bad battles, worse battles, more spinning battles, and a couple really good battles to start off the 2016 season. In my predictions, I would of imagined more drivers being stuck in the pea gravel so at least their wasn’t a ton of that going on. The Formula Drift Twitter feed caught some of the best runs you can watch on the feed. Jeff Jones ended up with a win and we saw a solid performance from other drifters such as Marc Landerville and Ryan Litteral who rounded out the podium. Too many spins and plenty of car to car contact closed out the night. Here is how they finished –

1. Jeff Jones
2. Marc Landerville
3. Ryan Litteral

2016 Formula Drift Pro 2 – Atlanta Round 1 Qualifying [RESULTS]


The 2016 season of Formula Drift kicked off in Atlanta this year, an inaugural visit for the Pro 2 class. Many drivers in our recent Pro 2 driver interviews mentioned that they were most excited to drive at this track because of how iconic it is in Formula Drift history. In total, 22 drivers made qualifying passes, but only the top 16 would move on to the main tandem ladder.

Here are the results from the first round of Pro 2 qualifying, along with their qualifying score:

1 – Marc Landreville – 84
2 – Ryan Litteral – 83
3 – Jeff Jones – 82
4 – Dan Burkett – 80
5 – Andrew Lewis – 74
6 – Josh McGuire – 72
7 – Doug VanDenBrink – 70
8 – Trent Beechum – 67
9 – Taylor Hull – 65
10 – Kevin Lawrence – 64
11 – Ethan Hunter – 62
12 – Aaron Day – 61
13 – Sheng Ng Nian – 61
14 – Austin Meeks – 59
15 – Matt Madrigali – 59
16 – Dirk Stratton – 49

Tandem Ladder:

Landreville vs Stratton
Beechum vs Hull
Burkett vs Nian
Lewis vs Day

Litteral vs Madrigali
VanDenBrink vs Lawrence
Jones vs Meeks
McGuire vs Hunter

2016 D1 Grand Prix – Round 2 Fuji [RESULTS]


Daigo Saito continued his winning ways at the second round of D1 Grand Prix, which took place at Fuji Speedway and was dubbed “Warfare”. The second win since moving to WanLi tires gives Saito a fairly strong lead on the championship, although Kawabata-san has finished just behind him in both rounds and could take over the lead if Saito falters. There are 7 total rounds of competition in D1GP this year, with the next round being a twin round in late June at Tsukuba.

Here’s a look at the final results of the second round of D1GP:

1st – Daigo Saito –  Wanli Fat 5 Racing JZX100
2nd – Masato Kawabata – Toyo Tires Trust Racing R35
3rd – Shinji Minowa – Team AP Boss Potenza JZX90
4th – Yoichi Immamura – OTG Motorsports ZN6

2016 Irish Drift Championships – Round 1 Mondello [RESULTS]


The incredible unbeaten streak on Irish soil continued this weekend at Mondello despite some tough competition. Duane McKeever took out fellow Irishman Shane O’Sullivan in the final, while Forrest Wang won his podium battle with Nigel Colfer when Colfer’s clutch gave out in their battle. Wang was driving Darren McNamara’s LHD S13 with a 2JZ engine, a setup that Wang looked quite comfortable in.

Here’s a look at the final results from Round 1:

1st – Duane McKeever
2nd – Shane O’Sullivan
3rd – Forrest Wang
4th – Nigel Colfer

2016 Formula Drift Motegi Super Drift Challenge [RESULTS]


The Motegi Super Drift during the Long Beach Grand Prix had a pretty weak drivers list of 11 that included some Pro 2 drivers to make the field larger than a Top 8. The podium was swept by three drivers who are starting a 2016 season with a new tire company. The final four saw Michael Essa versus Odi Bakchis (#1 qualifier) in the battle of the show that Odi was given the edge on and advanced into the finals. Matt Field made easy work of Dean Kearney in the Final Four with a big mistake from Dean pushing him into the finals.


The $25,000 payout is a nice chunk in the wallet for the top Formula Drift drivers. Here is how the event finished up:
1. Matt Field
2. Michael Essa
3. Odi Bakchis
4. Dean Kearney
5. Kyle Mohan
6. Jeff Jones
7. Ryan Litteral
8. Fredric Aasbo
9. Justin Pawlak
10. Trenton Beechum
11. Alex Heilbrunn

2016 Formula Drift Round 1 – Long Beach [RESULTS]


The 2016 season is in the books after a crazy Round 1 weekend that fought weather at every turn. A first time ever canceled qualifying led into the best and most balanced bracket of all time in Formula Drift history. I will spare you my plea to cancel qualifying for good and focus on this amazing event. Chelsea DeNofa became the champion killer after beating three former champions to win his first event. Chelsea DeNofa becomes the 23rd unique driver to win a Formula Drift event and the 38th unique driver to earn a podium. DeNofa previous best finish was 4th place. Here is how the final four stacked up:

1. Chelsea DeNofa
2. Fredric Aasbo
3. Ken Gushi
4. Odi Bakcihs

2016 Drift Allstars – Round 1 Yas Marina [RESULTS]


While the Formula Drift boys were qualifying practicing in Long Beach, the first round of Drift Allstars was taking place as the historic Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi. The event at Yas Marina was missing a few of the top names including James Deane and Janis Eglite, but the competition was still quite competitive. Similar to Formula Drift, Drift Allstars will crown a European Champion alongside a World Champion, with this round counting towards the “World Championship” title.

Monster Energy driver “Baggsy” Biagioni had a newly-installed Nitrous-fed Chevy LS3 motor shipped over from the US just in time for the event, and the engine would prove to be a winning combination with his Nissan S13 chassis. Baggsy qualified first on Friday, and eliminated all drivers on Saturday in tandem competition to take the early lead in the championship chase.

Here’s how the podium shook out:

1st – Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni – Monster Energy / Westlake Tyre Nissan S13

2nd – Ahmad Daham – Nitto Tire / Tensai Tuning Nissan S13

3rd – Nigel Colfer – Tri-Ace Tyre Nissan S13

2016 Formula Drift Round 1 Qualifying [RESULTS]


The weather has impacted Round 1 at Long Beach in a hard way. Due to rain on course and changing weather conditions all the drivers agreed to cancel qualifying and practice for the day. Qualifying is going by your 2015 championship rankings in Pro, then Pro 2, and one driver who petitioned will start 32nd. With this format, no qualifying points will be issued for the championship for this round. Here is how they stack up:

1. Fredric Aasbo
2. Ken Gushi
3. Chris Forsberg
4. Ryan Tuerck
5. Odi Backhis
6. Justin Pawlak
7. Forrest Wang
8. Matt Field
9. Alec Hohnadell
10. Kenneth Moen
11. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
12. Dean Kearney
13. Tyler McQuarrie
14. Chelsea DeNofa
15. Pat Goodin
16. Pat Mordaunt
17. Mad Mike Whiddett
18. Charles Ng
19. Geoff Stoneback
20. Dai Yoshihara
21. Jhonnattan Castro
22. Robbie Nishida
23. Michael Essa
24. Kristaps Bluss
25. Kyle Mohan
26. Matt Coffman
27. Jeff Jones
28. Alex Heilbrunn
29. Juha Rintanen
30. Cameron Moore
31. Faruk Kugay
32. Shengjun Zhang

Here is Top 32 Bracket-

1.Freric Aasbo
32. Shangjun Zhang
16. Pat Mordaunt
17. Mad Mike Whiddett

8. Matt Field
25. Kyle Mohan
9. Alec Hohnadell
24. Kristaps Bluss

4. Ryan Tuerck
29. Juha Rintanen
13. Tyler McQuarrie
20. Dai Yoshihara

5. Odi Backhis
28. Alex Heilbrunn
12. Dean Kearney
21. Jhonnattan Castro

2. Ken Gushi
31. Faruk Kugay
15. Pat Goodin
18. Charles Ng

7. Forrest Wang
26. Robbie Nishida
10. Kenneth Moen
23. Michael Essa

3. Chris Forsberg
30. Cameron Moore
14. Chelsea Denofa
19. Geoff Stoneback

6. Justin Pawlak
27. Jeff Jones
11. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
22.Robbie Nishida