2013 Drift Allstars Round 6 – The Finals at Poznan [RESULTS]

The results are in from a the final round of of Drift AllStars which took place over the weekend in Poznan, Poland. Here is how the results finished up from a big final round:


1.Marcin Steve Carzasty  (STW Drift Team)
2. Pawel Trela  (Nexen Tire)
3.Christof Romanaski  (PUZ Drift team)

2013 Midwest Drift Union Championship [RESULTS]

The Midwest Drift Union has wrapped up the 2013 season after four rounds across the midwest United States. Nick Swann told us they issued four licenses for the series that visited the Streets of Detroit along with other great venues like Kilkare in Ohio. Here is how the series finished up:

1. Geoff Stoneback
2. Mike Skudlarek
3. Andrew Lewis
4. Brian Peter
5. Jake Maturen
6.Josh Collins

2013 Midwest Drift Union Round 4 [RESULTS]

Another weekend of Pro Am racing brings in another win for Geoff Stoneback this weekend in Ohio. The StreetLifeTour was an intense event totaling some Nissan 350z’s and putting Geoff Stoneback on top of this event and the MDU championship in 2013. Here is how the podium finished up over the weekend:
1st Geoff Stoneback
2nd Jake Maturen
3rd Mike Pollard

2013 World Drift Series Round 2 Luoyang Main Event [RESULTS]

The results are in from the second round of the WDS series in China. After an insane top 16 Vaughn took home a big victory (his second in a row) in front of a large Chinese crowd. Here is how the podium finished:

1. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
2. Zhang Shaohua
3. Zhang Shengjun

2013 World Drift Series Round 2 Luoyang Grand Prix Qualifying [RESULTS]

Qualifying wrapped up in China for Round 2 of the World Drift  Series. The main event kicks off in about 19 hours (7:00pm Beijing time) and will have a Livestream up for the main event. Here is how the big name drivers qualified for the Luoyang Grand Prix in China:

1. Kyle Mohan
2. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
3. Zhang Shaohua
4. Zhang Shengjun
5. Matt Powers
6. Sam Qian
7. Nam
8. Ryan Litteral
9. Tang Zhihong
10. Meng Lingbo
11. Li Dingpiao
12. Han Bin
13. Li Songyang
14. Su Zhiyao
15. Han Yue
16. Ser Ming Hui

2013 DMCC Series Championship [RESULTS]

Here are the final results of the 2013 DMCC season after wrapping up the eighth round over the weekend. The series winner goes to Francis Tasse who performed super on point this whole season in the super compact 8 rounds of DMCC. Max Lemoine is the other real story who finished second in the championship as a rookie. Marc Landerville and Pat Cyr both were plagued with serious car issues this season keeping them out of the chase. Here is how the championship finished up:

1. Francis Tasse
2. Max Lemoine
3. Jeff Laflamme
4. Bob Patinka

2013 Drift Mania Round 8 at Sanair [RESULTS]

The results are in from the eighth and final round of DMCC finished up at Sanair. Pro Am driver Justin Guitard ran the whole field in the pro division and took home his first victory with his Lexus. He ran through a tough field of drivers to take home a big victory finishing up the 2013 season. This is how the podium finished:

1st- Jonathan Guitard
2nd-  Francis Tasse
3rd- Martin Langlois

2013 Formula Drift Pro Am – Texas Motor Speedway [RESULTS]

The Pro Am sensation Geoff Stoneback attacked the Formula Drift course at Texas Motor Speedway and took home another win in the Pro Am this season. Geoff has been dominating the east coast and midwest this season with consistent driving all over the place. Tim Koenning who he beat in the finals leads the Lone Star Bash championship points series going into the weekend and locked a top spot in for the 2013 Pro Am championship and secured a license. Here is how the podium finished up:

1. Geoff Stoneback
2.  Tim “Big Sticks” Koenning
3. Dewayne Ramsey
4. Justin Flores

2013 Formula Drift Round 6 Texas Motor Speedway [RESULTS]

After an event that had more protests than any other Formula Drift event, Michael Essa takes home 1st place.

1. Michael Essa
2. Matt Field
3. Chris Forsberg

2013 Formula Drift Round 6 at Texas Motor Speedway Qualifying [RESULTS]

In the 1st Formula Drift event at Texas Motor Speedway Vaughn Gittin Jr takes home the top qualifying spot. The rest of the qualifying results and Top 32 match ups are below.

1. V. Gittin
2. F. Aasbo
3. C. Forsberg
4. F. Wang
5. O. Bakchis
6. D. Yoshihara
7. M. Essa
8. P. Mordaunt
9. C. Denofa
10. T. Yoshioka
11. M. Powers
12. K. Gushi
13. M. Field
14. J. Pawlak
15. M. Baribeau
16. T. Aono
17. C. Grunewald
18. M. Ovcharik
19. P. Goodin
20. W. Parsons
21. D. George
22. D. Saito
23. R. Primozich
24. R. Kado
25. D. Kearney
26. J. Maeng
27. K. Moen
28. R. Nishida
29. T. Angelo
30. J. Lowe
31. C. Jeaneret
32. G. Stone


Top 32 Match Battles

V. Gittin vs G. Stone
T. Aono vs C. Grunewald
P. Mordaunt vs D. Kearney
C. Denofa vs R. Kado
F. Wang vs T. Angelo
M. Field vs W. Parsons
O. Bakchis vs R. Nishida
K. Gushi vs D. George
F. Aasbo vs C. Jeaneret
M. Baribeau vs M. Ovcharik
M. Essa vs J. Maeng
T. Yoshioka vs R. Promozich
C. Forsberg vs J. Lowe
J. Paklak vs P. Goodin
D. Yoshihara vs K. Moen
M. Powers vs D. Saito