2014 Golden Gate Drift Round 2 [RESULTS]


The Golden Gate Drift series  fired up this weekend with Round 2 at the Stockon 99 Speedway. Round 2 brought out the top talents of Northern California but did see European Faruk Kugay run away with the competition and take home a victory in his grey 2JZ powered S14. Here is how they finished up with nobody from Round 1 landing back on the podium:

1. Faruk Kugay
2. Crick Fillipe
3. Joe Tardiff
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Drift UAE Round 4 at Yas Marina Circuit [RESULTS]


This weekend the Drift UAE season came to an end at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. The Formula 1 track makes a great backdrop for some big action drifting! The Toyota Emirates Drift team driver Ahmed Alamiry with his 2JZ powered Toyota 86 took the victory. Here is how the podium finished for Round 4:
1. Ahmed Alamiry
2.Fredrick Aasland
3.Ahmad Daham
4.Sami Haidar

British Drift Championship Kicks off at Lydden Hill with Qualifying [RESULTS]


The qualifying results are in from Round 1 of the BDC series at Lydden Hill in England. While soccer is coming to an end in England the drift season has blown up in the UK with several events going around the country this weekend. Monster Energy driver Stephen Biagioni claimed first place to kick off the year with Michael Marshall (2013 champion) locked in second place. Full qualifying results from semi pro, pro, and super pro are just below. Read More…

2014 D1 Street Legal Round 1 at Bihoku [RESULTS]

Check out the start of the D1 Street Legal series that went down at Bihoku over the past weekend. The big winner was Naoki Nakamura on the weekend! You can see his final battle with Kazuki Hayashi in the video above. Nakamura qualified third for the event after suffering serious mechanical issues in practice. His car normally around 450hp was down around 370hp after an issue with a broken camshaft put him out for most of practice. Here is how they finished up:

1. Naoki Nakamura (25)
2. Kazuki Hayashi (21)
3. Yusuke Kitaoka (18)

2014 Polish Drift Championship Round 1 at Poznań [RESULTS]


The first round of the Polish Drift Championship is in the books after a big weekend at Poznań. Here is how qualifying and the final event results clocked in for the big season kick off! Noteably absent was the PUZ Drift Team as they were away in Lithuania for another event. We will have more content coming soon from Poland thanks to the help of Maciej Maroszek!

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2014 Evergreen Drift Pro Am Round 1 [RESULTS]


The Evergreen Drift season kicked off this weekend in Washington with Round 1 of the Formula Drift Pro Am series. Here is how the podium finished up:

1. Cameron Moore
2. Aaron Day
3. Brian Lockbaum

2014 Midwest Drift Union Round 1 at Gateway Motorsports Park [RESULTS]


The first round of Midwest Drift Union Round 1 kicked off for the 2014 season. Congratulations to the drivers who started off the season on the podium listed below:

1. Brian Peter
2. Rolando Alfaro
3. Dan Sommer

Motegi $25k Super Drift at Long Beach Grand Prix [RESULTS]


The Motegi Super Drift Battle took place in front of a huge crowd tonight at the Long Beach Grand Prix. Some controversial runs and battles took place under the lights on the Grand Prix circuit. Many drivers used backup cars or alternative vehicles but the few drivers who brought out their pro cars swept the final four. The fans even took to heckling the judges with “boo’s” after several calls including the Odi Bakchis vs. Michael Essa tandem runs. Another interesting fact is that a telemetry system was put into testing for this event. No word on if anything will come of it during the championship points rounds but I am told it is the same system being used in King of Europe. Here is how the podium finished up for the weekend:

1. Daigo Saito
2. Kenneth Moen
3. Forrest Wang
4. Michael Essa

2014 Formula Drift Long Beach [RESULTS]

Chris Forsberg Formula Drift Long Beach

Round 1 of Formula Drift kicked off this weekend in Long Beach and ended with Chris Forsberg taking home the 1st place trophy.

1st Place –  Chris Forsberg
2nd Place –  Kenneth Moen
3rd Place –  Michael Essa (Qualified 1st)
4th Place – Justin Pawlak (Qualified 6th)

Just Drift Presents Top Drift Round 1 at Balcony [RESULTS]


The 2014 Just Drift season has kicked off with Round 1 of Top Drift taking place at Balcony over at Willow Springs. The weather was solid and served as a great precursor to Formula Drift Round 1 this next weekend. Here is how the top drivers finished:

1st: Alex Heilbrunn
2nd: Spike Chen
3rd: Daniel Giraldo