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Vapure Releases New Drift Related Premium E-Liquids


The guys at Vapure released some awesome new e-liquds flavors to pull some performance out of your vape. The flavors have automotive/drift related branding and are being released in collaboration with the Project V3 240sx we are putting together with them. If you are interested in learning more about the new products check out the flavor list below.


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Project V3 240sx Finds a VQ35 Engine at MA Motorsports

VQ35.Project 240sx.V3

Our Project V3 Nissan 240sx build is coming right along over on the east coast. With the great help and support of Vapure we have acquired a VQ35HR engine for this new project car. In case you missed the announcement of our new project car, you can find it right our introduction here as we bring this old Formula Drift car back to life. Our VQ Vapure Vert now has a VQ engine ready to get installed as this project continues to move forward! We will have more updates soon coming out of MA Motorsport as parts show up and things get moving along!

Stop Supporting 240sx Drift Tax – Buy These Starter Drift Cars Instead


I love the Nissan 240sx as much as the next guy in the drifting industry. We just fired up our second S13 project car for the magazine with Vapure and love how easy it is you can get a 240sx drift worthy. However, 240sx inflation or drift tax has grown rapidly out of control over recent time. I won’t even post some of the insane prices I have seen for the S13/S14 chassis models here in Southern California over recent months. At the Wrecked Magazine office all we really want to see is more people drifting and coming into the sport, so we have found that drift tax on the Nissan 240sx is not helping newcomers enter the scene. With that we found some cars that you should consider buying before taking out a loan just to own a S13 coupe.



This car has already become super popular in Europe and other nations as a great turn key drift car. They are so cheap in price and have great aftermarket support. Added bonus with the E36 chassis is they look pretty good for a car so old. These are readily available in any major market for cheap. A quick eBay search found several set for a Buy It Now of under $1,500 for running cars. If you are lucky you can get some tips and tricks from a Formula Drift driver like Chelsea DeNofa who has these BMW chassis all figured out.


Ford Mustang

Another great option is the Ford Mustang for a beginner drift build/car. You have multiple body style options and years that are priced well below a few thousand dollars. Vaughn Gittin Jr. has been seen in his Foxbody missile showing even that chassis can drift with ease. The Mustang market has seen a huge growth in drift specific parts and the forum even has an active Mustang owners section. Just wait until you find out how cheap you can swap differentials and gear ratios compared to the 240sx chassis as well.


Lexus SC300

Have you been to a junkyard in the last 2 years? If so, you have probably laid your eyes on about 1,0000 Lexus SC300 bodies. These things seem to be everywhere and they just get cheaper and cheaper. Parts are plentiful and even Tony Angelo has assembled one as a missile car these days (seen above). This car isn’t the easiest to setup for drifting of the group but it looks good and will easily take a 2JZ swap.

Nissan 350z

This option is a little more expensive but if you can find a cheaper Nissan 350z beater you should pick one up. You will get taxed a little extra on parts but the Nissan 350z is a Formula Drift championship winning chassis via Chris Forsberg 2009. Companies are developing more and more suspension products in recent time and many people will tell you the VQ35 platform is a solid engine base for a drift car.

Toyota Cressida

This is a chassis you can purchase for cheap that many people in the drift community tend to overlook or forget about. The car has some loyal fans, a core community, and some solid aftermarket support. Out of our group they probably aren’t the best looking vehicle you can choose but they seem to be fun drift projects.


Mazda RX-8

Okay, this is the most expensive option I am going to throw in your face but hear me out. The Mazda RX-8 is an awesome car that nobody wants in the world it seems due to it’s terrible engine. So, buy one that is blown up, purchase an awesome LS crate engine, and then call Sikky to make the new swap kit from this car super simple. Mazda RX-8 cars can be found without engines or blown up motors for about the same price as a S14. If you were going to do a V8 swap into a S13/S14 then I suggest considering going this route instead.

Wrecked Magazine Issue 32 Is Here


The new issue of Wrecked Magazine is out on the virtual newsstand! We get really crazy this issue and only feature things with gorgeous Chevrolet V8 engines! Our old Project V8 240sx graced the cover with an issue that is full of LS engine information and a great product highlight from Canton Racing. A huge thanks to Scoggin Dickey for also helping us out put together this special edition issue. Here is what you can find inside:

-Andrew Redward’s FC Mazda RX7 running from D1NZ
-LS What- Comparing the Various Platforms
-Josh McGuire – 2014 Lone Star Drift Champion – LS7 Powered S14
-Canton Racing – Talking Oil Pans and Accusump
-1000hp Hyudnai Genesis from Formula Drift
-Quick LS1 Tuning

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An Old Formula Drift 240sx – We Have A New Project Car with Vapure

S13convertible.Vapure WreckedMagazine.ProjectCar.Vapure ProjectMuBrakes.Vapure Vapure240sxRear

After a couple of years since Project V8 240sx we finally have a new fun drifting project car in the works thanks to the guys over at Vapure! The project titled V3 240sx (Vapure VQ Vert) was an old Formula Drift chassis that some eagle eyed diehard drift fans might even recognize. The car just got on a hauler in Southern California and was sent out to the east coast where MA Motorsports and Chris Forsberg Racing will help return this old Formula Drift chassis into a working drift beast once again! We have some really cool projects and plans to go along with this V3 240sx build. Stay tuned for more updates.

Wrecked Magazine Issue 31 is Out! Come Read Now


Tune into Issue 31 and read up on the new issue of Wrecked Magazine! The cover car is a 13B powered FD Mazda RX-7 driven by Tyler Wolfson in Formula Drift and Pro 2 this year. The next car in Issue 31 is a 2JZ swapped Scion FR-S driven by Ken Gushi this season. The issue also features a V8 swapped S15 Silvia from D1NZ driven by Drew Donovan. Chris Allen finishes up the features with a S197 turbocharged Ford Mustang he is driving in Pro Am. Matt Petty then puts our Project FR-S with R/T tuning to the test at Englishtown!


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Wrecked Magazine Issue 30 is Out [READ THIS]


Issue 30 of Wrecked Magazine is now available on the virtual newsstand! We updated our software finally so you can view this issue on iPad, iPhone, or any Android or other mobile device. The complete issue functions now in HTML5! We have five awesome features and a new project car to kick off our 30th issue! We also kicked off the new software with a new feature focused format.

The build features inside this magazine are a 2JZ powered R34 Nissan Sklyine from D1NZ, C’s Garage Silvia from D1NZ, Enjuku Racing’s LS1 swapped Hyundai Genesis, a 2JZ powered 1994 Mazda RX-7, and to finish it all up Patrick Mordaunt’s Lexus SC430 from Formula Drift. We even introduce a new project car with R/T Tuning.


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Chris Forsberg Answers Drift Garage Questions [VIDEO]

So maybe you didn’t get all those questions answered on how to build a missile car in the Drift Garage 4 episode series….. Well now Chris Forsberg is here to answer questions from the YouTube comments on what fuel pump he used, how often does he change his oil and so much more.

Nissan 350z Drift Ready in Florida – $16,000 [BUY THIS]




Here is a Nissan 350z in Southern Florida that is drift ready with cage, widebody kit, and a Vortech Supercharger to boot. This car would be perfect for anyone wanting to get into drifting or road racing in a Z33 chassis. Car is in perfect working condition and can be shipped for a fee (prefer pick up). The car competed in Pro Am events in the southeast and is now ready to be in your garage. You can reach out to the buyer here on Facebook.

-Vortech Centrifugal supercharger Kit
-Quick disconnect NRG steering wheel
-Custom Rollcage
-Power Windows
-2 Sparco Evo race seats
-Volk Wheels
-StopTech brakes package
-Buddy club wide body kit (DKSan)
-VIS Carbon fiber hatch and hood

Drift Garage with Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck Coming January 20th

On January 20th a new NetworkA show is going to be released called Drift Garage. The show teams up Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forsberg and walks you through all the steps on how to build a drift car. The build is centered around a Nissan 240sx chassis. Tune in soon to see how they put this S13 together!