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Drifting And The FIA

fb54bd976b50deb9b497bc62fc3068f4As I’m sure most readers are aware, the FIA has taken a keen interest in drifting as of late. This was first brought to my attention last year at Round 1 in Long Beach when Jim Liaw introduced me to a man from the FIA by the name of Morgan Caron. I was told he was there to “check it out” and see how we did things at Formula Drift, but not much else. After that we heard of meetings at the FIA offices in Paris between some of the organizers of the biggest and most important drift championships in the world. They were there to give their opinions and ideas of the direction of the sport globally, and help the FIA understand what the sport is all about. Read More…

Prodrift Academy expands their operations to Saudi Arabia


The ProDrift academy, which was started in Ireland by the same team who founded the Prodrift Irish Championship drifting series, announced this week that they will be expanding their operations to Saudi Arabia. The Prodrift Academy helped train 15 year old Jack Shanahan, who is the 2015 British Drift Championships champion, and several current Irish Drift Championship drivers have been guest instructors during the off season. This year marks the third year that the Prodrift Academy has been in UAE, and sixth overall year of operation. Saudi Arabia’s car culture has been exploding recently, and Vaughn Gittin Jr. has even made a few trips to help promote the Ford Mustang over there.

Prodrift Academy has setup a new Facebook page for the new location, and should be hosting students in the next month or so. Looks like students will be driving a Mustang RTR in Saudi Arabia, which seems like a great car to learn in!

Guinness World Records Broken in Dubai for Longest Tandem Drift


James Deane and Ahmad Daham just broke a Guiness World Record for the longest tandem drift ever recorded. James was in the chase car for 45 straight minutes spanning over 17.3 miles (28km) with constant tandem door-to-door action. The tandem team completed over 100 laps around the track with hundreds of transitions to make the record a reality. Nissan and the Pro Drift Academy came together to bring this record to the Middle East!


We did it! Ahmad Daham and I just broke a new record for Guinness World Records. Longest tandem drift ever recorded! I was in the chase position for 45minutes, 28km none stop door to door action, 100 laps of the track with over 200 transitions. Massive thanks to Nissan and the Prodrift Academy UAE for putting together this very cool unique project and using one of our favorite international drivers, James Deane.

Top 10 Drift Vacations to Take Before You Die


Regardless if you are independently wealthy or have a credit card to max out I put together the Top 10 drifting vacations you need to take before you die. The list is compiled upon driving, fan entertainment, atmosphere, and all the fun you can have in the area!


10. D1NZ Final Round – Mt. Smart (Auckland, New Zealand)


The D1NZ season ends at Mt. Smart under the lights! The venue is a custom built and it puts fans very close to the action. The track does take place in the Mt. Smart Stadium parking lot which normally holds duties for the National Rugby team. Once the race ends you are just a quick cab from downtown Auckland where some of the real fun can begin. Don’t miss some top drivers like Mad Mike Whiddett and C’s Garage take on the New Zealand night.

9. Irish Drift Championship – Mondello Park 


The most fun you can have in Ireland is by far Mondello Park. It puts you pretty close to Dublin and has the most energy over a drift weekend in Ireland. Big name drivers such as Dai Yoshihara, Darren McNamara, and other international stars tend to come and drive at this Ireland track as well. If you happen to come here and enjoy watching a weekend of pro drifting then you could also do the ProDrift Academy and drift on your own at Mondello!

8. Formula Drift Irwindale Speedway (Los Angeles, California)


The “House of Drift” as everybody knows it had to make the list. So many people attend this event now parking has been moved off site and stands have been put anywhere they can fit. The driving here tends to be world class and over the last few seasons a championship has been sorted out during the event weekend. Once the Irwindale weekend is over you will find yourself not very far from Los Angeles, Hollywood, and other places to finish out a great weekend.

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Dean Kearney to compete in MG Crash Repairs S15 in IDC [NEWS]


Dean Kearney announced today that he’ll be competing in the Irish Drifting Championships (IDC) in the MG Crash Repairs S15. Kearney won the Pro Drift European Series championship in 2009, while MG Crash Repairs won the Pro Drift championship in 2012 with Brendan Stone behind the wheel (pictured above). MG Crash Repairs is the same team that loaned a car to Dai Yoshihara back in 2012 at ProDrift, where Dai won second only behind teammate Brendan Stone. Kearney mentioned in his press release that the car will have a 550hp RB26 motor, which is a pretty big change from his supercharged 8.3L Dodge Viper which he competes in for the Formula Drift championship in the US. The car is a fresh build, not the same car that Stone used in the ProDrift championship.

Kearney released a quote as well, shown below:

I’m really looking forward to having the opportunity to compete in my native country again” said Dean Kearney.

“Ive been pretty much out of the Irish drift scene for 4 years now with FD commitments but I’ve always followed the scene very closely and attended several events while home as a spectators. The Irish drivers have proven themselves to be some of the strongest drivers in Europe time and time again, So having the opportunity to come back and compete in a proper competition car was always important for me. I’ve always admired the prep of MG Crash Repairs S15’s so when the opportunity came about it was pretty much a no-brainer. I started my career in a RHD S-chassis car, so it will be good to get back to my roots after competing so long in the Oracle Lighting Dodge Viper in the US. We will be testing before this weekend gets underway so I can get re-accustom to sitting on the other side of the car again.

All in all, I’m looking forward to this weekend and hope I can do Mark and the Team proud.

James Deane Interview – Wrecked Weekly Episode 1 [VIDEO]

We finally dropped our new project Wrecked Weekly where we sit down with a professional drifter once a week until the end of time. These interviews will be released every Thursday! Our first every episode is with 2013 Irish Drift Champion James Deane who was visiting from Ireland and came by the Wrecked Magazine office for a quick visit/interview. Our 20 minute interview brings up his 2014 plans to be in Drift-Allstars, his favorite alcoholic drink, the Rubberbandits, and how his Mazda Rx-7 was put together for the 2013 season.

We chatted for about five minutes and turned on the cameras for our first ever Wrecked Weekly episode. We have currently shot about 10 episodes now and we have learned quite a bit. I am excited that the quality, timeframe, and things have improved with each episode we have done. Look out for interviews coming from Mike Pollard, Chris Forsberg, Robbie Nishida, JR Hildebrand, Dmitriy Illyuk, and much more!

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James Deane is the Champion of the Irish Drifting Championship for 2013

James Deane’s recent dominance in Europe is undeniable. After just four of five rounds, Deane has enough points to clinch the inaugural Irish Drifting Championship series title a full event early. This adds to his 2011 JDM Drift Allstars championship,  2010 Prodrift Championship, and 2008 ProDrift championship. To think that this kid has accomplished all this at the ripe young age of 21 (22 in October) is pretty remarkable.

Will we see Deane in Formula D in 2013?

James Deane Testing his Falken Tire Mazda Rx-7

James Deane leaked his FD Mazda Rx-7 last week and now is out testing the Falken Tire work horse. The last time we saw Deane in Falken livery he was smashing wings and taking names in Formula Drift like this victory against Irish compatroit Darren McNamara.This Rx-7 is loaded up with aero and one giant wing to take him around Europe for the 2013 drifting season. We cannot wait for some video to be released of James ripping it up in this Mazda.

James Deane takes his RX7 drifting on a rally track [VIDEO]

The man with the coolest name in drifting has put out another great video, this time drifting the Rally Connection circuit in Waterford, Ireland. Deane’s FD3S RX7 is currently torn apart and being rebuilt for the 2013 Irish Drifting Championships season (formerly known as ProDrift), so this video was likely filmed a few months back, but is still a well put together piece. We just wish he could find some sponsors and make a full fledged effort in Formula D!

Check out the video here:

If you want the version without the music and the raw car noises, check out this edit:

2013 Irish Drifting Championship schedule

Today is just full of scheduling news! In addition to the XDC and FD schedule news today, Irish Drifting Championships have announced their calendar. Although the majority of the schedule had previously been announced, the dates for the 4th event in Cork have been updated. This series essentially replaces ProDrift in Ireland, and should feature many of the same top tier talent that ProDrift has enjoyed for the past several years including James Deane, Shane O’Sullivan, Brendan Stone, and others.

  • Round 1 – Mondello Park, Co. Kildare – April 19th-21st
  • Round 2 – Punchestown Racecourse, Co. Kildare – May 24th-26th
  • Round 3 – Ennis, Co. Clare – June 29th/30th
  • Round 4 – Corrin Event Centre, Fermoy, Co. Cork – July 27th-28th
  • Round 5 – Mondello Park, Co. Kildare – September 6th-8th

The rulebook for the 2013 IDC can be downloaded here. Questions, particularly about rules or driver inquiries, can be emailed to