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James Deane Interview – Wrecked Weekly Episode 1 [VIDEO]

We finally dropped our new project Wrecked Weekly where we sit down with a professional drifter once a week until the end of time. These interviews will be released every Thursday! Our first every episode is with 2013 Irish Drift Champion James Deane who was visiting from Ireland and came by the Wrecked Magazine office for a quick visit/interview. Our 20 minute interview brings up his 2014 plans to be in Drift-Allstars, his favorite alcoholic drink, the Rubberbandits, and how his Mazda Rx-7 was put together for the 2013 season.

We chatted for about five minutes and turned on the cameras for our first ever Wrecked Weekly episode. We have currently shot about 10 episodes now and we have learned quite a bit. I am excited that the quality, timeframe, and things have improved with each episode we have done. Look out for interviews coming from Mike Pollard, Chris Forsberg, Robbie Nishida, JR Hildebrand, Dmitriy Illyuk, and much more!

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James Deane is the Champion of the Irish Drifting Championship for 2013

James Deane’s recent dominance in Europe is undeniable. After just four of five rounds, Deane has enough points to clinch the inaugural Irish Drifting Championship series title a full event early. This adds to his 2011 JDM Drift Allstars championship,  2010 Prodrift Championship, and 2008 ProDrift championship. To think that this kid has accomplished all this at the ripe young age of 21 (22 in October) is pretty remarkable.

Will we see Deane in Formula D in 2013?

James Deane Testing his Falken Tire Mazda Rx-7

James Deane leaked his FD Mazda Rx-7 last week and now is out testing the Falken Tire work horse. The last time we saw Deane in Falken livery he was smashing wings and taking names in Formula Drift like this victory against Irish compatroit Darren McNamara.This Rx-7 is loaded up with aero and one giant wing to take him around Europe for the 2013 drifting season. We cannot wait for some video to be released of James ripping it up in this Mazda.

James Deane takes his RX7 drifting on a rally track [VIDEO]

The man with the coolest name in drifting has put out another great video, this time drifting the Rally Connection circuit in Waterford, Ireland. Deane’s FD3S RX7 is currently torn apart and being rebuilt for the 2013 Irish Drifting Championships season (formerly known as ProDrift), so this video was likely filmed a few months back, but is still a well put together piece. We just wish he could find some sponsors and make a full fledged effort in Formula D!

Check out the video here:

If you want the version without the music and the raw car noises, check out this edit:

2013 Irish Drifting Championship schedule

Today is just full of scheduling news! In addition to the XDC and FD schedule news today, Irish Drifting Championships have announced their calendar. Although the majority of the schedule had previously been announced, the dates for the 4th event in Cork have been updated. This series essentially replaces ProDrift in Ireland, and should feature many of the same top tier talent that ProDrift has enjoyed for the past several years including James Deane, Shane O’Sullivan, Brendan Stone, and others.

  • Round 1 – Mondello Park, Co. Kildare – April 19th-21st
  • Round 2 – Punchestown Racecourse, Co. Kildare – May 24th-26th
  • Round 3 – Ennis, Co. Clare – June 29th/30th
  • Round 4 – Corrin Event Centre, Fermoy, Co. Cork – July 27th-28th
  • Round 5 – Mondello Park, Co. Kildare – September 6th-8th

The rulebook for the 2013 IDC can be downloaded here. Questions, particularly about rules or driver inquiries, can be emailed to

The Find an Event Drift Calendar for 2013

We are stacking up drift events for the 2013 season on our Find An Event tab over at Wrecked Magazine. With great series from all over the world added into our calendar such as Formula Drift, Formula Drift Asia, D1GP, D1SL, BDC, EEDC, Drift All-Stars and the Russian Drift Series for the new year. If you see any grassroots or professional series we are missing at Wrecked feel free to submit it to us through the contact form.

Enjoy Find An Event for 2013:

James Deane Presents his 2012 Season Review [VIDEO]

These days James Deane might even be 18 years old but I don’t even think we are really sure on that fact at all. The days of watching James Deane wheel the “undriftable” Falken S15 around Long Beach are practically a distant memory in our lives sadly. However, James is still active in Europe competing with his awesome FD Mazda Rx-7. Here is an almost 10 minute walk through of how his 2012 season went down.

Watch the video:

2012 Prodrift Finals [RESULTS]

Brendan Stone took not only the event win but also the Prodrift Championship at Mondello today, taking out a star-studded lineup en route including his MG Crash Repairs teammate for the weekend Dai Yoshihara in the finals to cap off a run that started with Fredric Aasbo in the Top 16. Wes Keating took out 16-year-old Duane McKeever for the final podium position, Keating’s first podium of the season. James Deane had qualified first, but was eliminated by Dai Yoshihara (who qualified 16th) in the first round after a one-more-time. Darren McNamara unfortunately had mechanical issues and did not qualify for top 16, while Dean Kearney was eliminated by McKeever in the top 8.

1st – Brendan Stone – MG Crash Repairs S15
2nd – Dai Yoshihara – MG Crash Repairs / Falken Altezza
3rd – Wes Keating – WKD Imports S14
4th – Duane McKeever – S13

Current standings entering ProDrift Finale this weekend [STANDINGS]

With a total of 33 points available in the final round of ProDrift (25 for a win and up to 8 for qualifying), 8 drivers still have a shot at the championship. With hotshots Dai Yoshihara, Fredric Aasbo, and Darren McNamara all coming to ruin the party, this year’s ProDrift championship may come down to the very final run just like Formula D’s championship did last season. Brendan Stone will look to hold off James Deane (2008 and 2010 ProDrift champion) and Damien Mulvey (2005 ProDrift champion) as well as the headlining Formula D stars to take his first championship.

1 Brendan Stone – 82 points
2 James Deane – 78 points
3 Damien Mulvey – 77 points
4 Shane O Sullivan – 75 points
5 Paul McCarthy – 69 points
6 Gavin Lenihan – 58 points
7 Alan Lenihan – 55 points
8 Adrian Walsh – 50 points
9 Alan Sinnott – 47 points
10 John Paul McCarthy – 42 points

Dai Yoshihara to drive at the ProDrift Finals [BREAKING NEWS]

With an already star-studded lineup, ProDrift Ireland added another international star to the roster for the finals today. Dai Yoshihara announced on his Twitter that he would be returning to Ireland for the second consecutive year to drive the MG Crash Repairs / Falken Tire Altezza that he drove in the Prodrift Finale last season. If we had some spare airline miles, we would be hopping over to Kildare to check out the event!