OEM Manufacturers Championship



A top 8 appearance from Michael Essa helped BMW maintain the lead in the OEM championship, while Ford moved up from third to second thanks to the win from Vaughn Gittin Jr. Scion dropped to third after all four Scion cars lost in the round of 32. We now have 10 manufacturers competing for the OEM championship after Toyota earned the first points of the season behind Andy Gray.

Here are the standings in the OEM Manufacturer championship after 2 of 8 rounds:

1. BMW  – 202 points
2. Ford – 191 points
3. Scion – 185 points
4. Nissan – 151 points
5. Mazda–101 points
6. Chevy – 83 points
7. Dodge – 51 points
8. Infiniti – 49 points
9. Lexus – 34 points
10. Toyota – 18 points



The OEM Manufacturer Championship looks to be much more competitive this year due to some of the shakeups in the offseason after Scion has taken the last two OEM championships fairly easily. Scion still looks to be the odds on favorite to take the win due to the strong roster, but the BMW roster looks equally impressive with Essa’s return to the German manufacturer. Infiniti and Mazda both look stronger this season pending reliability of the cars, and Lexus will be making a comeback at the hands of Cameron Moore. The lack of qualifying points being awarded at Round 1 means many of the OEM’s are tied due to having drivers finish in the same round.

Here are the standings in the OEM Manufacturer championship after 1 of 8 rounds:

1. Scion  – 144 points
2. BMW– 132 points
3. Ford – 64 points
T4. Infiniti – 48 points
T4. Mazda– 48 points
T4. Nissan – 48 points
T7. Chevy – 32 points
T7. Dodge – 32 points
9. Lexus – 16 points

2015 Formula D Round 3 Orlando – OEM Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


With two more drivers on the podium, repeating their two-podium effort in Long Beach, Scion extends their lead in the OEM championship and is already starting to run away with the championship. Three of the top five drivers in the championship are piloting Scion vehicles, proving that this could be the year for Scion to win not only the OEM Championship (for the second consecutive year) but the Formula Drift championship as well.

Here are the standings in the OEM Manufacturer championship after 3 of 7 rounds:

1. Scion  – 468 points
2. Nissan – 260 points
3. Ford – 234 points
4. Chevy – 179 points
5. Mazda – 125 Points
6. Infiniti – 122 points
7. Dodge– 70 Points
8. BMW – 52 points
9. Lexus – 51 points
10. Toyota – 37 points

2015 Formula D Round 1 Long Beach – OEM Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


With two of three cars on the podium, Scion has taken the early lead in the OEM Manufacturer’s championship. With many cars in the top 16 not being eligible for the OEM Championship due to having a mis-matched engine, Scion has a fairly substantial lead on all other manufacturers. Ford is in second place with a top-8 appearance from Gittin Jr. and a top sixteen finish from Pawlak, and Chevy sits in third place with a top-8 appearance from McQuarrie and a top-32 effort from Grunewald. While Lexus currently sits in fifth place overall thanks to points from Robbie Nishida, this may be the only points they score all season as Nishida is expected to debut his Infiniti G37 at the next round in Atlanta. Last year, Charles Ng’s car wasn’t eligible for manufacturer points due to using a Chevy engine, but the shift to the VR38 engine out of the Nissan GT-R allows him to earn points for Infiniti in 2015.

Here’s how the OEM championship shapes up after the first round of the 2015 Formula D Championship:

1. Scion  – 173 points
2. Ford – 88 points
3. Chevy – 69 points
4. Nissan – 57 points
5. Lexus – 51 points
T6. BMW – 34 points
T6. Infiniti – 34 points
T8. Dodge– 18 Points
T8. Mazda – 18 Points

Michael Essa Is Leaving his BMW in The Past [RUMORMILL]


One of the biggest things happening in Formula Drift over the last few seasons is the shifting and growth of various car manufacturers in the sport. The advent of the OEM manufacturing championship as helped people keep an eye on who is driving what in the sport. Well, a big rumormill we keep hearing again and again which now we can almost confirm 100% is that Michael Essa is throwing away the keys to his E46 BMW that won him a championship and saying hello to a Chevrolet Camaro! This is the third Camaro we expect to see on grid for 2015 along side Tyler McQuarrie and Conrad Grunewald. What do you think about Michael Essa’s potential jump into a Camaro for 2015?

2014 Formula D Round 6 Texas – OEM Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


With the event win from Aasbo and a top 8 finish from Tuerck, Scion has increased their lead going into the final round of competition. For the second consecutive event, Ford dropped in the standings, this time falling from second to third behind Nissan due to the top 8 finish from Gittin Jr. and top 16 exit from Justin Pawlak. Nissan improved their position behind a team effort from Chris Forsberg Racing, placing one car in the final four (Forsberg) and Castro placing the other car in the top 8, where he narrowly lost to Forsberg.

Here’s how the OEM championship shapes up after 6 of 7 rounds of competition.

1. Scion  – 720 points
2. Nissan – 626 points
3. Ford – 619 points
4. Chevy – 400 points
5. BMW – 356 points
6. Lexus – 331 points
7. Dodge – 252 points
8. Mazda – 141.5 points
9. Toyota – 103.5 Points
10. Hyundai – 19 Points

2014 Formula D Round 5 Seattle – OEM Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


Combining a top-4 finish from Fredric Aasbo with a top-8 finish from Ken Gushi, Scion jumped Ford in the OEM Manufacturer’s standings, which is turning out to be a more exciting chase than the actual drivers championship. Ford drivers Justin Pawlak (qualified 7th, finished top-8) and Vaughn Gittin Jr (qualified 8th, finished top 32) combined for less than 100 points for the second straight event. Nissan remained in third place behind a podium from Chris Forsberg and a top-32 from Jhonnattan Castro, and Chevy remains in fourth place (Top 16 for Grunewald, Top 32 for McQuarrie). Dodge was the big mover behind Dean Kearney’s first podium finish in Formula D, jumping into sixth position behind Lexus which is remarkable as Dodge only has one car competing in the series while Lexus has three.

Here’s the current OEM Manufacturer’s Championship standings after five of seven rounds:

1. Scion  – 565 points
2. Ford – 534.5 points
3. Nissan – 519.5 points
4. Chevy – 330 points
5. BMW – 299 points
6. Lexus – 277 points
7. Dodge – 215.5 points
8. Mazda – 124 points
9. Toyota – 86 Points
10. Hyundai – 19 Points

2014 Formula D Round 4 New Jersey – OEM Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


While the Tire Championship got a bit less contentious after this weekend, the OEM Championship got much more contentious. Ford remains in first place behind a pair of top 16 appearances from Vaughn Gittin Jr and Justin Pawlak, but Scion jumped Nissan into second place behind Fredric Aasbo’s first win and a top 16 appearance from Ryan Tuerck. Nissan’s points were accrued by Chris Forsberg’s second place finish and Jhonnattan Castro’s top-32 finish. BMW broke their tie with Lexus via a pair of top-32 exits combined with high qualifications from both Chelsea Denofa and Michael Essa, while Lexus’s points were accrued by Daigo Saito and Robbie Nishida, who both exited in top-32 and had lower qualifying results than the BMW’s.

Here’s how the OEM championship shapes up after four of seven rounds:

1. Ford – 461.5 points
2. Scion  – 447 points
3. Nissan – 432 points
4. Chevy – 276 points
5. BMW – 246.5 points
6. Lexus – 237.5 points
7. Dodge – 134 points
8. Mazda – 90.5 points
9. Toyota – 68.5 Points
10. Hyundai – 19 Points

2014 Formula D Championship Standings after New Jersey [STANDINGS]


Fredric Aasbo’s win in New Jersey catapults him over Vaughn Gittin Jr in the standings, but both are still chasing Chris Forsberg. By qualifying first and placing second, Forsberg now leads by 59 points, up from just 10 points after Miami. With Kenny Moen 111 points behind Forsberg due to his exit in top 16, this is practically a three-horse race with just three events to go.

Here’s how the top 20 points shape up after four rounds:

1. Chris Forsberg                 353 points
2. Fredric Aasbo                  294 points
3. Vaughn Gittin Jr.         288 points
4. Kenneth Moen                 242 points
5. Odi Bakchis                      189.5 points
6. Justin Pawlak                  173.5 points
7. Forrest Wang                   164.5 points
8. Darren McNamara        153 points
9. Robbie Nishida               151.5 points
10. Conrad Grunewald       141.5 points
11. Tyler McQuarrie            134.5 points
12. Dean Kearney              134 points
13. Michael Essa                    131 points
14. Ryan Tuerck                  125.5 points
15. Matt Field                     119.5 points
16. Charles Ng                   118 points
17. Chelsea Denofa               115.5 points
18. Ken Gushi                        106.5 ponts
19. Kyle Mohan                   90.5 points
20. Jhonnattan Castro      89 points

2014 Formula D Tire Round 3 Miami – OEM Manufacturers Championship [STANDINGS]


Vaughn Gittin Jr’s win combined with Justin Pawlak’s Top 16 appearance have helped to extend Ford’s lead in the OEM Championship. Nissan has risen into second position behind Chris Forsberg’s second place finish and Jhonnattan Castro’s Top 16 finish. Scion is now in third place behind Aasbo’s top-8 appearance and Tuerck’s top 16 appearance. Chevy has jumped into fourth position, while BMW remains in fifth place but is joined in a tie by defending champion Lexus (who drops from fourth place after Atlanta).

Here’s how the OEM championship shapes up after three of seven rounds:

1. Ford – 393 points
2. Nissan – 334.5 points
3. Scion  – 312 points
4. Chevy – 204.5 points
T5. BMW – 201 points
T5. Lexus – 201 points
7. Dodge – 84.5 points
8. Mazda – 71.5 points
9. Toyota – 51 Points
10. Hyundai – 19 Points