Buy the S14 That was the 1st Team Hogan Drift Car

Team Hogan Drift Car on Craigslist

If you checked out Tampa’s Craiglist Cars for Sale section this week you would find a Nissan 240sx S14 with quite the history behind it. The car was the first drift car of Nick Hogan according to Craigslist. Then the car was used during the NOPI Drift series by Vision Performance. This car can be bought for $2,000 OBO if you act fast.

Buy This on Craigslist:

ROUSH Mustang’s go Drifting at Motorsport Nationals [ATLANTA, GA]

Roush Mustang’s are going sliding next weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway during the Motorsport Nationals show. The website does not list where the demo’s will be at AMS for the weekend event but just follow the smoke we guess. Former NOPI driver Ali Aljibouri will be piloting the Rouch Mustang. He drove the CSI Racing Pontiac Solstice in the NOPI Drift series when it was still around.

Former Formula D Driver Chris Cook in NASCAR Race this Weekend

Chris Cook who is best known in drifting for his NOPI Los Angeles Dodge Viper Flip started in the NASCAR Nationwide Series this weekend at Montreal. It’s a road course track which forced drivers to qualify in the rain. Chris Cook actually drove at the NASCAR Nationwide series Watkins Glen race on a road course earlier this year. The Montreal race is currently airing on ESPN2.

Chris Cook while remembered for this insane wreck also had some great moments in Formula Drift. My best memory of him is from Formula D Wall 2007 when he defeated Sam Hubinette (MOPAR partner) in the top 16 after a great One More Time battle. Chris Cook and this Dodge Viper flip was also our cover on the first issue of Wrecked Magazine.

Check out Chris Cook’s Dodge Viper Flip:

Florida Drifter Highlight: Estie Falero

Estie Falero: Florida Grassroots Spotlight

Check out Estie Falero who rose to Florida Drifting stardom by winning the first NOPI Drift of 2008 at Moroso Motorsports Park that was surronded by huge controversy between judges and oversights of the rules. Aside from all the drama Estie Falero drifted his way to a 1st place finish starting off the year head over everyone. You can check out a gallery from that event NOPI Drift 2008 – Round 1. Estie’s 240sx has stood out to many fans due to his brightly colored wheels he has had on the car in years previous. The video comes from P Gill Productions who did a nice work with this driver highlight reel.

Watch the video:—florida-grassroots-spotlight

Top 5 Most Direct Linked Stories of 2008

5. First pics of Samuel Hubinette’s new Dodge Challenger

We were the first website in the world to publish photos of Sam Hubinette’s Dodge Challenger on Monday at SEMA. It debuted to the world on Tuesday but large automotive sites like already linked up to our coverage of the Dodge Challenger from Monday at SEMA. This resulted in it being the fifth most linked story of Wrecked Magazine in 2008.

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4. Ken Gushi’s Scion tC Import Tuner Magazine Cover Shoot Leaked!

Our leaked Import Tuner cover was a huge hit with the Scion forums. After we posted Ken Gushi’s Scion before the other sites in 2007 we had a ton of Scion tuners checking into the site constantly provided a huge push of traffic to this story ranking it fourth.

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3. NOPI Drift is no more

With the mess of their 2008 season we all saw this coming pretty soon by the end of the season. Chicago was canceled and NOPI Nationals vanished leaving the season at a hang. This post produced a ton of comments as well but we broke this story before all other Drifting sites and really got tons of link traffic.

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2. Rob Dyrdek to kick off Formula D in the Rogue Status 69 Camaro!

This was released before Long Beach that Rob Dyrdek of MTV’s Rob/Big fame and pro skateboarder would be the grand marshall of this event. We even beat Hypebeast to the story who picked it up a few days later. This was a widely linked and read story on our website placing it number two.

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1. Confusion of NOPI Drift Miami?

The start of the 2008 NOPI season proved to be a HUGE disaster and was by far the most linked story on our blog in 2008. The story tallied 165 comments from readers and caused a huge controversy around the Industry. As you know, they were not even able to finish the 2008 season and left many drivers without a home.

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Flashback: Mountain Dew does NOPI Drift

Mountian Dew Drifting Report – NOPI Drift Colorado

Check this out from the Dew Report as they invade NOPI Drift Colorado. A true flashback to the old series featuring Bill Sherman, Nick Hogan, and Patrick Mourdaunt. Check it out from the NOPI series Dew Report produced by Mountian Dew. 


Watch the video:—nopi-drift-col

Nick Hogan Released from Prison just after midnight

According to TMZ Nick Hogan was released from jail after midnight today. It will be interesting to see if he comes back and joins the Drifting community. He could made it to the Pro Am right around the corner in November? This should be interesting to see, we wish him well in whatever endeavors he decides to accomplish now that he is free. For those of you not aware, Nick Hogan was driving in a Dodge Viper and then Nissan 350z in the now defunct NOPI Drift series before his accident that took place in Tampa, Florida. He also had attended a Formula D Pro Am event in Laughlin, Nevada.

Source: (For the record we like Perez Hilton more!)

Formula D Irwindale Unseeded Qualifying Results

1 Bill Sherman (Retaks/Bridgestone Tires Nissan 240sx)
2 T. Yoshioka (APSEC AE86)
3 P. Mordaunt (RiceboyTV Nissan 350z)
4 S. Yamamoto (Falken Tires Nissan S13)
5 J. Pawlak (National Wave/Maxxis Tires Mazda Rx-7)
6 T. McQuarrie (Hankook Tires Porsche GT2)
7 M. Haruguchi (S15 Nissan 240sx)
8 M. Orido (Project U Toyota Aristo)
9 K. Hayashida (Signal Auto Nissan Skyline)
10 Y. Kondo (Kaaz AE86)
11 T. Angelo (Maxxis Tires Mazda Rx-7)
12 A. Pfeiffer (International All Stars Mazda Mx-5)
13 T. Brakohiapa (Team X Ford Mustang)
14 T. Aono (Falken Tires AE86)
15 J. Russakoff (blue AE86)
16 Q. Ly (Nissan 240sx)

Andy Sapp: Driver Profile Video

Lately Andy Sapp has been cooking up some killer videos lately including some pretty wicked on car pieces. He drove in Formula D back in 2005/2006 in the BMW above and also took a podium finish at NOPI Drift St. Louis in 2007. The video is a great piece including SPEED coverage of Andy, Atlanta grassroots, old NHRA demos and much more! We totally miss Andy as he use to work at Wrecked Magazine and are pumped that a ton of our staff made the credits.

Watch the video:

Bill Sherman Back: The Best Move of 2008?

Bill Sherman made a major and impactful return this weekend at Formula D Sonoma by finishing on the podium with his Retaks Nissan 240sx. His victory this weekend shows that the recipe of a familiar car and a quality driver will get you the points in Formula Drift. It never seemed clear to us at Wrecked Magazine why Bill Sherman was left on the bench for the 2008 season to begin with? His aggressive and FAST style are a recipe for disaster when facing opponents in the top 16. Let’s take a flashback to the Enjuku Racing days with Bill Sherman and his Nissan 240sx.

Bill Sherman was able to win the 2007 NOPI Drift Championship by a landslide and although the competition wasn’t as fierce compared to Formula D it definitly showed he was a serious player. Over the course of 2007 Enjuku Racing ran a double schedule and managed to stay very competitive in Formula D over the same season. At Road Atlanta he even managed to battle Rhys Millen in a contraversal battle where the judges granted Rhys Millen a victory but the fans boo’d with disdain and many media outlets questioned the judges call with some replay videos.

So just in case Bill Sherman disappears again let’s not forget he is a serious player in the Drifting game and keep an eye on him. Let’s see if he can repeat with a strong finish at Irwindale!