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Buy the S14 That was the 1st Team Hogan Drift Car

Team Hogan Drift Car on Craigslist

If you checked out Tampa’s Craiglist Cars for Sale section this week you would find a Nissan 240sx S14 with quite the history behind it. The car was the first drift car of Nick Hogan according to Craigslist. Then the car was used during the NOPI Drift series by Vision Performance. This car can be bought for $2,000 OBO if you act fast.

Buy This on Craigslist:

Xtreme Drift Circuit – Las Vegas by Patrick Kennedy [VIDEO]

Xtreme Drift Circuit Round 2 by Patrick Sean Kennedy

Here is an Xtreme Drift Circuit video from Round 2 Las Vegas. The video highlights the horrible Cooper Tire stage, drifting, and a few clips of the car show. It also features interviews from Matt Petty, Chris Forsberg, Alex Pfeiffer, Nick Hogan, and Jarod DeAnda. Don’t miss one of the only XDC videos we have seen to date.

Watch the video:

$100 CASH for Nick Hogan’s XDC Qualifying Run in Video – [DETAILS INSIDE]

Nick Hogan managed to qualify 20th at XDC Las Vegas but was clearly not happy with the result. He took to his twitter account and ripped about the series, the sport, and even sent an @ reply to one of the judges asking why he was deducted points. He quickly deleted the comments and issued some apologizes. Our inquiring minds are curious to see how far off he was in performance from the Top 16 drivers. So read below to find out how to get paid:

How to Make Make $100
1- Have high quality video of Nick Hogan’s Qualifying Run
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Xtreme Drift Circuit – Round 2 – Las Vegas Motor Speedway [GALLERY]

Chelsea DeNofa at XDC Las Vegas

Xtreme Drift Circuit - Jeff Jones

Xtreme Drift Circuit Round 2 got put in the books over the weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. While Odie Bakchis took home the victory at LVMS many other drivers were in attendance for the weekend. Nick Hogan made his XDC debut with his Nissan 350z. Patrick Mordaunt also showed up in his Formula Drift prepped 350z. Formula D driver Alex Pfieffer qualified 3rd with his Lexus SC300 and Jeff Jones even brought out the CX Racing Mazda Rx-7.

Check out the XDC Gallery:

Nick Hogan Confirmed for XDC 2010 with Nissan 350z

Nick Hogan

Just got off the phone with Nick Hogan a few minutes ago and he filled me in on his 2010 plans. He will be driving a black Nissan 350z that is turbocharged. This is a different car from the one he drove to third place at NOPI Pittsburgh a few years ago. That car will be a backup car if needed for the season.

His charity Keep It Off the Streets will be his sponsor currently and he has no tire sponsor but is looking for one for the XDC season. He won’t be racing at Irwindale with the car not prepared but Vegas will be his first event.

Flashback: Mountain Dew does NOPI Drift

Mountian Dew Drifting Report – NOPI Drift Colorado

Check this out from the Dew Report as they invade NOPI Drift Colorado. A true flashback to the old series featuring Bill Sherman, Nick Hogan, and Patrick Mourdaunt. Check it out from the NOPI series Dew Report produced by Mountian Dew. 


Watch the video:—nopi-drift-col

Nick Hogan Released from Prison just after midnight

According to TMZ Nick Hogan was released from jail after midnight today. It will be interesting to see if he comes back and joins the Drifting community. He could made it to the Pro Am right around the corner in November? This should be interesting to see, we wish him well in whatever endeavors he decides to accomplish now that he is free. For those of you not aware, Nick Hogan was driving in a Dodge Viper and then Nissan 350z in the now defunct NOPI Drift series before his accident that took place in Tampa, Florida. He also had attended a Formula D Pro Am event in Laughlin, Nevada.

Source: (For the record we like Perez Hilton more!)

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Slide America: The Trailer

Nick Hogan to serve jailtime!

Nick Hogan

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Nick and the whole Bollea family, we know it must be a hard time the family is going through and things just seem to stay falling in a downward spiral.

This came from Autoblog today:

Today in Clearwater, Florida, a judge sentenced Nick Bollea, son of famous WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan, to eight months in jail for reckless driving. Last August Bollea crashed his father’s yellow modified Toyota Supra into a palm tree while street racing. Not only did he total the car, but his friend John Graziano who was riding shotgun that night will now require lifetime medical care for his critical injuries. The young Hogan was reportedly led off to serve his sentence immediately after it was handed down by the judge. In addition to the jail time, Bollea will also be on probation for five years and lose his drivers license for three. After all the hoopla that’s led us to this point in Nick Bollea’s tragic story, the only thing we can say is that the roads are probably safer tonight.

Nick Hogan Arrested.

These thoughts don’t reflect anyone at Wrecked Magazine. Our prayers go out to Nick and John’s family and we hope everything can come back full swing to normalcy. This post was put up by jalopnik which we deem a reliable source for information. It appears Nick Hogan will not be at the Formula D Pro Am this weekend and perhaps his 08 driving season is in question.

 “The strange panties-dropping saga of Nick Hogan continues. We’ve just learned the son of Hulk was arrested today in Clearwater, Florida on “felony charges of reckless driving involving serious bodily injury.” Clearwater police claim the crash the young Hogan (also known as Bollea) was involved in back in late August that left his passenger, John Graziano, critically injured was caused by — wait for it — street racing. Yup, Hogan was supposedly racing a silver Dodge Viper when he lost control of his yellow 1998 Toyota Supra. The urine-colored car then struck a curb and spun 180 degrees across two lanes of traffic, slamming rear-end first into a palm tree. We’ll keep you up-to-date on what happens next, as well as how many panties drop at the mere mention of Hogan’s super Supra. In case you’ve forgotten what the Supra looked like post-crash, we’ve re-included our gallery below. You know, for purposes of posterity.”