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Up and Comer: Meet Lone Star Drift Driver Garrett Hoyt


Texas is the home to a pretty solid group of talented drivers, Garrett Hoyt (though technically being from Arkansas), is definitely no exception. I met Garrett last year when he was finishing up his previous Ls6 car cage build up in Dallas at Autocomp Racecars, and we pretty much became BFF right away. Over that weekend, I believe it was Lone Star Bash, I got to know him pretty well, and also noticed that he was an extremely good driver. He was very aggressive, and even more consistent. Unfortunately for him, at the time anyway, his fully built ls6 motor exploded in a fit of rage just a couple events later.


Jump ahead to round 1 of the 2014 lone star series this past weekend. Garrett had spent his offseason going full retard on a pretty intense 350z build. After realize how much time and money it was going to take, he decided breaking a few SR’s before even using them was the best option, and finally got a solid motor set in the car. Caught up with him that day at the event and chatted about his new setup, which low and behold, he liked even more than his more powerful v8 motor. HA! turbo forever! Garrett was the number 1 qualifier for the event and I believe finished 6th or 7th over all for the weekend! Heres a little bit of our discussion!


Q: What do you drive and why (specs and such)?

A: Well lets do this. I drive a 1995 Nissan 240sx, I’m running a red top sr20det with a top mount hybrid turbo. I have ISIS coilovers and arms and I can’t complain they feel really high end actually. Parts Shop Max super angle steering kit, with MCR Factory Knuckles. Also some PSM drop knuckles in the back. The car is perfect right now. Love it


Q: When did you start drifting and why?

A:  I Started drifting back in 2009. I had my Jeep and yes, I was drifting my jeep wrangler around into people’s yards and shit, then I got my first 240sx. I started drifting because it was just so much fun. It is for sure the most fun you can have with pants on.


Q: So besides being the pants-less wonder, what are your goals with drifting? Is it all for fun or do you plan to take it all the way to pro level?

A: My goal in drifting is to always have fun. But I am very competitive and I want to go pro, that’s what I’m aiming for.


Q: When you aren’t working on your car or driving events, what do you do for fun?

A: When I’m not messing with my racecar or my buddy’s cars. I love to play the guitar. Acoustic of course.


Q: Who do you look up to both in the drifting world and abroad?

A: Well I really look up to Nate Hamilton. He has been like my coach and we have had a lot of seat time together. And outside of drift it is gonna sound cheesy, but it is my dad. My dad is such an amazing person. Couldn’t ask for anyone better.


Q: Not cheesy, admirable! Where are you from and What made you decide to make the travel to drive the Lone star series?

A: ARKANSAS!!! I was born and raised in good ol’ Arkansas. I was drifting up in Memphis but they don’t have the series that lonestar does. NO ONE DOES! I love the lonestar drift series. Great drivers and fast courses plus the amount of tandem that goes on is crazy. Love it down there.


Q: At this point in your “career” with drifting, what moment stands out the most for you?

A: The moment that stands out the most to me, well there are moments. 1st one is when I blew the ls6 that I was running last season. I shot two rods through the block. And the second one is coming back from the blown ls6, to a little sr20det and I was first place qualifier with it at round 1. I couldn’t be more happy with how the sr20 feels. Soooo much better then the ls6. True story. #V8hunterReborn


Q: Any advice for someone looking to get into drifting?

A: If you’re wanting to start drifting. All I can say is GO FOR IT, like I said earlier it is the most fun you can have with your pants on haha. Don’t do it on the streets though. Safety first kids!


Photos By: Justin Cunningham, Alex Callaway, and Jason Scott

2014 Lone Star Drift Round 1 [GALLERY]




Lone Star Bash kicked off its 2014 drift season with a big Round 1 at Gulf Greyhound Park in
La Marque, Texas. The event was plagued with rain and poor weather but the top drivers in Texas still found their way over to the podium. Jason Scott produced all of our photography from the Lone Star weekend!


View the Gallery:

Biggest Disappointments in Drifting From 2013

In case you missed it our whole staff got together for a Google+ Hangout with special guests Justin Banner of and Formula Drift judge/US Drift owner Brian Eggert. We weighed in on six categories including one that was the biggest disappointment of 2013. Here is my paraphrasing of everyones answers or you can watch them answer in video directly by using the link below.

Joey Redmond (me) – The Rookie Class
The rookie race over the past few seasons has been a fun and interesting battle to say the least. The word I described them as for the season was “deplorable” in Formula Drift. It threw the future of the sport into question and I think forced the hand of Formula Drift staff to fast track the Pro 2 series. Marc Landerville really showed promise at New Jersey but only participated in that one event. Some of the drivers that ran like Mats and Nate Hamilton have potential but they just didn’t put it together. The 2014 class has tons of promise so don’t give up hope yet.

Rathyna Gomer – Final Fight at Irwindale
The way Michael Essa won a championship and how it was anticlimactic. It just lacked excitement as a fan and most people were in the dark about behind the scenes activities like the protests going on.

Justin Banner – Protests
He points to the slowing down of the show for protests this year was a huge let down. It really played a major effect on Round 6 at Texas with the judging call reversal which he doesn’t even 100% agree with after watching replays.

Jacob Leveton – Walker Wilkerson
Tons of people were excited about his twin turbo LS7 Nissan 240sx S14 and managed to miss Round 1 which was already a let down with the build. He did attend Motegi Drift Challenge and did very well at the event and landed a podium. With an engine issue at Road Atlanta he didn’t perform well and then vanished for the rest of 2013. He had a good car and program in the past so it was a let down to not see him around. Jacob spoked with him and a good bit of it was attributed to parts issues.

Brian Eggert – Corey Hosford / Nate Hamilton / Ken Gushi
Brian didn’t want to place it as a dissapointment but more of a misfortunte or disappointment for the season with these two drivers. Corey Hosford he felt with the help of Chris Forsberg Racing was going to do really well and with car troubles and issues just couldn’t make it happen. Nate coming off a great performance in XDC he had high hopes for just had a couple issues and couldn’t make it come together. He was eighth in 2012 and finished 21st this season. He missed rounds 2/3 with car issues and just never really recovered.


Watch Us Discuss Our Disappointments:

2013 Formula Drift / Drifting Year in Review with Wrecked Magazine Staff [VIDEO]

We gathered the Wrecked Magazine staff (Jacob Leveton and Rathyna Gomer) for a Google+ Hangout with some special guests to look back at the whole 2013 season of drifting. We brought on two special guests for the episode including Justin Banner ( / Mackin Industries) and Brian Eggert (Formula Drift Judge / US Drift Founder / Pro Am Founder) for the show. In just over one hour we cover the big 6 topics below along with giving some inside scoops on potential Formula Drift formatting changes and analyzing the Pro 2 series. The following drivers all got rewards/mentions in our video: Vaughn Gittin Jr., Danny George, Pat Goodin, Chelsea DeNofa, Darren McNamara, Chris Forsberg, Michael Essa, Conrad Grunewald, Walker Wilkerson, Corey Hosford, Patrick Mordaunt, Daigo Saito, Robbie Nishida, Nate Hamilton, Geoff Stoneback, Rapper Dan Savage, Mike Pollard, and Dan Brockett. Here are the six categories we focused on:

Most Improved in 2013
Most memorable tandem battle 2013
Biggest letdown/disappointment of 2013
Driver of the Year 2013
Best Up and Comer for 2014
Hopes for 2014

Bash Bangers Part 4 – Lone Star Bash [VIDEO]

Another installment of Bash Bangers comes from Texas at the Lone Star Bash event. Bash Bangers Part 4 makes the Texas drift scene look like one of the best by far with pro drivers Pat Goodin, Rob Primo, Chelsea DeNofa, and Nate Hamilton all making some appearances.

2013 Formula Drift Irwindale Speedway – Tentative Drivers List

Here are the people who have paid and registered to drift next weekend at the House of Drift. The real strong title contenders are Mike Essa and Chris Forsberg and unless they drop the ball big time one of them is taking home a championship. If they both fail to advance a win could be taken by another driver to advance and win a championship as well. All eyes on Irwindale next weekend! Here is who is driving:
1 Essa, Mike 101
2 Forsberg, Chris 64
3 Aasbo, Fredric 151
4 Gittin, Vaughn Jr. 25
5 Saito, Daigo 1
6 Pawlak, Justin 13
7 Field, Matt 777
8 McNamara, Darren 8
9 Bakchis, Odi 723
10 Nishida, Robbie 31
11 Yoshihara, Daijiro 9
12 Grunewald, Conrad 79
13 Denofa, Chelsea 88
14 Moen, Kenneth 22
15 Powers, Matt 665
16 Tuerck, Ryan 62
17 George, Danny 7
18 McQuarrie, Tyler 17
19 Wang, Forrest 808
20 Kado, Ryan 614
21 Mordaunt, Patrick 90
22 Gushi, Ken 21
23 Yoshioka, Toshiki 104
24 Maeng, Joon 51
25 Aono, Taka 86
26 Ovcharik, Miroslav 235
27 Goodin, Patrick 46
28 Mohan, Kyle 99
29 Jones, Jeff 29
30 Angelo, Tony 96
31 Briggs, Dave 24
32 Baribeau, Mats* 30
33 Mertzanis, Dennis 323
34 Castro, Jhonnattan 717
35 Ward, Chris 23
36 Kearney, Dean 43
38 Wicknick, Brandon* 801
39 Parsons, Will* 48
40 Hamilton, Nate* 144
41 Hosford, Corey 232
42 Rydquist, Carl 300
44 Jeanneret, Chris* 111
45 Primozich, Rob* 3
46 Stone, Gabe 15
47 Mendoza Jr., Enrique 16
48 Wilkerson, Walker 95
49 Steele, Josh* 72
50 Moore, Victor 360
52 Hildebrand, J.R. 6
53 Pakula, Luke* 714
55 Lee, Alex 81
57 Osaki, Karl* 14
61 Cano Estrella, Carlos 10

Wrecked Magazine Commenters the New Stars of NetworkA’s Off-Track [VIDEO]

The world famous Wrecked Magazine trouble makers/anonymous commenters  get some limelight over on NetworkA’s Off-Track. Danger Andy took his favorite and most controversial comments and made the Formula Drift drivers read the comments about themselves. They got quite the hilarious looks and responses from some of the drivers. You can jump to our section with this link “Network A Off-Track – Texas Motor Speedway” in case you don’t want to watch the first four and a half minutes. Here are some screen grabs we loved from the video:

2013 Formula D Rookie of the Year status after 5 rounds [STANDINGS]

This year’s rookie chase is tighter than ever, but mostly due to lackluster results.

Canadian Marc Landreville is currently leading the chase despite only attending one FD event so far. Landreville has confirmed that he will be at Irwindale, with Texas being a possibility as well. Brandon Wicknick and Nate Hamilton have both made top 32 twice so far, which puts them just a few points behind Landreville, with both drivers committing to the remaining rounds. Mats Baribeau, Will Parsons, and Chris Jeanneret have all made a top 32 so far, and all are well within reach of taking the title with a Top 16 appearance. We could still see a jump from the ranks of a driver who has yet to score points with drivers like Rob Primozich, JR Hildebrande, or Luke Pakula simply needing to qualify for top 32 and possibly get lucky with a driver spinning or having a mechanical issue during the Top 32 tandem battle to tie Landreville. Landreville only earned 1% of the popular vote when we ran our poll in April about who our readers think would take the title.

Since the series switched to top-32 tandem in 2009, Odi Bakchis earned the Rookie of the Year title with the fewest points at 255. Unless a Landreville, Wicknick, or Hamilton were to earn back-to-back podiums, we are guaranteed to see a point total below that claiming the title.

Here’s a look at the points standings so far:

Car # Driver LB Qual LB Tandem ATL Qual ATL Tandem PB Qual PB Tandem NJ Qual NJ Tandem WA Qual WA Tandem Total Points Behind Leader
Landreville x x x x x x 0.5 54 x x 54.5
801 Wicknick 0 0 0 0 0.5 24 0 0 0.25 24 48.75 -5.75
144 Hamilton 0 0 0.25 24 0 0 0.25 24 0 0 48.5 6
30 Baribeau x x 0 0 4 24 0 0 x x 28 26.5
48 Parsons 0 0 0.25 24 0 0 x x 0 0 24.25 30.25
111 Jeanneret 0 0 x x x x x x 0.25 24 24.25 30.25

Formula Drift Off-Track at Palm Beach by NetworkA [VIDEO]

This nine minute installment of Off-Track with NetworkA this week brings you a “Meet the Pro” with Patrick Goodin and the tandem battle of the weekend was selected as Matt Field versus Daijiro Yoshihara. I was going to embed the run from the Formula Drift feed but they only put up a clip of the replay when Field was leading. Tune in to see Jarod DeAnda and Danger Andy take everyone around the Palm Beach International Circuit.


Xtreme Drift Circuit (Now WDrift) Doesn’t Deliver on Pre-Season Promises and Offers Free Driver Entries

The last time we brought up Xtreme Drift Circuit on this website was a post “Xtreme Drift Circuit Announces That They Will Soon Announce the Moon,” but that February 20th, 2013 post has’t come much to life. The post promised a TV deal with a major network and a new judging format. In January most of the current staff walked out including Matt Petty, John Wagner, and Brian Eggert leaving more questions than answers with the series. On the bright side this weekend at CFRC WDrift aka XDC is offering some free sponsorships if you are short on funds.


Dear Drift Competitor,

Hope to see you out this weekend at CFRC Orlando as we conduct a tandem drift competition and “drivers search” to see who will compete in the Monster KOE Series this year in Europe.
Attached is the event weekend flyer.
Also, if you haven’t already registered yet for the event, you can do so at the following link:
We are offering driver sponsorships for registration for those who are having financial difficulties.  Please let us know if you would like to drift, but are short on funds.  We have several groups that will look at covering your registration so long as you meet their criteria for drifting.
Hope to see you at the event!