2016 Formula Drift Japan Round 1: Suzuka [RESULTS]


For the second consecutive year, Andrew Gray took home the win at the Suzuka round of Formula Drift Japan. Despite having 32 entrants, only 29 drivers could muster a qualifying score, landing the top three drivers in qualifying a first round bye. Andrew Gray defeated defending Pro 2 champion Alex Heilbrunn in the top 32 round, a rivalry that should heat up as both drivers kick off the Formula Drift Pro season in just four weeks. Gray defeated top qualifier Seimi Tanaka in the semifinal, the second consecutive year he faced Tanaka towards the end of the competition. Daichi Oshiro snuck into the podium after taking out defending Formula Drift Rookie of the Year Masashi Yokoi in the top 16.

Here’s a look at the final podium:

1. Andrew Gray
2. Daichi Oshiro
3. Seimi Tanaka

Source: Hanny_Jey

Formula Drift Japan / MSC Round 1 – Tsukuba [RESULTS]


Although we didn’t see any sort of official press release, it looks like this year’s entire Drift Muscle / MSC series will be branded as Formula Drift Japan. The first event took place over the weekend at Tsukuba, and former FD USA driver Kuniaki Takahashi took the win in his big body Toyota Mark X. Round 2 will take place in July at Fuji and will count towards the Formula Drift World Championship.

1st – Kuniaki Takahashi
2nd – Kazuki Hayashi
3rd – Daigo Saito

Formula Drift Japan Takes on Fuji Speedway July 4th [RUMORMILL]


During the broadcast of Formula Drift Thailand the announcer Jarod DeAnda first mentioned a Formula Drift Japan event at Fuji Speedway which was a huge shock to everyone in our office! He then mentioned it again about 5 minutes later saying the Formula Drift Japan event at Fuji Speedway in collaboration with MSC will take place over the Independence Day weekend here in America (July 4th). Haven’t seen any news or posting of this event anywhere else but Jarod has been announcing drift events for 10+ years now and we can imagine he is a reliable source for this information. More updates if they become available. This Fuji Speedway event will seemingly be the one in collaboration with the Formula Drift Asia series for the 2014 calendar championship.

2014 Drift Muscle in Japan [SCHEDULE]

The 2014 Drift Muscle schedule seems to be all the more exciting to the world drifting stage as Formula Drift sets to release a schedule with MSC next month. The Drift Muscle schedule is full of American Formula Drift conflicts meaning that they will most likely avoid conflicts with the MSC / Formula Drift collaboration series. Also, no driver is going to be running a full season in either of these for 2014. They have 3 Formula Drift conflicts and one D1GP event conflict in this 8 event schedule:

Round 1: Nikko Circuit (March 8/9)
Round 2: Maze Circuit (April 12/13)
Round 3: Sports Land Sugo (May 17/18)
Round 4: Honjo Circuit (June 21/22)
Round 5: Tsukuba Circuit (July 26/27)
Round 6: Maze Circuit (September 13/14)
Round 7: Fuji Speedway (October 25/26)
Round 8: Nikko Circuit (November 29/30)


Complete Drift Calendar Here:

2013 MSC Challenge Series Round 1 at Suzuka Twin [VIDEO]

The MSC series is well known for its team tandem competitions and less corporate/political vibe than other professional series around the world. Here is a video from TriangleXhamadajyuku showing off team tandem clips and some insane first turn entries by various cars. This one flat black S15 with the largest rear wing I have ever seen on a drift car performs a few entries that are impressive including the one at the closing of the video.

New Section of Wrecked Magazine Live Today – Find A Drift Event

Check out newest addition to the header above which has a new slot for “Find an Event” showing a complete calendar of events for 2012. We have over 20 drift series worldwide listed currently and are welcome to event submissions regardless of how big or small your drift event is.

Right now we are giving away some gifts from Slide America, Drift Alliance, and Drift Tengoku for people who are sending up a Facebook like (1 prize entry) and a Facebook share (5 prize entries) of our new page. We will close out this contest at the end of this week. No matter what we hope this calendar encourages drivers to show up to more events and fans to find their way from the Internet to a physical drift event by the end of this season.




Asayan’s AE86 Dirt Dropping at MSC Drift [SNAPSHOT]

The guys are Noriyaro snapped this great photo of the Asayan in his gorgeous AE86 dirt dropping at the most recent MSC Drift event. The car is just inches in this photo from ripping off it’s side skirt. The driver/owner is from Osaka an goes by the nickname we used Asayan. He works in a body shop in Osaka called “Looking” who are apparently known for their great paint work.


Wrecked Magazine Has Some New Wallpapers

1024×768 | 1068×1050 | 1140×900 | 1250×800 | 1680×1050 | 1920×1200

We have some new wallpapers over in our “Wallpaper” tab. We even added some new sizes 1024×768, 1068×1050, 1140×900, 1250×800, 1680×1050, and 1920x 1200. We have some clips from MSC Drift, D1GP Japan, Formula D and more. Stay tuned as more wallpapers will be coming in the future as well. The sample wallpaper above is of “Mad” Mike Whiddett and his Mazda Rx-7 at the Redbull World Championship in late 2008.

NOB Taniguchi’s Aristo with a new front end

No One Better (NOB) Taniguchi looks like he put this Aristo to quick work after the last round of MSC that we just photographed this car at. With the help of his sponsor Vertex it looks like he has slapped an updated front end on his old car. In America the front end comes from a GS series Lexus either a GS 300 or GS 430 which debuted in 2006 and is still in production to current time. This was an update for NOB from his second generation GS series Lexus front end was in production from 1998 to 2005. You can see in the third picture that Taniguchi is sporting the Lexus emblem as well on the new front end conversion. From what we know his amazingly tuned car is not going to change and we cannot wait to see him ripping up MSC in 2009! 




New Drift Tengoku out with SEMA coverage

Japan’s best Drifting magazine just dropped a new issue with a blue Silvia on the cover. Inside you will find the typical Drifting pieces that Drift Tengoku produces. They also visited SEMA 2008 and have some pieces of RMR Hyundai Genesis and Sam Hubinette’s Dodge Challenger. Swing by your local Japanese bookstore and pick this one up, it’s a great read.