A Potential Meihan Replica in the PNW

Two years ago, the guys over at Villians dreamt up the idea of building a replica track of Meihan in Walla Walla, WA. Fast forward to today, and it looks like they are pretty close to making that dream a reality. After dealing with the usual red tape, they’ve got a plan together and they need your support to make it finalized within the next 30 days (March 7 – April 6).

Villains Sportsland

They plan to offer 3 events a year for the next 10 years (length of the lease), with the events in 2017 scheduled for June 23, August 4, and September 8. They are offering 3 options for support:

  • Lifetime Membership (10 years) – $500 – Covers all your entry fees for the duration of the membership
  • Single Event –  $165 – Gets you a single weekend entry
  • Support Pack – $50 – If you can’t or don’t plan to make it out to the venue, but love drifting and still want to see this project succeed you can donate

If the goal is met and you didn’t donate, you can still drive, but it’s going to cost you $165/event. If the goal is not met by the deadline, they will issue everyone who donated a full refund on April 7.

For more information, you can visit their website or Facebook group on the project. Good luck!

Conrad Grunewald goes drifting on Mythbusters [VIDEO]

Conrad Grunewald will be making a special guest appearance on the famed Mythbusters TV show this coming weekend. Discovery Channel posted this cool trailer to the episode on their webpage, where you can clearly see Conrad’s 900hp+ Chevy Camaro. Be sure to tune in on Saturday at 9pm / 8 Central on the Discovery Channel to watch the full episode!

2014 Formula D Seattle – Behind the Numbers


Since Formula Drift started attending the Seattle track in 2006, I have yet to miss an event at the track. Evergreen seems to be a track that produces memorable finishes, both positive (in the sense of first-time podium winners) and negative (major crashes). Joey revealed some of these stats in his ‘10 things I learned‘ post, but here’s a bigger look back on some of the major stats that arose from this weekend’s events.

  • Darren McNamara’s win for Falken Tire was the 20th for the brand, doubling up any other tire manufacturer. The win also ended an 8-event podium drought, tying the longest previous drought in their history (New Jersey 07 to Irwindale 08).
  • McNamara’s podium was his 9th of his Formula D career, which puts him into 7th place overall. Previously, he was tied with Daigo Saito, Justin Pawlak, and Ryan Tuerck who all remain tied with 8 career podiums.
  • McNamara was both the winner and top qualifier to earn maximum points, which has happened six previous times. Most recently, Yoshihara took both the pole position and the top podium spot at Long Beach in 2012, and Vaughn Gittin Jr. bookended both portions of the weekend back at Seattle in 2012.
  • Dean Kearney became the 36th unique Formula D driver to earn a podium, joining Odi Bakchis as the second driver to earn his first podium this season. Kearney is the 5th driver to earn his first career podium in Seattle. Others include Seigo Yamamoto (06), Robbie Nishida (08), Eric O’Sullivan (09), and Fredric Aasbo (11), all drivers who have been commuters to the Formula D series. Interestingly, no North American driver has earned his first podium at the track.
  • Dean Kearney’s podium was the 16th for Dodge, who now moves ahead of Scion for sole ownership of fourth most podiums all-time. Dodge’s last podium was by Sam Hubinette in Long Beach 2009 (39 events), the longest drought for Dodge.
  • Forsberg’s podium was his 23rd in his career, passing Dai Yoshihara for the most overall in Formula D history.
  • Forsberg’s fifth-consecutive podium is the most ever in Formula D history. Previously, Millen’s 4 podiums spanning the 2004 to 2005 season was the most, with Foust, Gittin Jr, Saito, and Hubinette all having 3-event podium streaks.
  • Mike Pollard, Nate Hamilton, and Taka Aono became the 42nd, 43rd, and 44th unique drivers to score championship points this season. Pollard is the 7th rookie to score points this season.

Mike Essa blogs for European Car magazine

Mike Essa finished the season 12th overall, including a number 1 qualifying effort in Atlanta and top-8 finishes in Atlanta and Vegas. This offseason, he will be moving from the Z4 chassis he has driven for the past 2 seasons and jumping into an E46 chassis, one of the lone off-season builds that is happening in FD. Essa took the time to write a quick blog for European Car magazine which highlights his story and how he got involved with drifting, which is a good read. It’s good to see drivers like Essa working with media outlets that don’t traditionally cover drifting and exposing a potentially new audience to the sport!

Read the blog here: European Car Web

Crawford Performance turbocharges a BRZ

Crawford Performance is taking their newly turbocharged Subaru BRZ onto the track at Fontana Speedway this weekend for the ’86 Fest’ event. This looks to be the first turbocharged FA20 motor in existence. Crawford has been involved in tuning Subarus for over a decade, and even built the original WRX’s that Ken Block used in the Gymkhana 1 and 2 videos. They’ve been slowly tearing this motor apart and documenting the engine internals along the way. We’re excited to see what kind of numbers this setup puts out, which may be revealed in the next week or so.

Many people have complained that the biggest shortcoming of the BRZ / FR-S is the lack of power output from the 4-cylinder motor, but it looks like Crawford has found a solution for that. Perhaps we’ll see the first Subaru BRZ race car in Formula D next season?

Should Tony Stewart drift Tyler McQuarrie’s Camaro? [POLL]

Last year, Tony Stewart swapped seats with F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton, and both drivers drove the cars around Watkins Glen raceway. This year, Mobil 1 (who is the official motor oil of Formula D) is giving fans an opportunity to vote on which car Tony Stewart should drive. One of those options is Tyler McQuarrie’s Mobil 1 Chevy Camaro. Having Tyler swap seats with Tony Stewart would bring a ton of publicity to Formula D, especially as Tony Stewart’s nickname is “Smoke”. Head on over to the Mobil 1 facebook page and vote for Tyler’s Camaro.

Go vote for Tyler’s Camaro here – http://www.facebook.com/mobil1?sk=app_189630684501491

Rhys Millen sets new time attack record at Pikes Peak

Rhys Millen climbed the now all-paved mountain in Colorado in a smashing time of 9:46.164 in his Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Although the time is still unofficial, it’s guaranteed to be a new 2WD Time Attack record for Rhys, showing up his dad Rod Millen who set the record at 11:04.91 last year in the same chassis. This year’s event was the first one which featured a paved road over the entire 156 turns, which helped push the record. Rhys also becomes the first production car to break the elusive 10-minute barrier, a barrier that has stood as the benchmark for the race since inception. Congratulations to Rhys Millen and the entire team!

Mitsuru Haraguchi returns to Seattle [CONFIRMED]

Mitsuru Haraguchi hasn’t driven in Seattle since the 2007 season, the same season he won the Formula D Long Beach event in the Falken Tire / Silk Road S13.5 built and operated by Intec Racing. Unfortunately, Haraguchi’s return to Seattle won’t be to drive a car but to promote his company 326 Power. Rookie Peter Funatake’s S13 will be in the 326 Power booth, and Haraguchi will be there to meet and greet his fans as well as answer questions about his products.

We decided to take a look back at Haraguchi in 2006 and 2007, before Wrecked Magazine was online:

This podium photo was from the Formula D Long Beach event in 2007, when Haraguchi defeated Tanner Foust in the finals to win the event in only his third career FD event (the same number of events that Daigo took to win). This podium shot makes us reminisce of the good old years, when Tanner Foust still drove in FD and Dai was driving in the PacRim S13 sponsored by Rockstar Energy Drink. This was the year Tanner won his first of back-to-back championships, in the AEM 350Z.

Haraguchi’s first Formula D event was the Seattle 2006 event, when the Intec Racing / Silk Road S13.5 was still bronze colored. Back before the top 32 tandem format was introduced, Haraguchi was the top qualifier in the Friday ‘unseeded qualifying’ session, but ran into engine problems during Saturday’s Top 16 qualifying. 2006 was also the first time Formula D ventured to Seattle, meaning that this season’s event will be the seventh visit to Evergreen Speedway.

Sam Hubinette Returns to Hip Hop: Drifts in Berner Music Video

Sam Hubinette was recently spotted drifting the flame-shooting chopped up Maybach in Kanye West’s “Otis” video, and it would appear that he has returned again with his own vehicles for the new Berner music video featuring Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa.

The video for “Yoko” features Sam Hubinette’s Dodge Challenger, as well as the Dean Kearney’s V-LED Dodge Viper drifting around Irwindale Speedway. There’s even a cameo appearance by Mike Ryan and his Freightliner drift truck which we saw drifting during halftime at Formula Drift Round 6 in Las Vegas.

Check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgKwR8IuI6Y

Lee Alexander Stops to Smell the Flowers at Club Loose [SNAPSHOT]

We stumbled upon this snapshot of Lee Alexander’s S14 at yesterday’s Club Loose/Hold The Line Pro-AM Event that appears to have gone far off track and into/onto? a tree. The car had to be towed out, naturally, but reports tell us that he was right back out on the track shortly afterwards.

Either way, it’s an interesting snapshot that we felt was worth sharing.