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Some New Formula Drift Road Atlanta Wallpapers Added to Site

After shooting some photographs I just loved at Road Atlanta we put some of them into wallpaper form in sizes: 1024×768, 1140×900, 1250×800,1680×105, 1920×1200. The new wallpapers include some tandem battles and a nice compilation of insane entries from Conrad Grunewald, Michael Essa, and Chelsea DeNofa to top off the new wallpapers. Head over to the Wallpapers section and update your desktop today.

Download Wallpapers Here: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/wallpaper/

2013 Formula D Atlanta top 32 Qualifying Order [RESULTS]

After a disappointing top 8 exit at the hands of Dai Yoshihara in Long Beach, Freddy Aasbo has emerged from qualifying in Atlanta with the top position. Mike Essa, Justin Pawlak, Chelsea Denofa, and Daigo Saito all earn key qualifying points with runs that landed them in the top 5. Here’s the entire qualifying order from Road Atlanta:

1 – Fredric Aasbo
2 – Mike Essa
3 – Justin Pawlak
4 – Chelsea Denofa
5 – Daigo Saito
6 – Darren McNamara
7 – Matt Powers
8 – Matt Field
9 – Vaughn Gittin Jr
10 – Chris Forsberg
11 – Odi Bakchis
12 – Forrest Wang
13 – Jeff JOnes
14 – Danny George
15 – Dai Yoshihara
16 – Kenny Moen
17 – Robbie Nishida
18 – Conrad Grunewald
19 – Ryan Tuerck
20 – Kyle Mohan
21 – Miro Ovcharik
22 – Toshiki Yoshioka
23 – Taka Aono
24 – Dave Briggs
25 – Chris Ward
26 – Will Parsons
27 – Nate Hamilton
28 – Pat Mordaunt
29 – Joon Maeng
30 – Pat Goodin
31 – Corey Hosford
32 – Walker Wilkerson

Here are the tandem matchups for tomorrow:
1 Freddy Aasbo vs 32 Walker Wilkerson
16 Kenny MOen vs 17 Robbie Nishida
8 Matt Field vs 25 Chris Ward
9 Vaughn Gittin Jr vs 25 Dave Briggs

4 Chelsea Denofa vs 29 Joon Maeng
13 Jeff Jones vs 20 Kyle Mohan
5 Daigo Saito vs 28 Pat Mordaunt
17 Forrest Wang vs 21 Miro Ovcharik

2 Mike Essa vs 31 Corey Hosford
15 Dai Yoshihara vs 18 Conrad Grunewald
7 Matt Powers vs 26 Will Parsons
10 Chris Forsberg vs 23 Taka Aono

3 Justin Pawlak vs 30 Pat Goodin
14 Danny George vs 19 Ryan Tuerck
6 Darren McNamara vs 27 Nate Hamilton
11 Odi Bakchis vs 22 Toshiki Yoshioka

Michael Essa at Streets of Long Beach – Talks About Clutch Masters [VIDEO]

Michael Essa brought out this E46 M3 for 2013 and right out of the box looked insane compared to his Z4. This M3 runs a Clutch Masters 850 Series Twin Disk clutch which according to Essa is working out perfectly for his new drift season. Listen to what he says about his product while he rips around the Long Beach streets course.

2013 Formula Drift Grand Prix – Super Drift $25k Main Event [GALLERY]

The Top 16 suffered various delays including tons of water being poured onto the track from the ALMS idiot vendors. After a small delay we kicked off to one insane run of tandem battles. Robbie Nishida defeated his Achilles teammate Daigo Saito and Fredric Aasbo banged into the turn 10 wall in the final four battling his Motegi teammate Matt Powers. Here are images from all the tandem battles of the day.

Check out the Gallery: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=331

Matt Powers wins Motegi Superdrift Challenge at Long Beach Grand Prix [RESULTS]

Matt Powers drove his Fatlace / Nitto Tire S14 to the win in the first ever Motegi Superdrift Challenge, narrowly defeating Mike Essa’s GSR Autosports BMW E46 in the final. Walker Wilkerson earned 3rd place by default due to Freddy Aasbo crashing out in his battle with Powers in the top 4.

1st – Matt Powers – Fatlace / Nitto Tire S14

2nd – Mike Essa – GSR Autosports / Yokohama BMW E46

3rd – Walker Wilkerson – Fueled Racing / Achilles Tire S14

2013 Formula Drift Long Beach Grand Prix SuperDrift Qualifying Order [RESULTS]

Mike Essa took home the top qualifying spot, scraping both walls between turns 9 and 10 and putting on a show for the Long Beach Grand Prix crowd! Several drivers had car problems, and may or may not return tomorrow. Qualifying was a best of two runs affair, with drivers who failed to make a pass being ranked based on their 2013 FD points standings. Walker Wilkerson turned his first wheels on track for 2013, while drivers like Jeff Jones and Forrest Wang continued to look strong and built off of their performances last weekend.

Here’s the qualifying order:

1st – Mike Essa

2nd – Matt Powers

3rd – Robbie Nishida

4th – Forrest Wang

5th – Odi Bakchis

6th – Freddy Aasbo

7th – Jeff Jones

8th – Toshiki Yoshioka

9th – Ryan Kado

10th – Jhonnattan Castro

11th – Pat Mordaunt

12th – Walker Wilkerson

13th – Chelsea Denofa (transmission)

14th – Daigo Saito (misfire)

15th – Kyle Mohan (apex seal)

16th – Pat Goodin (axle)

Here are how the tandem matchups will work tomorrow:

Essa vs Goodin
Yoshioka vs Kado

Wang vs Denofa
Bakchis vs Wilkerson

Powers vs Mohan
Jones vs Castro

Nishda vs Saito
Aasbo vs Mordaunt

2013 Formula Drift Long Beach Grand Prix SuperDrift Updated Drivers List

Formula D has posted a new roster of drivers that will be competing this weekend at the SuperDrift challenge in conjunction with Long Beach Grand Prix. Here’s the list:

- Fredric Aasbo
- Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis
- Jhonnattan Castro
- Chelsea Denofa
- Mike Essa
- Patrick Goodin
- Jeff Jones
- Ryan Kado
- Kyle Mohan
- Patrick Mordaunt
- Robbie Nishida
- Matt Powers
- Daigo Saito
- Forrest Wang
- Walker Wilkerson
- Toshiki Yoshioka

Compared to this previous list, there are several major names missing including Chris Forsberg, Conrad Grunewald, Tyler McQuarrie, Ryan Tuerck, Dai Yoshihara, and Tony Angelo. New names on the list include Jhonnattan Castro, Pat Goodin, Jeff Jones, Pat Mordaunt, Forrest Wang, and Walker Wilkerson. How do you feel about this new roster?

Championship Points standings after Formula D Long Beach [STANDINGS]

With the first round out of the way, Dai Yoshihara leads the points by taking the win along with earning top qualifier. 2012 champion Daigo Saito sits in 10th place after getting knocked out in the round of 16 by Freddy Aasbo, matching his worst finish from 2012. JR was the last champion to win the Long Beach event and go on to win the championship back in 2010, it will be interesting to see if Dai Yoshihara can repeat that. Who’s your favorite to win the 2013 championship after Long Beach?

1. Daijiro Yoshihara                    112 points

2. Vaughn Gittin Jr.                     92 points

3. Chris Forsberg                        79 points

4. Chelsea DeNofa                      75 points

5. Kenny Moen                         65 points

6. Darren McNamara                   64 points

6. Ryan Tuerck                           64 points

8. Fredric Aasbo                       63 points

9. Ken Gushi                               62 points

9. Michael Essa                           62 points

11. Daigo Saito                           57 points

12. Aurimas”Odi” Bakchis           56 points

13. Ryan Kado                            55 points

14. Matt Powers                          55 points

15. Patrick Mordaunt                   54.5 points

16. Justin Pawlak                         54.5 points

Formula Drift Round 1 Long Beach Qualifying [RESULTS]

After one of the longest qualifying sessions in Formula Drift history. Dai Yoshihara takes takes the number one qualifier spot. The rest of the qualifying order is below.

32 Tyler Mcquarrie
31 Dennis Mertzanis
30 Enrique Mendoza
29 Carl Ryquist
28 Miro Ovcharik
27 Pat Goodin
26 Jeff Jones
25 Danny George
24 Toshiki Yoshioka
23 Justin Pawlak
22 Pat Mordaunt
21 Joon Maeng
20 Robbie Nishida
19 Kyle Mohan
18 Jhonnattan Castro
17 Matt Field
16 Matt powers
15 Chris Forsberg
14 Ken Gushi
13 Ryan Kado
12 Odi Bakchis
11 Taka Aono
10 Forrest Wang
9 Freddy Aasbo
8 Daigo Saito
7 Ryan Tuerck
6 Vaughn Gittin JR
5 Kenny Moen
4 Chelsea Denofa
3 Mike Essa
2 Darren McNamara
1 Dai Yoshihara

Michael Essa Interview at 2013 Formula Drift Tech Day [VIDEO]

We caught up with Michael Essa talking about his new E46 heading to Formula Drift this season. He actually mentioned how the Z4 suspension and the E46 are very similar which we found quite interesting in his interview. His new Formula Drift car has some insane angle from WiseFab which we documented when we swung by GSR Autosport earlier this month. Michael Essa even talks about why he is out drifting instead of racing Porsche’s from his shop all week.