Formula D Launch Event: Attic in Buena Park, CA this Saturday

This Saturday March 28th we are heading to Attic in Buena Park, California for a Formula D Launch Event. The event kicks off at 12pm and will run all the way to 6pm. Five Formula D cars will be present at the event along with a model search with the PM Girls. Attic is the official streetwear brand of Formula D in 2009 and this whole event is a coming together of both worlds.

A 60% off sale will also be going down for a spring cleaning at the Attic store. For the sale you will NOT be allowed to enter the store unless you show proof of text. In order to receive this text, you must text the keyword DRIFT to 69302. No exceptions. It’s really simple – just whip out your phone, send a normal text message to the number 69302, and inside the body of the text all you need to do is put the one-word keyword DRIFT and send the text message. It’s not case-sensitive so you don’t have to capitalize all the letters. If you have any questions, you can call the shop at 714-220-3116. Oh yea, the Kogi truck will be providing everyone with food during this event!


8010 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park, CA 90620


12:00pm to 6:00pm


March 28th, 2009

Wrecked Magazine presents Drift @ Dromo 1

Wrecked Magazine to present Long Beach edition of Drift @ Dromo 1

March 26, 2009 (Orange, Calif.) – The traditional Drift @ Dromo 1 event, which pits Formula Drift drivers against their fans in an indoor karting event, will run again before Round 1: Streets of Long Beach, on Tuesday, April 7, form 6:00pm – 9:30pm. We will be on hand to cover the event with video and photos.

Fans of Formula Drift will be able to race wheel-to-wheel with Formula Drift drivers on Dromo 1’s technical kart track in gas-powered indoor go karts. Each race will feature at least one Formula Drift driver in each race. The last race of the night will feature the eight fastest public drivers racing against the fastest two Formula Drift drivers, with the winner getting a prize of a ride-along in a Formula Drift car during practice for round one at the Streets of Long Beach.

Formula Drift drivers scheduled to appear:

Chris Forsberg – NOS / Maxxis Tires Nissan 350Z

Tanner Foust – Rockstar / Hankook Tires Scion tC

Joon Maeng – Maxxis Tires Nissan S14

Kyle Mohan – Kyle Mohan Racing / Cooper Tires Mazda RX-8


A new race will run every ten minutes and races will cost $20.


April 7, 2009


6:00pm – 9:30pm


Dromo 1 | The Real Racing Experience

1431 N. Main St.

Orange, CA 92867
Racers are encouraged to sign up early as races in the later hours tend to fill up quickly. Sign ups can be done in person or by calling Dromo 1 at (714) 744-4770.

SEGA Classic coming to Xbox Marketplace: Outrun

While Formula D lacks Ferrari Enzo’s sliding across European beaches at break neck speeds this game is quite an entertaining machine from a virtual unrealistic stand point. According to reports SEGA has revamped it’s old arcade drifting classic with the newest in Italian prancing horses. The game will be available for Xbox Live Arcade on June 30th.

The new and improved Outrun has three different modes which can be played on 15 tracks total. The game has nine more Ferrari’s than the original including a Dino or Enzo. I cannot wait for hours spent on my Xbox in heart attack mode! Online you can battle 5 friends to victory or fall with the agony of defeat!


Falken Tires Snowboard Contest Over [WINNER]

Eric Hill took home our Falken Tires snowboard and it turned out he was a Los Angeles local so he swung by the Formula D office to pick it up. I attached his story below and it’s pretty clear to me how Carolyn picked him a winner. He played on a good bit of female emotion here, crashing his car (the pity), offering her snowboarding fun (excitement), and running RT615’s (brand loyality). Ouch, sorry for all of you guys who lost but don’t be distraut as we will hold some new contests very soon.

The best time I’ve ever had at a Formula Drift Event also happened to be the worst. It was the Pro/am Nationals in conjunction with the Red Bull event in Long Beach. A power steering failure and an engine failure helped me put my pride and joy into a wall. Yes it really did suck. But the best part was having friends and fellow drivers lend a hand and parts straight off of their cars to help get me back on the track. This was a great moment for me in the spirit of Formula Drift. It also didn’t hurt to see a couple buddies get there licenses while I was getting refills at the open bar. And for the girl picking the winner I’ll let you come along while I test the new board out. 😉 P.s. I’m running RT615’s right now and love them!

Falken Tires Snowboard Giveaway!!!

In celebration of our newest site sponsor Falken Tires and the Formula Drift Ditch Day at MT High we are giving away this Falken snowboard. Find out how to win below:

Step 1: You have to write us a quick note on the most fun/best experiance you ever had at a Formula D event. If somehow you have never been to an event you can write it about a snowboarding experience and if you haven’t done either make up something good and submit.

Step 2:You have until 11:35pm on Monday March 9th, 2009 to submit your entry.

Step 3: You can submit your answer to or sent us a message on one of our social networking sites.

Step 4: Just remember, a single 21 year old college girl is picking the winner so ummm, hopefully that helps you win.

Live in Los Angeles and want to snowboard, check this out:

SPEC Clutches wants you to post a video for free product!

SPEC Clutch

To win a free SPEC clutch/flywheel package is super simple thanks to the crew over at SPEC. All you have to do is visit SPEC TV and upload a video of your car in action and leave a quick note as to why you should win the package. We have it on good authority that the SPEC crew are HUGE drifting fans so go put your drifting videos to work up on the SPEC TV website and you could be a winner of a pretty expensive package! Also, if you upload a video let us know in our comments below so we can check it out.

Upload and watch videos now:

Eat Sleep Race Does Free Shipping for Cyber Monday!

Our friends at Eat Sleep Race seem to love and share our favorite holiday, Cyber Monday. Instead of getting shot at Toys R Us or run over at WalMart we prefer shopping from the comfort of our love seat while watching WWE Monday Night RAW. Eat Sleep Race has some great products for men and women that you can purchase at the site: Shipping will last until 11:59pm tonight as Cyber Monday will be over at that very moment.

Booze and Boost Shirt for sale at Eat Sleep Race:

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Wrecked Magazine Issue 7 !

Wrecked Magazine Issue 7 just came out and with the SEMA craze last week we want to spend some time now and tell you to go read this amazing issue. We covered Justin Pawlak’s great success as a rookie in the 2008 season. He is the first ever Pro Am driver to make a Formula D podium to date. We sat down with him for a great interview so don’t miss a second of it. Also, let’s not forget our Top 10 Wrecks of Formula D history which even includes some amazing crash videos we dug up out of the archives. An Industry Insider with Brian Crower, a full MSC Drift gallery, and a review of the Mad Skills DVD. Don’t miss all this and our new advertisement from AEM!

New Jimmy Up S13 Shirt Coming Soon

The clothing brand Jimmy Up is about to release this S13 shirt featuring Brian Rogers new S13 Nissan 240sx. This is a great pick up for any S13 drivers/fan out there when it comes out by Jimmy Up. We will key an eye out on this brand and all the other new Drifting related lifestyle gear for this winter and the spring to come.