Product Spotlight – Mobil 1 Racing 0w-50

Mobil 1 is the official oil of NASCAR but also is the official oil of Formula Drift! On top of that partnership they have been partners with Wrecked Magazine since virtually day 1 and they wanted to share some information about the racing oil line. The Mobil 1 brand supported the last two champions Dai Yoshihara and Vaughn Gittin Jr. along with Ryan Tuerck at Gardella Racing and the whole Falken Tire fleet.

Mobil 1 Racing 0W-50 is a fully synthetic motor oil specifically designed to
maximize horsepower in a wide range of race engine applications, including
highly loaded flat tappet designs used in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series.
Mobil 1 Racing oils were engineered to help on-track vehicles reach the
peak of their performance potential.

A Tradition of Racing Excellence
Mobil 1 Racing oil technology has been developed using our extensive
experience in premier automotive racing series around the world,
such as Formula 1, NASCAR, Le Mans, IRL, NHRA, Formula 3, SCCA GT and
ALMS and is also the official motor oil of Formula Drift. The variety of
demands that each racing series requires of a lubricant help us ensure
that Mobil 1 Racing oils can meet the extreme conditions encountered on
the race track.

Engineered for the Track
These next-generation Mobil 1 Racing oils use race-proven, fully synthetic
technology used in racing applications around the world. The formulations
utilize low viscosity synthetic base oils and high levels of anti-wear
components to help maximize power output while not sacrificing engine
protection. Mobil 1 Racing oils are engineered to deliver performance
and protection for the most demanding race conditions, including
circle track, drag, drift, sprint and road racing.

Features and Benefits of Mobil 1 0W-50
• Recommend for applications where a higher viscosity and thicker oil
film are required such as longer duration races where heat build-up
may be an issue.
• Recommended for a wide range of race engines including highly loaded
flat tappet designs.
• Boosted levels of anti-wear protection (zinc/phosphorus) well beyond
those of ordinary automotive oils.
• Exceptional high-temperature protection in high RPM engine operation,
even at temperatures up to 500° F (260° C).


DSTROYR Releases Odi Bakchis Shirt [BUY NOW]

The typical DSTROYR gear comes in black or a slighter darker black but to match the obnoxious look of Odi’s car the guys at DSTROYR went all out for this one. A great blue color is the background for Odi Bakchis insane wrapped S14 sliding down your shirt. We are sure you can find this shirt floating around FD Las Vegas/Irwindale later this year but if you have no patience like most of the world you can pick it up online at the DSTROYR storefront.

Buy It Now:

DSTROYR Releases Kyle Mohan and Gardella Racing Shirts at Long Beach

Jon Chase from DSTROYR gave us an exclusive first look at his two new shirts that will be at Streets of Long Beach tomorrow. You can visit DSTROYR at the Wahoo’s Fish Tacos booth where you can score some free taco coupons. What do you think of these new shirts?

Initial D – Special Edition Now on Netflix Instant Streaming

If your at all like the people in our office you spend most of your day watching Netflix Instant Streaming. In fact, most of the time your actual Netflix DVD’s just sit around collecting dust until weeks later they magically get back in the mailbox. If your an Initial D fan you can find the 2005 Special Edition DVD available for streaming. The drifting movie On the Scene: Drift Battle we reported on last spring is still available for Netflix Instant Streaming as well. Say goodbye to work productivity until lunchtime today.

Drift Mania Store Offering 30-50% Off [BUY IT NOW]

Drift Mania is starting off big sales early this week by offering everything in the store at least 30% off with other items almost 50% off right now. They didn’t give an end date to the sale just said “hurry up and order” so take some action soon before these deals vanish from the store.




Sam Hubinette’s Dodge Challenger Hot Wheels Car

Earlier this year Hot Wheels released a Dodge Charger Hot Wheels car in the form of Sam Hubinette’s old Formula Drift car. Now it looks like his 2010 Dodge Challenger has been built into a Hot Wheels car. The front fender even features BFGoodrich Tires and a Sam Hubinette Racing logo on it. The car is number 6 out of 50 in this collection.

Buy Brian Wilkerson’s 1980 Yamaha SR500 on ebay [BUY IT]

Brian Wilkerson's 1980 Yamaha SR500

I just caught wind that Brian Wilkerson (Formula D driver of the BMI Racing Mazda Rx-8) has this 1980 Yamaha SR500 for sale. Currently it’s available for 99 cents but the reserve hasn’t been met. I would tell you to run out and buy it now at $2,750 dollars but the bidding war is so much more fun!

Check it out on ebay:

Ryan Tuerck Gear Coming Out Next Week

May 10th is the date for this new Ryan Tuerck t-shirt set to be released by Gardella Racing. Just after Formula Drift Atlanta you can grab this merchandise if you feel so inclined. The front sports a photo of the Pontiac Solstice sliding off the shirt and the rear features Tuerck’s name along with this Formula Drift car number (44).

David Blunt Selling his Formula Drift Ready BMW – $8,000

According to a thread on ZT made yesterday David Blunt has this BMW seen above for sale. He ran Formula Drift Long Beach in the car and is now willing to let her go for $8,000. The bright side of this car is you know it will pass Formula Drift tech since so many people seemed to have  a hard time with that this season.

He is holding on to a few items: wheels, seats, harnesses, hydro e-brake, and fire supression system. The car is located down in San Diego if your interested in purchasing it. Thanks for the Tip Matt Petty!

For Sale Thread:

Attic x Formula Drift Sale this Saturday

Attic x Formula Drift Sale

The Formula Drift x Attic sale will be in Buena Park this Saturday. Some Formula Drift cars will be present and tons of clothes will be grossly on sale all day. Read the flyer for details or find some information below:

RSVP Event Only. Attic loves rewarding our VIP customers for our VIP only sales. Must text “FD2010″ to 69302. We will be checking your mobile phones for verification texts. NO EXCEPTIONS

DATE: April 3 2010

TIME: 9AM – 5PM (early arrival suggested & individuals will be rewarded)

LOCATION: Attic Buena Park 8010 Beach Blvd. Buena Park CA 90620 (714) 220 3116


The Early Bird DISCOUNT: First 40 CUSTOMERS will receive a special 40% OFF Total Purchase Marker. We remixed the phrase where “the early bird leaves with more cash in his pocket from savings”