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Max Oridio Track Tests a M7 Tuned Lexus IS250, Golf GTI 6, and Fairlady Z34 [VIDEO]

Sit back for over six minutes as D1GP and Formula Drift Asia star Max Orido takes out the M7 Japan tuned Lexus IS250, VW Golf GTI 6, and a Nissan 370z (Fairlady Z34) around the track showing off a truck load of M7 tuned products. The video is quite entertaining as Orido rips these cars around the track. The video also features actual exhaust sounds so you can sample how the exhaust line from M7 sounds.


Watch the video:

The M7 Drift Team went to Singapore for Drifting Fun and Super GT Racing

The M7  team consisting of (left to right) Daijiro Yoshihara, Max Orido, Tengku Djan, and Odi Bakchis have been at the Sepang Formula 1 circuit doing promotions for the Super GT race and the new product from M7 called Drive Energy Drink.

Odi Bakchis even put together a blog post about some of his fun at Sepang Circuit with the guys from M7. It looks like he had a great time in Malaysia. The M7 tuning house is already working on a complete package Scion FR-S for people who have picked one up already.


2012 Formula Drift Asia Flyer is a Comic and We Love it

Here is a 2012 Formula Drift Asia flyer feature they put together for the June 30th/July 1st race. The comic features Daigo Saito the Champion”, The Drift Legend Orido Manabu, and the challenger Ken Gushi. A really cool marketing piece the FD Asia series has put together which might be one of the better drift event flyers we have seen to date. Achilles Tires models along with some Toyota 86 / Lexus IS250 tandem action going on. Stay tuned to Wrecked Magazine to get some great results and news from the Formula Drift Asia series this year.

2012 Formula Drift Malaysia [RESULTS]

A huge event that was attacked by southeastern Asia weather saw most of the event happen in the rain. The event in Malaysia’s biggest city Kuala Lumpur saw D1 Grand Prix stars and the reigning Formula Drift  Asia champion in action. A great mix of familiar names to our Wrecked Magazine readers fit on the podium and here are the results:

1. Daigo Saito
2. Manabu “Max” Orido
3. Tengku Djan

2012 D1 Grand Prix Round 1 at Odaiba [GALLERY]

We are finally back in the game with some coverage from Japan as the D1 Grand Prix series kicks off 2012 shot by Robert Shaw. The only drift event inside Tokyo threw down at Odaiba and resulted in Daigo Saito taking home a victory just one week after his podium finish at Formula D Streets of Long Beach. Mad Mike debuted his Speedhunters x Redbull Energy Drink Mazda Rx-7 and several Toyota 86’s made a drifting event debut. Sit back and enjoy coverage of the international stars, drifting in the rain, and some great tandem battles.

Check out the Gallery:

Max Orido Takes on D1GP with his V8 powered Toyota 86 [VIDEO]

Here is a video of Max Orido making some passes in his Toyota 86 (Scion FR-S) during practice at the D1 Grand Prix event. His V8 engine swap marks the first V8 swapped Toyota 86 found on the market today. Check below at some photographs of the car in the pits and his Lexus V8 engine sitting inside the engine bay.

Max is running the new M7 drink as his door sponsor known as Drive. The guys at M7 are now a partner of Wrecked Magazine for 2012 and also have moved stateside with a driver sponsorship of Odi Bakchis in his S14. Here is a look at the back of Max Orido’s Toyota 86 from the rear with a huge wing and open trunk. Closing out the post highlighting his Toyota 86 first look is a snapshot of the car drifting on the D1 Odaiba course before qualifying took place at the 2012 D1GP Round 1 event.




Daigo Saito Dominates Formula Drift Asia 2011

A quick flashback to the 2011 season in Asia shows some serious skills on display from former D1 champion Daigo Saito. His Toyota Altezza sponsored by Achilles Tires survived the challenges of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. The first photograph above is from a tandem battle against Orido at Singapore.

Here is a final battle from Round 1 where Daigo Saito was set against Saranon in his Yokohama Tire S15.

You can see Ken Gushi lifting Daigo Saito in the air after Round 1 in Singapore as the Achilles Tire Toyota Altezza took home a victory over the weekend. Here are some other photos of Daigo Saito in action. Who is excited to see him in Formula Drift 2012?


D1GP USA announces Judges and Scoring Information

D1 Grand Prix Logo

D1 Grand Prix USA will be releasing an official announcement later today on judging and the DriftBox they will be using but we are bringing you the story early on today. Each event will be scored by two American judges and one head Japanese judge. Scores for angle, speed, and g-forces will be taken from the data providede by the D1GP USA Pro 1 unit but the judges will account for line/style and producing the overall score together. The head judges will vary between one of these three profiles.

Keiichi Tsuchiya

Widely known as the “Drift King” he became famous for drifting at non-drift racing events around Japan. This brought popularity to drifting as a motorsport in Japan. He is well known for his documented togue (mountian racing) driving as well. Tsuchiya is said to be the head judge for Miami, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

Daijiro Inada

A major celebrity in Japanese automotive culture and a very recognized figure in the car scene. He is mostly known for being the founder of Option Magazine and the Option video series. He was a creator of the D1 Grand Prix Series and he started the Tokyo Auto Salon which really places him as an authorative figure in Japan’s automotive culture. He is an alternate for head judge in D1GP USA.

Manabu Suzuki

He is a former driver, journalist, sport announcers and TV presenter in the Japanese automotive industry. He competed in the Formula Toyota and Saurus Cup through the mid 90’s. He worked a ton with Option Magazine and the video offshoot Video Drift. He has been involved with Drift Tengoku which is a great Drifting only magazine in Japan. He was an original judge with Manbu Orido and Keiichi Tsuchiya in th D1 Grand Prix series of Japan.

Competition Staff

Terence Jenkins and Chiaki Goto will take over on-site personnel. Terence Jenkins will be the D1GP USA’s competition director which is a job none of us are envious over! He was the founder of Lateral G Racing and lead that team with Sam Hubinette to the first ever Formula D championship in 2004. Terence Jenkins then ran Octane TV which was a cable on-demand television series. Chiaki Goto is the Technical Director of the D1 Grand Prix series who was a former endurance racing champion and director of the 2003 JIC Magic Drift team. Goto is bringing his experiance from Japan and Drifting to the USA in 2009.

Racelogic’s Drift Box

It will be used for judging called the D1GP USA Pro 1 which utilizes new proprietary algorithms and can measure a drift angle within .5 degree of accuracy. Speed can be calculated to 0.1 mph accuracy and lateral g loads within 0.01g. Data will be collected 10x a second and transmitted from the competition car via telemetry directly to the judges stand. The video VBOX will record the action from inside the vehicle during competition and overlay graphics on screen showing angle, speed, and g-force loads. Sounds like quite a bit of fun going on during the runs for the 2009 D1GP USA sesaon.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 Coverage – Full 700+ Pic Gallery

Every January Tokyo is invaded with it’s own SEMA like trade show called the Tokyo Auto Salon. A massive converagance of JDM tuners and media from around the world arrive in Tokyo to enjoy a few days of massive tuning overload! We sent our local resident Dino Dalle Carbonare to cover the Auto Salon and he came back with over 700 amazing photos from the event. Some tuning shops even brought out Nissan 370z’s to the party which were already modified.Enjoy the drifting machines, exotic cars, and girls of the Auto Salon!

Check out the gallery:

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Ryuji Miki and his Formula D future?

Well let me start off saying that this is a total rumor and no one has told me anything to verify this is true but I have a sneaky feeling my prediction will come true. Taniguchi, Orido, and Miki are the three drivers in this picture above. Ironically all of them have driven in Formula D in some way shape or form but Miki was the one who shocked us out of this group. Will he be returning for the 2009 Formula D season, we don’t think so… with APEX in a poor financial state and him not quite being in the marketing globe for the 08 season we have to think the Bergenholtz brothers would be considering a new driver for the Mazda. Who will it be? Am I way off base? This could all be true but as the off season gets smaller more people will talk and we will be on top of the breaking stories. Now seeing him driving in MSC and digging up stuff on the few Japanese sites I can make sense of anything at I just feel Miki’s Formula D career is over for now but we shall see.

Read more about Ryuji Miki: