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Max Orido Smashes up a Nissan 370z with the help of a Guardrail

MaxOrido.370zCrash.Side MaxOrido.370zCrash Nissan370zCrash.Guardrail

Max Orido posted these on his Facebook page this Nissan 370z that he seemingly thrashed. Yea, this one hurt but at least he was in good spirit enough to post about it on Facebook. The Nissan 370z appears to be an Amuse 370z! It is kind of hard to tell all the damage to the car from these photos as well. At least he owned it!

D1GP Season Kickoff at Fuji Speedway Drilled with Rain [VIDEO]

The D1GP season kicked off in Japan with a very rainy main event. The guys at Formula Drift are planning to kick off Formula Drift Japan at the same track in July of this year. They will probably hope for a better weather weekend than this one. Here is a 3 minute highlight of tandem battles shot by

D1GP Going Green in 2014 – More Regulations and Clearing Up Rumors


After talking with several sources and getting some great translations from Japanese drift forums we have learned about the changes as close to 100% as we can get for the new drift season. Several people have confirmed the ban on nitrous in the series which we reported on earlier this week.

D1GP will also require all drivers to run a catalytic converters for the 2014 season which we are told is part of an effort for D1 to help align with regulations and become more of an official motorsport in the country. Some rumors have been going around that D1GP will be banning race gas and venting wastegates but we have confirmed these reports are incorrect.

We are being told that some teams and various supporters of all the D1 series ranks are waiting for the Formula Drift Japan schedule to be released and looking to run events with that series instead. Check out the Kick-Off D1GP gallery we covered earlier this month showing the series kicking off strong in 2014.A big thanks to the help we got from, Robbie Nishida, various D1 teams, and some bilingual readers.

Here is a recap of regulations being put in place for 2014:
1. Nitrous is banned
2. Catalytic Converters Are Required
3. Exhausts Must Be Pointing to Ground
4. Race Gas is Still Legal (other sites reporting illegal)
5. Venting Wastegates Legal (other sites reporting illegal)

D1 Grand Prix Bans Nitrous for 2014 and Beyond [RUMORMILL]


A very reliable source this evening has told us that the D1GP series in Japan has made provisions for the 2014 season to ban the power adder nitrous. While exact details are not clear yet (I have reached out to D1GP for exact clarification of rule change) it seems that various teams are changing how they build a car for the 2014 season. We have heard talks of drivers swapping to smaller turbo setups already due to the inability to spool fast without nitrous along for the ride. This is quite a shake up announcement for the world of drifting as the race for big horsepower cars is giving nitrous an ever more frequent home within the drift world. D1GP is one of the most loosely regulated professional drift series in existence so a blanket ban on a product is a tad shocking. Companies like NOS and NX will be looking closely at other series to hope they don’t make the same rulings we are sure!


Formula Drift Announces that Formula Drift Japan is Coming

File this under things we didn’t expect to here just before the Christmas Break!? Starting in 2014 MSC and Formula Drift are doing a joint venture under a three year deal in Japan. “It’s very exciting to be taking our brand to the birthplace of drifting with MSC. MSC is a reputable company that has been involved in drifting for many years. We feel that this is a great way to expand our brand as it fits with our global aspirations,” said Jim Liaw.

Launching in 2014 will be two competition events held as a pre-cursor to the 2015 Formula Drift Japan Championship. One of the 2015 Formula Drift Japan rounds will also be a Formula Drift Asia points round for the season. The 2015/2016 season will be a minimum of a four round championship as announced by Formula Drift.

Japanese motor sport icons Nobuteru Taniguchi and Max Orido have committed to judging the events, notwithstanding any other racing obligations. The three-year plan will include a groundbreaking marketing and promotions campaign never done before in Japanese drifting such as a weekly television show, live stream of the event competitions and a media partnership with Kotsu Times.


Formula DRIFT Japan details will be announced at the official launch at the 2014 Osaka Auto Messe on February 14th.

2013 D1GP Round 4 at Ebisu Circuit [RESULTS]

The encore D1GP event Round 4 at Ebisu Circuit was way more electrifying and intense than Round 3 the very next day. The big names of drifting drove to the finals and put on an insane show! Here is a video of the finals captured by showing one insane follow by Daigo Saito in the Sunoco Toyota. The FD Asia driver and owner of Chris Forsberg’s 09 championship 350z vert took home his first D1GP podium in another big body Toyota. Here is how they finished up:

1. Daigo Saito
2. Max Orido
3. Emmanuel Amandio

Max Orido Says Formula Drift is Better Than D1GP – Poised for Possible Return

Dai Yoshihara’s web series Behind the Smoke went to southeast Asia in the last episode to the Sepang F1 track and interviewed Max Orido who is currently piloting a V8 powered Toyota FT-86 in D1 and also running a FT-86 with a NASCAR engine in FD Asia. This is a translation from their Japanese interview on the last episode of Behind the Smoke.


Dai Yoshihara – “Difference between FD and D1?”
Max Orido- Hmmmm, I think Formula D is beter at entertaining the event goers. Just looking at the schedule of events, you can tell it’s structured to entertain the fans.

Dai – “In 2008 you competed in Formula D, any possibility you would come back to compete in the US?
Max – I’d like to challenge one more time. I’m starting to prepare my entry next year. I have my racing here so I can’t do all of the events but I’d like to challenge one more time. I just like the atmosphere at Formula Drift. I have friends now in FD so I just want to get out to experience it one more time.


Watch just the interview:

Max Orido Goes LS7 in his Toyota FT-86 for 2013 D1GP

The LS movement just might be catching on everywhere around the world when it comes to drift car swaps. Max Orido after suffering the whole 2012 season with engine troubles and cutting out power with his Toyota V8 swap. Well now he has jumped into a nitrous powered LS7 to power him through the new year and was blown away at the torque on a test day we were reported. The LS7 is smaller and over 110 pounds lighter than its Lexus counterpart. With great companies throwing support to drifting like Scoggin Dickey and Canton Racing Products the growth of the LS community will only keep going!

Watch the  Test Video:

RS-R releases teaser photos and video of NASCAR-powered GT86

RS-R has been building a NASCAR V8-powered GT86 for Formula D Asia competition, and today we got to see what the car will look like. The livery has all the signature RS*R red and black accents, with RAN*UP / Ti2000 / i-shock branding along the rear duct which feeds the rear-mount radiator. RS*R appears to be maintaining their relationship with long time partners Enkei Wheels and Yokohama tires as well. With Manabu Orido and Freddy Aasbo slated to drive the car, they certainly don’t have a lack of skill behind the wheel. We hope this car finds its’ way to the US sooner rather than later, we’d love to see this car in person!

RS-R Scion FR-S Heading to 2013 Formula Drift Asia with NASCAR V8

Fredric Aasbo today Instagrammed his Formula Drift Asia Australia round beast which happens to be a TRD NASCAR powered V8 engine shoved into a Scion FRS (Toyota 86). The car will do mixed duty between Max Orido and Fredric Aasbo in Formula Drift Asia. The NASCAR engine provides 700hp. Below are some additional views of the

Instagram Sources: Fredric Aasbo and Speedhunters Dino Dalle Carbonare