Matt Waldin

XDC Round 4 at Englishtown – Qualifying [RESULTS]

Check out the XDC Round 4 qualifying results with Nate Hamilton taking home first place for the main event at Englishtown today.

1. Nate Hamilton
2. Matt Waldin
3. Dave Briggs
4. Aaron Losey
5. Nate Brasz
6. Justin Tuerck
7. Brad Hettinger
8. Evan Ruerck
9. Steve Angerman
10. Chelsea Denofa
11. Miro Ovcharik
12. Doug Van Den Brink
13. Pat Cyr
14. Carl Nadeu
15. Zachary Catlin
16. Will Quinn

Scion Racing Driven to Drift – Season 2 – Wall Speedway

Scion Presents Driven to Drift: Season 2 Episode 3 – Wall NJ

Tune in and follow the Scion Racing team present a new installment of Driven to Drift. They are currently on Season 2 – Episode 3 of the series which brought the team to Wall Speedway. Tanner Foust provides a great description of how to drift the track and he he prefers to tackle it. Tanner also has some great commentary about when Stephan Verdier lost his wheel while facing him in the Top 16. Ken Gushi talks about his runs against drivers like Matt Waldin in the Top 32. If your a fan of either Scion driver this is a great video for you to tune into. Make sure you have some time as it’s almost a 10 minute piece.

Watch the video:

Drift Mania Round 2 by JHD Productions [VIDEO]

Drift Mania Round 2 by JHDproductions

JHD Productions put out this fantastic piece from Round 2 of the 2010 DMCC championship. These guys pieced together a great reel of shots highlighting the weekends events which lead to a victory from Pat Cyr. Don’t miss out on this great video from 2010 Drift Mania Round 2.

Watch the video:

Drift Mania Round 2 – Montmagny Quebec City [GALLERY]


Pat Cyr - DMCC Round 2 Winner

Our footage from Drift Mania Round 2 in Quebec CIty was a huge event for the Canadian series. Jeremy Glover gave us over 200 photos from the event covering Formula D drivers like Matt Waldin competing and Dave Briggs. In the end Pat Cyr took home the victory in his AE86 seen above.

Check out the Gallery:

Drift Mania Round 2 – Autodrome Montmagny [RESULTS]

Drift Mania Round 2 just took place over the weekend at Autodrome Montmagny producing some great drifting. The newest addition to the Drivers Lounge Pat Cyr (Drift Posse) happened to take home the victory over the weekend. So we want to issue a huge congratulations to him and his V-TEC powered Toyota Corolla. Everyone has told us that the top four battle between Dave Briggs and Matt Waldin were one for the record books! Here is how the final four stacked up.

1st- Pat Cyr
2nd- Marc Landreville
3rd- Matt Waldin
4th- Dave Briggs

Formula Drift Round 3 Wall Speedway – Qualifying Results


Here is how qualifying went at Formula Drift Round 3 Wall Speedway. Ross Petty held first place for a long time and wound up at 6th place overall. Here is how they finished up:

1. Ryan Tuerck
2. Darren McNamara
3. Daijiro Yoshihara
4. Justin Pawlak
5. Vaughn Gittin
6. Ross Petty
7. Chris Forsberg
8. Stephan Verdier
9. Tanner Foust
10. Charles Ng
11. Michihiro Takatori
12. Tyler McQuarrie
13. Samuel Hubinette
14. Kyle Mohan
15. Ken Gushi
16. Dean Kearney
17. Matt Powers
18. Matt Walden
19. Forrest Wang
20. Rhys MIllen
21. Tony Brakohiapa
22. “Mad” Mike Whiddet
23. Conrad Grunewald
24. Cyrus Martinez
25. Doug Van Den Brink
26. Bill Sherman
27. Ryuji Miki
28. Robbie Nishida
29. Michael Essa
30. Brian Wilkerson
31. Dennis Mertzanis
32. Andrew Picard

2010 Drift Mania Round 1 – St. Eustache Montreal [GALLERY]

David Briggs and Matt Waldin

350z Dirt Drop

Drift Mania kicked off with 2010 Round 1 in St. Eustache Montreal. Jeremy Glover was on the scene for us to capture another great round of drifting in Canada.Our first photo features a tandem battle between Dave Briggs and 2009 Champion Matt Waldin. The second photo is a huge dirt drop from Claude Poirier in his convertible Nissan 350z.

Check out the Gallery:

2010 Drift Mania Round 1 by Jordan Hamelin [VIDEO]

2010 Drift Mania Round 1 at AUTODROME ST-EUSTACHE

Check out this Round 1 video from Autodrome St-Eustache in Montreal. Round 1 brought some great tandem battles and 2009 champion Matt Waldin scored a second place spot. A great video produced by Jordan Hamelin that came out just after DMCC Round 1. We cannot wait to see more videos from the Drift Mania series this year.

Watch the video:–autodrome-st-eus

Marc Landreville Wins DMCC Round 1


Mark Landreville took home the victory today at DMCC round one in his pink Nissan S14. Congrats to him for his excellent performance at Drift Mania Round 1. Matt Waldin (2009 Champion) lost to him in the finals and XDC Round 1 winner David Briggs almost got third and landed on the podium. Round 2 of DMCC is just around the corner.

1st Mark Landerville
2nd Matt Walden
3rd Brad Carlton
4th David Briggs

Formula Drift Round 3 – Wall Speedway [DRIVERS LIST]

Here is a tentative list of drivers for Wall Speedway at Formula Drift Round 3:

1. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
2. Dai Yoshihara
3. Rhys Millen
4. Tanner Foust
5. Chris Forsberg
6. Ryan Tuerck
7. Darren McNamara
8. Samuel Hubinette
9. Patrick Mordaunt
10. Conrad Grunewald
11. Ken Gushi
12. Ryuji Miki
13. Justin Pawlak
14. Joon Maeng
15. Ross Petty
16. Stephan Verdier
17. Forrest Wang
18. Michihiro Takatori
19. Michael Essa
20. Robbie Nishida
21. Tyler McQuarrie
22. Tony Brakohiapa
23. Taka Aono
24. Kyle Mohan
25. Charles Ng
26. Dean Kearney
27. Matt Powers
28. Dennis Mertzanis
29. Doug VanDenBrink
30. Mike Whiddet
31. Cyrus Martinez
32. Jodin LeJeune
33. Matt Waldin
34. Andrew Comrie-Picard
35. Bill Sherman
36. Ron Ewerth
37. Russell Walker
38. Eric O’Sullivan
39. Jeff Jones
40. Kelvin Arreola
41. James Robinson
42. Brian Wilkerson