Matt Waldin

2013 Hyperfest at Summit Point – Main Event [GALLERY]

The main event at Summit Point was a wild one with ride-a-longs between rounds with Formula Drift pros Chris Forsberg and Vaughn Gittin Jr. Check out how the event wound up from the grid, cars flipping, to the main event tandem battles of the Hyperfest weekend all in my gallery.

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2013 Hyperfest at Summit Point Practice/Qualifying [GALLERY]

Here are the photos from the practice and qualifying at Hyperfest which saw over 20,000+ people walk through the doors for this huge motorsports festival thrown at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia. If you have any interest on who qualified for the Hyperfest main event check out this qualifying thread.  Enjoy some great action shots as the best drivers east of the Mississippi came together for battle on a huge stage. Follow the link below for photographs!

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Hyperfest / US Drift ProAm at Summit Point [RESULTS]

1st – Steve Angerman – Nissan S13

2nd – James Evans – Nissan 350z

3rd – Matt Waldin – Nissan 350z

Photography courtesey Brandon Fugitt @  TheLemonadeStand

2012 Slide Open from Montreal [GALLERY]

Our man with a plan in the great white North known as Canadia Jeremy Glover stopped by the Slide Open competition last weekend at Circuit Icar just outside of Montreal. The competition featured entries approaching 150 km/hr (around 93 mph), and several top names both from Canada and the US. Matt Waldin was top qualifier, with Pat Cyr, Dave Briggs, and several other drivers chasing him down. In the end, they were all bested by an American, who took home the $10,000 cash prize.

1st – Mike Pollard
2nd – Marc Landreville
3rd – Simon Shaffner
4th – Alex Michaud

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XDC Round 4 / Hyperfest Practice and Qualifying [GALLERY]

One of the biggest east coast events of the year is Hyperfest at Summit Point every summer. People set things on fire and the in the past the police have ever tazered people in the stands. Well this practice and qualifying session was captured with 400+ photos from our east coast photographer Dan Jenkins!

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2012 Xtreme Drift Circuit Round 4 at Hyperfest [RESULTS]

We got an early morning report on how XDC Round 4 finished up this weekend. The two time champion Chelsea DeNofa took home another win while he is doing double duty between his Formula Drift career and some visits back to XDC. It just seems like no one can beat him right now in this series at all. In other shocking news former DMCC champion and Formula Drift driver Matt Waldin showed up and made it all the way to the finals.

1. Chelsea DeNofa
2. Matt Waldin
3. Jeff Jones
4. James Evans

2012 Clubloose Opening Moves by Dan Jenkins [GALLERY]

Dan Jenkins bundled up for the rain in New Jersey and went out to attack the 2012 Clubloose Opening Moves event in full force. Even though rain was pouring down we spotted drivers such as Matt Waldin out attacking the course which resulted in Dan producing almost 400 photos from the event. Drifting at Englishtown now marks 10 years in the making and is the first venue to host a decade of consistent drifting in North America.

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Chelsea DeNofa Releases 2011 XDC Championship Reel [VIDEO]

Chelsea DeNofa won the XDC championship two years in a row (2010-2011) and is now making his way over to Formula Drift in 2012. He just released a 2011 reel video which you can check out by following the link below. He really puts down some great follow runs through these 2011 XDC video and we are hoping he can bring that aggressiveness into Formula Drift for this season. Hopefully his 2012 chassis has more power or on some tracks he will have a hard time keeping up with the rocket ships competition like ASD.
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2011 Drift Mania Championship [RESULTS]

An American dominated another season of Drift Mania this year with Miro Ovcharik. Ryan Tuerck and Matt Waldin have taken a championship from the Canadians in the past and this year was no exception. Here is the championship finishing order:

1. Miro Ovcharik
2. Dave Briggs
3. Jeff Laflamme

2011 Formula Drift Las Vegas Round 6 – Qualifying [RESULTS]

An awesome weekend after dark here at Round 6 had temperatures that were hot but tolerable on the track after 8pm. Team Need for Speed driver Matt Powers proved his talents again this weekend by driving to a first place qualifying finish without a problem. Two other big shocks were Rhys Millen making a return to the top of the qualifying list with a second place finish and Robbie Nishida out of no where took his 240sx to a solid third place finish.

1. Matt Powers – 96.9
2. Rhys Millen – 93
3. Robbie Nishida – 89.8
4. Chris Forsberg – 89.5
5. Vaughn Gittin Jr. – 89.5
6. Dai Yoshihara – 88.5
7. Kyle Mohan – 88.3
8. Conrad Grunewald – 87.5
9. Ken Gushi – 86
10. Michael Essa – 86
11. Ryan Kado – 86
12. Darren McNamara – 85.8
13. Ryan Tureck 58
14. Otto Graven – 84
15. Dean Kearney – 82
16. Matt Field – 82
17. Fredric Aasbo – 81.5
18. Patrick Mordaunt – 79.5
19. Odi Bakchis – 79.5
20. Charles Ng – 79
21. Kyle Pollard – 78.8
22. Toshiki Yoshioka – 78.5
23. E. Armando – 76.3
24. Tyler McQuarrie – 75
25. Matt Waldin – 74.5
26. Dennis Mertzanis – 74
27. Ross Petty – 73
28. Cyrus Martinez – 70.5
29. Alex Lee – 68.5
30. Justin Pawlak – 68
31. Sam Hubinette – 65
32. Jeff Jones – 65

UPDATE at 6:41pm: Formula D changed the Top 32 due to points not given to Ryan Tuerck. No update of rankings as of Top 32 has been posted or provided as of the event going on live in progress. We apologize for the errors in this post.