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2012 Formula Drift Championship Points After Round 2 Road Atlanta [STANDINGS]

Here is how the championship stacks up after the first two rounds. Justin Pawlak is setting up himself to sweep up the competition this season with two wins in a row. His season went great last year but lost the championship with mechanical issues in Seattle and Las Vegas which let Dai Yoshihara sneak by. Right now Daigo Saito looks like the only one within reach but plenty of crazy things can happen in the next 5 rounds.

1. Justin Pawlak – 209 points
2. Daigo Saito – 157.50 points
3. Fredric Aasbo – 152 points
4. Rhys Millen – 127 points
5. Matt Powers – 126.50 points
6. Ryan Tuerck – 120.50 points
7. Dai Yoshihara – 118 points
8. Odi Bakchis – 117.25 points
9. Ryan Kado – 114 points
10. Kyle Mohan – 109.50 points
11. Toshiki Yoshioka – 108.50 points
12. Michael Essa – 97.50 points
13. Vaughn Gittin Jr. – 96 points
14. Chris Forsberg – 93 points
15. Tyler McQuarrie – 88.50 points
16. Kennet Moen – 87.50 points
17. Ken Gushi – 86.25 points
17. Joon Maeng – 86.25 points
19. Conrad Grunewald – 85 points
20. Matt Field – 79.25 points
21. Tony Angelo – 78.75 points
22. Walker Wilkerson – 69.50 points
23. Darren McNamara – 50.25 points
24. George Marstanovic – 49.25 points
24. Dennis Mertzanis – 49.25 points

2012 Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta Main Event [GALLERY]

All of the action with well over 1,000+ photos from the Main Event at Formula Drift Road Atlanta. All of the controversy and drama captured in photographs between tandem accidents, close battles, and another victory to Justin Pawlak. Sit back and enjoy a podium for Fredric Aasbo, Daigo Saito and the victory machine this season Justin Pawlak.

Check out the Gallery:

2012 Formula Drift Top 32 Tandem Battles [FINAL]

During qualifying today Formula Drift had some speed gun issues which resulted in changing every driver to receiving 10 points changing the qualifying order and a few drivers got entered wrong into the original bracket that was released. As far as we know here are the official tandem battles that will be happening in a few hours at Road Atlanta:

Michael Essa vs. Corey Hosford
Vaughn Gittin Jr. vs. Darren McNamara
Matt Field vs. Danny George
Daigo Saito vs. Chelsea DeNofa
Justin Pawlak vs. Ken Gushi
Matt Powers vs. George Marstonovic
Dai Yoshihara vs. Ryan Tuerck
Odi Bakchis vs. Patrick Goodin
Chris Forsberg vs. Toshiki Yoshioka
Fredric Aasbo vs. Robbie Nishida
Joon Maeng vs. Tyler McQuarrie
Dennis Mertzanis vs. Kyle Mohan
Conrad Grunewald vs. Tony Angelo
Ryan Kado vs. Jeff Jones
Kenneth Moen vs. Walker Wilkerson
Rhys Millen vs. Luke Lonberger

Loren Haleston takes on 2012 Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach [VIDEO]

A great production from Streets of Long Beach highlighting how much fun the drift event was from the eyes of big drivers like Matt Powers, Daigo Saito, and Justin Pawlak. The three minute piece really highlights the quick paced action that went down over the weekend. It even looks like he lost a camera to the death of Joon Maeng’s wing on the back of his Mazda Rx-8.

2012 Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta Drivers List

Here is a comprehensive list of drivers that will be in action at Round 2 Road Atlanta. Get ready for what will be one of the best round of the 2012 Formula Drift season. Enjoy the drives list below. With 50 drivers signed up this is most likely the largest grid in Formula Drift Road Atlanta history.

1. Fredric Aasbo
2. Jeff Abbott
3. Emmanuel Amandio
4. Tony Angelo
5. Taka Aono
6. Odi Bakchis
7. Tony Brakohiapa
8. Dave Briggs
9. Jhonnattan Castro
10. Andrew Coomes
11. Nick D’Alessio
12. Chelsea DeNofa
13. Michael Essa
14. Matt Field
15. Chris Forsberg
16. Danny George
17. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
18. Patrick Goodin
19. Conrad Grunewald
20. Ken Gushi
21. Zoltan Hadju
22. Brad Hettinger
23. Corey Hosford
24. Jeff Jones
25. Ryan Kado
26. Alex Lee
27. Luke Lonberger
28. Jeremy Lowe
29. Joon Maeng
30. George Marstanovic
31. Darren McNamara
32. Enrique Mendoza Jr.
33. Dennis Mertzanis
34. Rhys Millen
35. Kenneth Moen
36. Patrick Mordaunt
37. Robbie Nishida
38. Maurico Omelas Jr.
39. Miroslav Ovcharik
40. Justin Pawlak
41. Matt Powers
42. Daigo Saito
43. Mike Skudlarek
44. Gabe Stone
45. Nick Thomas
46. Ryan Tuerck
47. Chris Ward
48. Walker Wilkerson
49. Daijiro Yoshihara
50. Toshiki Yoshioka

Formula Drift Long Beach Qualifying [RESULTS]

After a qualifying session that had more Formula Drift Rookies than previous years,  Ryan Tuerck took home the top qualifying.  The rest of the qualifying order is below:

1. R. Tuerck
2. R. Millen
3. V. Gittin Jr.
4. J. Pawlak
5. E. Amandio
6. D. Yoshihara
7. T. McQuarrie
8. C. Grunewald
9. D. McNamara
10. R. Kado
11. F. Aasbo
12. C. Forsberg
13. K. Mohan
14. K. Gushi
15. G. Marstanovic
16. T. Aono
17. M. Powers
18. D. Saito
19. J. Lowe
20. M. Essa
21. T. Angelo
22. C. Denofa
23. P. Mordaunt
24. K. Moen
25. R. Nishida
26. J. Maeng
27. M. Field
28. T. Yoshioka
29. R. Petty
30. O. Bakchis
31. N. D’Alessio
32. D. Mertzanis

2012 Formula Drift Round 1 [DRIVERS LIST]

Here is the official list of drivers for Formula Drift Round 1 at Streets of Long Beach. A huge field thanks to the large number of rookies playing into this season. This will be one rookie race where everyone is looking at D1GP champion Daigo Saito to win. This gives the other 18 rookies one big target to chase through the 2012 season.

1. Daijiro Yoshihara
2. Justin Pawlak
3. Chris Forsberg
4. Darren McNamara
5. Tyler McQuarrie
6. Matt Powers
7. Ryan Tuerck
8. Conrad Grunewald
9. Rhys Millen
10. Kyle Mohan
11. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
12. Fredric Aasbo
13. Toshiki Yoshioka
14. Ken Gushi
15. Ross Petty
16. Odi Bakchis
17. Michael Essa
18. Walker Wilkerson
19. Matt Field
20. Dean Kearney
21. Dennis Mertzanis
22. Joon Maeng
23. Patrick Mordaunt
24. Ryan Kado
25. Taka Aono
26. Luke Lonberger
27. Jeff Jones
28. Robbie Nishida
29. Kenneth Moen
30. Emmanuel Amandio
31. Kyle Pollard
32. Jeff Abbott
33. Tony Angelo
34. Tony Brakohiapa
35. Ryan Bell
36. Carlos Cano
37. Jhonnattan Castro
38. Andrew Coomes
39. Nick D’Alessio
40. Chelsea DeNofa
41. Ian Fournier
42. Peter Funatake
43. Roland Gallagher
44. Danny George
45. Patrick Goodin
46. Joshua Guild
47. Corey Hosford
48. Jeremy Lowe
49. George Marstanovic
50. Daigo Saito
51. Gabe Stone
52. Nick Thomas
53. Chris Ward

2012 Formula Drift Tickets Now On Sale for Streets of Long Beach

You can now buy tickets for Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach for both days, single day Saturday, and VIP tickets. Last year we saw Vaughn Gittin Jr. miss qualifying, some insane tandem battles, and the rise of Team NFS star Matt Powers. It looks like you can also pick up tickets for a few other upcoming FD events! Follow the link below to pick up your seats before Streets of Long Beach is a sell out.


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WDS in China Following Matt Powers [VIDEO]

Matt Powers at WDS in China

Check out Matt Powers tearing it up in his China S14 that is mocked after his Formula Drift competition car. Matt Powers finished the WDS event in second this year in this mocked S14. He finished second behind Vaughn Gittin Jr. in this WDS event who brought a demo version of his Ford Mustang out.

Watch the video:

Chronicles of Irwindale Speedway by Mark Lenardon [VIDEO]

Mark Lenardon – Chronicles of Irwindale

One of the first and best looking drift videos captured by Mark highlighting Final Fight at Irwindale Speedway. This was the first season ender that gave several drivers a huge opportunity to win a championship. Dai Yoshihara, Justin Pawlak, Darren McNamara, AND Chris Forsberg all had a shot to win it big this season. Watch how the weekend unfolded.

Watch the video:—chronicles-of-irwindale-