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Drift Shifters – The Action [VIDEO]

Drift Shifters went down this weekend in New Zealand with a gang of international stars competing in a pinball machine style drift contest. With Sam Hubinette, Daigo Saito, Matt Powers, and local Mad Mike Whiddett attacked this new and unorthodox course to score points in front of over ten thousand fans. If you want to see a technical video on how they did it or if you want to see who won just check out our results post. This short video really shows how much the concept Drift Shifters was.


Watch the video:

Matt Powers Wins 2012 NZ Drift Shifters [RESULTS]

Matt Powers managed to qualify first with a score of 1.8 million and just never really looked back this weekend in Auckland. Matt drove straight through a sensor and even hit the Achilles Rig at one point pushing his S14 to the limits. The stunt driver and former Formula Drift champion Sam Hubinette was the only one who could pace Matt Powers and give him a run into the finals. Mad Mike and Daniel ‘Fanga Dan’ Woolhouse were able to round out the final four of the event.

We covered earlier in the week how the event technically works which included video explaining what was happening inAuckland over the weekend. If you want to catch up on the event itself and how it works head over and check out the “Technical Video Post here.” Then here is how the top four finished:
1. Matt Powers
2. Sam Hubinette
3. Daniel ‘Fanga Dan’ Woolhouse
4. Mad Mike Whiddett

Formula Drift the Movie – A Pretend Cast for a Nonexistent BioPic

One day our the beginning days of drifting will be nothing but distant memories we tell our grandchildren it hopes that they think we are actually cool or at least were cool. The old days were full just about everything, expect great drifting, and the paddock stories of car surfing after hours at clubs, bar brawls in Northern California, along with a good mix of pranks and shenanigans would be great on the big screen one day. Well Redline360 released a cast list for the biopic featuring quite a few members of the drift community and who would play them. Sadly I got stuck with Phillip Seymour Hoffman when I was hoping for Fred Savage to play me one day (just ANYONE but Ben Savage makes me happy in the end). Here is how the casting stacks up so far:

Jarod DeAnda – Vince Vaughn
Ryan Sage – Jason Statham
Matt Powers – Mark-Paul Harry Gosselaar (Zack from Saved by the Bell)
Walker Wilkerson – Jimmy Fallon
Danny George – Jack Black
Vaughn Gittin Jr. – Randy Quaid
Mike Kojima – Masi Oka
For more cast members follow the link below.


Information on the Inaugural 2013 Formula D Super Drift Challenge

The Formula D Superdrift series will take place over the Long Beach Grand Prix weekend that happens just one week after the first round of Formula D. The $25,000 in cash will be on the line for a huge event on Saturday using the traditional Formula Drift track on turns nine, ten, and eleven. On Friday the drivers will be running practice and qualifying like a traditional Formula Drift event. Saturday the cash is on the line running the traditional Formula Drift course.

Seating for the Super Drift Challenge will be in Grandstands 16, 18, 24, 25 and 26 on a first-come, first-serve basis beginning at 6:30 p.m. Ticket prices for the three-day event range from $28 for a Friday General Admission ticket to $130 for a three-day ticket that includes Sat./Sun. reserved seating in grandstand upper levels. On Saturday the event kicks off at 7:00pm and will feature a Top 16 of the best drivers in the series. As an added bonus the Super Drift Challenge cars will drift the entire race circuit after the featured IZOD IndyCar Series race.

Here is the Drivers List: 
Daigo Saito
Daijiro Yoshihara
Frederic Aasbo
Aurimas Bakchis
Michael Essa
Conrad Grunewald
Ken Gushi
Tyler McQuarrie
Robbie Nishida
Justin Pawlak
Matt Powers
*Others will be announced soon

A Day in the Life of Matt Powers [VIDEO]

Motegi Wheels has put together an awesome “day in the life” video with Formula Drift driver Matt Powers. Even though he is New Zealand at the moment for Drift Shifters don’t miss a 4 minute story about his daily grind. Tandem drifting, surfing, and mounting tires all come together in his average day around San Diego.

Steve Aoki Drifting with Matt Powers on his Birthday [VIDEO]

Here is a complete video of footage shot on the ReplayXD highlighting Steve Aoki driving Matt Powers competition car for his Nitto Tire birthday bash. Watch as Steve starts to get the hang of sliding in this LS7 powered Nissan 240sx. Matt Powers doesn’t quite seem to be loving his role as passenger in our screen grab at least.

Watch the video:

Mad Mike and Redbull – A Technical Look at Drift Shifters [VIDEO]

Mad Mike is one of the most creative and exciting drivers in the world and his new creation is called Drift Shifters. Imagine human drift car size pinball with his insane Mazda Rx-7 that happens to be going down in Auckland on Saturday December 8th, 2012. Below you can click the video to learn about the technical building of this racetrack.

The pinball style drift event is going to score points with 12 drivers based on the proximity to the sensor, speed, angle and other recordable variables. Matt Powers and Daigo Saito are both heading to New Zealand for the big event. It will also be MC’d by Jarod DeAnda. Head out between 12:00pm – 3:00pm on December 8th in Auckland City to enjoy the whole weekend.
The Red Bull Drift Shifters Drivers List:
Mad Mike Whiddett (NZ)
Daigo Saito (JAP)
Matt Powers (USA)
Samuel Hubinette (SWE)
Dan Woolhouse (NZ)
Gary Whiter (NZ)
Curt Whittaker (NZ)
Cole Armstrong (NZ)
Daynom Templeman (NZ)
Jason Sellers (NZ)
Andrew Redward (NZ)
Hugo Maclean (NZ)


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Steve Aoki’s Drifting Birthday Bash with Matt Powers [VIDEO]

Matt Powers and the Driftparty released some passenger camera footage from his drift day with Steve Aoki that just recently took place. The event was Nitto Tire Steve Aoki Birthday Bash which they held at the Long Beach Convention Center with Matt Powers and his Formula Drift competition car. Matt was even bold enough to let Steve get behind the wheel of his comp car during the event. The video footage is all ReplayXD camera footage captured by Matt during the event.

Watch the video:

2012 Just Drift All-Star Bash [OPEN MEDIA THREAD]

Sadly the Wrecked Magazine staff couldn’t make it out to Willow Springs this weekend but we came up with an idea to collect all media produced in one big open thread for people to enjoy the weekend of drift events. With over 100 drivers attacking Horse Thief Mile and Streets of Willow you should have tons of drifting content from the weekend. Check out and enjoy all the content! Send any content from this weekend you want posted through our contact form.

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Joey Redmond is on MotoIQ Radio Tonight at 8:30pm PST

Tonight in less than 30 minutes our head editor Joey Redmond will be on MotoIQ radio with Justin Banner and one gorgeous time attacker Kerryann De La Cruz as they talk about the end of the 2012 season and the previews of the 2013 season. The three of them are going to talk about some exclusive hints on the new season and what will be announced at the 2012 Formula Drift SEMA press conference. Here is MotoIQ talking about coming on air:

8:30pm PST – Finally, Joey Redmond of Wrecked Magazine will be on with us to discuss the 2012 season. We’ll also get his views on judging for this year and Daigo Saito winning the 2012 Formula Drift Championship in his first year. Finally, we’ll look into his crystal ball and see what he sees coming in the 2013 Formula Drift Season.