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Formula Drift Round 1 Long Beach Qualifying [RESULTS]

After one of the longest qualifying sessions in Formula Drift history. Dai Yoshihara takes takes the number one qualifier spot. The rest of the qualifying order is below.

32 Tyler Mcquarrie
31 Dennis Mertzanis
30 Enrique Mendoza
29 Carl Ryquist
28 Miro Ovcharik
27 Pat Goodin
26 Jeff Jones
25 Danny George
24 Toshiki Yoshioka
23 Justin Pawlak
22 Pat Mordaunt
21 Joon Maeng
20 Robbie Nishida
19 Kyle Mohan
18 Jhonnattan Castro
17 Matt Field
16 Matt powers
15 Chris Forsberg
14 Ken Gushi
13 Ryan Kado
12 Odi Bakchis
11 Taka Aono
10 Forrest Wang
9 Freddy Aasbo
8 Daigo Saito
7 Ryan Tuerck
6 Vaughn Gittin JR
5 Kenny Moen
4 Chelsea Denofa
3 Mike Essa
2 Darren McNamara
1 Dai Yoshihara

Matt Powers Has an Awesome Race Suit for 2013

Matt Powers showed off his race suit at Long Beach today in the form of a tuxedo with a red bow. Matt continues to crack us all up at Wrecked over the years and this was a perfect step up of humor for us. His new partners Katech and Fatlace are in for a great treat.

Matt Powers Shows off his Fatlace 2013 Formula Drift Livery

Finally we have grabbed some photos of Matt Powers S14 for the 2013 Formula Drift season. We already covered Matt’s insane 463CI engine in another post which was built by Katech Performance. Need for Speed stepped away from Matt after a couple seasons of partnership but now Matt Powers is with the lifestyle/clothing brand Fatlace. He carries Nitto Tire, ACT Clutch, and Seibon Carbon from old seasons and releases his best looking livery to date in my opinion. What do you think of his new car?


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Matt Powers Katech Built 463ci LS Engine and 2013 Livery Preview

Matt Powers shows off his 463ci LS Engine that he will be running for the 2013 Formula Drift season. The photos are of the car sitting on an engine dyno getting tuned and ready for the new season. Matt has brought on new title sponsor with Fatlace and has Katech Performance helping him with this over the top engine package. You can pick up top LS engine products from The motor includes a RHS engine block, ported LS7 heads, ACT Clutch and a FAST LSXR 102mm manifold. What do you think of Matt Powers setup?

Matt Powers Show Off his International Demo Car – Fatlace and Nitto Tire

Matt Powers took to Instagram showing off his international demo S14 Nissan 240sx. The rumros of his Fatlace partnership seem to be confirmed looking over his car heading to Panama. The car is title sponsored by Nitto Tire and Fatlace which overall looks similar to one of his old FD liveries. What do you think he was putting together for the 2013 season in Formula Drift?  The Panama International event will see him joined by Justin Pawlak, Odi Bakchis, and Joon Maeng.

2013 Formula Drift Official Drivers List for Streets of Long Beach

Here is the official list of drivers who are paid and ready to head out for Streets of Long Beach. You will notice an absense of Rhys Millen but an addition of an open wheel racing star. Please remember that the * denotes anyone who is eligible for rookie of the year in 2013.
Saito, Daigo
Gittin, Vaughn Jr.
Pawlak, Justin
Tuerck, Ryan
Aasbo, Fredric
Yoshihara, Daijiro
Gushi, Ken
Grunewald, Conrad
Powers, Matt
Forsberg, Chris
Essa, Mike
Nishida, Robbie
McQuarrie, Tyler
Yoshioka, Toshiki
Bakchis, Odi
Denofa, Chelsea
Wilkerson, Walker
Moen, Kenneth
Field, Matt
Kado, Ryan
Mohan, Kyle
Angelo, Tony
Maeng, Joon
McNamara, Darren
Mordaunt, Patrick
Aono, Taka
Mertzanis, Dennis
Ovcharik, Miroslav
Castro, Jhonnattan
George, Danny
Lee, Alex
Ward, Chris
Goodin, Patrick
Briggs, Dave
Hosford, Corey
Jones, Jeff
Cano Estrella, Carlos
Mendoza Jr., Enrique
Stone, Gabe
Thomas, Nick
Bostrom, Jason*
Graven, Otto
Hamilton, Nate*
Hateley, Andy
Hildebrand, J.R.*
Jacobs, Julian*
Jeanneret, Chris*
Kretschmer, Eugene*
Landerville, Marc*
Moore, Victor
Osaki, Karl*
Pakula, Luke*
Parsons, Will*
Primozich, Rob*
Steele, Josh*
Wang, Forrest
Wicknick, Brandon*
Kearney, Dean
Keezer, Kory*
Rydquist, Carl
Pollard, Mike

Matt Powers Partnering with Fatlace for the 2013 [RUMORMILL]

According to some teasers on Instagram it looks like a potential partnership is in the works between Matt Powers and the Fatlace/Illest brand. They both posted some teasers of each other talking about how things are coming as a preview. Another word is that EA/Need for Speed has left Matt Powers program in 2013 so he clearly would be interested in bringing in a new partner.


Long Beach Grand Prix “Super Drift” roster finalized

While some details on this $25k shootout were revealed back in December, the full drivers list and alternates was released today. Joining the original 11 candidates are Chris Forsberg, Toshiki Yoshioka, Ryan Tuerck, Kyle Mohan, Tony Angelo, Chelsea Denofa, and Ryan Kado. Missing from the original list is Justin Pawlak. Here’s the final list, as well as the alternates:

Driver /Hometown /Nationality

Forsberg, Chris / Doylestown, PA / American
Powers, Matt / Pacific Beach, CA / American
Bakchis, Odi / Kaunas, Lithuania / Lithuanian
Yoshioka, Toshiki / Hiroshima, Japan / Japanese
Grunewald, Conrad / Houston, TX / American
Essa, Michael / Los Angeles, CA / Indian/American
Saito, Daigo / Tokyo, Japan / Japanese
Nishida, Robbie / Tokyo, Japan / Japanese
Tuerck, Ryan / Derry, NH / American
McQuarrie, Tyler / Walnut Creek, CA / American
Yoshihara, Daijiro / Hachiouji Tokyo, Japan / Japanese
Aasbo, Fredric /Ski, Norway / Norwegian
Mohan, Kyle /Anaheim, CA / American
Angelo, Tony / Doylestown, PA / American
Denofa, Chelsea / Philadephia, PA / American
Kado, Ryan / Sacramento, CA / Japanese/American

Alternate Drivers:

Wilkerson, Walker / Snohomish, WA / Japanese
Jones, Jeff / San Fernando Valley, CA / American

Who is your favorite to take home the cash?

Matt Powers gets a new engine program, 700HP+

Matt Powers has announced that he will be working with Katech engines for his 2013 engine package, running the ‘Track Attack’ setup which boasts 463ci/7.6L of displacement and 700 horsepower. The setup will use an RHS Aluminum block, Comp Cam, FAST products, ACT Clutch, and Mishimoto cooling system. We’ve seen Matt get more and more serious about his program in the past couple of years, and he has finished in the top 10 for two consecutive years now. His first career win could come in 2013 wich such a serious setup, although it has been well documented that a majority of the field will be well north of 600hp in 2013.

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Drift Shifters – The Action [VIDEO]

Drift Shifters went down this weekend in New Zealand with a gang of international stars competing in a pinball machine style drift contest. With Sam Hubinette, Daigo Saito, Matt Powers, and local Mad Mike Whiddett attacked this new and unorthodox course to score points in front of over ten thousand fans. If you want to see a technical video on how they did it or if you want to see who won just check out our results post. This short video really shows how much the concept Drift Shifters was.


Watch the video: