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2011 Formula Drift Round 2 – Road Atlanta Tentative Drivers List

A tentative drivers list for Road Atlanta has been released by Formula Drift today. Eric O’Sullivan is finally on the list and ready for action in a Pontiac Solstice. Some of the rookies like Walker Wilkerson are making the trek out east. Make sure to sign in to Fantasy Drift and update your roster in case your drivers are not making it to Round 2.

Justin Pawlak
Matt Powers
Daijiro Yoshihara
Chris Forsberg
Kyle Mohan
Conrad Grunewald
Rhys Millen
Ryan Tuerck
Fredric Aasbo
Darren McNamara
Tyler McQuarrie
Walker Wilkerson
Matt Field
Ross Petty
Matt Waldin
Dennis Mertzanis
John Russakoff
Michael Essa
Ken Gushi
Joon Maeng
Cyrus Martinez
Charles Ng
Alex Pfeiffer
Taka Aono
Odi Bakchis
Mike Feiock
Otto Graven
Jeff Jones
Dean Kearney
Patrick Mordaunt
Tony Brakohiapa
Patrick Cyr
Vaughn Gittin Jr.
Jim Guthrie
Zoltan Hadju
Brad Hettinger
Sam Hubinette
Ryan Kado
Luke Lonberger
Eric O’Sullivan
Mike Skudlarek

Chris Forsberg Vs. Matt Powers in Top 4 [VIDEO] [POLL]

What Call Should the Judges of Made on This Top 4 OMT Battle?

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Chris Forsberg Vs. Matt Powers OMT in Top 4

One of my favorite battles from the whole weekend was the Chris Forsberg vs. Matt Powers battle in the Top 4. After the first round I knew the judges would call a OMT after watching the runs and after the OMT battle I really thought another OMT was coming. Well we got our hands on some footage that shows the whole track and want the Wrecked Magazine readers to be the judge. You have three voting choices which are Chris Forsberg, Matt Powers, or another OMT. Place your votes!

KW TV Episode 1: Formula Drift Long Beach [VIDEO]

KW Suspension put together this video highlighting the KW Suspension team’s efforts at Formula Drift Round 1: Streets of Long Beach. This video featuring it’s all-star roster of drivers featuring Matt Powers, Dai Yoshihara, Rhys Millen, Michael Essa, Fredric Aasbo, and Joon Maeng and highlights Matt Powers’ and Dai Yoshihara’s 2nd and 3rd place podium finishes.

Click here to watch the video:

2011 Formula Drift Long Beach [RESULTS]

1st: Justin Pawlak
2nd: Matt Powers
3rd: Daijiro Yoshihara

2011 Formula Drift Long Beach Qualifying [Results]

Conrad Grunewald took home the top qualifying spot at Formula Drift Long Beach. Here are the results:
1. Conrad Grunewald
2. Daijiro Yoshihara
3. Kyle Mohan
4. Matt Powers
5. Rhys Millen
6. Darren McNamara
7. Walker Wilkerson
8. Tyler McQuarrie
9. John Russakoff
10. Ryan Tuerck
11. Justin Pawlak
12.  Matt Field
13. Matt Waldin
14. Jeff Abbott
15. Ross Petty
16. Chris Forsberg
17. Michael Essa
18. Ken Gushi
19. Dennis Mertz
20. Charles Ng
21. Alex Pfeiffer
22. Cyrus Martinez
23. Joon Maeng
24. Fredric Aasbo
25. Taka Aono
26. Otto Graven
27. Mike Feiock
28. Dean Kearney
29. Jeff Jones
30. Patrick Mordaunt
31. Odi Bakchus
32. Toshiki Yoshioka

Matt Powers Refreshes His Vinyl in 2011 for the S14 [SNAPSHOTS]

Team Need for Speed star Matt Powers gave his car a little refresh for the 2011 season adding more leopard print with a spice of pink and baby blue flair. Some pink wheels on the drivers side of the car now and a huge juicy LS7 engine making horsepower for this Team Need for Speed driver. Matt is still on Nitto Tire for the new season and I personally think his Fantasy Drift stock should be going up in 2011 so keep an eye out for him and the Mattley Crew.


2011 Formula D Long Beach Drivers List – Tentative

Here is the tentative 2011 Formula Drift drivers list for Long Beach exclusively found here at Wrecked Magazine. If you scroll all the way to the bottom you might find a Japanese star back on the roster for a new season. It is looking like a strong field and a super intense season. Just seven days from Media Day at Streets of Long Beach!

Aasbo, Fredric
Abbott, Jeff
Aono, Taka
Bachis, Odi
Brakohiapa, Tony
Essa, Michael
Feiock, Mike
Field, Matt
Forsberg, Chris
Gallagher, Roland
George, Danny
Gittin, Vaughn Jr.
Graven, Otto
Grunewald, Conrad
Guild, Josh
Gushi, Ken
Guthrie, Jim
Hettinger, Brad
Hubinette, Samuel
Jones, Jeff
Kado, Ryan
Kearney, Dean
Lee, Alex
Licup, Chris
Lonberger, Luke
Maeng, Joon
Martinez, Cyrus
McNamara, Darren
McQuarrie, Tyler
Mertzanis, Dennis
Millen, Rhys
Moen, Kenneth
Mohan, Kyle
Mordaunt, Patrick
Ng, Charles
Nishida, Robbie
Pawlak, Justin
Petty, Ross
Pfeiffer, Alex
Powers, Matt
Russakoff, John
Skudlarek, Mike
Tuerck, Ryan
Waldin, Matt
Wang, Forrest
Wilkerson, Walker
Yoshihara, Daijiro
Yoshioka, Toshiki

Matt Powers Shows off his GMPP LS7 Build to the World

Matt Powers is now a Need for Speed SHIFT 2 star and is still a Team Need for Speed driver for 2011. The Formula Drift season is right around the corner and Matt Powers has “sold his soul” as some of you might think by turning to the General Motors Performance Parts (GMPP) powers and sourced a LS7 engine. Along with his new engine the whole car seems to be getting a revamp which can be seen over at MotoIQ in a five page write up that we had a blast checking out.


Matt Powers Vs. Vaughn Gittin Jr. Playing Need for Speed SHIFT 2 in Autolog [VIDEO]

Matt Powers Vs. Vaughn Gittin Jr. Battle It Out on Autolog Drift Challenge

The Need for Speed SHIFT 2 Unleashed launch is just around the corner in two weeks. The guys at EA Games released this hilarious video promoting the Autolog Drift Challenge. It looks like a way to challenge friends through Xbox Live/Playstation Network to battle over drifting performance points. The important part is the closing where Matt Powers said he could beat Vaughn Gittin Jr. at anything other than eating crabs and drifting. We want to see that happen!

Watch the video:


Behind the Drifter – Matt Powers [VIDEO]

Behind the Drifter – Matt Powers

This is just like Behind the Music from VH1 but completely different and features everyone’s favorite drifting rockstar Matt Powers from San Diego. This camera turns the video on his childhood friends where they talk about him drifting in his old BMW back in the day along with other stories from his past. Learn more about the Team Need for Speed driver by learning where he came from.

Watch the video:—matt-powers-