Matt Powers

2011 Formula Drift Las Vegas – Round 6 [RESULTS]

In the hottest event of the year, Rhys Millen takes home the 1st place trophy. The podium results are as follows:

1. Rhys Millen
2. Darren McNamara
3. Matt Powers

2011 Formula Drift Las Vegas Round 6 – Qualifying [RESULTS]

An awesome weekend after dark here at Round 6 had temperatures that were hot but tolerable on the track after 8pm. Team Need for Speed driver Matt Powers proved his talents again this weekend by driving to a first place qualifying finish without a problem. Two other big shocks were Rhys Millen making a return to the top of the qualifying list with a second place finish and Robbie Nishida out of no where took his 240sx to a solid third place finish.

1. Matt Powers – 96.9
2. Rhys Millen – 93
3. Robbie Nishida – 89.8
4. Chris Forsberg – 89.5
5. Vaughn Gittin Jr. – 89.5
6. Dai Yoshihara – 88.5
7. Kyle Mohan – 88.3
8. Conrad Grunewald – 87.5
9. Ken Gushi – 86
10. Michael Essa – 86
11. Ryan Kado – 86
12. Darren McNamara – 85.8
13. Ryan Tureck 58
14. Otto Graven – 84
15. Dean Kearney – 82
16. Matt Field – 82
17. Fredric Aasbo – 81.5
18. Patrick Mordaunt – 79.5
19. Odi Bakchis – 79.5
20. Charles Ng – 79
21. Kyle Pollard – 78.8
22. Toshiki Yoshioka – 78.5
23. E. Armando – 76.3
24. Tyler McQuarrie – 75
25. Matt Waldin – 74.5
26. Dennis Mertzanis – 74
27. Ross Petty – 73
28. Cyrus Martinez – 70.5
29. Alex Lee – 68.5
30. Justin Pawlak – 68
31. Sam Hubinette – 65
32. Jeff Jones – 65

UPDATE at 6:41pm: Formula D changed the Top 32 due to points not given to Ryan Tuerck. No update of rankings as of Top 32 has been posted or provided as of the event going on live in progress. We apologize for the errors in this post.

ACT Is Finishing Up Title Fight Contest – Go Register Now!

Our partner ACT Clutch is doing a huge promotion for the Formula D Irwindale weekend. You can get airfare, a VISA gift card, hotel, video game time with Team NFS star Fredric Aasbo, and a ride along with Matt Powers all in one weekend. ACT now has also added a video cameo with Gardella Racing and a World Industries Swag bag. The contest is being run over at their FB fan page so make your dream of coming to Irwindale come true.


Have An ACT Clutch Driver on Your Fantasy Drift Team – Win A PlayStation 3 [FREE STUFF]

The guys at ACT gave us some great news about Fantasy Drift this week for our loyal players. Below in the block quote text is all the information ACT is providing for the contest. To give you cliff notes we are picking three people randomly who are running ACT drivers for this contest. Below you can see what you will win if your in this top three. Here is a quick list of drivers that make you eligible to win:

Eric O’Sullivan
Fredric Aasbo
Ian Fournier
Jeff Abbott
Joon Maeng
Matt Field
Matt Powers
Nikolay Konstantinov
Ryan Kado
Ryan Tuerck





Here is the ACT Press Release:

ACT is pleased to present a special prize package for participants in Wrecked Magazine Fantasy Drift 2011.  One lucky Fantasy Drift PRO player will win the grand prize which includes a one of a kind ACT themed Sony PlayStation 3 and a complete set of ACT swag! Two additional players will each receive an ACT swag bag.  

Grand Prize includes the following:

        • Custom ACT Sony PS3 (160gb or equivalent) & extra controller
        • ACT T-shirt
        • ACT Hat
        • ACT Lanyard
        • ACT License Plate Frames
        • ACT Zippo Lighter
        • ACT Mechanic Gloves
        • ACT Sunglasses


Second and Third Prize includes the following:

        • ACT T-shirt
        • ACT Hat
        • ACT Lanyard
        • ACT License Plate Frames
        • ACT Zippo Lighter
        • ACT Mechanic Gloves
        • ACT Sunglasses





(Approximate Retail Value of Prize Package: $650)
Advanced Clutch Technology is a premier clutch manufacturer that has more than 700 different applications and more than 1,300 performance clutch kits. The company’s product line features clutches and forged flywheels for the most popular vehicles in the sport compact, American and European car markets. Advanced Clutch Technology has been involved with the sport of drifting since 2004 and currently sponsors Ryan Tuerck, Eric O’Sullivan, Fredric Aasbo, Matt Powers, Joon Maeng, Matt Field, Ryan Kado, Jeff Abbott, Ian Fournier and Nikolay Konstantinov.  ACT is headquartered in Lancaster, Calif.  

Matt Powers brings the Drift Party to Seattle [VIDEO]


Nate Deck’s latest video from Seattle features Matt Powers paying a visit to Monroe Washington’s famous Cowgirls Espresso lingerie coffee drive-thru, car crashes, and some drifting. Titled “Mullets in Monroe”, Nate follows Matt during his stay in Seattle for Formula Drift round 5 at Evergreen Speedway. A classic soundtrack and plenty of onboard footage courtesy of RePlay XD cameras make this an awesome video.

Check it out here:

Nitto Tire and Studio Mountain take on Seattle [VIDEO]

The guys over at Studio Mountain consistently put out some of the best videos for Nitto Tire and their third installment of the 2011 Formula Drift season is no exception. This video from Round 5 at Evergreen Speedway slows things down from their usual fast paced video, and it follows the Nitto Tire team throughout the event. High production value and killer on-car shots make it a video you don’t want to miss.

Watch the video here:

Wrecked Magazine Issue 20 Is Out!

Issue 20 features Matt Powers in a way you have never thought about him before. He talks V8’s, his will to win, and a bunch of other stuff inside the 20th issue of Wrecked Magazine. Conrad Grunewald who hasn’t had a podium since the Houston 2005 event sits down and talks about his great run at New Jersey this year resulting in a first place finish. Last years Fantasy Drift champion who also happens to be a grassroots drivers gets highlighted in one really cool profile piece. The Industry Insider sits us down with Joshua Herron where we talk about his video productions and the Eazy Dolly he has used for production. A small update on Project V8 240sx as she moves towards her public debut. All of that and much more inside the 20th issue of Wrecked.


Read Wrecked Magazine Issue 20: 

Who Can Mathematically Still Win the Formula D 2011 Championship After 5 Rounds?

So I spent a few minutes doing math (negating logic) and discovered that heading into Formula Drift Las Vegas 15 drivers still have a shot at the championship. While some of them will be quickly eliminated once Dai Yoshihara scores a qualifying spot in Las Vegas it is still pretty awesome to see that so many drivers could in theory make it happen. Thank Wrecked Magazine for doing math that you didn’t want to do or have no idea how to do later.

1. Daijiro Yoshihara
2. Justin Pawlak
3. Chris Forsberg
4. Darren McNamara
5. Matt Powers
6. Tyler McQuarrie
7. Ryan Tuerck
8. Conrad Grunewald
9. Vaughn Gittin Jr.
10. Kyle Mohan
11. Fredric Aasbo
12. Toshiki Yoshioka
13. Rhys Millen
14. Ken Gushi
15. Odi Bakchis

2011 Formula Drift Championship Points After Round 5 [STANDINGS]

Evergreen Speedway is the most exciting round of the year by far over and over again. This year eliminated Justin Pawlak in the Top 32 and allowed Dai Yoshihara to take back his championship reigns. The top 25 is going to be shaken up through Las Vegas and Irwindale Speedway this year we have a feeling resulting in the best season of Formula D history. Here is how they came out of Evergreen Speedway:

1. Daijiro Yoshihara (412 points)
2. Justin Pawlak (397 points)
3. Chris Forsberg (369 points)
4. Darren McNamara (345.50 points)
5. Matt Powers (328.50 points)
6. Tyler McQuarrie (317 points)
7. Ryan Tuerck (308 points)
8. Conrad Grunewald (300 points)
9. Vaughn Gittin Jr. (291 points)
10. Kyle Mohan (266 points)
11. Fredric Aasbo (250 points)
12. Toshiki Yoshioka (238.25 points)
13. Rhys Millen (207 points)
14. Ken Gushi (188.75 points)
15. Odi Bakchis (185.50 points)
16. Walker Wilkerson (185 points)
17. Ross Petty (184.25 points)
18. Joon Maeng (165.50 points)
19. Matt Field (159.75 points)
20. Matt Waldin (159 points)
21. Otto Graven (158.75 points)
22. Dennis Mertzanis (157.50 points)
23. Charles Ng (152.25 points)
24. John Russakoff (146.50 points)
25. Dean Kearney (128.75 points)

2011 Formula Drift Evergreen Speedway Qualifying [RESULTS]

Formula Drift Evergreen Speedway qualifying ended today with Tyler McQuarrie taking the top spot. The rest of the qualifying order is below:

1 Tyler McQuarrie – 94.5
2 Justin Pawlak – 93.5
3 Rhys. Millen – 89.6
4 Daijiro Yoshihara – 86.9
5 Odi Bakchis – 86
6 Conrad. Grunewald – 85.1
7 Joon. Maeng – 83.7
8 Fredric. Aasbo – 82.1
9 Dean. Kearney – 81.3
10 Ryan. Tuerck – 80.3
11 Michael. Essa – 76.4
12 Vaughn. Gittin – 75.7
13 Matt. Powers – 75.1
14 Walker Wilkerson – 74.7
15 Chris. Forsberg -74.5
16 Alex. Lee – 72.8
17 Alax. Pfeiffer – 71.4
18 Otto. Graven – 71.2
19 Darin. McNamara – 71
20 Charles. Ng – 66.8
21 Matt Field – 66.5
22 Kyle Mohan – 65.1
23 Toshiki Yoshioka – 64.6
24 Roland Gallagher – 62.8
25 Ross Petty – 61
26 Ken. Gushi – 60.6
27 Cyrus Martinez – 60.5
28 Robbie Nishida – 57
29 Jeff Jones – 56.1
30 Ryan Kado – 55.2
31 Dennis Mertzanis – 52.3
32 Luke Longberger – 52.2