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FIA International Drifting Cup roster is released


FIA World Drifting Cup released their roster of 26 drivers today. From the list, seven drivers have Formula Drift ties. Current Formula Drift competitors Michael Essa, Matt Field, and Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis will be competing at the first event, scheduled to happen on September 30th and October 1st in Japan. Past competitors Charles Ng, Daigo Saito, and Masashi Yokoi are also scheduled to compete. 2009 and 2010 Formula Drift Asia champion Tengku Djan Ley will also be returning to competition for this event. Djan Ley has been away from drifting for a few years, but will be returning to compete in this monumental event. Also of note, Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni will also be competing. Biagioni was awarded a Formula Drift license for the 2017 season, but ended up not competing. He later put out a pretty impressive viral video dubbed “Monster Drift 2” with Daigo Saito earlier this year.

Who are you most excited to watch in this event?

Irish Drift Championship Boss Talks State of Drifting in Ireland


Ireland is a small country in the North Atlantic Ocean with a small population of 4,500,000 people (same population as Louisana or Kentucky) for a comparison. I visited Ireland for the first time in November for a 62 hours and got a quick feel of the country. It is really amazing how powerful and impactful the drift scene has grown on this little island compared to America or mainland Europe (more Eastern). IDC is an amazing series that produces a large talent pool of drifters (James Deane who is arriving in Formula Drift for 2017). With that being said, I found the article written by IDC bossman David Egan. Here is an excerpt I found interesting and you can follow the link below this quote and read his full write up.

“Firstly, 95% of the general population have no idea what drifting is or have a complete misconception. This is actually a good thing in many ways. That means that only 5% are making the decision to attend or not and the sport has not been rejected by the masses. Therefore our simple and significant task should be to give a much higher percentage of people the option. The fact that we are seeing attendances of over 10,000 at certain events, from 5% of the drift-educated population, is a good indication that the potential for mainstream success is there. For 2017, we have redesigned our marketing strategy to include numerous crossovers with other motor-sports, sports, celebrities and events. We are planning on attending over 20 non-drift related events to promote the championships and perform demonstrations. Our in-house media team have partnered with numerous magazines and online blogs, both nationally and internationally, providing in-depth reports and reviews on all events. We aim to produce over 180 videos and 4 documentaries during the season and have constant behind-the-scenes content streaming online. Our improved free live-stream service can be viewed on any device and will rival conventional TV broadcasts in terms of quality and production.”


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Matt Field reveals “Gears of War” livery for Formula Drift Irwindale [SPY SHOT]


Matt Field’s name has become almost synonymous with the bright highlighter neon yellow color that he has carried either as a primary or secondary color on every livery he has used in his Formula Drift career. However, Field’s new partnership with the “Gears of War” video game franchise will have his fans seeing red this weekend. We haven’t seen a major video game partnership like this in Formula Drift since the Need for Speed partnership transitioned into Speedhunters support, so it’s good to see a major non-endemic partnering with one of the drivers. Winning in Texas probably didn’t hurt Field’s cause either.

Gas Monkey Energy Drink Sponsors Dean Kearney for Texas



Dean Kearney and Bridges Racing announced a new co-title partnership with Gas Monkey Energy Drink for the Texas round of Formula Drift, taking place this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway. The Gas Monkey brand has grown rapidly in the past few years behind the popularity of the TV Show “Fast n Loud”, and the brand has gotten more involved with racing over the past few years. Gas Monkey also has worked on several high profile Dodge / Mopar builds, which goes hand-in-hand with the lone Dodge Viper on the Formula Drift grid.

The partnership will expand the number of energy drinks involved with Formula Drift drivers up to five as Gas Monkey Energy joins Monster Energy, Rockstar Energy, Red Bull, and NOS Energy Drink as title or co-title sponsors on the current Formula Drift grid. The newly-revealed livery looks fantastic!

Formula Drift Returns to Old Layout for Round 4 in New Jersey


Formula Drift New Jersey is going retro with its layout this weekend and returning to the old style the event was run. I have to imagine with the old course being just three right turns basically that tire wear came in to impact this course change. Some drivers were having issues in Orlando with losing tire at the end of two runs or even before that. Watching some footage that I dug up of the 2011 layout, it does look like competitors can be in more of a drag race. Here are the laps side by side:

Old New Layout:

2015 Layout:

Charles Ng Debuts Loaner Nissan 240sx for Formula Drift Orlando

Charles Ng will be running a familiar S-Chassis this weekend in Orlando. Charles Ng has had some issues with his Infiniti G37 this season and mechanical problems resulted in him being the only driver unable to qualify at Road Atlanta leaving the field to 31 drivers. He has now loaned Juha Rintanen’s S14 for the weekend and rewrapped it to match his orange/matte black look. Juha Rintanen will finally be debuting his S15 Silvia we previewed a little while back here.


New Tennessee Series Turismo Drift Offering $48k in Payouts


This new drift series Turismo Drift is offering some serious payouts for drivers in the southeast willing to make the trek around the state of Tennessee. Four rounds between May and November offer a $12,000 purse for each round. If you pay for the season the price comes out to just $200 a round. This means by qualifying in the Top 16 you would make $50 minimum. The big caveat here is getting paid out of course – so do your research and see if you think it will happen. Many series promising big payouts have come and gone in the past failing to pay out drivers so keep that in mind. If you have some talent behind the wheel and can swing four podiums out of the series then you are looking at a really nice pay day.

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Sikky team sits out 2016 Formula Drift season


Sikky Manufacturing also took to social media this week to announce that they will forego supporting their Formula Drift team of James Evans and “Rapper” Dan Savage for the 2016 season to focus on their V8 swap kit business instead. Savage was the 2014 Pro 2 Champion, while Evans finished fifth in 2014 and second in 2015 in the Pro 2 ranks. Both drivers competed in the Pro class for the entire 2015 season, with Savage finishing 25th and Evans finishing in 34th. Sikky will continue to have a presence on the Formula Drift grid as they sponsor several drivers including 2015 Pro 2 champion Alex Heilbrunn. Savage tells us he will be spotting for a Pro 2 driver this season, so he will still be available at a few events if fans are seeking autographs.

Sad to see the 2014 Pro 2 champion join the 2015 Pro class Rookie of the Year Masashi Yokoi on the sidelines for the 2016 season.

Formula Drift Loses GoPro But Gains New Presenting Sponsor


Formula Drift signs a new three year deal for a presenting sponsor of the series today with a company called Blackvue. The company Blackvue is owned by South Korean based technology company Pittasoft Co., Ltd. The three-year agreement names BlackVue as the “Presenting Sponsor and Official Dashcam” for the Formula Drift series. This shouldn’t come as a shock I think if you follow GoPro from the business side. The stock in 2014 managed to reach $86 and now sits around $12 today. GoProStock

I am not a financial analysts but the loss in market cap alone at $74/share has to impact the company in the marketing pocket book with things such as presenting sponsorships of race series. Blackvue being the Official Dashcam according to the Formula Drift PR does sound like it leaves room for camera companies to still sponsor the series. I could see GoPro staying on with the series in some smaller capacity if Blackvue allows them to do so.


Hopefully the marketing machine behind Blackvue can concept some great product placement like we saw during the GoPro era of Formula Drift. Blackvue seems to promote cloud technology with its dash cameras so maybe we can except some in-dash camera viewing from all the drivers during an event through their services? Hopefully the new partnership promotes an improvement with the user experience along with making it better to watch from home for all the fans. Below is a shot of the product I found on the website.


Two Formula Drift Champions Are Joining Nexen Tire [RUMORMILL]


The paddock has been buzzing about the big driver signings that Nexen Tire has been doing behind the scenes this during this off-season. We have heard big time rumors of two former Formula Drift champions coming to Nexen Tire over and over again and now we can all but confirm it. This photo was taken by @richardundie during the Leadfoot Festival in New Zealand. It shows Tanner Foust as one of the two champions we have heard big time rumors of moving to Nexen Tire. The other champion moving to Nexen Tire is Fredric Aasbo which seems like a natural link with Rockstar Energy and the Papadakis Racing umbrella/link between the two teams. I haven’t spoken to anyone who has tested the new Nexen Tire but I have heard they are “on quality” with the big toy tires of the sport. Thanks for the tip Case182!