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2014 D1NZ Round 4 at Taupo Motorsport Park [GALLERY]




A huge thanks to David Atkinson who provided great coverage of Round 4 from the Taupo Motorsport Park in New Zealand. This world class track brought some real excitement to this D1NZ circuit. If you want to check out an event recap of D1NZ Round 4 it can be found here. Otherwise, you can view a ton of images from Round 4 via the link below showing off all the close tandem runs of the weekend in image form.


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2014 D1NZ Round 4 Recap at Taupo Motorsport Park


With the halfway point behind us the competition was really starting to heat up for round four of the Cody’s D1NZ National Drifting Championship. After two rounds of drifting on smaller custom built tracks, the drivers welcomed the return of Taupo Motorsport Park. Not only did it mean getting away from the dangerous concrete walls, but the fast and flowing layout would allow the drivers to really push their cars to the limit.


For Gaz Whiter and his team however it was a disastrous start before the competition had even begun. During the Friday test session Whiter’s LS7 suffered engine failure caused by loss of oil pressure. Shortly afterward the team went about the huge process of stripping the engine, inspecting, cleaning and rebuilding it from the ground up.


You have to admire their dedication because at this point most teams would probably pack up and go home. At 4pm the next day however, to everyone’s amazement, that familiar V8 rumble was heard once again in pit-lane and Whiter went about his business as usual – qualifying in P6.


Current leader in championship points Mad Mike Whiddett was aiming to extend his sizable lead this round in the quad-rotor ‘Madbul’ RX7. Mike knows the track well and went on to lay down two 85 point runs in qualifying claiming 8th spot.

More drama occurred in the battles when Matt Lauder, a newcomer to Pro this season, defeated current champion Fanga Dan Woolhouse. After a first run that was too close to call the battle would go one more time where Lauder would capitalize on a slow exit from Fanga on the final corner.


The best battle of the round would definitely go to that of Nico Reid vs Mad Mike Whiddett. With Reid’s RB powered Silvia having the speed and angle down to a fine art, and Mike’s superb chase runs it was another battle that went one more time. Again it was too close to pick a definitive winner so the pair would go once more. On the last corner Nico Reid got a little too close to Whiddett, making contact and spinning Mike handing him the win.

Fast forward to the final battle now with Curt Whittaker in the Autosure 2JZ R34 who had taken out Mad Mike, coming up against Gaz Whiter who was simply destroying his competition despite having almost no practice time. Whittaker was first to lead, picking up an early advantage when Whiter made a small mistake.

After swapping over Whiter went all out, piloting the Tectaloy S14 to a near perfect line. At the end of the section he was able to create enough of a gap in proximity on Whittaker and walk away with the round win!

Gaz Whiter and the team will be absolutely stoked with the round win, especially after a spell of bad luck in the previous rounds of competition. The win puts Whiter in second place overall in championship points, followed closely by Whittaker in third place overall. Mad Mike Whiddett remains in first place overall retaining a substantial lead in the competition. Next round the series travels to New Zealand’s south island based track Ruapuna Raceway. With the local drivers having far more experience at this track than the majority of the field, round five will be exciting to watch!

-David Atkinson

2014 D1NZ Round 4 at Taupo Motorsport Park [RESULTS]


D1NZ Round 4 is in the books at the Taupo Motorsport Park. We will have a gallery and event recap coming soon but for right now here are the results. Gaz Whiter took home a first place finish but Mad Mike keeps on top of the championship with a 55 point gap over Gaz. Here is how all the results for the Pro and Pro Am championship:

Pro Results:
1. Gaz Whiter
2. Curt Whittaker
3. Mike Whiddett
4. Cole Armstrong

Championship Points:
Mike Whiddett 385
Gaz Whiter 330.5
Curt Whittaker 292
Nico Reid 271.5
Andrew Redward 266.5
Daniel Woolhouse 254
Cole Armstrong 228
Darren Kelly 227

Pro Am Round results:
1. Vincent Langhorn
2. Adam Davies
3. Joel Hedges
4. Sam Smith

Championship Points:
Tom Marshall 305
Joel Hedges 299
Troy Jenkins 296
Joe Marshall 290

Mad Mike Whiddett vs. Fanga Dan from D1NZ Round 3 Top 4 [VIDEO]

We have had tons of coverage from D1NZ Round 3 at ASB Park already including an event recap story and gallery from David Atkinson. This video shows the final four run between Fanga Dan and Mad Mike Whiddett who put together a very close and decent tandem battle. These guys are by far some of the most talented guys tucked away in New Zealand.

2013 D1NZ Round 3 at ASB Park [GALLERY]

D1NZRound3.2JZSkylineHere is some complete coverage from David Atkinson from the D1NZ Round 3 event at ASB Park. We also made an event recap from D1NZ Round 3 if you want to read up on the event details. You can also see the complete results from this D1NZ Round 3 event. The gallery has 100 images from Mount Maunganui where they packed the grandstands for a drift event during the gorgeous summer in New Zealand.

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2014 D1NZ Round 3 Recap at ASB Baypark Mount Maunganui


It’s summertime down here in New Zealand – which means sweltering temperatures, clear blue skies and on this particular weekend, a whole lot of tires going up in smoke for round three of the Cody’s D1NZ National Drifting Championship held at Baypark, Tauranga.


Big concrete walls littered the edges of this custom made circuit, with clipping points dotted around the edges to encourage wall rubbing. Panels would end up broken, lights smashed – but the drivers didn’t care. They love the tight and technical circuits like this and with the crowd surrounding the track, it made for a good show!


The action really kicked off in qualifying with Mad Mike Whiddett laying down the equal highest score ever recorded in D1NZ – a 95 point run taking out first place. I’m sure you’re familiar with the naturally aspirated quad-rotor 26B engine buzzing at the heart of this car. It truly is a sight and sound to behold out on track.


Mike’s 95 point score was actually matched by Andrew Redward in the Achilles Radial RX7. Known as the ‘king of angle’ , he skillfully hit all the outer clipping points in the LS2 powered FC and went into battle claiming the second qualifying spot after his second run was judged slightly lower than Mikes.


Taking third spot in qualifying was Nico Reid in his RB powered Luxury Sports S15. Despite being fairly new to D1NZ, Nico certainly has a lot of skill behind the wheel and always excels on these smaller tracks. He went on to beat Fanga Dan Woolhouse to claim third place overall in the round.


One of the best battles of the weekend was between ex-champion Curt Whittaker and Bruce Tannock. Most would predict Tannock to hold back and protect the expensive Rocket Bunny kit from damage but he proved everyone wrong by delivering his best driving to date. An excellent chase run was enough to take down Whittaker and move through to the top eight.


A regular competitor in the Australian ADGP series, Michael Prosenik shipped his LS1 powered S13 here for round three to beat as many Kiwis as he could! The combination of a big V8 and Driftworks components proved to be very successful – taking out Brad Smith and Joe Kukutai before going out against Redward in the top eight.


The final battle came down to top qualifiers Mad Mike Whiddett and Andrew Redward. With both drivers displaying excellent speed and angle, the battle would no doubt go on until a mistake was made and that is exactly what happened. A mis-shifted gear from Whiddett allowed Redward to gain a big lead over the RX7 and walk away with the round title.


Tauranga played host to a superb weekend of drifting with the top qualifiers also dominating the podium. Andrew Redward first, Mad Mike Whiddett second and Nico Reid third. With another podium in the bag Whiddett has gained a big lead in the championship points and will be very difficult to beat in the coming rounds. With another three rounds left the title race isn’t over just yet and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds!

-Thanks to guest poster David Atkinson

2014 D1NZ Round 3 at ASB Baypark Mount Maunganui [RESULTS]


D1NZ Round 3 has wrapped up from Baypark with great results from Round 3. Our photographer on site will have some great coverage coming to us later on in the week. Mad Mike Whiddett made it all the way to the finals but couldn’t quite defeat Andrew Redward to take home a victory at this round. Here is how everything finished up through the big weekend in New Zealand:

1. ‘Mad Mike’ Whiddett (Red Bull/Speedhunters Mazda RX7) 95
2. Andrew Redward (Achilles Tyre Mazda RX7 V8) 95
3. Nico Reid (Luxury Sports Nissan S15) 94
4. Daniel ‘Fanga Dan’ Woolhouse (Castrol Edge Holden Commodore V8) 92.5
5. Matt Lauder (The Bling Company Nissan 180SX) 92
5. Curt Whittaker (Autosure Warranties 2JZ Nissan Skyline R34) 91
6. Michael Prosenik (Viva Garage Nissan S13 V8) 86.5
7. Aden Omnet (Adens Tyres Toyota Altezza 2JZ) 82
8. Shane Van Gisbergen (BOC Gases/Racestuff Ford Falcon V8) 82
9. Joe Kukutai (Gull Force Pro Nissan Skyline R32) 80
10. Troy Forsythe (Drift Direct/Rapid Performance Nissan S13) 80


Main Event Finish
1. Andrew Redward
2. Mad Mike Whiddett
3. Nico Reid
4. Fanga Dan Woolhouse


Championship Points After Round 3
1. ‘Mad Mike’ Whiddett 304
2. Gary ‘Gaz’ Whiter 226.5
3. Nico Reid 198.5
4. Curt Whittaker 198
5. Andrew Redward 197.5
6. Daniel ‘Fanga Dan’ Woolhouse 196
7. Darren Kelly 171
8. Shane Van Gisbergen 171
9. Chris Jackson 166
10. Troy Forsythe 156

Fredric Aasbo at Gatebil – Just Pure 2JZ Sound [VIDEO]

Here is 10 minutes of raw footage from Gatebil showing Fredric Aasbo having way too much fun in his 2JZ powered Toyota 86 (American Scion FR-S). Enjoy!

Wrecked Magazine Issue 29 – A Ten Year Tribute of Formula Drift

Issue 29  is a tribute piece to the first 10 seasons of Formula Drift. Using the number 10 as a benchmark, we look at the Top 10 Unique Car Builds, Top 10 Reasons I’m A Fan, and a look at the Victories by OEM. The cover spread is the Top 10 Moments of Formula Drift which covers wrecks, thousands in cash, and even some international travel.

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Up and Comer: A Sit Down with Erich Hagen [INTERVIEW]

A while ago I ran into a picture on the Internet of this stupid awesome looking green car. At first I thought it was just another D1 Street Legal car but then I saw it had a “ProAM” banner on it. The car happened to belong to Erich Hagen, a 27 year old from Olympia, WA. I got a chance to sit down and talk to Erich and find out a bit more about him and his green mystery machine.

Edgar Sarmiento: Sup dude! So what’s your deal? How long have you been driving?

Erich Hagen: About 7 years all together and about 3 years competitively

ES: Drifting? Why in the hell did you ever start?

Erich H: I got into drifting after a few friends exposed me to it back when I was 19. The Northwest drifting family was in its very early stages and I was fortunate enough to start with some of the original guys from my area. I picked up an E30 shortly after finding out what the sport was and it has all progressed from there.

As a kid I always wanted to be some kind of racecar driver and loved cars from the very beginning thanks to my dad. He had a rad Jeep when I was growing up and it’s really what started my love of cars.

Once I realized how realistic drifting was to get into I couldn’t say no. Drifting has created some really awesome opportunities for me and I have met some of my closest friends today because of it.

ES: That’s awesome dude! Yea there are some pretty cool people involved in drifting and a ton of nerds but at the end of the day it’s about the fun had on the track. Honestly, your 240 caught my eye one day browsing on Facebook, what’s all done to it?

Erich H: My car has had many lives and forms but this year will be its best by far. I will be switching to an iron block LS setup with a dog box trans and possibly some extra power adders to help get us what I need. The rest of the car is pretty standard as far as an FD spec setup car goes. One thing I like to make sure is that the car still looks good. In my mind, drifting is pointless if we don’t make the cars look right. This year my car will have a little different look but the colors and styling will be close to its 2013 form.

ES: That’s pretty solid! I also noticed your Evergreen ProAm banner on your car and realized you were one of the top finishers in the series. Do you have any big plans for the 2014 season?

Erich H: I will be doing as much as I can with the budget I come up with. The plan at is to at least run the FD West Coast events as well as Texas. I have always wanted to drive Long Beach. It’s been a dream of mine that is finally coming true. I will also be doing as many local NW events as possible. The NASA organization is running drifting at some of our local road courses and I’m really looking forward to that as well.

ES: So who’s your favorite Pro Driver?

Erich H: My favorite Pro would have to be Mad Mike. I always liked that he puts as much effort into making his cars look good as he does driving them. Keeping true to the styling and ideas that got us all interested in this sport in the first place. He juggles his own business, family, runs his program with multiple cars in various places, and is always behind the wheel. I hope to make it to that level someday.

ES: You really surprised me with that answer; I was expecting some D1 driver or someone I’ve never heard of.

Now, if you could drive any track in the world which would it be and why?

Erich H: It would definitely be The Rudskogen Motorsenter the home of the Gatebil. I watched videos from these events in high school not even knowing what the events were. The chaos on track at the events they host there just looks like an absolute blast.

ES: Again, I’m excited to see dudes with such passion doing what they love. I’m sure I’ll run into you soon and we can grab a brew. Any shout outs you would like to send out?

Erich H: I would like to thank my parents, Matt and Diane Hagen, for always pushing me to keep after this dream. I’d also like to thank my crew chief, Rich Farler, for always helping me with setup and maintenance, my teammate and best bro, Dio Ortiz, for always being there, and as well as Ash O’Connell, Russell Moore, and Ian Dillon.

Also my sponsors:
Richies garage/RDE Autosport
BC Racing Suspension
Chase bays
Godspeed Fabrication
Radium engineering
Fusion Graphix
Ct Specialties Powdercoating
Fiend Performance
Factory 83
Portland Speed Industries
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Grip Royal
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Extreme Turbo Systems
SPL suspension

Make sure you check out Erich Hagen as his car preps for a full tear down and rebuilds for the upcoming 2014 Formula D season. Some of the plans include adding a Radium Engineering fuel cell, fire system, and new fuel system for his engine setup. He’ll also be adding updating some tube work from God Speed Fab for the FD tech requirements. Switching to an LSx setup from the current JZ setup should also keep him busy this off-season.

Photo Credit: Ryan Benoit / Andrew Hawkins