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Formula Drift Asia Returns to Thailand in January 2014

Formula Drift Asia is set for a big return to Thailand at the Pathum Thani Speedway over the January 18/19th weekend. They have a big partner teamed up for 2014 with  Grand Prix International Co., Ltd (GPI), which owns the Bangkok International Motor Show, several motorsport events, a host of magazines such as Grand Prix and XO Autosport, as well as television channel Grand Prix Channel.

This event will mark the end of the 2013 season and the start of the 2014 season which we are guessing will happen in the form of a back to back race event weekend. This Thailand event is happening at the expense of losing the Indonesia round which was slated for December 2013. Thailand is slated to have Daigo Saito, Fredric Aasbo, Robbie Nishida, Ken Gushi, Josh Boettcher, and Tengku Djan all in attendance.

Marcus Lim, Co-Founder of Formula Drift Asia, “We are excited to return to the Thailand market, after three years of absence, and we look forward to coming back to Indonesia in the near future. 2013 also marks the end of a fruitful chapter with Achilles as the title sponsor of the Asia series. We look forward to welcoming new partners to the fold as we move on to a combined platform globally. The integration of operations with the US side will give us better strategic alignment for the development of the sport in Asia. ”

2014 Formula Drift – Ken Gushi’s 10 Series Scion FR-S

Scion Racing released some images of the new Scion FR-S for Ken Gushi in 2014. The FR-S features the Series 10 illuminated badges and a new Rocket Bunny v2 kit. The 2JZ is riddled with Greddy powered goodies and a clean/simple looking interior. The car is set to debut in the Scion booth at the SEMA show next week. What do you think of his new car? Will the switch to a 2JZ engine platform help Ken be competitive in 2013?

Ken Gushi Leaked 2014 Scion FR-S – Swapping to a 2JZ-GTE Engine

Ken Gushi has swapped to a 2JZ-GTE engine for the 2014 Formula Drift season. His new build will be on display in the Scion booth 20313 at the show. For those of you who cannot attend we will take a complete shoot of the car in the booth and have it up on the site early in the week. The Greddy Racing Scion FR-S comes with a 2JZ powerplant swap, a cement grey style paint, and a v2 Rocket Bunny body kit. What do you guys think of his engine swap and new build?

Source: Super Street Magazine

2013 All-Star Bash Takes Over Willow Springs [GALLERY]

A ton of great footage showing off all the events that took place at All-Star Bash. The team tandem competition at night, on fire drift cars, and plenty of tandem runs all over Willow Springs for the weekend to ensure tons of fun. Thanks to Maxxis Tire who helped us make this adventure to All-Star Bash happen over the weekend. Their professional sponsored driver Matt Field made it out along with tons of other FD stars like Dai Yoshihara, Ken Gushi, Odi Bakchis, and Ryan Kado.

Check out the Gallery:

2013 Just Drift All-Star Bash Drivers List

Check out a drivers list for the 2013 All-Star Bash taking place at Willow Springs. The full 92 drivers registered are listed below for the big bash weekend! Our photographer will be on site over the weekend capturing all the team tandem drift action and drivers across the weekend. Formula Drift drivers Dai Yoshihara, Ken Gushi, Forrest Wang, Matt Field, Matt Powers, and Michael Essa all are signed up and ready to do battle with the west coast drivers. Team drift practice fires up at 8:00pm and competition is at 9:00pm! The hashtag for All-Star Bash weekend is #ASB13.


1 Abraham Cruz 26 Holton Coverdale 51 Kyle Armstrong 76 Sherry Kamiya
2 Alex Hsieh 27 Jairo Jaramillo 52 Kyle Lumm 77 Spencer Reiker
3 Andrew Molina 28 Jason Bostrom 53 Luke Wright 78 Spike Chen
4 Andrew Schulte 29 Jason Kim 54 Mario Partida 79 Stephen Ramil
5 Brad Hornecker 30 Jeff Jones 55 Martin Rauch 80 Taka Aono
6 Calvin Chuen 31 Jeff Le 56 Masashi Motonaga 81 Timothy Foreman
7 Chris Billedo 32 Jeff Wolfson 57 Matt Coffman 82 Tony Cisneros
8 Chris Crick Filippi 33 Jesse Vargas 58 Matt Field 83 Trenton Beechum
9 Christopher Hills 34 Joey Sproul 59 Matt Powers 84 Trevor Dowdall
10 Dai Yoshihara 35 John Lazorack 60 Mickie Frial 85 Tyler Page-Howell
11 Dan Burkett 36 Jonathan Juarez 61 Mike Essa 86 Tyler Wolfson
12 Daniel Giraldo 37 Joseph Tardiff 62 Mikey Mendoza 87 Vladimir Kulahin
13 Daniel Nguyen 38 Josh Cole 63 Mohammad Shariloo 88 Wais samad
14 Darin Burgess 39 Joshua Lind 64 Moises Torres 89 William Rogers
15 David Hankins 40 Julian Jacobs 65 Nan Yu 90 Yun Ki Hong
16 DJ Lloyd 41 Julian Raiden 66 Nathan Von Tuchlinski 91 Zac Farina
17 Donovan Brockway 42 JunWoo Byun 67 Nick Bayati 92 Zenia Amezquita
18 Efrain Diaz 43 Justin Muilenberg 68 Pablo Cabrera 93
19 Ernie Gonzalez 44 Justin Pawlak 69 Palmer Sanderson 94
20 Evan Vhadat 45 Juve Gallegos 70 Ramon Hernandez 95
21 Forrest Wang 46 Karl Osaki 71 Rick Cunanan 96
22 Frank Cundari 47 Kasey King 72 Robbin Webber 97
23 George Marstanovic 48 Ken Gushi 73 Robert Airth 98
24 Hector Diaz 49 Kenneth Voung 74 Ryan Carroll 99
25 Hiro Sumida 50 Kenny Chieu 75 Ryan Jordan 100

2013 Formula Drift Round 7 at Irwindale Speedway [GALLERY]

Final Fight has kicked off at Irwindale Speedway this weekend and our photographer David Moore tackled some great photographs over the course of practice and qualifying. Some big name drivers had to make a second pass to qualify including Justin Pawlak, Conrad Grunewald, Matt Powers, and Dai Yoshihara. Enjoy his great photos from the big event below.

Check out the Gallery:

2013 Formula Drift Irwindale Speedway – Tentative Drivers List

Here are the people who have paid and registered to drift next weekend at the House of Drift. The real strong title contenders are Mike Essa and Chris Forsberg and unless they drop the ball big time one of them is taking home a championship. If they both fail to advance a win could be taken by another driver to advance and win a championship as well. All eyes on Irwindale next weekend! Here is who is driving:
1 Essa, Mike 101
2 Forsberg, Chris 64
3 Aasbo, Fredric 151
4 Gittin, Vaughn Jr. 25
5 Saito, Daigo 1
6 Pawlak, Justin 13
7 Field, Matt 777
8 McNamara, Darren 8
9 Bakchis, Odi 723
10 Nishida, Robbie 31
11 Yoshihara, Daijiro 9
12 Grunewald, Conrad 79
13 Denofa, Chelsea 88
14 Moen, Kenneth 22
15 Powers, Matt 665
16 Tuerck, Ryan 62
17 George, Danny 7
18 McQuarrie, Tyler 17
19 Wang, Forrest 808
20 Kado, Ryan 614
21 Mordaunt, Patrick 90
22 Gushi, Ken 21
23 Yoshioka, Toshiki 104
24 Maeng, Joon 51
25 Aono, Taka 86
26 Ovcharik, Miroslav 235
27 Goodin, Patrick 46
28 Mohan, Kyle 99
29 Jones, Jeff 29
30 Angelo, Tony 96
31 Briggs, Dave 24
32 Baribeau, Mats* 30
33 Mertzanis, Dennis 323
34 Castro, Jhonnattan 717
35 Ward, Chris 23
36 Kearney, Dean 43
38 Wicknick, Brandon* 801
39 Parsons, Will* 48
40 Hamilton, Nate* 144
41 Hosford, Corey 232
42 Rydquist, Carl 300
44 Jeanneret, Chris* 111
45 Primozich, Rob* 3
46 Stone, Gabe 15
47 Mendoza Jr., Enrique 16
48 Wilkerson, Walker 95
49 Steele, Josh* 72
50 Moore, Victor 360
52 Hildebrand, J.R. 6
53 Pakula, Luke* 714
55 Lee, Alex 81
57 Osaki, Karl* 14
61 Cano Estrella, Carlos 10

Formula Drift’s Return to Texas with KW Suspension [VIDEO]

Check out this video highlighting the return to Texas by Formula Drift with KW Suspension. Chris Forsberg drove to a podium to come one step closer to a championship in 2013. The video takes a fun twist on Texas with EZup tumbleweeds and creepy spiders to boot. Round 6 under the lights was awesome and we are less than one month away now from the finals at Irwindale Speedway.

2013 Formula Drift Round 6 at Texas Motor Speedway Qualifying [RESULTS]

In the 1st Formula Drift event at Texas Motor Speedway Vaughn Gittin Jr takes home the top qualifying spot. The rest of the qualifying results and Top 32 match ups are below.

1. V. Gittin
2. F. Aasbo
3. C. Forsberg
4. F. Wang
5. O. Bakchis
6. D. Yoshihara
7. M. Essa
8. P. Mordaunt
9. C. Denofa
10. T. Yoshioka
11. M. Powers
12. K. Gushi
13. M. Field
14. J. Pawlak
15. M. Baribeau
16. T. Aono
17. C. Grunewald
18. M. Ovcharik
19. P. Goodin
20. W. Parsons
21. D. George
22. D. Saito
23. R. Primozich
24. R. Kado
25. D. Kearney
26. J. Maeng
27. K. Moen
28. R. Nishida
29. T. Angelo
30. J. Lowe
31. C. Jeaneret
32. G. Stone


Top 32 Match Battles

V. Gittin vs G. Stone
T. Aono vs C. Grunewald
P. Mordaunt vs D. Kearney
C. Denofa vs R. Kado
F. Wang vs T. Angelo
M. Field vs W. Parsons
O. Bakchis vs R. Nishida
K. Gushi vs D. George
F. Aasbo vs C. Jeaneret
M. Baribeau vs M. Ovcharik
M. Essa vs J. Maeng
T. Yoshioka vs R. Promozich
C. Forsberg vs J. Lowe
J. Paklak vs P. Goodin
D. Yoshihara vs K. Moen
M. Powers vs D. Saito

Ken Gushi goes for the 3-peat in Texas this weekend [FLASHBACK]

Ken Gushi is going for a rare 3-peat that only he is capable of.

As one of only 5 drivers to have attended every Formula D event in history (the others being Taka Aono, Chris Forsberg, Vaughn Gittin Jr, and Dai Yoshihara), very few drivers have driven at a Formula D event in Texas before. Formula D previously ran in 2004 and 2005 in Houston, making their return to Texas one that many fans have been awaiting for 8 full years.

As the sole driver who has podiumed in Texas at both of the previous events, Gushi will be aiming to keep this streak alive.

In 2004, Gushi earned 2nd behind the Rotora Nissan S13 Coupe he helped build with his father at Gushi Auto. Sam Hubinette won the event in his Mopar Dodge VIper, with Chris Forsberg coming in 3rd in his SR20-powered Motorex 350z.

In 2005, Gushi won the event in his Toyo Tires Ford Mustang, the first win for the Blue Oval brand and the first for a Japanese-born driver. Conrad Grunewald finished in 2nd in the  Jasper Performance Toyota Supra Motorsport Dynamic S14, and Rhys Millen earning the bronze in the Pontiac GTO.

If Gushi were to earn the podium this weekend, he would be the only drive to earn hardware at the three Formula D competitions ever to take place in the state of Texas.

Who’s your pick to hit the podium at Texas Motor Speedway? Can Gushi pull off the 3-peat?