Drift Muscle Series Without DVD/Video Vendor After Best Motoring Closes Doors

The 2011 Drift Muscle series created by Keiichi Tsuchiya just lost it’s video production/DVD supplier with the announcement that Best Motoring/Hot Version is closing the doors for good in Japan. They have been open for 20+ years and are now no longer doing business. The issue that came out yesterday will be the final copy of Best Motoring available to the public. The DVD’s were produced by a large Japanese publishing company Kodansha so this wasn’t some quick snap decision. We will keep you posted if we can find out any updated plans from the Drift Muscle series to provide content to the masses in the near future.

Watch a Honda NSX Drift Into A Wall [VIDEO]

Drifting NSX Crashes in Japan

This video is painful to watch as this Honda NSX flicks the car way too hard and over rotates into a tire wall. Luckily the owner of this Honda NSX in Japan was down but not out and rebuilt it for a great return to drifting at local Japanese grassroots events. This one has to hurt the wallet regardless. This is a fixed camera on the corner but you can see the NSX makes a few passes before it wrecks.

Watch the video: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/watchvideo/drifting-nsx-crashes-in-japan

Ken Gushi Takes Out Daigo Saito’s JZX90 Missile Car [VIDEO]

Ken Gushi Takes Daigo Saito’s Missile Out in Japan

Last time Ken Gushi visited Japan he grabbed Daigo Saito’s missile car and headed out to the Nikko Circuit and Ebisu Circuit with a JZX90. It looks like Ken Gushi had a blast ripping up these two legendary Japanese racetracks. Don’t miss out on this one!

Watch the video: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/watchvideo/ken-gushi-takes-daigo-saito’s-missile-out-i

Spring Matsuri at Ebisu Circuit Will Happen – April 30th

According to the guys at Powervehicles regardless of the documented damage we have done at Ebisu Circuit during the earthquakes the Spring Matsuri will still be happening! The track has been battered and cracked but they are hard under way to get the track fixed up as fast as possible. Chris Forsberg went to visit last Spring Matsuri with Wrecked Magazine which can be seen here. It has to be the best drifting event in the world by far!

Wreck Em DVD Heads to Osaka, Japan – May 5th

The guys from Wreck Em DVD are heading out for a Wreck Em Meihan weekend in Osaka, Japan. The flyer even features one of Japan’s favorite stars Naoki Nakamura in his D-MAX S13. The event will take place on May 5th at the Meihan Circuit. It will feature drift training, an Aussie BBQ, trade/workship displays, and D1 passenger/driver training. If you happen to be in the area the cost is 10,000 yen (which right now is about $123.00 US) and send us some pictures.

Naoki Nakamura at Meihan Wall Tapping his S13 [VIDEO]

Naoki Nakamura Wall Sliding at Meihan

The now famously banned from D1GP driver Naoki Nakamura for his street drifting in Osaka antics was at Meihan in his personal S13 this winter and put his car right on the pit wall where this guy was shooting video. A great moment captured in time on the Japanese Meihan circuit and he didn’t even freak out when Nakamura got that close to his camera.

Watch the video: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/watchvideo/naoki-nakamura-wall-sliding-at-meihan

2011 D1 Grand Prix Odaiba – Delayed Until June

It sounds like the D1GP series is coming to a halt in Japan after recent events. While it’s not that shocking that the series will be delayed for a while it lacks a new physical date for June that is the month with a TBA tied to it. Tokyo didn’t get rocked like northern Japan but with everything going on and public transportation being shut down frequently due to these events I can imagine D1GP waiting for things to calm down before kicking off the series. We will keep you posted on as much D1GP news and other drifting related news that comes out of Japan in the coming weeks and months.

Team Orange WRX Rescued from Fallen Garages at Ebisu Circuit [SNAPSHOTS]

Some images were found of the D1GP Team Orange Subaru WRX being pulled from one of the fallen garages at the famous Ebisu Circuit. It looks like quite a recovery but we have heard no serious damage took place to the cars including the Subaru WRX. It looks like it took some serious work to get the cars back on a road as Japan slowly looks over the damage from these earthquakes.

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Source: http://kumakubo.seesaa.net/article/190411445.html

More Ebisu Circuit Post Earthquakes Images

More photos have surfaced from the damaged Ebisu Circuit today or morning at the track. The first photo is from inside the Powervehicles Garage that was hanging off the cliff. You can see in the third image that magically managed to recover their flagship drift car with minimal damage to what looks like just the aero kit. The second photo from Team Orange member and track owner Kumakubo shows the other garages that completely fell off the cliff. The track also has a zoo on site so hopefully the animals are doing alright.

We will keep you updated on Ebisu Circuit content but it seemingly has started in the stages of recovery! Sadly it looks like Powervehicles.com won’t have an office for a little bit while everything is put back together but thankfully they are all alright.

Ebisu Circuit Hit Hard by Japan 8.9 Earthquake

Emily from Powervehicles.com, who have their office based out of Ebisu Circuit, just posted this image of how bad everything was thrown around in the Ebisu Circuit office. Emily and the PV.com staff seem to be alright from what they have said on Facebook which is fantastic. Emily did report this however, “Our garages are half way down a cliff,” which must be insanity. They have their shop based on some of the garages in-between the tracks at the famous Ebisu Circuit. *UPDATE* This second photo we just added by the Powervehicles Facebook Page showing the garages sliding down the cliff basically (center image). He has reported that his car inventory is damaged and even the track has damage done to it.

The area around the track called Fukushima was hit very hard according to Adam from 7Tune.com as we are talking while he is in Tokyo on Skype. The next town north of Ebisu Circuit called Sendai was wiped out by a tsunami.

Daijiro Yoshihara who was visiting Japan has checked in on Facebook confirming he is alright and Yukio Taira (former JIC team manager) has reported he spoke with Kenji Yaminaka who is also safe. We will try to keep everyone apprised with posts and comments in these posts with things we learn from Japan as they take place as it related to drifting.