Naoto Suenaga is Building a 1000hp Silvia for 2013 D1GP Season

Naoto Suenga took to Facebook so he could share his new 2013 D1GP build with all his fans. The Team Orange driver is set to run an orange S15 Silvia in D1 with a RB26 engine. They are estimating 1000hp with the car with great partners such as Koyo and Garrett Turbo. What do you think about his swap into this Silvia for the new drift season?

Check out the DriftingArchive on YouTube [VIDEO]

We have now created a second YouTube page called “DriftingArchive” which is meant to take our terabytes of archived drifting content over the past 5 years and make it browsable on YouTube. We have already put up almost 100 videos from past events such as NOPI Drift and Spring Matsuri. To celebrate and introduce our new page our intern Eddie Luchembe mixed some 2009 Matsuri footage together and made the video above.


Subscribe to our new archived Youtube channel DriftingArchive: http://www.youtube.com/driftingarchive 

The Find an Event Drift Calendar for 2013

We are stacking up drift events for the 2013 season on our Find An Event tab over at Wrecked Magazine. With great series from all over the world added into our calendar such as Formula Drift, Formula Drift Asia, D1GP, D1SL, BDC, EEDC, Drift All-Stars and the Russian Drift Series for the new year. If you see any grassroots or professional series we are missing at Wrecked feel free to submit it to us through the contact form.

Enjoy Find An Event for 2013: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/find-a-drift-event/

Japanese Street Drifting Life [VIDEO]

Here is a three and a half minute video from Maiham-Media taking you around the Japanese street drift scene. This is quite a different street night scene from the BMW M5 street attack video we saw earlier this week. On top of it all this is some of the best shot night street drifting we have seen in some time. Sit back and enjoy a few minutes from the underworld of the Japanese industrial streets.

Daigo Saito at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon [VIDEO]

The kickoff of the 2013 D1 Grand Prix season is normally looked at the Tokyo Auto Salon which brings out a huge group of drivers to put on an exhibition of the parking lot. Here is Daigo Saito with his Sunoco Fuels sponsored Lexus IS250-C. This car sounds quite insane as he rips around the TAS parking lot.

More Awesome Triple Tandem Drifting from Japan [VIDEO]

We just assume that you guys never get tired of watching these crazy videos from Japan’s grassroots scene because we never do at the Wrecked Magazine office. Even with poking around this YouTube owner’s http://ameblo.jp/ blog I still really couldn’t figure out much information about the video event or what track they were at but just sit back and enjoy this one anyway.

A Quick Look at some Door to Door Tandem Drifting in Japan [VIDEO]

Here is just a quick little 13 second tandem video showing a great tandem run that went down last week. We don’t have much more information on the event but you cannot really beat watching a door to door tandem battle like this one.

A Trip to the 2012 Autumn Matsuri [VIDEO]

Here is one of the first videos from Matsuri with some series car on car tandem action from the weekend. So close in tandem these guys are high fiving and knocking on each other’s hood while flying around the Ebisu Circuit. You cannot watch enough Matsuri coverage and here is an example from the most recent festival.



2012 Autumn Matsuri – Stream all the Action Live [VIDEO]

It is just past 9:00am on Saturday in Japan right now which means Autumn Matsuri has kicked off at Ebisu Circuit! You can follow all the action from multiple Ustream live cameras online at the link below. You will see 48 hours of insane drift excitement over the weekend at Ebisu Circuit. This is the best drift event you can find in the world hands down.


Watch the event live: http://www.ab.auone-net.jp/~ebisu24/live_camera/cam000.html

2012 D1GP Round 6 Centrair Japan [RESULTS]

Daigo Saito continues his impact on drifting events around the world by taking the win at today’s event. Daigo qualified first overall in his JZX100 Chaser on Achilles tires, meeting 2nd place qualifier Tetsuya Hibino in the Toyota GT86 chassis in the final, the second podium for the chassis this season in D1. In the consolation, Masato Kawabata took out Kazuya Matsukawa to claim the final podium position. The final round of D1GP competition is in December, although there is an exhibition round tomorrow in Centrair.

1st – Daigo Saito – Achilles Tire JZX100 Chaser
2nd – Tetsuya Hibino – UP Garage Droo-p Toyota GT86
3rd – Masato Kawabata – Team Toyo GP Sports RPS13
4th – Kazuya Matsukawa – UP Garage Droo-P AE86