Max Orido Takes on D1GP with his V8 powered Toyota 86 [VIDEO]

Here is a video of Max Orido making some passes in his Toyota 86 (Scion FR-S) during practice at the D1 Grand Prix event. His V8 engine swap marks the first V8 swapped Toyota 86 found on the market today. Check below at some photographs of the car in the pits and his Lexus V8 engine sitting inside the engine bay.

Max is running the new M7 drink as his door sponsor known as Drive. The guys at M7 are now a partner of Wrecked Magazine for 2012 and also have moved stateside with a driver sponsorship of Odi Bakchis in his S14. Here is a look at the back of Max Orido’s Toyota 86 from the rear with a huge wing and open trunk. Closing out the post highlighting his Toyota 86 first look is a snapshot of the car drifting on the D1 Odaiba course before qualifying took place at the 2012 D1GP Round 1 event.




Hibino Crashes his Toyota 86 at 2012 D1GP Odaiba

The D1 Grand Prix driver Tetsuya Hibino already has given his Toyota 86 one huge love smack on the wall at Odaiba today. We don’t have any more details outside of what we found hunting around the Internet but I am sure video will pop up soon. It looks like Hibino is running Cusco arms on the car. We will provide more reports from the first round of the D1GP as they come out!

Jake “Driftsquid” Jones Taking on Ebisu Circut [VIDEO]

The 22 year old Australian has been thrust into the media since Team Orange offered him a ride in the orange Subaru WRX for 2012 D1 Grand Prix Round 1 coming up in April. What started as a visit to the Yokohama Tire offices turned into a fun time at Ebisu Circuit. Advan from Australia captured the whole thing on video which you can follow after the jump below.


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How Jake “Driftsquid” Jones Turned a Vacation in Tokyo to a D1GP Ride with Team Orange

The Australian driver Jake Jones tells a story on his blog about how he was vacationing in Tokyo and while sitting at Yokohama got invited up to the Team Orange drift school which takes place at the famous Ebisu Drift Circuit.

Here are some highlights from the story,

“Soon after he returned to Australia he was offered a drive in the Team Orange Subaru WRX at Round 1 of the 2012 D1GP Japan event known as Tokyo Drift in Odaiba, Japan. So how the hell did this 22 year old from Adelaide score the drive?

So there I was, sitting in a meeting at the Design Centre in the headquarters of Yokohama Tyres Japan next to Kumakubo-San, the owner of Team Orange. I had no idea what they were all talking about. Then Kumakubo turns to me and says “You should come to Ebisu tomorrow.”

As the story goes on he talks about how at Ebisu Circuit it was the first time he had ever seen snow and drove this Team Orange S14 above all over the circuit in it. The 22 year old Australian cannot put together the funding to drive this ride himself at Round 1 in Odaiba but the local Yokohama FB page is offering a $1 donation to his program for a like. Follow the link below, read the full story, and maybe go Like the page at the bottom to help fund Jake Jones to live his dream.

Read the full story: http://www.advanwheels.com.au/news/details.aspx?id=63

Orido Shows Off his 2012 D1 Grand Prix Build – Toyota 86 with Lexus V8 [SNAPSHOT]

Another Toyota 86 is heading to the 2012 D1 Grand Prix season according to the Speedhunters Facebook page. This one will be driven by Manabu Orido but no Subaru engine inside this one! The Toyota 86 chassis is taking a Lexus IS-F V8 engine and should officially be the first V8 swap in a Toyota 86/Scion FR-S platform. It is a shame that D1 will have three of these in competition while we only will see one in Formula Drift for 2012.

Ken Gushi Driving Around Japan in a Scion FR-S [VIDEO]

We have been covering the Scion FR-S over and over again over the past few months but it really is the best new release of a drift ready chassis. Ken Gushi when he was in Japan made his own personal video of drifting around in the Scion FR-S. You cannot really hear the audio of him talking very well with his personal camera he mounted on the car. Ken does note that he was asked to not beat on the car very hard so he did take it a little easy. Check below for the 5 minute in car view of Ken Gushi drifting the Scion FR-S (with ease) around this track in Japan. Follow the link below to check out the video.

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The First Toyota 86 Drifting Tandem with 2012 D1GP Cars [VIDEO]

The two Toyota 86 (Scion FR-S in America) heading to the D1 Grand Prix series next year have already been seen doing tandem at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon. The car is gaining more and more hype by the minute and it might even convert into car sales. I just love this old school HKS look that NOB will be driving in 2012. The Hibino car also marks the return of Falken Tire to the D1GP series. Check the link below to watch the videos of these two Toyota 86 cars doing tandem!

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2012 Tokyo Auto Salon – HKS Toyota 86 for D1 Grand Prix Season

One of Patrick Mordaunt’s crew members John Jimison posted this up on Facebook this morning and we cannot manage to find this car anywhere else. From the best we can tell the car is for Nobuteru Taniguchi and the return of his awesome HKS style that we grew to love back in the days of D1GP. It looks like he will be joining Hibino in the 2012 D1GP season who was shown driving his Toyota 86 earlier this week.

Mad Mike Heads to 2012 D1 Grand Prix with Mazda Rx-7

Another car parked at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon this weekend is Mad Mike’s newest creation Drift-N-Ice which is a Redbull Energy Drink x Speedhunters FD Mazda Rx-7. Made Mike released this news on his website this morning and sadly he hasn’t been able to turn a wheel in the car yet! Here is what he has to say about the build and opportunity:

 “For me this is a dream come true, to be given this opportunity to compete in Japan and team alongside Kawato San again is an honor. We paired in 2010 for the Red Bull project ‘Drift-N-Ice’ using Kawato’s 13b turbo powered FD RX7 for the job and I was impressed with the performance and workmanship. For the past few months now we’ve been exchanging emails with the team at Magic Co, they’ve built an amazing car for me and I can’t wait to get some seat time.”

Tetsuya Hibino Stepping Into Up Garage Toyota 86 for 2012 D1 Grand Prix

While recently Tokyo Auto Salon has been somewhat of a snooze fest for drifting news in the Japanese world it looks like the 2012 show might have some hope. Already announced is Tesuya Hibino (legendary Toyota Corolla driver) will be driving a Toyota 86 this season in the D1 Grand Prix series. The video above shows him flinging it around in this lot. Hopefully some other big drifting news will come out from the Tokyo Auto Salon this year!

Source: http://speedhunters.com/