Mad Mike Heads to 2012 D1 Grand Prix with Mazda Rx-7

Another car parked at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon this weekend is Mad Mike’s newest creation Drift-N-Ice which is a Redbull Energy Drink x Speedhunters FD Mazda Rx-7. Made Mike released this news on his website this morning and sadly he hasn’t been able to turn a wheel in the car yet! Here is what he has to say about the build and opportunity:

 “For me this is a dream come true, to be given this opportunity to compete in Japan and team alongside Kawato San again is an honor. We paired in 2010 for the Red Bull project ‘Drift-N-Ice’ using Kawato’s 13b turbo powered FD RX7 for the job and I was impressed with the performance and workmanship. For the past few months now we’ve been exchanging emails with the team at Magic Co, they’ve built an amazing car for me and I can’t wait to get some seat time.”

Tetsuya Hibino Stepping Into Up Garage Toyota 86 for 2012 D1 Grand Prix

While recently Tokyo Auto Salon has been somewhat of a snooze fest for drifting news in the Japanese world it looks like the 2012 show might have some hope. Already announced is Tesuya Hibino (legendary Toyota Corolla driver) will be driving a Toyota 86 this season in the D1 Grand Prix series. The video above shows him flinging it around in this lot. Hopefully some other big drifting news will come out from the Tokyo Auto Salon this year!

Source: http://speedhunters.com/

2012 D1 Grand Prix Race Season in Japan [SCHEDULE]

The D1 Grand Prix series has posted a new schedule for the 2012 drifting season. After reviewing this schedule they have two direct conflicts with Formula Drift in the United States with Round 3 at Autopolis which conflicts with the US event Evergreen Speedway. Round 4 of the D1GP season finds them at Ebisu Circuit while Formula D is at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This means Daigo Saito splitting time to run both series is highly unlikely. Here is how the 7 round D1GP schedule stacks up for 2012 with a notable absence of Fuji Speedway:

Round 1 – April 14/15 Tokyo, Japan at Odaiba Circuit
Round 2- May 26/27 Suzuka Circuit
Round 3 – July 21/22 Autopolis
Round 4 – August 25 Ebisu Circuit
Round 5 – August 26 Ebisu Circuit
Round 6 – September 22/23 Chubu International Airport
Round 7 – November 3/4 TBD

Odi Bakchis Picks Up Sponsorship from D1GP Sponsor M7

M7 is making its first big step into Formula Drift next year with a sponsorship of Odi Bakchis. In Japan they support some huge drifters in D1GP with Imamura, Suenaga, and Orido. After talking to Odi he will be running M7 motor oil, M7 gear oil, M7 brake fluid, M7 Spark Plugs, M7 gauges, and a M7 Touch R.A.C.E ODB communicator. On top of all that he is even running a M7/Nobuteru Taniguchi Edition Bride racing seat for the 2012 season. All of this is mixed with the fact that M7 is hitting the US market through Promotion Distribution so you can get your hands on all of these parts for 2012.


Daigo Saito Is Coming to Formula Drift in 2012 [CONFIRMED FINALLY]

Formula Drift in 2012 will add another D1GP champion to the mix with Daigo Saito. He has been rumored for years to come join the fun in Formula Drift and now it is finally happening! The guys at Bridges Racing who campaigned Robbie Nishida with a yellow S15 in years past are taking the big step with Daigo Saito in 2012.

Daigo Saito will be an addition to the Bridges Racing team in 2012 making the Japanese drivers teammates in 2012. This has to the biggest news of the off-season to date! Daigo Saito almost won the 2011 D1GP Championship and has now added to a long list of international champions who have made the jump into Formula Drift. This has to put an even bigger hurt on the D1GP series in Japan but we will look more into that in a later post. Who is excited to see Daigo Saito stateside in 2012?

Ken Gushi Driving the Toyota 86 (Our Scion FR-S) in Japan

The guys at Super Street Magazine are out in Japan with the new Scion FR-S. They are currently at Sodegaura Forest Raceway with Ken Gushi and other media getting to drive the Toyota 86 (our Scion FR-S). Ken Gushi told the guys at Super Street that the car is  “it’s lightweight, smooth and is perfect for drifting.” Personally we cannot wait to see Ken Gushi in the 2012 Scion FR-S which we hear will be built by the Japanese tuning powerhouse Greddy. It is great to see that Ken is getting some seat time already in the car.

It should hit dealerships in the USA early spring 2012. While Scion is being tight lipped about details on the car we have heard Subaru telling people that the car will get 30mpg. We can only assume that the Scion with the same engine and package will get something close to this.

Scion FR-S / Toyota GT 86 Final Production Models [SNAPSHOTS]

Here are some Toyota GT 86 (or Scion FR-S for us in America) images posted by a Japanese website from the big release they have done on the car now in Japan. The car has a Subaru boxer engine which has been rumored well in the past. The interior has a simplistic feel which I would expect from a Scion branded car and a nice three pod gauge cluster just above the radio. I really love the gauge cluster of the car and hope the USDM market gets an identical one.

This is the car now going to be what Ken Gushi is starting with for a 2012 Formula Drift project car. The car looks quite different from the concept car we saw at the 2011 SEMA Show. I love the car from some angles and I am not thrilled about it right now from other angles but I think it should grow on me over time. What do you think about this new Scion FR-S?


Source: http://autoc-one.jp/toyota/report-908981/photo/

Scion FR-S Media Unveiling/Testing in Japan at Fuji Speedway

Speedhunters journalist and former Wrecked Magazine photographer Dino Dalle Carbonare posted this on his Facebook earlier today. This is a test mule Scion FR-S he snapped at an event in Japan right now over at Fuji Speedway. According to someone at the event the car in Japan will be branded just as the Toyota GT 86. A finalized stock version of the car should crop up very soon. We have even more news about the Scion FR-S in drifting coming up right around the corner as well!

Ebisu Circuit Live Cameras – Drift Matsuri is 24/7 [VIDEO]

If your not out at a bar or having way more fun (playing Forza 4, working graveyard, or sleeping) then check out the Ebisu Circuit Live Cameras. The night time drifting right now is pretty busy as it sits around 7:00pm right now. If your a diehard drift fan this live stream camera from Ebisu Circuit will keep you entertained for hours. Follow the link below:

Watch Ebisu Circuit Live: http://www.ab.auone-net.jp/~ebisu24/live_camera/cam420.html

2011 D1GP Fuji Speedway in Photographs

The D1 Grand Prix 2011 season has come to a close with Fuji Speedway last month and these great images show some of the action. We have enjoyed some of the memories with this season that was delayed due to the huge earthquake earlier in the year. Back in March we were looking at a damaged Ebisu Circuit from the earthquake and less than six months later they had an event at the track undamaged. The lead photo shows the Team Orange Mitsubishi Evo X fading long time D1 star Ken Nomura at the high speed Fuji Speedway. Once the new 2012 D1GP schedule is posted up we will have it ready for you guys!