Another Crash from D1GP Odaiba [VIDEO]

This R34 Skyline went for a ride while in tandem with Takahiro Ueno and his BMW. We have been digging around for results from this D1GP weekend and haven’t had any luck landing who was an actual winner and loser just yet. This was the second in several pretty crazy wreck videos we have found over the weekend.

Max Orido Crashes at D1GP Odaiba [VIDEO]

Max Orido’s Toyota FT-86 is one of the few V8 power plants in D1GP and this run was pretty solid looking until he made contact with the wall and completely just annihilated his car. The driver side suspension was taken clean off on contact with the walls for this parking lot course in the city of Tokyo. Max almost made the full run which would of been quite a high score in the D1 series. Dino Dalle Carbonare, a journalist from Speedhunters, posted this aftermath photo on his Instagram.

Naoki Nakamura vs Miki Yabuuchi – One Great Tandem from Origin Meister Cup [VIDEO]

Watch Naoki Nakamura tandem with Miki Yabuuchi at the Origin Meister Cup. The follow run put down by Miki Yabuuchi was pretty awesome in this video and we also grab a look at some of these gorgeous Nissan’s from across the big pond in the Pacific. Check out the tandem video!

Ferrari 360 Modena Drifting at Ebisu Circuit [VIDEO]

After the Lamborghini drifting video a few days ago someone tipped us off to a much less exciting and under produced version with a Ferrari. Not to be outdone by a Lamborghini the Ferrari fans wanted to let us know that they can do some sliding as well. Here is someone on the west course at Ebisu Circuit flicking around a yellow Ferrari 360 Modena.

Daigo Saito and Andy Gray Insane Minami Tandems [VIDEO]

Check out an awesome video made by Powervehicles showing Daigo Saito and Andy Gray going mad around Ebisu Circuit’s Minami course. Two guys that just know this D1GP course in and out doing battle with some on board cameras and outside cameras to capture all of this insane action!

Naoki Nakamura and Team Burst Tandem Trains at Miehan [VIDEO]

Naoki Nakamura is a well known Japanese driver for his flair and wildly painted S13. A new video popped up of him and some Team Burst members running some pretty crazy tandem trains at Miehan Circuit in Japan over the past few days. Sit back and enjoy the pure chaos of this one!

Wrecked Magazine Issue 27 Is Out Now [READ THIS]

Issue 27 of Wrecked Magazine brings Michael Essa back to our cover to interview him after his first ever Formula Drift victory. Jacob Leveton writes a guest editorial on the state of the 2013 rookies and then Danny George gets put In Focus. Wrecked Lifestyle puts a focus on what our staff has deemed “track essentials” with items from Electric Visual, ReplayXD, and Otterbox. The big finale is our amazing trip to Japan for Drift Matsuri including a write up on how cheap you can participate converted already into American dollars. Our Mustang RTR gets a huge drivetrain overhaul with help from Tremec and ACT Clutch.

Read the issue: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/issues/issue27/issue27.html

2013 Spring Matsuri with Wrecked Magazine Part 2 [VIDEO]

Here is a second video feature from our trip out to Japan thanks to ReplayXD and Enjuku Racing. Part 2 shows more clips of Minami, School course, and North course with footage from our Replay XD cameras over the weekend. The weather I would call perfect for Japanese spring and with over 400 registered cars for the weekend we have plenty of things to shoot.

In case you missed our other Matsuri videos here are links:
Part 1- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYzNFwqbkE4&hd=1
Daigo Saito RAW Chase – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wOPTQ51YDM&hd=1
ReplayXD Minami Jumps – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtMNDh5KIK0

Drift Matsuri – RAW ReplayXD Footage of Minami Jump [VIDEO]

Another video installment from our 2013 Spring Matsuri trip to Ebisu Circuit. This video is a quick compilation of all the drivers we captured flying over the Minami jump on the D1 Grand Prix course over the weekend. We hung a front and rear mounted ReplayXD over the jump for a few hours along the Matsuri weekend and captured these great jumps including the D1GP UpGarage Toyota Supra taking a few trips over the hill.

RAW Footage of Daigo Saito in Tandem at Nishi Short [VIDEO]

Formula Drift reigning champion was in attendance when we visited Ebisu Circuit a few weeks ago with a white Toyota Chaser in tow for the Drift Heaven Matsuri weekend. We caught him at the end of the weekend in a multiple lap tandem chase with another Chaser (that flipped early in the weekend on North Course) for a good solid 5 minutes. Here is the raw and untouched footage shot on a ReplayXD 720.