Drift Muscle Championship Finale [VIDEO]

The Drift Muscle series came about in Japan after a falling out within D1GP. A 10 minute preview video/commercial of the series final shows some content from the Muscle Class and the Ladys Class. Yes, they do spell it Ladys class and we know the proper spelling is Ladies but that is what Drift Muscle calls the series. Plug in and watch some familiar faces competing in the Drift Muscle series which lacks the big media/impact of the D1GP days of old. It still looks like the competition is quite entertaining at least.

2014 D1 Grand Pix Season [SCHEDULE]

The D1 Grand Prix series is looking at 6 round schedule for 2014 at five venues. The series finishes up in Tokyo along with a “D1 Champions” event happening on the same weekend. The series faces more competition around Asia and Japan but is still running a strong series. Here is how the schedule is setup for 2014:

January 10-12 Kick Off Drift (Chiba / Makuhari Messe Special Course)
March 29-30 Round 1 (Fuji Speedway)
May 24-25 Round 2 (Suzuka Circuit)
July 26-27 Round 3 (Autopolis)
August 22-24 Round 4/5 (Ebisu Circuit)
October 17-18 Round 6 (Odaiba Tokyo Street Course)
October 19 D1 Champions (Odaiba Tokyo Street Course)

Robbie Nishida Interview – Wrecked Weekly Episode 2 [VIDEO]

Wrecked Magazine weekly Episode #2 has arrived and we got a hold of Formula Drift x Achilles Radial driver Robbie Nishida before he headed back home to Japan. Robbie dishes on the current declining state of car culture in Japan along with its movement and changes in the drifting scene. Robbie also talks about how he almost left Formula Drift before his program came together with Achilles Radial and his Toyota Soarer.

We also had Robbie Nishida walk us through Speedhunters Battle of the Weekend from Irwindale with his Achilles Radial teammate Daigo Saito. He gives us his perspective of the tandem battle breakdown. Robbie talks about how his build and Daigo’s are the same and different. He even hints about some things he has in store for the 2014 season.


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“Outsiders” A Japanese Documentary Filmed by Driftworks [VIDEO]

This movie is long and I mean long as far as YouTube films go (1 hour 34 minutes and 04 seconds to be exact) about an adventure they took throughout Japan. They visit 326 Power, Bee-R, Suzuka, Meihan, and many more places on this long adventure. If you are a little spare on time skipping the first 20 minutes and watching it from then wouldn’t be the end of the world. Some of the drifting gets quite entertaining in the end of the video as well.

Daigo Saito Flips His Missile Car at 2013 Fall Matsuri [VIDEO]

Daigo Saito has some well documented history with insane follow runs around the Ebisu Circuit during the Matsuri weekends. In fact, this springtime we caught some awesome ReplayXD footage of him flying around the Nishi cirucit where he flipped over this weekend. Through the Matsuri weekend I saw several other cars fly hard into this hill and flip over and make nasty contact with each other but it seems that Daigo Saito was just inch off from perfect on this run which sent him flying end over end.

Another Crash from D1GP Odaiba [VIDEO]

This R34 Skyline went for a ride while in tandem with¬†Takahiro Ueno and his BMW. We have been digging around for results from this D1GP weekend and haven’t had any luck landing who was an actual winner and loser just yet. This was the second in several pretty crazy wreck videos we have found over the weekend.

Max Orido Crashes at D1GP Odaiba [VIDEO]

Max Orido’s Toyota FT-86 is one of the few V8 power plants in D1GP and this run was pretty solid looking until he made contact with the wall and completely just annihilated his car. The driver side suspension was taken clean off on contact with the walls for this parking lot course in the city of Tokyo. Max almost made the full run which would of been quite a high score in the D1 series. Dino Dalle Carbonare, a journalist from Speedhunters, posted this aftermath photo on his Instagram.

Naoki Nakamura vs Miki Yabuuchi – One Great Tandem from Origin Meister Cup [VIDEO]

Watch Naoki Nakamura tandem with Miki Yabuuchi at the Origin Meister Cup. The follow run put down by Miki Yabuuchi was pretty awesome in this video and we also grab a look at some of these gorgeous Nissan’s from across the big pond in the Pacific. Check out the tandem video!

Ferrari 360 Modena Drifting at Ebisu Circuit [VIDEO]

After the Lamborghini drifting video a few days ago someone tipped us off to a much less exciting and under produced version with a Ferrari. Not to be outdone by a Lamborghini the Ferrari fans wanted to let us know that they can do some sliding as well. Here is someone on the west course at Ebisu Circuit flicking around a yellow Ferrari 360 Modena.

Daigo Saito and Andy Gray Insane Minami Tandems [VIDEO]

Check out an awesome video made by Powervehicles showing Daigo Saito and Andy Gray going mad around Ebisu Circuit’s Minami course. Two guys that just know this D1GP course in and out doing battle with some on board cameras and outside cameras to capture all of this insane action!