Watch a Drifter at Spring Matsuri Mount a Tire by Hand in Less than 60 Seconds [VIDEO]

Just one of the awesome clips we captured at the Spring Matsuri Drift Heaven week at Ebisu Circuit was this group of drivers mounting tires by hand. This one drifter we captured on film could mount a whole tire ready for air in 56 seconds using his hands, feet, and a crowbar. Sit back and watch this awesome feat.

2013 Spring Matsuri at Ebisu Circuit Day 1 [GALLERY]

Sunday kicked off the Matsuri weekend with a near perfect day at Ebisu Circuit where we took in the sights, sounds, and tire smoke of almost 400 registered cars banging doors, fenders, and walls around all the tracks available at Ebisu. Thanks to our partners Replay XD and Enjuku Racing we sent out a team of three to Japan to take it all in with tons of video footage and some photo galleries to boot! Day 1 was the calmer start to the weekend with tons of drivers taking on north and school course through the day and well into the middle of the morning.

Check out the Gallery: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=336

2013 G1GP Round 1 Knockout Qualifying Crash [VIDEO]

The G1GP series for those who are not familiar is a fun series for foreigners to compete in from all over the world where drifting started in Japan. The series found 50+ drivers for yesterdays event at Ebisu Circuit. The qualifying sessions are done in a similar Formula 1 style. The event is split into four run groups and each run group goes out on the track at one time to qualify and the judges then pick the top drivers to advance into a Top 16. During one of the last run groups this happened to shut down the track for a few minutes. Both drivers got out just fine but one car is going to be retired for the weekend of Matusri we believe after this hit. Huge thanks to Enjuku Racing for helping us make the trek out to Japan for G1GP and Matsuri weekend!

2013 MSC Challenge Series Round 1 at Suzuka Twin [VIDEO]

The MSC series is well known for its team tandem competitions and less corporate/political vibe than other professional series around the world. Here is a video from TriangleXhamadajyuku showing off team tandem clips and some insane first turn entries by various cars. This one flat black S15 with the largest rear wing I have ever seen on a drift car performs a few entries that are impressive including the one at the closing of the video.

Daigo Saito Testing Dodge Challenger at Ebisu Circuit [VIDEO]

Daigo Saito has been super busy this off-season buying cars, NASCAR engines, playing drift pinball, and even buying Sam Hubinette’s old Dodge Challenger. He has taken the Challenger to Japan and this video shows him testing it out at Ebisu Circuit. Daigo is rumored to be running this Challenger or a NASCAR V8 powered Dodge Viper for the 2013 D1 Grand Prix season. What do you think of his Ebisu Circuit shakedown of the Dodge Challenger?

Kenji Takayama Shows Off/Tests Lexus GS350 for D1GP

We got some shots mailed to us today showing off Kenji Takayama in his new white Lexus GS350 testing at Nikko Circuit. Kenji is running Goodyear tires for the 2013 season and is most famous from his FD Mazda Rx-7 title sponsored by Exedy. How do you think this car will hold up and compete in the 2013 D1 Grand Prix season?

Daigo Saito Plans to Bring NASCAR Powered Dodge Viper to D1GP in 2013

So the new Option Video talks to the world about his NASCAR powered Dodge Viper heading to the D1GP series in 2013. While we don’t have a translation on the video we got some tips from an article at Enginelabs.com telling us about the motor set to power this Dodge Viper.

The article talks about the engine tech for this Nationwide Series Dodge 356ci V8 which received an EFI conversion and some help from AEM. If you want to dig into some hardcore tech with NASCAR motors or just read up more on what engine build Daigo will be taking to D1 this upcoming season read up on this great piece below.


Source: http://www.enginelabs.com/engine-tech/dyno-testing/aem-helps-tune-dodge-nascar-engine-for-drifting-in-japan/

Naoto Suenaga is Building a 1000hp Silvia for 2013 D1GP Season

Naoto Suenga took to Facebook so he could share his new 2013 D1GP build with all his fans. The Team Orange driver is set to run an orange S15 Silvia in D1 with a RB26 engine. They are estimating 1000hp with the car with great partners such as Koyo and Garrett Turbo. What do you think about his swap into this Silvia for the new drift season?

Check out the DriftingArchive on YouTube [VIDEO]

We have now created a second YouTube page called “DriftingArchive” which is meant to take our terabytes of archived drifting content over the past 5 years and make it browsable on YouTube. We have already put up almost 100 videos from past events such as NOPI Drift and Spring Matsuri. To celebrate and introduce our new page our intern Eddie Luchembe mixed some 2009 Matsuri footage together and made the video above.


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The Find an Event Drift Calendar for 2013

We are stacking up drift events for the 2013 season on our Find An Event tab over at Wrecked Magazine. With great series from all over the world added into our calendar such as Formula Drift, Formula Drift Asia, D1GP, D1SL, BDC, EEDC, Drift All-Stars and the Russian Drift Series for the new year. If you see any grassroots or professional series we are missing at Wrecked feel free to submit it to us through the contact form.

Enjoy Find An Event for 2013: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/find-a-drift-event/