2014 D1GP Kick Off at Tokyo Auto Salon [GALLERY]




Rob Shaw helps us kick off the 2014 season with some D1 Grand Prix drifting from the Kick-Off event at the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon. Enjoy some of the action with our complete gallery of the big weekend which drew huge crowds onlooking as the D1GP cars threw up smoke everywhere just outside the Auto Salon venue.

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D1 Grand Prix Bans Nitrous for 2014 and Beyond [RUMORMILL]


A very reliable source this evening has told us that the D1GP series in Japan has made provisions for the 2014 season to ban the power adder nitrous. While exact details are not clear yet (I have reached out to D1GP for exact clarification of rule change) it seems that various teams are changing how they build a car for the 2014 season. We have heard talks of drivers swapping to smaller turbo setups already due to the inability to spool fast without nitrous along for the ride. This is quite a shake up announcement for the world of drifting as the race for big horsepower cars is giving nitrous an ever more frequent home within the drift world. D1GP is one of the most loosely regulated professional drift series in existence so a blanket ban on a product is a tad shocking. Companies like NOS and NX will be looking closely at other series to hope they don’t make the same rulings we are sure!


2014 Drift Muscle in Japan [SCHEDULE]

The 2014 Drift Muscle schedule seems to be all the more exciting to the world drifting stage as Formula Drift sets to release a schedule with MSC next month. The Drift Muscle schedule is full of American Formula Drift conflicts meaning that they will most likely avoid conflicts with the MSC / Formula Drift collaboration series. Also, no driver is going to be running a full season in either of these for 2014. They have 3 Formula Drift conflicts and one D1GP event conflict in this 8 event schedule:

Round 1: Nikko Circuit (March 8/9)
Round 2: Maze Circuit (April 12/13)
Round 3: Sports Land Sugo (May 17/18)
Round 4: Honjo Circuit (June 21/22)
Round 5: Tsukuba Circuit (July 26/27)
Round 6: Maze Circuit (September 13/14)
Round 7: Fuji Speedway (October 25/26)
Round 8: Nikko Circuit (November 29/30)


Complete Drift Calendar Here: http://www.wreckedmagazine.com/find-a-drift-event/

Formula Drift Announces that Formula Drift Japan is Coming

File this under things we didn’t expect to here just before the Christmas Break!? Starting in 2014 MSC and Formula Drift are doing a joint venture under a three year deal in Japan. “It’s very exciting to be taking our brand to the birthplace of drifting with MSC. MSC is a reputable company that has been involved in drifting for many years. We feel that this is a great way to expand our brand as it fits with our global aspirations,” said Jim Liaw.

Launching in 2014 will be two competition events held as a pre-cursor to the 2015 Formula Drift Japan Championship. One of the 2015 Formula Drift Japan rounds will also be a Formula Drift Asia points round for the season. The 2015/2016 season will be a minimum of a four round championship as announced by Formula Drift.

Japanese motor sport icons Nobuteru Taniguchi and Max Orido have committed to judging the events, notwithstanding any other racing obligations. The three-year plan will include a groundbreaking marketing and promotions campaign never done before in Japanese drifting such as a weekly television show, live stream of the event competitions and a media partnership with Kotsu Times.


Formula DRIFT Japan details will be announced at the official launch at the 2014 Osaka Auto Messe on February 14th.

MCR Factory Takes on YZ Circuit – HUGE Tandem Train [VIDEO]

This video has just one insane tandem train at YZ Circuit. This is more insane than anything we have really seen anywhere including Drift Matsuri! Check out this huge group of drift cars lead by MCR Factory as they fly around this circuit towards the end of the video.

Drift Muscle Championship Finale [VIDEO]

The Drift Muscle series came about in Japan after a falling out within D1GP. A 10 minute preview video/commercial of the series final shows some content from the Muscle Class and the Ladys Class. Yes, they do spell it Ladys class and we know the proper spelling is Ladies but that is what Drift Muscle calls the series. Plug in and watch some familiar faces competing in the Drift Muscle series which lacks the big media/impact of the D1GP days of old. It still looks like the competition is quite entertaining at least.

2014 D1 Grand Pix Season [SCHEDULE]

The D1 Grand Prix series is looking at 6 round schedule for 2014 at five venues. The series finishes up in Tokyo along with a “D1 Champions” event happening on the same weekend. The series faces more competition around Asia and Japan but is still running a strong series. Here is how the schedule is setup for 2014:

January 10-12 Kick Off Drift (Chiba / Makuhari Messe Special Course)
March 29-30 Round 1 (Fuji Speedway)
May 24-25 Round 2 (Suzuka Circuit)
July 26-27 Round 3 (Autopolis)
August 22-24 Round 4/5 (Ebisu Circuit)
October 17-18 Round 6 (Odaiba Tokyo Street Course)
October 19 D1 Champions (Odaiba Tokyo Street Course)

Robbie Nishida Interview – Wrecked Weekly Episode 2 [VIDEO]

Wrecked Magazine weekly Episode #2 has arrived and we got a hold of Formula Drift x Achilles Radial driver Robbie Nishida before he headed back home to Japan. Robbie dishes on the current declining state of car culture in Japan along with its movement and changes in the drifting scene. Robbie also talks about how he almost left Formula Drift before his program came together with Achilles Radial and his Toyota Soarer.

We also had Robbie Nishida walk us through Speedhunters Battle of the Weekend from Irwindale with his Achilles Radial teammate Daigo Saito. He gives us his perspective of the tandem battle breakdown. Robbie talks about how his build and Daigo’s are the same and different. He even hints about some things he has in store for the 2014 season.


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“Outsiders” A Japanese Documentary Filmed by Driftworks [VIDEO]

This movie is long and I mean long as far as YouTube films go (1 hour 34 minutes and 04 seconds to be exact) about an adventure they took throughout Japan. They visit 326 Power, Bee-R, Suzuka, Meihan, and many more places on this long adventure. If you are a little spare on time skipping the first 20 minutes and watching it from then wouldn’t be the end of the world. Some of the drifting gets quite entertaining in the end of the video as well.

Daigo Saito Flips His Missile Car at 2013 Fall Matsuri [VIDEO]

Daigo Saito has some well documented history with insane follow runs around the Ebisu Circuit during the Matsuri weekends. In fact, this springtime we caught some awesome ReplayXD footage of him flying around the Nishi cirucit where he flipped over this weekend. Through the Matsuri weekend I saw several other cars fly hard into this hill and flip over and make nasty contact with each other but it seems that Daigo Saito was just inch off from perfect on this run which sent him flying end over end.