Kenneth Moen In Low Brain Drifters 13 for Drift All-Stars


Kenneth Moen has hopped into this V8 powered Low Brain Drifters car for the Drift All-Stars weekend. From our on track reports, Kenneth is just ripping in this car! We cannot wait for qualifying and the race kick off in front of London Olympic Stadium tomorrow first thing in the morning. We have Jamie Rolls on the scene giving us the best reporting from the UK to kick off Drift All-Stars!

Juha Rintanen Coming to Formula Drift for Round 4


Planning to make his debut at Formula Drift New Jersey is European drifting star Juha Rintanen. He sent us video today of him loading up this Silvia above onto a container as it heads across the Atlantic Ocean. His plan is to run the last four Formula Drift rounds in America so you can see him at Texas, Seattle, or Irwindale. Juha was born in 1983 and hails from Hämeenlinna, Finland. His accomplishments include a Finnish Championship, NEZ Drift Championship and the recent Drift Allstars European Championship. He is bringing a Silvia packing a 700hp 2JZ engine to help him compete in Formula Drift. 


Photo Source: AClightaddicted

King of Europe Takes on Italy – Adam Kerenyi Goes Back to Back


Qualifying was dominated in Italy by Benjamin Boulbes in his GT Radial E36 BMW. The awards for Best Line and Best Show went to Benjamin Boulbes for the weekend as well. Coming off a third place finish in Austria just recently he looked focused to try and grab a victory throughout the weekend. Tons of local Italian drivers also came out to try and advance far in the event taking place at the Castelletto di Branduzzo race track.


The 2013 champion Francesco Conti who we put together a blog post for from Round 1 in Austria suffered more problems over the weekend! During his battle with Adam Frank in the Top 8 his differential gave out forcing him to take a defeat. Throughout the weekend he had the best entry speed at 99km/h (61.5 MPH) and with an average angle during his runs of 42 degrees. 

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Is Kenji Yamanaka Coming Back to Formula Drift?


Kenji Yamanaka was a constant delight over the past few years when he ran Formula Drift and the NOPI Drift series. He drove a various lot of S-Chassis cars through the years and was one of the most animated drivers you could find on the grid. He took to Facebook yesterday and posted this car chassis above with this text in Japanese you can see below:







Which Google roughly translated as:
The meeting in the US.

Unity seems to feel good.

Finally we return the driver as Kenji Yamanaka.

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Francesco Conti’s Journey Through King of Europe Round 1


In 2013 Francesco Conti won both the Individual and Team Title in the King of Europe series. The 10th anniversary season for King of Europe just kicked off in Austria (event recap here). Conti has brought out the same car for the 2014 season with several improvements to increase the cars performance. The supercharged E92 GT4 BMW makes 650hp and will soon receive an upgrade to a Libery Walk widebody kit (after Round 2 in Italy this weekend).


Going into the Top 32 battles Francesco matched up against Matt Campling who was new to the King of Europe series. After a quick and clean battle all three judges picked Francesco to move into the Top 16. In the Top 16 Francesco was lined up against Manuel Vacca from Italy. After the first run the judges gave an advantage of 7-3 to Francesco Conti over Manuel with one run left in the pairing.. Going off the start line and heading for the first corner, things did not go very natural for Francesco Conti. Seen from the outside, his car just went straight through the first corner, without drifting, which meant he had just lost the battle, making this the worst result ever obtained by Francesco Conti in his King of Europe career.


After the event this is what Francesco Conti had to say, ” First of all I would like to thank my sponsors for this year, Liberty Walk and Forgiato Wheels for deciding to join my program in King of Europe. The weekend started well for me, and I was of course feeling comfortable with the track, and the car was working perfect, as it usually does. Going into the tandem battles I had to go up against a very good driver from the UK, Matt Campling, and I hope I will be able to meet him again sometime in the near future. About my battle in Top16, this was a really unfortunate happening, as I was unable to initiate into the first corner, because the cable from my intercom got caught up in my harness, and I was unable to turn my head to see where I was going, so that totally left me without any solution but going straight. I am extremely unhappy with this, and I feel like I could’ve won very important points at this event, but I will just come with more determination for future events to make up for this first round. Congratulations to all the extremely skilled drivers that competed at this event, it will be my pleasure to do battle against you this year”.

Australian Drift GP Comes to American Television This Month on MAVTV


The Australian Drift GP or commonly known as the ADGP will be hitting American television on Thursday May 15th for the first time ever! According to the MAVTV mini site about ADGP it appears they have three shows scheduled across the month of May. ADGP is who helped Formula Drift with the Formula Drift Australia round earlier this year as well. Love to hear feedback from people after they watch the show!




EEDC Round 1 in Riga at Bikernieki [RESULTS]


The European drift season has come alive and Eastern Europe was given a treat with the kick off of EEDC! The event in Riga, Latvia took place at the legendary Bikernieki race track which is known around Europe as one of the fastest and most technical circuits on the continent. Over 5,000 fans were in attendance Pawel Trela take home first place in qualifying in his Opel. The 2013 series champion Gvido Elksnis looked focused and determined with his driving all weekend and managed to take home the win in Round 1. Kristaps Bluss who finished in second place recorded the fastest entry speed of the weekend at 162km/h which is right at 100mph. Round 2 is coming up already in just under one month in Minsk. Here is how the podium finished:

1. Gvido Elksnis (Latvia)
2. Kristaps Bluss (Latvia)
3. Juha Rintanen (Finland)
4. Ivo Cirulis

King of Europe Kicks Off Pro Series Round 1 in Austria [RESULTS]


King of Europe kicked off in Greinbach, Austria with more than 10,000 spectators in attendance! Qualifying at the Greinbach PS Racing Center was wild with Adam Kerenyi taking home first place followed by Francesco Conti and Benjamin Boulbes in third. Shockingly Dmitry Illyuk qualified outside the Top 10 which is unlike him! His Monster Energy teammate Steve Biagioni managed to lock in 7th at his first ever event on this Austria circuit. 


Moving into the main event Francesco Conti, 2013 KOE champion, was eliminated in Top 16 when he made a big mistake in this battle. On the way to a big victory Adam Kereyni managed to eliminate big name drivers in Europe such as Calin Ciortan and took Dmitriy Illyuk to an OMT when Illyuk blew his engine! Benjamin Boulbes, who was still trying to get used to his new LS engine, made it all the way up to the semifinals,where he was defeated by Monster driver Steve Biagioni! 


Dmitriy Illyuk inspected his engine after the issue in his Final Four battle and discovered a rod bearing went out. This prevented him from running in the third place battle with Benjamin Boulbes so he went on to take 3rd place at Round 1. The final offered the audience an all-out battle, between Adam Kerenyi and Steve Biagioni. Both drivers displayed an excellent set of skills while out on the track, but Adam managed to just stay above Steve, and took the win in both runs, thus winning the event itself. 

1. Adam Kerenyi
2. Steve Biagioni
3. Benjamin Boulbes
4. Dmitriy Illyuk

This Drift Is Going To Leave A Mark [VIDEO]

Back in 2009 we posted this insane drifting crash from Latvia where people went flying everywhere (graphic warning). This video isn’t as graphic but still just as gut wrenching! This guy just got creamed by this BMW drifting as he stood on the track! Ouch.

Marc Landerville – A Cross Continent Trip to Long Beach

We left on Sunday night around 17h towards Long Beach with 4500 Kilometres to do. The journey went daily well Tuesday night we stayed at a hotel that was juste kilometres from Willow Springs race track. The next day we went to the track to do a few runs to make sure the car was competition ready.

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