“Outsiders” A Japanese Documentary Filmed by Driftworks [VIDEO]

This movie is long and I mean long as far as YouTube films go (1 hour 34 minutes and 04 seconds to be exact) about an adventure they took throughout Japan. They visit 326 Power, Bee-R, Suzuka, Meihan, and many more places on this long adventure. If you are a little spare on time skipping the first 20 minutes and watching it from then wouldn’t be the end of the world. Some of the drifting gets quite entertaining in the end of the video as well.

Formula Drift Asia Returns to Thailand in January 2014

Formula Drift Asia is set for a big return to Thailand at the Pathum Thani Speedway over the January 18/19th weekend. They have a big partner teamed up for 2014 with  Grand Prix International Co., Ltd (GPI), which owns the Bangkok International Motor Show, several motorsport events, a host of magazines such as Grand Prix and XO Autosport, as well as television channel Grand Prix Channel.

This event will mark the end of the 2013 season and the start of the 2014 season which we are guessing will happen in the form of a back to back race event weekend. This Thailand event is happening at the expense of losing the Indonesia round which was slated for December 2013. Thailand is slated to have Daigo Saito, Fredric Aasbo, Robbie Nishida, Ken Gushi, Josh Boettcher, and Tengku Djan all in attendance.

Marcus Lim, Co-Founder of Formula Drift Asia, “We are excited to return to the Thailand market, after three years of absence, and we look forward to coming back to Indonesia in the near future. 2013 also marks the end of a fruitful chapter with Achilles as the title sponsor of the Asia series. We look forward to welcoming new partners to the fold as we move on to a combined platform globally. The integration of operations with the US side will give us better strategic alignment for the development of the sport in Asia. ”

James Deane Interview – Wrecked Weekly Episode 1 [VIDEO]

We finally dropped our new project Wrecked Weekly where we sit down with a professional drifter once a week until the end of time. These interviews will be released every Thursday! Our first every episode is with 2013 Irish Drift Champion James Deane who was visiting from Ireland and came by the Wrecked Magazine office for a quick visit/interview. Our 20 minute interview brings up his 2014 plans to be in Drift-Allstars, his favorite alcoholic drink, the Rubberbandits, and how his Mazda Rx-7 was put together for the 2013 season.

We chatted for about five minutes and turned on the cameras for our first ever Wrecked Weekly episode. We have currently shot about 10 episodes now and we have learned quite a bit. I am excited that the quality, timeframe, and things have improved with each episode we have done. Look out for interviews coming from Mike Pollard, Chris Forsberg, Robbie Nishida, JR Hildebrand, Dmitriy Illyuk, and much more!

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Daigo Saito and Robbie Nishida Slated for ADGP Round 2

The guys over at Australian Drift GP released a video announcing that Robbie Nishida, Daigo Saito, and PowerVehicles owner Andy Gray will all be competing at Round 2 on December 7th/8th. For the first round of the season they brought out Chris Forsberg as a guest judge really highlighting the Australia series pushing to be a big name in the world drift market. Now two of the busiest men in drifting it seems these days Robbie and Daigo will be in attendance for the big Round 2 weekend at Barbagallo Raceway.


Watch the video:

Daigo Saito Flips His Missile Car at 2013 Fall Matsuri [VIDEO]

Daigo Saito has some well documented history with insane follow runs around the Ebisu Circuit during the Matsuri weekends. In fact, this springtime we caught some awesome ReplayXD footage of him flying around the Nishi cirucit where he flipped over this weekend. Through the Matsuri weekend I saw several other cars fly hard into this hill and flip over and make nasty contact with each other but it seems that Daigo Saito was just inch off from perfect on this run which sent him flying end over end.

King of Europe Final Round at SLOVAKIAring [VIDEO]

The King of Europe series just finished up with a big round at SlovakiaRing.. Francesco Conti was now officially the 2013 Monster Energy King of Europe Drift Series Champion in his BMW which was a title he came very close to also winning in 2012. This years final round at Solvakiaring was a double points round mixing up the championship standings a good bit over the weekend. Francesco Conti became really familiar with the podium during the awards ceremony at Slovakiaring. He also won the Team Championship, together with Calin Ciortan and Amerigo Monteverde, the Motul Challenge and the Dotz Attack Challenge. Nicolo Rosso won the Wisefab Angle challenge, which came natural seeing he has always pushed himself to extreme angles all year long.

Another Crash from D1GP Odaiba [VIDEO]

This R34 Skyline went for a ride while in tandem with Takahiro Ueno and his BMW. We have been digging around for results from this D1GP weekend and haven’t had any luck landing who was an actual winner and loser just yet. This was the second in several pretty crazy wreck videos we have found over the weekend.

Max Orido Crashes at D1GP Odaiba [VIDEO]

Max Orido’s Toyota FT-86 is one of the few V8 power plants in D1GP and this run was pretty solid looking until he made contact with the wall and completely just annihilated his car. The driver side suspension was taken clean off on contact with the walls for this parking lot course in the city of Tokyo. Max almost made the full run which would of been quite a high score in the D1 series. Dino Dalle Carbonare, a journalist from Speedhunters, posted this aftermath photo on his Instagram.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Visits Spain for Gymkhana Grid Finals

Vaughn Gittin Jr. flew out to Spain to run the Gymkhana Grid to hang out with his Monster Energy drink family/friends over in Europe. While doing so he hopped on the track and put down the second fastest RWD time of the weekend 50.2 falling just shy of Luke Fink. His time even ran close to Ken Block who was just 1.44 seconds faster in the AWD category. Vaughn is now traveling to SEMA for the week to provide demos in the Ford Out Front category of the show.

James Deane On Board Camera at Nurburgring Drift Cup [VIDEO]

Ride along with James Deane as he wins the Nurburgring Drift Cup over on the old Formula 1 course in western Germany. Some not so perfect weather fell during the event but James Deane kept on point for the weekend and drove his Mazda Rx-7 to a big victory at the Nurburgring. James Deane when he visited America sat down with us at the Wrecked Magazine office for a great interview coming soon on our YouTube page as well!