2014 Drift All Stars Round 6 – Lithuania [RESULTS]


Drift AllStars closed out their Lithuanian round with some insane door-to-door action in Kaunas. James Deane continued his amazing season, winning the event after qualifying second and claiming the Drift Allstars championship in the process. Piotr Wiecek entered the event second in the championship standings and earned the top qualifier position yesterday, but couldn’t defeat Deane in the event or the championship. Nigel Colfer took home the final podium position over Janis Eglite, who won the 2013 event in Lithuania. Here’s the full results:

1st – James Deane – Falken Tire S14
2nd – Piotr Wiecek – Budmat Auto R34
3rd – Nigel Colfer – Nexen Tire Aerokit S13
4th – Janis Eglite – Zeetex Tires E46

2014 Drift Allstars Round 6 – Lithuania [QUALIFYING]


Qualifying wrapped up today in Lithuania, and there’s a few familiar faces near the top of the qualifying list. Piotr Wiecek of the famed Polish drift team Budmat Auto took the top spot in his Nissan S14 EDIT: Nissan Skyline R34, followed by Irishman James Deane in his 2JZ-powered Falken Tire S14 in second and fellow Irishman Nigel Colfer in the Aerokit Nissan S13. Latvian Janis Eglite  piloted his tube-chassis E46 drift car to 4th place, while local Lithuanian Timas Simniska rounded out the top 5 in a Toyota Soarer. Here’s how the top 16 qualifying shook out:

1. Piotr Wiecek – Poland
2. James Deane – Ireland
3. Nigel Colfer – Ireland
4. Janis Eglite – Latvia
5. Timas Simniska – Lithuania
6. Kritjian Klements – Estonia
7. Ingus Jekabsons – Latvia
8. Maciej Bocehank – Poland
9. Andrius Cibirka – Lithuania
10. Fredrik Sjodin – Sweden
11. Dawid Karkosik – Poland
12. Andrius Vasilauskas – Lithuania
13. Artek Opley – Poland
14. Valdmyr Marchenko – Ukraine
15. Harold Valdma – Estonia
16. Jarmo Luht – Estonia

Here’s how the top 16 tandems shake out:

1. Wiecek vs 16. Luht
8. Bocehank vs 9. Cibirka4. Eglite vs 13. Opley
5. Simniska vs 12. Vasilauskas

2. Deane vs 15. Valdma
7. Jekabsons vs 10. Sjodin
3. Colfer vs 14. Marchenko
6. Klements vs 11. Karkosik

Tomorrow’s event in Kaunas will be livestreamed starting at 10am local time. (8am Dublin / 3am EST /  12 Midnight PST)

2014 Formula Drift Canada at Autodrome St-Eustache [RESULTS]


Formula Drift Canada results are in from a wild weekend up in Montreal! Dean Kearney finished second place again giving him two podiums in a row at Formula Drift. All the Canadian drivers were eliminated keeping them off the podium at their home event. Here is how the Top 3 finished up:

1. Daigo Saito
2. Dean Kearney
3. Kenneth Moen

2014 Formula Drift Canada Demo – Top 16 Qualifying [RESULTS]


Formula Drift Canada invaded Autodrome Saint Eustache outside of Montreal, Quebec for qualifying today. 21 drivers were fighting for 16 positions. Kenny Moen continued his amazing season by qualifying first overall, ahead of his Achilles teammate Daigo Saito. Marc Landreville held down the third position in front of his home Canadian crowd.

1st – Kenneth Moen – 88
2nd – Daigo Saito – 85
3rd – Marc Landreville – 81 (41 style points)
4th – Forrest Wang – 81 (39 style points)
5th – Dean Kearney – 79 (40 style points)
6th – Alex Gosselin – 79 (38 style points)
7th – Robbie Nishida – 77
8th – Charles Ng – 75
9th – Kevin Morin – 74
10th – Alexendre Michaud – 73
11th – Tommy Bellemart – 70
12th – Chelsea Denofa – 69 (24 style points)
13th – Brad Carlton – 69 (20 style points)
14th – Maxime Lemoine – 65
15th – Jonathan Guitard – 64
16th – Miro Ovcharik – 63


17th – Pat Cyr – 62
18th – Simon Schaffner – 57
19th – Francis Tasse – 57
20th – Martin Laglois – 55
21st – Dave Briggs – 0

Here’s how the tandem battles are shaping up for tomorrow’s main event:

Kenneth Moen vs Miro Ovcharik
Charles Ng vs Kevin Morin

Forrest Wang vs Brad Carlton
Dean Kearney vs Chelsea Denofa

Daigo Saito vs Jonathan Guitard
Robbie Nishida vs Alexendre Michaud

Marc Landreville vs Maxime Lemoine
Alex Gosselin vs Tommy Bellemart

Drift All-Stars Estonia GP [VIDEO]

Huge Ryan Tuerck fans might remember this event because he drove the Failcrew S13 to a first place finish in Estonia for the Estonia GP. This amazing video captures the Estonia GP round and a great victory speech with the event winner Ryan Tuerck.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. Attacks Gatebil – AMAZING [VIDEO]

Sit back, crank up your speakers, and watch Vaughn Gittin Jr. attack Gatebil in one insane video with Magnaflow.

2014 Drift Mania Round 5 at Autodrome Montmagny [GALLERY]




Another weekend of DMCC is in the books and we have some great coverage from Jeremy Glover once again. The rain came and then night time came for the big drift weekend. However, the Canadian fans kept cheering until the final battle. Enjoy a complete look at the big weekend of drifting.

Check out the Gallery:

2014 Drift Mania Round 5 at Montmagny [RESULTS]


The fifth round of Drift Mania is in the books with Pat Cyr putting his Scion FR-S on the podium which we think is the first FR-S podium in North America. His thunder was stolen for the weekend by Jeff Laflamme who took home a victory in this Lexus IS300. Here is how they finished on the podium:

1st. Jeff Laflamme
2nd. Kevin Morin
3rd. Pat Cyr

Matt Powers Heading to French Drift Championship for Round 6


Matt Powers is heading over to France to join them for Round 6 of the French Drift Championship. He will actually be driving a LHD Ford Mustang owned by  Jerome Vassia. The event takes place in the French Alps and is a touge style course. The French series does use a cool telemetry model in addition to the three judges. Check the video below to see how the series went last year. 

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Some Wild Team Tandem Qualifying Footage from DCA Series in Australia [VIDEO]

I know nothing about this DCA series that I guess just got going in Australia. A friend I made back at a Matsuri in 2009, Chris DeJager, sent me this video because he is in it. I watched it and want to go visit this drift series immediately. The video shows off these guys qualifying for team drift and it looks like more fun than anything I have seen in a long time.

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