2015 Formula Drift World Championship Updates


The 2015 Formula Drift world championship has finally produced more details! According to a Formula Drift PR (you can read below) all seven rounds of the US series will be included in the World Championship along with two or three international venues to make a world championship. The PR does note that the venues will be already vetted locations by Formula Drift on some kind of international level or parntership. This should cook up some international petitions we bet for 2015! Here are the possible and realistic places I think they could be traveling for the international rounds:

1. Fuji Speedway
2. Kuala Lumpur
3. Melbourne, Australia
4. Autodrome St. Eustache
5. Yas Marina Circuit
6. Pathumthani Speedway (Thailand)


Formula DRIFT has announced additional information on the 2015 World Championship that include details on event rounds and locations, competition format, confirmation of all Formula DRIFT Pro licenses to be valid for the World Championship and the petition process for international drivers.

The World Championship will encompass all US Formula DRIFT Championship rounds plus two to three international rounds. The select international rounds will be vetted by Formula DRIFT through the 2014 season with all existing Formula DRIFT international rounds to be considered, including previous international venues.

The competition format will be based off the traditional top 32 head-to-head format. Formula DRIFT also confirms that all Formula DRIFT Pro Licenses are considered valid for the World Championship as well as selected Formula Drift Affiliate Series drivers will be eligible as well, while all other international drivers will need to go through a petition process in order to qualify. Additionally, three selected rounds of the World Championship will constitute its own Triple Crown with a prize pool of a possible USD $100,000.

“We have laid out the groundwork to complete this ambitious task in front of us in an effort to help bring the sport of drifting to the next level,” said Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of Formula DRIFT.

D1GP Season Kickoff at Fuji Speedway Drilled with Rain [VIDEO]

The D1GP season kicked off in Japan with a very rainy main event. The guys at Formula Drift are planning to kick off Formula Drift Japan at the same track in July of this year. They will probably hope for a better weather weekend than this one. Here is a 3 minute highlight of tandem battles shot by

2013 ROTY Mats Baribeau is Ready for Long Beach


This JZX90 is looking pretty good in its 2014 livery from Mats Baribeau. He won 2013 Rookie of the Year honors and refreshed his car from what he learned in his first season. More power and a refreshed look for the Gold in the Net JZX90 this season. While most people somehow still manage to have completely dismantled cars we at least have another car ready to hop on the grid.

Dunlop Is Not Coming to Formula Drift – Part of International Demo Sponsorship


People have been hitting us up like crazy over the last few days about some drivers wearing Dunlop in Honduras. They are not going to be a Formula Drift sponsor sadly and the reason some drivers (Chelsea DeNofa) in this photo are wearing their gear is because it was pre arranged for them to attend the event. So if you want some great photos of Chelsea DeNofa wearing yellow this is the only weekend you will have the chance.

Maxim Lemoine Shakes Down New 350z in Snow [VIDEO]

Maxim Lemonine retired his Chevrolet S10 drift machine in 2014 and has been building a Nissan 350z chassis. He was so impatient to test he just took it out in the snow by his shop. It looks like a great time!

Ahmad Daham 2JZ S15 from Drift UAE [VIDEO]

Here is a highlight reel video from the last round of Drift UAE. Ahmad Daham shows off his driving skills inside a 2JZ powered S15 Silvia and lines up against some of the Middle Eastern heavyweights of drifting. Below are the battles highlighted in the video as Ahmad Daham finished 3rd for the weekend.

Battles in Video:
Ahmad Daham vs Ahmad AlRumaithi (V8 R33 Skyline)
Ahmad Daham vs Jihad Hassan (S14 Silvia)
Ahmad Daham Vs Ahmed AlAmiri (2JZ GT86)

Filippo Pirini Shows off 2JZ Mazda RX-7 for Drift All-Stars


This render is for Italian driver Filippo Pirini who is showing off the look this his FC Mazda RX-7 powered by a 2JZ-GTE engine. Here is some progress of the build below and it will be set to unveil at Round 1 in England.


Mats Baribeau – Gold in the Net JZX90


Mats added more gold to his Gold in the Net JZX90 for the 2014 season. Mats has some new partners for 2014 as well as continuing to run with Falken Tires in the new season. Mats has some BC Racing ER coilovers that are custom setup to his build and a GTX4088r to power up his 2JZ engine this year.

Michie Mimoto & Rie Shinmi Head to D1GP Round 1 at Fuji Speedway


Female drivers Rie Shinmi (KIDS HEART) and  Michie Mimoto are set to both make a debut in D1GP Round 1 at Fuji Speedway. Mimoto is the 2013 D1 Women’s League champion giving her the proper credentials to compete in the D1GP series. Her debut in D1 will be with a newly built vehicle. Rie will remain in her R34 Skyline which is already D1GP spec/ready for the event at the end of this month. This is the first time a woman has driven in the D1GP series dating back to 2004 at Ebisu Circuit where Akemi Okazaki drove as the first woman in the series.

2014 D1NZ Round 4 at Taupo Motorsport Park [GALLERY]




A huge thanks to David Atkinson who provided great coverage of Round 4 from the Taupo Motorsport Park in New Zealand. This world class track brought some real excitement to this D1NZ circuit. If you want to check out an event recap of D1NZ Round 4 it can be found here. Otherwise, you can view a ton of images from Round 4 via the link below showing off all the close tandem runs of the weekend in image form.


Check out the Gallery: