One Insane 1,000hp S14 From Italy [VIDEO]


This is one insane S14 chassis (with S15 cladding) coming out of Italy with almost 1,000hp LSX engine under the hood and is being tested for the first time. It looks like 2014 is the year of the 1k horsepower mark in drifting worldwide. Here are some pictures to boot!

Masato Kawabata Unveils 2014 D1GP 1000hp Nissan GT-R

Greddy x Trust unveiled this 1000hp Nissan GTR today at Tokyo Auto Salon to show off the newest D1GP build. The car will be driven by Masato Kawabata in 2014 with sponsors Toyo Tires and GreddyxTrust for his 2014 season. According to SH reporter Dino Dalle the car is making 1000hp out of the VR38 engine along with a Hollinger sequential gearbox that is all linked up to a R34 Skyline subframe and rear end (source). Kawabata will hope to bring back to back D1GP championships.

The aero on the car is sourced from Rocket Bunny while other technical partners with the program include Rays, GP Sports, OS Giken, Endless, Prodrive, Bride, TRS, and Buffalo. What do you think of the new build?



The Nankang Tyre 2014 European Drift Team is Announced

The Nangkang Team is at Autosport International (Booth 2620) this weekend and features David Waterworth with his V10 Nissan S15 Silvia. The V10 is sourced from a Dodge Viper and is one of the coolest Silvia swaps we have seen for a while. Here is a list of the eight drivers they have signed for 2014 and the series they will be running. One driver is TBD for the new season as well:

2014 Lineup:
Mark Luney (BDC, IDC, KOE)
Wesley Keating (BDC, IDC, KOE)
David Waterworth (BDC, KOE)
Dan Firmager (BDC, Gymkhana)
Brian Egan (IDC, BDC)
David Egan (IDC, BDC)
Barry Leonard (IDC)
One Driver TBD

Dmitriy Illyuk – Wrecked Weekly Episode 8 [VIDEO]

The weeks interview I sat down with Dmitriy Illyuk who has taken Europe by storm recently in a SR powered S13 Nissan. With help from his partners like Kenda Tire and WiseFab he has managed to bring home a championship from EEDC and both of the local Ukraine drift series titles as well. His new build is in the works with a VK56 shooting for the 1,000 hp mark. Listen to him talk about drifting as a whole in Europe and break down his trophy winning chassis.

SATS Motorsport Unveils New Chassis MK4 Supra for 2014 [SNAPSHOTS]

The SATS Motorsport team unveiled this MK4 Toyota Supra build which will replace the retiring Toyota Supra they have been using in Europe previously. The new build looks pretty clean and has some huge presence and branding by Lucas Oil. The car was unveiled today at the Autosport International Show in England. More pics and specs on the car as they come available!

2014 Drift Muscle in Japan [SCHEDULE]

The 2014 Drift Muscle schedule seems to be all the more exciting to the world drifting stage as Formula Drift sets to release a schedule with MSC next month. The Drift Muscle schedule is full of American Formula Drift conflicts meaning that they will most likely avoid conflicts with the MSC / Formula Drift collaboration series. Also, no driver is going to be running a full season in either of these for 2014. They have 3 Formula Drift conflicts and one D1GP event conflict in this 8 event schedule:

Round 1: Nikko Circuit (March 8/9)
Round 2: Maze Circuit (April 12/13)
Round 3: Sports Land Sugo (May 17/18)
Round 4: Honjo Circuit (June 21/22)
Round 5: Tsukuba Circuit (July 26/27)
Round 6: Maze Circuit (September 13/14)
Round 7: Fuji Speedway (October 25/26)
Round 8: Nikko Circuit (November 29/30)


Complete Drift Calendar Here:

Driftworks DW86 Sneak Peak Ahead of Autosport International

Driftworks built one insane AE86 with the help of an ASCAR (old British stock car series) donor car. They finished the car just ahead of tomorrow’s Autosport International show in Birmingham. This will literally be an insane drift build that we cannot wait to see turn a wheel this season. Look and read up about how they did the swap via the build thread below.

Read the Build Thread:

British Drift Championship Round 5 at Knockhill – Competition [VIDEO]

A great TV show put together and hosted on YouTube of the final round at Knockhill of the 2013 BDC season. The video covers the Semi-Pro, Pro, and Super Pro classes highlighting some of the best drifting Britain has to offer. The 2013 season ended in Scotland with some great SUper class battles starting in the video around the 15:00 mark. This round put Michael Marshall the 2013 BDC champion so watch how he made it happen.

Fredric Aasbo at Gatebil – Just Pure 2JZ Sound [VIDEO]

Here is 10 minutes of raw footage from Gatebil showing Fredric Aasbo having way too much fun in his 2JZ powered Toyota 86 (American Scion FR-S). Enjoy!

Nankang Tyre Announcing 2014 Drift Team at Autosport International

The Nankang Tyre Drift Team will be announced next week at Autosport International in Birmingham, England. The crazy Driftworks AE86 will also be done for the Autosport International show along with a demo done by the BDC. The team will have eight drivers from all across Europe that will compete in various championships such as:

British Drift Championship (BDC)
Irish Drift Championship (IDC)
King Of Europe
Drift Allstars

Source: via Omnicoverage