2016 D1NZ Round 3 at Taupo [RESULTS]


It turns out that Nico Reid might prove to be unstoppable at D1NZ this season. He takes home a second victory in a row after dominating the competition at ASB last week. Fanga Dan got a little aggressive in his tandem chase run trying to run through and over a Nissan Silvia in the process. The whole stream of the event is still available here if you want to check out how the action happened at D1NZ Round 3.


Here is how they finished:
1st – Nico Reid
2nd – Cole Armstrong
3rd – Bruce Tannock

TXSL Offers the Best Prize in American Drift History


If you are drifting for the grand prize in a series you probably quit 15 years ago. The events are really based upon glory hunting, the thrill of victory, and feeling good about winning a competition. Some of the local and Am series offer great free products that help younger drivers and teams along in their career path. Holley’s LS Fest offers a huge prize for winning it’s Chevy V8 only Top 16 in Kentucky which I consider one of the best events in America.

However, Aaron Losey’s TX Street Legal series has offered the best prize in American drifting history. The fact that Formula Drift offers an embarrassing low payout compared against what running an event cost and the money they also rack up in driver fees. In fact, they did offer free transport to the World Championship round in China but it was canceled before a container left port. I am mostly excited for drivers about this deal because I know that Aaron and his organization will see it out and make this pie in the sky prize a reality for someone. For someone to replicate this package – I would imagine they are looking at $25,000 easy.

So for the winner of the 2016 TXSL series, they will get to make a choice when they win the series. Read More…

Yokoi Not Returning for 2016 Formula Drift Season


Masashi Yokoi is slated to not return for the 2016 Formula Drift season. Our speculation is that Yokohama Tire leaving has triggered Yokoi not coming back for the new year since he carries a long term relationship with Yokohama. His style will be greatly missed in America this season but it does sound like he will campaign and drive in Japan for 2016. Thanks Jeffrey!

A Saab Powered 1953 Ford Drift Machine [VIDEO]

A pretty neat and unique drift car build that also tells a great story about man and machine. The project is a home built drift machine that just captures your attention in more ways than one. Hat Tip Jalopnik for the find.

2016 D1 Grand Prix Tokyo Auto Salon Kickoff [VIDEO]

The 2016 D1 Grand Prix season fired off its Exhibition round at Tokyo Auto Salon this week. Here is a video showing off some new liveries for D1. I still haven’t gotten use to see a Lexus LFA drifting….

Dominican Drift History: The Pioneers of Drifting in Latin America


We all know that there’s a country in the middle of the Caribbean called Dominican Republic that produces some of the best baseball players in the world but a not well known fact about this country is it’s Motorsport history. It doesn’t matter if it’s Karting, Touring cars, Drag Racing or Drifting for sure you’ll find the Dominican flag in drivers list.

Quick fun facts: The first Latino to win the IMSA GTO championship was in 1980 by a Dominican (Luis Rafael Mendez) and The Fast and Furious saga was inspired by a magazine article (VIBE) named “Racer X” about a Dominican Import drag racer called Rafael Estevez (DRT Racing in NYC).


In 2007-2008 a bunch of local drift “pioneers” felt the need to organize themselves to have proper access to local tracks and different venues across the Dominican Republic and in early 2008 the Dominican Drift Drivers Club (Club Dominicano de Corredores de Drift) was founded and led by current president Carlos Rodriguez.

Around that same time a couple of events between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic were taking place but in order for the sport grow we needed something else.


A “drift only track” was built on a old airport in the middle of Santo Domingo and in November of 2009 the Dominican Drift Series (Serie Dominicana de Drift) was born in a huge event with thousands of fans in attendance.

Read More…

Ryan Tuerck Competing at D1NZ Round 2 in Tauranga


Ryan Tuerck will make his 2016 drifting debut with one of our favorite international series called D1NZ based out of New Zealand. Ryan Tuerck will be attending Round 2 at ASB Baypark Stadium in Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty to kick off 2016. Ryan will be drifting a Toyota GT-86 and looking to take home another international victory from his long overseas trip. The event is January 8th/9th and will also highlight all of the normal D1NZ stars you are normally going to see during an event weekend.

More Info:

Battle Drift is Here [VIDEO]

Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Daigo Saito tear up an abandoned Russian village in Japan for your viewing pleasure. Daigo Saito is in his Lamborghini and Vaughn Gittin Jr. is in Mustang RTR. Enjoy!

Drift All-Stars Sets Eye on International Round in Thailand


Drift All-Stars is looking beyond Europe in 2016 announcing that the first round of the championship will be taking place in Thailand! I find this a solid move to bring in an international stop as part of the regular series instead of an added on bonus like other organizations.This international stop brings them tothe world-class Chang International Circuit in Buriram, Thailand. The southeast Asia market has always seemed to do so well with drift events coming into town. They don’t have a date set for Thailand or the 2016 season but they promise a full schedule will be delivered shortly.


Clarification around proposed Drift Allstars 96-or-newer rule comes to light


Yesterday, we were able to get in touch with some sources close to Drift Allstars to get some clarification around the proposed 96-and-newer rule that was rumored around the internet over the weekend. Turns out, this rule may not be as harsh as initially understood. The initial post on another website was designed to get some public opinion around the proposed rule, although the post may have been poorly written and mis-interpreted by many, which lead to the quick backlash.

First of all, we are being told that this is a proposed rule that will be phased in over the next two or three years, not a hard-cutoff that will be initiated immediately. Of the nearly 20 drivers who traveled with the series, this rule would only affect two teams. Drivers like Nigel Colfer (1997 180SX) and James Deane (1999 FD RX7) who drive chassis that span years before and after the cutoff both would be safe. Additionally, there may be some flexibility with cars that are a year or two before the cutoff but have been in the same chassis for awhile, this rule is more to push future builds towards newer chassis.

Drift Allstars apparently has a private drivers discussion forum as well, and this idea has been tossed around for awhile now amongst the drivers, and overwhelmingly, drivers are in favor of it. Looking at the FD grid, only one driver in the top 20 would be affected by the rule for sure, with a few drivers in S14’s possibly being affected depending on the actual year of the chassis they drive. Again, the goal of a rule like this is to allow drivers who have been in an S14 to continue to drive their current chassis, but to encourage new builds to be in newer chassis.

We’re told that Drift Allstars will be releasing their schedule shortly, and more clarification will be available at that time.