Joe Tardiff Involved in Serious Crash at Sonoma Drift


A wild accident at Sonoma Drift last night resulted in Joe Tardiff (Trailer Joe) being taken to the hospital. He did post a photo on Instagram giving a thumbs up from the hospital so glad to know he is okay! Even with all the safety equipment available in his car we have heard he has a broken rib and a concussion possibly. This is why drift series in America stress safety equipment and this happened in a parking lot. If you follow the jump below you can view the accident on Instagram and the car being cut open to get him out of it. Chris Mills spun out and was wedged into a k-rail and Joe Tardiff went slamming into him. An incident that could easily happen at any local drift event in America.

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Is the Future of Drifting Coming from Northern California?


Northern California has a new and young secret weapon younger than most of you reading this post. He is 13 year old Dominic Martinez  who is entering a Pro Am competition this weekend and already seen success in the Drift Cave series. He has impressed drivers in the local drift scene so much that pro Matt Field brought him to my attention for this post. The only two real youth drivers I can remember are James Deane and Jack Shanahan who have both impressed me as they grew older. Dominic Martinez seems like one to watch and if he puts down an impressive finish at Golden Gate Drift this weekend we will provide a follow up post. Make sure to follow him on Instagram below and thanks to Wall Hunter for the photo.




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Winter Jam at Sonoma Raceway is Amazing – 6 Tracks in One Weekend

This year, Sonoma Raceway Winter Jam will feature 6 tracks! There are 4 on the road course, one of which is the former Formula Drift layout, a donut/figure 8 pad for beginners, and a to scale copy of the Japanese track Meihan in the Paddock. There will be a team competition on Saturday and a Top 32 competition on Sunday, all competitions and track activities are open to everyone from beginner to professional drivers. Winter Jam is a festival of drifting that can be an off -season drifting vacation for a professional, a chance for a beginner to really hone their skills over two days, or the enthusiast drifter’s fun weekend. The track has partnered up with RACEQUIP to bring drivers: 2 days of drifting, a SFI Neck Collar, sae2015 Helmet, and a SFI suit for $356, and yes you get to KEEP THE GEAR!!! If you want a suit, helmet or neck collar with your registration, you must register by Dec 4th in order for the equipment to get here on time!

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Keep Drifting Fun Invades Final Bout 2 [VIDEO]

Keep Drifting Fun produced a mini documentary on Final Bout 2. We have a Media Thread to cover everything we found content wise from Final Bout 2 found here. This short documentary by KDF shows where the teams came from, how the event came about, and the personal style reflected in all these builds.

2015 Holley LS Fest [GALLERY]

NateHamilton LSFest2015

This year Holley LS Fest had the most heavy hitters this event has ever seen! Alex Heilbrun came all the way from California in his 1000hp E46 BMW joined by Joon Maeng who made the trip in his Nissan 240sx. Nate Hamilton traveled up with Pat Goodin and the winner Josh McGuire made the trip out from Texas. So many quality builds and big horsepower LS drift machines converged on Kentucky last weekend. Huge thanks to Chad Lunn for the hard work at taking photos!

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Clubloose Freedom Moves Media Thread


Here is a collection of content we found from the Clubloose Freedom Moves event at the famous Englishtown this past weekend. Feel free to submit any missing content you see in the comments below and we will work to keep this listed updated for a while.

Photo Gallery-
Chris O’Neil Photography – FB Gallery
ForeverFlyy Photographry – FB Gallery

Section 9 Video Clip with Forsberg and Chelsea DeNofa
Pat Mordaunt POV at Freedom Moves
E36 BMW w/ 5.0 Engine Swap GoPro
Chris Forsberg Missile Car POV Hot Laps

2015 Holley Performance LS Fest in Kentucky [RESULTS]


WOW guys! The atmosphere and 10,000+ people at Beech Bend Raceway in Kentucky was electric this weekend. This is my third LS Fest and it was by far the strongest drivers list the event has had since its inception years ago. Joon Maeng took over the event and had the best qualifying run I had seen put down at LS Fest. Here is how qualifying wrapped up –

1. Joon Maeng
2. Pat Goodin
3. Josh McGuire
4. Dirk Stratton
5. Nate Hamilton
6. Ricky Adams
7. Rob Carlson
8. Steve Topping
9. Nick Thomas
10. Devin Callahan
11. Alex Heilbrunn
12. Eric Loomis
13. Bryan Broberg
14. Rolando Alfaro
15. Shane Whalley
16. Hooman Rahimi


The grandstands were completely packed out at Holley’s LS Fest for the Top 16. The Formula Drift drivers slowly fell out of the competition one by one including a tough exit for Pat Goodin who lost an AN line and sprayed coolant everywhere in his Final Four battle. This made him miss the 3rd place battle all together and wound up sitting in fourth. Here is how the podium wound up and we have more coverage on the way –

1st. Josh McGuire
2nd. Nick Thomas
3rd. Bryan Broberg
4th. Pat Goodin

Three Palms Raceway Owes Rent, Payouts, Taxes, and More


The group who purchased a Pro Am license from Formula Drift in Florida is known as Three Palms Drift Pro Am that also rents and runs Three Palms Speedway seem to be underwater in debts. The track from what I understand was called Punta Gorda Speedway and was shut down by the property owners (Charlotte County Airport Authority) when the old owners weren’t paying bills, having issues, etc… Three Palms came in for a 36 month / $6,500 a month rental agreement for the property according to NBC Channel 2 and brought the track back to life.


The track then hosted a winter Pro Am series bringing down guest judges such as Geoff Stoneback and pro judge Brian Eggert to help legitimize the Pro Am and issue some Pro 2 licenses for 2015. Well, when the smoke cleared from the Pro Am series they owed people money (some who wished to go on the record and some who asked to be kept out of it.) The $15,000 in series prize money announced in December here from what I understand has not been paid out to the tune of one cent at this point. If you add on the tax troubles and not paying their landlord I don’t see anyone getting paid anytime soon from this Pro Am.


Some of the short lived series content can be found here in our archives. These content posts from Wrecked might sadly be the only records left of this Florida Pro Am series soon. However, some good did come out of the series as it helped a couple Florida drifters run Pro 2 this season including Kesley Rowlings who I think has a possible bright future in Formula Drift.



Our Final Bout 2 Media Thread


Here is a collection of content we found from the big Final Bout 2 event in Wisconsin this past weekend. Feel free to submit any missing content you see in the comments below and we will work to keep this listed updated for a while.

Photo Gallery-
CarsXHype – Flickr Gallery
Brian Whedon – Flickr Gallery
AustinCPhoto Blog Post
Official Club FR Galleries (Tons of Pics) Blog Post – Story of Trip Part 2
Crispy Photography Facebook Album

Keep Drifting Fun Teaser
Animal Style POV by eletor
Final Bout Day 1 by SeventyOneBlue
Final Bout II by Rob Santella
Final Bout by GridLife
Final Bout 2 by Alex Dalton Media (Vimeo)

2015 LS Fest has an Awesome Drivers List for September Drifting Fun


Wrecked Magazine has been proud partners with LS Fest for years and we just got sent the drivers list for 2015! It is the strongest drivers list we have seen to date. Several pro drivers including Joon Maeng, Nate Hamilton and Pat Goodin will be in attendance to entertain the huge amount of fans. A strong list of Pro 2 drivers and talented LS powered drivers around the country are rolling into Kentucky (more info)- Check out the drivers list below.

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